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Chaos Familiar (1CP): Use at the start of your Psychic Phase; a THOUSAND SONS PSYKER can swap one power
known for another from the Dark Hereticus, Tzeentch, or change disciplines. Notably better than the vanilla one
available to the Chaos codex due to having three disciplines to choose from. As always, great for giving your
Aspiring Sorcerer's something that isn't a debuffed Smite. The wording also allows you to switch into a power from
any of the 3 spell lists, even if they normally could not take a spell from it.

Great Sorcerer (1CP): Use at the end of your Psychic phase; a THOUSAND SONS PSYKER can attempt to manifest
one additional power.

Veteran of the Long War (1 CP): Select a THOUSAND SONS INFANTRY unit. They add 1 to all their to wound rolls
for the rest of the phase. Works wonders with Scarab Occult Terminators or Rubric Marines, especially in
conjunction with Prescience. Note that you can use this in both the Shooting and Fight phases, meaning you can
really catch your opponent unaware with your blob of Tzaangors.

Relics of the Thousand Sons (1/3 CP): One use only. Use before the start of the battle. You can have a second
Chapter Relic for 1 CP, or 2 extra Relics for 3 CP. You can't take two of the same relic, and all the Relics have to go
to different Characters.

Cabalistic Focus (1 CP): +2 to a casting roll for a THOUSAND SONS PSYKER within 6″ of at least 2 other THOUSAND
SONS PSYKERS. Lend Magnus your energy! Too sad it is only for ONE cast and not the whole phase, so choose

Fated Mutation (1 CP): Just before a unit of Chaos Spawn fights in the Fight Phase, you can choose the result of
the Mutated Beyond Reason ability, rather than rolling for it. In addition you can also reroll the number of attacks
each model makes during that phase.

Sorcererous Pact (1 CP): Use this stratagem when a THOUSAND SONS CHARACTER attempts to summon a unit
of TZEENTCH DAEMONS to the battlefield using a daemonic ritual. You can roll up to four dice, and your character
will not suffer any mortal wounds for rolling doubles or triples. Fuck knows what happens if you somehow roll

Soul Flare (1 CP): Use when a Thousand Son Aspiring Sorcerer or Scarab Occult Sorcerer is slain. Roll a d6 for each
enemy unit within 6" and subtract 2 if the unit is a character. On a 4+, cause a mortal wound. Very situational, but
potentially useful if your Rubric Marines or Scarab Terminators get swamped.

The Flesh Change (1 CP): At the start of any phase, pick a THOUSAND SONS CHARACTER... they die. But you now
set up a free Chaos Spawn within 6" of the fallen character. The Stratagem explicitly says this does not cost
reinforcement points in matched play. Fluffy, and more useful than it might look at first glance.

 On paper this sounds like garbage, but it also says any phase so presumably you can use it in the opponent's
phase too, so you can mutate a character who you predict is going to be creamed by the enemy during that
phase, allowing you to salvage something from a character that would have been likely to die either way. This
also DOESN'T say that you have to place the model more than 1" away from the enemy models, so if the
enemy has his shooting unit too close, you can sacrifice a character to lock them in combat at the beginning of
their shooting phase.

Webway Infiltration (1/3 CP): Do the Eldar thing, and deep strike ANY THOUSAND SONS INFANTRY unit from the
webway, arriving more than 9" from the enemy. Can spend three points to deep strike two units instead.

Dark Matter Crystal: Once per battle, at the end of your movement phase, you can select the bearer or
a THOUSAND SONS INFANTRY unit within 12" of the bearer and redeploy it anywhere on the battlefield more than
9" from enemy models, even if it was previously locked in combat. The chosen unit does not count as falling back if
they were within 1" of an enemy. Your Daemon Prince Warlord will love this (as long as he's the bearer - if
someone else is, he isn't a valid target), but it's absolutely excellent in general. Remember, it won't work on any of
your fast attack, heavy, flyer, or lord of war choices, but will work just fine on any of your Troops, Flamers, or

Helm of the Third Eye: If your army is Battle-forged and the bearer is on the battlefield, each time your opponent
uses a stratagem, roll a die: on a 5+, you gain 1 CP. This has the potential to be extremely useful, but also has the
chance to do absolutely nothing. As long as you manage to keep the bearer alive, chances are high you will get at
least 1 free CP from it. Also very useful against armies like Imperial Guard who love to throw out stratagem after

Seer's Bane: Replaces a force sword or power sword, is a force sword, and the user's strength is doubled when
targeting a psyker or any unit with a leadership characteristic of 9 or higher. Like the Scrolls, this is too niche for
general use, but a reasonable choice for the Relics of the Thousand Sons stratagem, if you are facing an army
heavy in the units it works against, like Ultramarines or Necrons.
Sorcery: Dark Hereticus

Infernal Gaze (Warp Charge 5): Pick an enemy unit within 18" (24" with BoS) to have a staring contest with and roll
3 dice; any results of a 4+ cause a mortal wound. While not as spammable and reliable as Smite, it can target
specific enemy units rather than just the closest.

Warptime (Warp Charge 6): Pick a friendly Chaos Marine unit within 3" (9" with BoS); that unit can immediately
move as though it were the movement phase. Can't be applied more than once in a turn. Still FANTASTIC. Even
better for the Thousand sons than other CSM legions as their legion trait lets you cast the spell from further away.

 Note: Units that arrive from reserves are no longer viable targets, you can no longer cast this on a blob of
tzaangors that arrived through the webway or a unit of terminators that teleported in. Units moved with this
power still suffer -1 to BS for moving with Heavy Weapons. This still works on a unit that was targeted by the
Dark Matter Crystal, as they started the turn in play.

Prescience (Warp Charge 7): Pick a friendly Chaos Marine unit within 18" (24" with BoS); that unit adds 1 to their
hit rolls (shooting and close combat) until the next psychic phase. Tougher than the others to pull off, but rightfully
so, as this power can be a tremendous force multiplier for your army. However, do not cast this power on any unit
that already hits on a 2+, unless it is carrying a lot of plasma and you're very determined to keep it alive through
overcharging. You will be wasting the effect since a to hit roll of 1 always fails to hit, regardless of modifiers.

 Prescience provides greater gains in efficiency when cast on units with lower stats or a large number of shots,
(e.g BS4+ becoming 3+ is an improvement of offensive output of 133%; BS3+ to BS2+ is 125%. Likewise, on
units with better shooting attacks, the increased offensive output is more useful. Especially devastating on a
unit that can both shoot and charge in the same turn, Such as Scarab Occult. As if you needed another reason
to drop a Sorcerer behind them when they deepstrike.
 Think about this in a close combat standpoint. Cast this on a blob of Tzaangors and that's a lot more hits. But
on the flip side it's smart to cast this on units like your Scarab Occult Terminators as they will hit on a 2+ in
shooting and close combat as well as get DttFE on a 5+.

Diabolic Strength (Warp Charge 6): Targeted model gains +2 strength, +1 attack.

Death Hex (Warp Charge 8): Target an enemy unit within 12" (18" with BoS) - they cannot take invulnerable saves.
There is a very crucial difference between Death Hex and Null Zone; Null Zone is a 6" bubble around the psyker,
whereas Death Hex has a longer range that the Sons extend even further and can choose a specific target, which
arguably makes it much more flexible. Since you're only unable to target characters in the Shooting phase, you can
strip Girlyman or Cawl or Celestine of their invuln save and then rip them to pieces in close combat.

Gift of Chaos (Warp Charge 6): Targets an enemy unit within 6" (12" with BoS). Roll a die. If you roll higher than
the unit's highest toughness, it suffers d3+3 mortal wounds. If a Character is slain, add a Chaos Spawn to your
army. Or use it on an enemy squad and turn 4 to 6 single wound models to slag with one spell.

 NOTE: This is only effective against low-toughness characters, so don't expect it to work on Space
Marines or Orks. But against factions with important buffer characters or expensive low-toughness
models, it can shine.
 No use against Marines or Orks? Having a 1/3 chance(5 or 6) of instantly murdering a Captain or
Warboss sounds pretty damn worth a try. Plus, there's nothing more brutally, cruelly, dickishly
satisfying than watching your opponents honorable Captain, Warboss, Farseer, or even named
characters devolve into a heap of screeching, flailing, chaos-infused flesh.
Sorcery: Discipline of Tzeentch

Important note: Only Daemon Princes and Magnus can take this discipline. Other Psykers can take
powers from this discipline through the Chaos Familiar Stratagem.

Bolt of Change (Warp Charge 8): A targeted Smite. However, auto-causes an enemy unit within 18"
(24" with BoS) to take d3 Mortal Wounds! If you kill a character, it becomes a spawn! Also it says clearly
in the codex that you have to pay reinforcement points for the spawn in competitive games, which is
fucking stupid.

Gaze of Fate (Warp Charge 6): If manifested, you can re-roll a single die roll later that turn. Free re-rolls
are always useful and it does not eat a command point.

Infernal Gateway (Warp Charge 8): If manifested, identify the nearest visible enemy model within 12"
(18" with BoS) of the psyker. Enemy AND friendly units within 3" of the targeted unit take d3 mortal
wounds, or d6 if you manifest this with a 12+. Ideal for punishing enemies that like to huddle close to
characters with auras, but watch for friendly fire.

Sorcery: Discipline of Change

Tzeentch's Firestorm (Warp Charge 7): Select an enemy unit within 18″ (24" with BoS) of the psyker and
visible to him. Roll 9 dice, the enemy unit takes a Mortal Wound for each roll of a 6. More FUN* than Infernal
Gaze, for the same 1.5 MW on average per activation, while being at +2 difficulty. Against low-toughness
targets, Gift of Chaos will do MUCH more work, but Firestorm has triple the range even before Brotherhood
of Sorcerers is factored in, and it can hurt T6+.

Glamour of Tzeentch (Warp Charge 7): Target a friendly THOUSAND SONS unit within 12" (18" with BoS):
enemies have -1 to hit rolls against that unit. Great for keeping a valuable unit (e.g. Magnus) alive.

Doombolt (Warp Charge 9): Deals D3 Mortal Wounds, 18" (24" with BoS), the target also gets its movement
halved for a turn, and it also can't advance. Expensive, but can utterly ruin a target's Movement phase,
especially against very speedy armies that heavily rely on both advancing and charging to get in close.

Temporal Manipulation (Warp Charge 6): Select a friendly THOUSAND SONS Model within 12" (18" with
BoS) of the psyker, that model immediately heals D3 wounds.

Weaver of Fates (Warp Charge 6): A THOUSAND SONS unit within 18" (24" with BoS) gets +1 to their
invulnerable save (up to a maximum of 3++) or a 5++ invuln if they do not have one.

Exalted Sorcerer - Knows two psychic powers from the Discipline of Change or Dark Hereticus.
Can cast two powers and deny one. Their main strength is that they have the combat stats (not
necessarily equipment, but not far off) of a Chaos Lord with the Psychic power of a Sorcerer. Can't
take familiars (so no +1 to cast), but they do get Lord of the Thousand Sons which provides re-roll
1's to hit to units within 6" which more than makes up for it in most circumstances. Ahriman is a
much better version of an Exalted Sorcerer and will therefore likely see a lot more use than they will.

 If you have a few backfield vehicles (predators, for example) then it might be worth taking
one of these guys, giving him a disc and giving him Prescience/Temporal Manipulation. It's a
lot cheaper than taking a Daemon Prince, he should rarely be the closest target to the
opponent and you'll be buffing your ranged troops with the aura, healing some of the
damage they sustain and with 24" range you should still be able to prescience anything you
 Give him Seer's Bane, combined with Diabolic strength, and you have yourself a highly
cost effective close combat monster swinging 6 attacks at S12 AP-3 D1d3 against any
psyker or LD 9+ unit. Is also still swinging at S6 AP-3 D1d3 against other targets, which
is still potent.

Sorcerer - The future Exalted Sorcerers. They can cast two powers and deny one. They're as good
at casting as Exalted Sorcerers, benefit from the +6" range but have less wounds, worse combat
stats and, vitally, no reroll 1s to hit aura. However, they do make a good option for a 2nd psyker
character and might be useful if you don't need a 2nd aura.

 Per the data-sheet rules, Codex units can take war-gear they had in the index, since this is a
Sorcerer, not a Sorcerer of Tzeentch. You can still take things like the Jump-Pack and Force
Axe, but you have to pay the index point costs and the cost of a jump pack makes the
sorcerer only a few points cheaper than a terminator sorcerer, making his utility very niche.
Gains a 5++ save and an inferno bolt pistol instead of a normal one.

Sorcerer in Terminator Armor - Heavy duty Sorcerer. Note that this guy costs 15pts more than the
vanilla one, but if you fear for his safety this is good investment. The main reason to take this guy is
to accompany Scarab Occults or units making use of the Deep Strike stratagem. Can also take a
familiar upgrade that gives +1 to the first spell he casts each turn.

 If using a familiar, the 'High Magister' warlord trait and the 'Cabalistic Focus' stratagem,
you can have the hardest power to cast (Doombolt) going off on a 5! a 5! You'll Almost
automatically pass most others, so the warp is your oyster!

Scarab Occult Terminators - Revenge is a dish best served cold. Laugh at them again. I dare you. Terminators are
now some of the strongest units an army can take and these guys? They hit harder, and they're even more
durable. Only movement 4", but Teleport Strike counters this a bit. These guys are bonkers, though it's harder to
make the most of Deep-Strike if you're trying to stay in the character's auras. 5 guys at 12" puts out 20 STR 4 AP -2
shots (or 40 with the Beta Rules), but no Powerfists so keep them away from melee with high toughness, multi-
wound targets. That's just with their basic guns, not counting what the Occult Sorcerer will do with his Smite
power or Discipline of Change power - change is good! Don't forget these guys sport the 'All is Dust' special rule
like their Rubric brethren, however with two wounds apiece and Deep-Striking they'll be drawing more powerful
Dakka their way. And you should be Deep-Striking them whenever you can and be sure to buff them with the
attached Aspiring Sorceror. The real shine is taking the Soulreaper cannon and/or Hellfyre Missile Rack; in this
regard, they are like loyalist terminators with more resilience, deadlier guns and a goddamn psyker leading them.

 Opinion; These guys are expensive and require some Head Scratching as to how use them properly but
they can prove very versatile. With Power-Swords it's quite clear that, like most Terminators, Scarab
Occult's excel at being heavy infantry focused on taking on light infantry and coming out victorious.
Besides, you only have three elites to choose from in the codex so...
 Alternate opinion; Across the board all terminators are severely overpriced for what they offer to your
game. A unit of 5 SOTs equipped with a Soulreaper Cannon and a Hellfyre missile rack will run you
211pts, while a blob of 30 Tzaangors who have ObSec and can also Deep-Strike will cost you 220 pts and
1 Command Point (for Webway Infiltration). 10 Rubric Marines with a Soulreaper Cannon will cost you
194 pts, and will give you much more happiness than running Scarab Occults in the current meta,
especially after Deep-Striking took the hit that it did. Drop these sexy dust busters like they're hot and fill
up on more Troops to rush with or other tasty options like Predators.
 Note on the alternate opinion, there are a few things the Scarabs have over their Rubricae brethren
that can justify the few extra points. The first is they come stock with 4 power swords, which give
them some staying power in close combat that the rubrics severely lack. If Rubrics get locked in
combat, they're stuck with their fists, Scarabs can atleast cut through any low toughness troops that
try to bog them down. Another thing they are better with is morale, aside from having a naturally
higher leadership, 5 terminators are almost never going to run away due to low morale, whereas a
unit of 10 Rubrics may suffer additional casualties if you fail too many saves in a turn, making a
squad that takes 10 Rubrics for the SRC a liability. The bottom line though is that Rubrics and Scarabs
serve different purposes, Rubrics are great for sitting on objectives and melting anyone that comes
near them. Scarabs on the other hand are better suited to being in a vanguard, up front near the
enemy where their mix of combi-bolters, power swords and heavy weapons can do the most

Helbrute - A good DISTRACTION CARNIFEX. With the new 'all vehicles are MC' approach, a Helbrute now requires a
decent amount of applied firepower to be put down instead of being a free victory point. Crazed is now a buff only
rule, which makes it better than the loyalist Dreadnought. Note that Crazed is normal shooting attack. So it can
shoot all available ranged weapons at any viable target(s). Kitted for ranged combat, it doesn't seem to put out
enough damage to be a credible threat, and the things you'll want to throw one kitted out for melee at are the
very things that will tear it multiple new ass-holes in no time. However, Helbrutes do have their advantages. For
one; they don't suffer from degrading stats compared to things like Predators and Forgefiends. This means
Helbrutes move, hit & shoot just as effective at 1 wound as they do when at full wounds. Secondly there are a few
stratagems that are usable by Helbrutes, including a Helbrute specific one. Lastly, Helbrutes are fairly economic on
points, especially with changes from Chapter Approved 2018. As for armaments, it comes stock with a Multi-Melta
and Helbrute fist without a Heavy Flamer or Combi-Bolter mounted to it. Due to poor wording of the Big Rule Book
FAQ, every unit has a Close Combat Melee weapon in addition to what is on its data sheet; Battering Assault gives
its bonus attack if the Brute has two melee weapons, meaning that even the stock configuration is at 5 attacks
(and why you should never take double fists). For shooting, you should probably immediately upgrade the Multi-
Melta to a Twin Lascannon, Twin Heavy Bolter, Helbrute Plasma Cannon or Reaper Auto-cannon and drop the
second arm for a Missile Launcher - this makes for a surprisingly cheap and durable weapons platform; able to
throw out a fair amount of shots across a variety of targets. The Twin Lascannon is best deployed as an anti-tank
weapon, so if you were looking at brutes to do some of that for your army, take the las.

 Ranged Opinion: Stay away from the Reaper Auto-Cannon, it is trash. If it were D2 instead of D1 it would
be a good choice, and more than just a glorified 4 shot Heavy Bolter. Take either a Helbrute Plasma
Cannon, or if you just can't stand that you lose wounds on rolls of 1's to hit, a Twin Heavy Bolter instead.
 Alternate Ranged Opinion: Taking a Reaper is useful to keep the points of any Helbrute build low and
keep your investment in your distraction unit to a minimum. A reaper/missile for example combo comes
in at 90pts under Chapter Approved 2018 prices, which though not a significant saving compared to the
96pts and 97pts of the Plasma / Heavy Bolter Builds is still a saving that may allow you to fit in more
bodies or other units.
 Melee Opinion: The hammer will usually underperform the fist, due to the accuracy debuff, but it costs as
much as a single fist; whether you take a scourge (A8 S8 AP-2 D2 35pts) or a fist (A5 S12 AP-3 D3 30pts)
depends on what you plan on fighting. Never take a fist without also grabbing a gun to put in it. With the
new Chapter Approved 2018 you can take a second fist for a mere +10 pts, so now you can dual wield for
a 40 pts!
Rubric Marines - Once unusable, these guys have become pretty good. They have their usual loadout of Inferno
Boltguns, which they can replace with Warpflamers for maximum hurt in overwatch, and the Aspiring Sorcerer can
take any force weapon and a Warpflame pistol to help them if they get in melee. For every 10 models, one Rubric
can take a Soulreaper cannon. The Aspiring Sorcerer got a huge buff with the codex as he is now also a fully
fledged Psyker who can cast any of the Spells from the Discipline of Change. These spells are low WC rating (6 or 7,
except Doombolt) and are usually the sort of spells you won't take on your HQs because you want them to take
Prescience, Warptime, Death Hex, etc. If you take a few 5 man squads (or even 10 man and some Scarabs) you're
going to find yourself casting a LOT of psychic powers - which is exactly how it should be! He also knows a
"mini" Smite, which does 1 or d3 mortal wounds rather than the normal d3/d6. Rubrics "All is Dust" rule gives
them +1 to all saves if the attack does 1 damage, giving them a 2+ save against small arms fire. It is very effective in
a lot of situations but opponents grow wise to it.

 As per the 1.4 FAQ, if the Aspiring Sorcerer suffers wounds from Perils of the Warp, you may allocate it to
any model in the unit.
 Interesting new addition in the codex, the aspiring sorcerer can take a Plasma Pistol. it's not much but it
is at least SOME kind of plasma weapon.
 Consider taking a weapon composition of 6 boltguns, 2 warpflamers and 1 soulreaper, the warpflamers
make for good overwatch and the soulreaper makes up for the boltgun shots you lose from the flamers.
 The Chaos Index FAQ states that Warptime cannot be used on units that have arrived as reinforcements,
the 2nd Big FAQ defines arriving as reinforcements as being deployed mid-game from reserves via an
ability rather than during the Deployment. These restrictions do not apply to DMC, which makes
slingshotting a unit of 20 Warpflamer rubrics and throwing Warptime on them a fun idea.

Tzaangors - 70 points for a unit of 10 close combat monsters that are just as tough as Space Marines, have a 5++
invulnerable save, 2 attacks when equipped with a pair of Tzaangor blades (3 on the Twistbray) WITH -1 AP, a 10
point instrument that adds 1 to their Advance and Charge rolls, as well as rerolling to hit rolls when targeting a
character. These guys are an absolute steal for Thousand Sons armies that need lots of fodder to protect their big
guns in the back. They do a better job in close combat than Space Marines do. Pistols/Chainswords look cool but
are inferior to Tzaangor Blades, as AP-1 makes them dangerous to almost everything in the game (apart from

 Buy AoS ones as the Autopistol/Chainsword combo is inferior to the Tzaangor Blades and AoS ones do
not have the sprue for it, so they are a bit cheaper.
 These guys are an excellent use of your Dark Matter Crystal. Fire a unit of 30 Tzaangors to outside 9" of
something, take a Brayhorn for an 8" charge and watch your opponent shit their pants at the birdy
blender that just materialized in front of them. TAKE HEED. Dark Matter Crystal re-deploys the unit, but
the Big FAQ for the BRB specifically only forbids Warptime from working on units setting up as
 Make no mistake: with the right psychic powers, buffs and help from a Mutalith Vortex Beast or two
these can be turned from above average melee troops to an absolute terror. Use Weaver of Fates to buff
them to 4++, Glamour of Tzeentch for -1 to hit, Prescience for accuracy (or just put a Tzaangor Shaman
next to them), An Exalted Sorcerer's re-roll aura for even more accuracy, Mutalith powers for +1 Strength
or AP or both, and Veterans of the Long War in the Fight phase. At this point you'll have use about half
your army for buff a single unit, but it's one your opponent won't soon forget.
Fast Attack
Chaos Spawn - The Flesh Change sufferers you know and love. Movement 7", D6 attacks at -2 AP.
Has a chance to be -4 AP, or reroll failed wounds, or get +2 attacks. S5 T5, 5+ save, leadership 9
due to being a mindless pile of flesh and 4 wounds. 5+ save means they're pretty squishy, but they
can hit fairly hard. Pretty much the same as before, but there is a Stratagem that can give you one
without having to pay for reinforcement points and another one that lets you re-roll their attack
number while also picking their bonus effect. The first one makes for a useful surprise when one of
your Sorcerers is looking like he'll die anyway so keep a couple in your cases for such occasions.
For 25pts a model (post CA18), you might want to throw in a few gribblies in your list if you need a
speed bump or meat shield for the Daemon Princes.

Tzaangor Enlightened - Birds on discs. They have 3 different weapon options, Autopistol and
Chainsword, Fatecaster Greatbow, or a Divining Spear. In addition, every 6+ to hit roll counts as a
successful wound. Easy to pass over at first glance, but they have a saving grace; speed. With a
move of 12", they can add some much needed mobility to your list in a way that doesn't rely on
psychic powers or command points. If you take the bows, they become a surprisingly agile
harassment unit. With the fly keyword, they can't be tied down in melee, unlike a lot of the rest of the
army. They are also dirt cheap in terms of points/power-level.

 They are even better than you think. They get the Daemon keyword thanks to their discs, so
benefit from buffs like Flickering Flames, Tzeentch Daemon HQ auras, and Boon of Change.
 The auto-wounding combined with the divining spears' D2 on the charge can be a nasty
surprise for vehicles and monsters. The AP of -1 isn't much, but the amount of attacks make
up for it, especially if you luck out with Boon of Change for the +1 attack. They won't take
down Land Raiders, but crippling big guns on the 2nd turn (or even 1st with Warptime) with
such a cheap unit is a viable strategy.
 The divining spears become an even more viable option when taken in conjunction with
Mutalith vortex beasts. with their vortex powers giving them either -1 AP, +1 Strength or
reroll failed charges, on top of the vortex powers stacking with each other. This can result in
anything from two specific powers stacking like +2 strength bringing them up to strength 7 to
wound vehicles easier, or -2 AP letting them cut through MEQ's and TEQ's with ease.
 Enlightened are also able to use the Cycle of Slaughter stratagem, so you can get two
rounds of combat out of your 2 damage spears when you charge.
 Enlightened also have the Heretic Astartes keyword, allowing you to cast such classics as
Warp Time, and Prescience on them to make them zoom even faster and auto-wound on a
4+ with a Shaman nearby. If you wanted your Shooty Disc Birds to be even more annoying
when it comes to harassing things, auto wounding on 4+'s will please you.