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| Grasshopper-Tekla Structures Link v0.4 Release Notes |


* Baking of items works better (shape of baked object is saved to shape catalog).

* Up direction attribute (zsuunta) can be set for components.

* Icons added for inputs.

| Grasshopper-Tekla Structures Link v0.3 Release Notes |

* New Item componens (Tekla Structures 2017 only)

For creating steel and concrete items, thus allowing you to transfer any
arbitary geometry from Rhino.
Not possible to release for previous Tekla versions

* New Plane Cut component

For cutting a part with a plane.

* New Part Cut component

For cutting a part with another part.

* New Fitting component

For fitting a part end.

* Cut the link between the component and the part

Added right-click option to "bake" the part to tekla. This means that
the link between the component and the part is cut and a copy of the
part is manipulated upon futher modifications.

* Phase attribute
[Breaking Change] Added Phase (number) to part attributes.

* Notable bugfixes
Orientation of plates and slabs automatically adjusted to global Z

Direct modification of generated plates and slabs fixed (previously part

DM wasn't working if start and end points were similar).
| Grasshopper-Tekla Structures Link v0.2 Release Notes |

* New Component component

For inserting connections, details, plugins etc.

* New Component Catalog component

For picking the component to insert from the Tekla Component Catalog.

* New Component Input component

For creating custom plugin input.

* Part Attributes component updates

[Breaking change] The UDAs list of strings input is changed to a UDA
single string item input.
Now, if using a list of strings for the UDA input, the component
will assign them to different parts. To set multiple UDAs for

one item, you can still provide them in a single text input,
separated by newlines.
You need to delete and re-insert any inserted Part Attributes
components to take the updated behavior into use.
[Breaking change] Updated UDA syntax to match what we have in different
inp files. See the documentation or the tooltips at the input for the
new syntax.

* Object-creating components updates

Forcing the components to re-run by double-clicking the icon preserves
existing GUIDs. I.e. the operation doesn't delete and replace all the
generated members any more, just recreates any deleted ones and resets
the rest.

* Input components updates

Now works with trees internally instead of lists. Otherwise they might
lose track of the input objects when using tree inputs.
[Breaking change] Outputs the model object in addition to the other
info. You need to re-insert the components to update the outputs.

* Get Plate Component updates

fix to situations where it didn't read the plate.

* Point component updates

Faster removing of points when the component is deleted.