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Perfect Presente

It is the time in which it describes a specific momento in which in the verb “Ed” should
be used in some cases and in other cases the auxiliary verb that is “Have” and the
“Has” will be used in third persons.
1. She cried yesterday with her friends.
2. You have lost the keys.
3. We have all worked tonight.
4. I have left alone.
5. I worked all week.
6. Jorge has returned very late.
7. They have read many books.
8. They have forgotten their problems.
9. Luis has forgotten his homework.
10. I´ve seen that movie with Angel.

Presente Perfect Progressive

This is the time in which we put together an action carried out in the past but it
continues to have continuity in the presente where when adding the words “Have”
and “Has”we will use the “Been” parameter.
1. I have been working since yesterday.
2. I have been cooking since morning.
3. They have been waiting for you since very early.
4. The company has been operating for a long time.
5. I´ve been very sick since the trip.
6. They have been sleeping for eight hours.
7. She has been studying English since she was Little.
8. I´ve been lending you money fortwo months.
9. They have been in love since childhood.
10. Elisa has been very worried about you.

This qualification is used to compare differences between two things.

1. Today is hotter than yesterday.
2. Today I ate more than I thought.
3. I am taller than my brothers.
4. He took longer than expected.
5. That car is older than the one I had.
6. A phone is more expensive than a computer.
7. That idea is better than the previous one.
8. My house is farther than Juan´s.
9. That book is better than the one you lost.
10. Spain is farther than Argentina.

It is an adjective used in sentences to compare one thing with other things in a group.
1. She is tallest person I have ever met.
2. That´s the richest food I´ve ever tasted.
3. I am the smallest of the class.
4. I am the happiest girl on the planet.
5. That is the longest road for all.
6. The red car is the most modern of all.
7. She is the best dancer in the group.
8. That movie is the best of this year.
9. They are the most studious students in the whole University.
10. He is living in the most beautiful house in the country.