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Computer Graphics and Visualization

Subject Code: 14CS55

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A Write a note on i) physical image ii) Synthetic image iii) frame buffer
B Which are the four major area of concern in the applications of computer graphics?

A Write a note on i) Input devices ii) Output devices iii) pixel
B Brief, image seen by three different viewers.

A Write a note on Pixel and the frame buffer. Explain how they are interrelated.
B Explain the working of Color CRT with diagram.

A Explain Human visual system.

B With a neat block diagram, explain the graphics pipeline architecture

A Write a note on Additive color and Subtractive color.
B List out different open GL primitives, giving examples for each.

A Write a note on RGB color model.

B With the help of a diagram, explain the OpenGL interface.

A Write a note on Indexed Color model.

B Explain Hidden Surface removal concept and Z-buffer Algorithm.

A Write a note on aspect ratio and viewport.
B Explain the following: i) Text ii) Attributes iii) Matrix Modes.

A Explain the process of image formation with Pinhole camera as example.
B Explain the working of synthetic camera model with diagram.
A List the major element of a graphics system. Explain them with relevant block diagram
B Write the open GL code fragment for i) triangle ii) Quadrilateral iii) line segment

A Write a program in Open GL, to demonstrate Triangle Fan, Triangle Strip,
Quad strip (minimum 6 Vertices).
B Briefly explain the orthographic viewing with open GL functions for 2 - D and
3 – D viewing.

A Explain following OPEN GL Control functions:
glutMainLoop(), glutInitDisplayMode(), glutCreateWindow(), glutInitWindowSize(),

B Write Open GL program to recursively sub-divide a tetrahedron to form 3D sierpinski


A Briefly explain the orthographic viewing with open GL functions for 2 - D and
3 – D viewing. Indicate the significance of projection plane and the viewing
point in this
B Briefly describe how to mapping takes place from world coordinates to raster

A Explain with library organization, the openGL interface
B Explain the concept of pinhole camera which is an example of an imaging
system. Derive the expression for angle of view. Also indicate the
advantages and disadvantages of this.

A Computer-generated images are synthetic or artificial. Justify your answer
B With an aid of a functional schematic, describe graphics pipeline with major
Steps in the imaging process.