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The smart combination of

an inverter heat pump for

heating and cooling with
an advanced Hydro Tower

“Splydro” split air-to-water heat pump

The trailblazing combination of a split heat pump
with a Hydro Tower

Simple to install
Maximum comfort
State-of-the-art regulation
Heating, cooling and domestic hot water
preparation – effortlessly handled with
the Splydro

The secret behind the innovative Splydro lies in the combination of an air-to-water heat
pump in a split design with an advanced version of the Hydro Tower. This enables you to
take advantage of the outside air as a free heat source with minimal resources required for
tapping into it or for installation. As a result, your residential or commercial property can
be heated, cooled and easily supplied with domestic hot water all year round.

The system consists of a compact outdoor unit that can be installed against walls, together
with an advanced version of the tried-and-tested Hydro Tower inside the building. The out-
door unit extracts heat from the surrounding air, which is then conveyed along refrigerant
pipes to the Hydro Tower where it is transferred to the heating water. Both components re-
quire minimal space for installation, meaning you can enjoy a perfectly harmonised system
for heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation in just a few steps.
Simple to install

Split Heat Pump

+ Hydro Tower
= Splydro

Combine all benefits

The Splydro from Dimplex combines the general advantages of is installed inside the building, there is no need for costly insulated
using outside air as a heat source with the specific benefits of the air ducts and wall openings or underground heating pipes.
split design and the comfort of the familiar Hydro Tower. In the

Simply install, connect –

Splydro split heat pump, the air heat exchanger (evaporator) is
installed separately outdoors in an outdoor unit and connected
via refrigerant pipes to the hydraulic unit, which is integrated
into the indoor unit.
and you’re done!
The advanced Hydro Tower used in the Splydro system provides
you with a ready-to-use heat pump hydraulic system for the small-
Indoors and outdoors est of spaces. It combines a heat pump manager, a domestic hot

in perfect harmony water cylinder and buffer tank (ThermoComfort cylinder) connect-
ed in series as well as optimised pump units in a single compact
The ease with which the outside air heat source can be tapped and space-saving casing. The indoor unit is easily connected to the
means there is no need for any excavation work, boreholes or well outdoor unit via two refrigerant pipes. Thanks to the integrated
boreholes, leaving your garden perfectly intact. The outdoor unit of components for an unmixed heating circuit with a circulating
the split heat pump requires very little space, which means set-up pump in the generator circuit and consumer circuit, the required
is flexible and installation is very simple. What’s more, the low- heating water flow rate is ensured and trouble-free operation is
speed axial fan guarantees quiet operation. Since the indoor unit guaranteed.
Maximum comfort
Maximum heating comfort

The integrated 100-litre ThermoComfort cylinder maximises

energy efficiency during operation and, in conjunction with an
overflow valve, also ensures that individual rooms are heated,
such as the bathroom during interseasonal transition periods.
A separate buffer tank and the space it requires are thus not
1 needed.

High domestic hot water

The domestic hot water cylinder has a capacity of 300 litres
and offers outstanding domestic hot water comfort. The maxi-
mum draw-off flow during shut-off-time is 420 litres at a do-
mestic hot water temperature of 55°C. The integrated heat ex-
changer boasts an area of 3.2 m2 and ensures highly efficient
domestic hot water preparation as well as short reheating
times. In heat pump-only operation, domestic hot water tem-
peratures in excess of 50°C are possible.

The inverter technology

5 Even relatively low heat consumption can be easily handled by
the split heat pump – the outdoor unit equipped with an out-
7 put-regulated compressor (inverter) adapts the heat output to
the heat consumption of the building. Depending on the unit
9 type, the controlling range thus varies from 2.5 to 9 kW or 5.5
to 14 kW, to ensure maximum comfort with minimal
10 operating costs.

11 12

ca. 2,5 kW 9 kW

ca. 5,0 kW 14 kW

1 W
 PM EconPlus
heat pump manager
7 Flow rate switch Cooling as an option
8 100-litre ThermoComfort cylinder
2 Heating return connection The heat pump used in the Splydro system is reversible and
9 Dirt trap
3 Heating flow connection 10 Pipe heater (2/4/6 kW)
can optionally be used to cool rooms during the hot summer
4 3
 00-litre domestic hot water 11 Refrigerant pipe connection months. Excess heat is removed from the living area via exist-
cylinder with 3.2 m2
heat exchanger 12 Expansion vessel connection ing panel heating systems (silent cooling) or fan convectors
5 Liquefier (dynamic cooling) and discharged using the existing heating
6 E
 lectronically controlled system.
circulating pump for heating, cooling
and domestic hot water preparation
State-of-the-art regulation

Split heat pump with integrated Regulation via smartphone

heat pump manager The Dimplex HeatPumpApp for iPhone and Android
allows you to access your heat pump system at any time,
The latest generation heat pump manager WPM EconPlus is
even when you are on the move.
already integrated in the Splydro indoor unit, the Hydro Tower,
This means you can adjust the operation
and enables the heating system to be programmed using the
of your heat pump to suit your daily
familiar menu navigation. The heat pump manager provides all
schedule, including any unexpected
the functions expected of a modern heating regulation system,
events that may occur during the day. You
such as heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation.
can find more details and the download
What’s more, the heat pump manager can also be used to con-
link at www.dimplex.de/app.
trol central ventilation systems from the ZL-H and ZL-V ranges.

Suitable for various Equipped for the future

The Splydro carries the “SG Ready” label
operating modes from the Bundesverband Wärmepumpe e.V.
The Dimplex heat pump manager has been designed to heat pump association as the regulation
regulate various operating modes such as heating, cooling and offered is already compatible with the use
domestic hot water preparation. In addition, you have the op- of tariffs that vary according to load in a
tion of regulating bivalent operation where, for instance, the smart grid, set to be introduced in the
pipe heater is replaced by an oil boiler. Renewable-energy heat future. Dimplex was involved in bringing about an agreement
generators are also easy to integrate into the domestic hot between heat pump manufacturers and energy suppliers on
water preparation system and/or heating system (bivalent- the very first joint communication standard for using tariffs
renewable operation). that vary according to load, and is already using this standard
today for self-generated power.
Technical data at a glance
Order reference LAW 9IMR LAW 14ITR

Design Split Split

Subject to colour deviations and technical modifications without notice · AU 01/13.5 · AKOM360 Munich · DIM 164/12 · Order no. 723
Connection voltage V 230/400 400

Maximum flow temperatures (heating) °C 55 55

Heat output/coefficient of performance at A2/W35* kW/– 6,2 / 3,2 11,0 / 3,2

Heat output/coefficient of performance at A7/W35* kW/– 8,9 / 4,3 14,7 / 4,3

Minimum flow temperatures (cooling) °C 7 7

Cooling capacity/coefficient of performance at A27/W7* kW/– 6,5 / 3,3 12,9 / 3,0

Outdoor component width x height x depth mm 950 x 834 x 330 950 x 1380 x 330

Outdoor component weight kg 69 116

Indoor component width x height x depth mm 740 x 1920 x 950 740 x 1920 x 950

Indoor component weight kg 215 222

Domestic hot water cylinder volume l 277 277

Domestic hot water draw-off flow** l 420 420

Flange heater output kW 1,5 1,5

ThermoComfort cylinder volume l 100 100

Pipe heater output kW 2/4/6 2/4/6

* according to EN 14511, A2/W35: A2 = outside temperature of 2°C, W35 = heating water outlet temperature of +35°C
** cylinder temperature of 55°C and domestic hot water temperature of 45°C

For further information, visit

www.dimplex.de/en and www.heizung-waermepumpe.de/en
The Dimplex heat pumps DVD is also available there,
which contains further information.

Glen Dimplex Deutschland GmbH

Dimplex Division
Am Goldenen Feld 18
95326 Kulmbach, Germany
Phone: +49 9221 709-201
Fax: +49 9221 709-233

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