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volume:500 Ratio:940+60
Mode of work:

1.First both will sign the working termsheet with place and date confirmed by both party.

2.Then one day before the transaction date that confirmed,the donee will give his receiving
trusts request letters/willing letters,that shows they are able to recieve the sum of donation
from any donor,to the company through the company organiser.
3.And at that time,for both party assurance,will exchange the bank check by the key persons
from both donor and donees side.

4.On the next day after,the transaction date,company authorized persons will come on the
morning with personal Id proof,authorization letter,statement that signed by the bank
manager at donees given place and do give verification of the statement in the donees bank.

5.Soon after the successful verification by the donees side,the donee should take the
company's authorized persons to the material.And it should not take more than 60minutes.
And the place shoud be within 1km circumference with respect to the given pincode and also
from the bank.
6.Then after seeing and confirm the material by the company authorized persons,will call the
Q&Q team and they will do the q&q of the material.At that time the company person and
donee will exchange the KYC.And company person will provide all relevant
documents for authentication of the company.Revert trust will hand over the relevant
documents and receiving account details to the company person for verifying.

7.After successful Q&Q the company will do the RTGS to the receiving account of the trust.Then
after donee can confirm the RTGS in their bank.

8.Only after the successful verification,of the RTGS credited in the donee's receiving account by
the donee,the company logistics will take over the material and leave.Media commission
should be distributed.

9.After successfull transaction the company person will /handover UTR NO.,the Donation letter
and No claim letter,to the donee.

NOTE: Any of the following are not acceptable for execuition.

Residential/Owner resi.cum office,Narrow street,Crowded area,Bank,religious place,upper
floor,Government building,Hotel.Recording of work and CCTV area is not allowed.
Donor company will fail because of the following reasons:
1.Not arriving on date and time as per decided on transaction days.
2.Unable to show authorization letter and relevant statement.
3.Unable to send RTGS /transfer because of the problem of their own company and not
because of the problems with receiving trust.
4.Not bringing relevant updated documents from the company's side as mentioned above.
5.If company is blacklisted for any other reason.

Receiving trust will fail because of following reasons:

1.Not arriving on date and time as per decided on transaction days.
2.Unable to receive RTGS /transfer because of the problem with their own receiving trust and
not with problems of the donor company.
3.Not bringing relevant updated documents from the receiving side as mentioned above.
4.Trust didn't holding as much receiving capacity to receive the RTGS amount that decided for
the first transaction here.
5.If Receiving Trust is blacklisted for any other reason.

So if any one fail by the above said reasons,the penalty amount of 10lacks will be forfeited
with concerned persons from both sides.

Above terms and condition are read and understood.