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James Swain's love affair with the

pasteboards began in 1970 after seeing

Derek Dingle p e r f o r m at R o s o f f ' s
Restaurant in New York City. It continues to
this day, and has produced two volumes of
card magic (Don't Blink, The Magic of James
Swain and Miracles with Cards) as well as
dozens of routines in magic journals. 21
Century Card Majyic represents his latest and
best volume, a book filled with practical,
baffling card magic.
Along with dozens of amazing tricks
(including two unpublished miracles from
Bill Malone), many new sleights and
concepts are presented for the first time. The
Look Away Force is easily worth the price of
the book, while The Miracle Deck will open
many new doors. For the bold, Steve
Bedwell's Control Variation and The
Dummy Pass will certainly find a happy
For lovers of gambling routines, The
Center Deal/The Muck, is a trick worthy of
your consideration, while The Just Lucky
Eight Card stack will establish you as a world-
class card mechanic. If you don't mind a little
practice, Poker Interchange Redux is Swain's
latest installment of this classic trick.
The book's final entry, Larry Jennings'
Famous Chop Cup Routine, has been the
cornerstone of Swain's close-up act for nearly
twenty-five years, and is presented here as a
tribute to Mr. Jennings.
Table of Contents
Introduction by Bill Malone
Invisible Shulien Revelation
Tongue in Cheek
Ascanio's Faro Shuffle idea
Metamorphosis 1
Frank Garcia's Pirouette Double Lift
J.K. Hartman's Covered Cop Transfer
Ice Breaker 1
Paul LePaul Flourish
A Tribute to Dunninger 2
The 21 Card THck 2
Gene Finnell's Free Cut Principle
Jay Ose's False Cut
Mario's Flash Speller
Tale of Titanic Thompson 2
Psychic Poker 2
Phil Goldstein's Binary Cut Sorting Process
Bill Malone's ' Cut Em High and Tie'' 3
21st Century Cards Across 3
Birds of a Feather 3
Brother Hamman's Swivel Switch
Larry Jenning's Modification of Daryl's Display Sequence
Divining Rod 4
Mario's Cut and Shuffle Sequence
Miraculous 46
Frank Thompson's Four Card Revelation
Derek Dingle's NOLAP Switch/Second Application
Equivocally Triumphant 50
The Miracle Deck 53
Peeking a Card During the Pass
The Last Good Trick 57
Gene Maze's Card Box Load
The Four Robbers 60
21st Century Assembly 64
Explosion 68
Del Ray's Handling of LePaul's Gymnastic Aces
Too Many Jokers 71

Look Away Force 75
Steve Bedwell Control Variation 78
Card Warp Display 80
Unloading a Card 83
Peek, Stop, Touch 85
2 Full-Deck Controls 87
The Dummy Force 91
The Dummy Pass 93
The Dummy Fan Force 95

Tricks of The Masters

Mike Skinner's Placement Principle 99
Mario's Faro Check
Count On It (Paul Cummins) 102
Persi's Collectors (Persi Diaconis) 105
Mario's Mechanical Second Revelation
I Am In Debt (Fred Kaps) 108
Mario's Book Break
Instant Aces (Larry Jennings) Ill
Ken Krenzel's Mechanical Reverse
Shipwrecked (Daryl, Bill Malone) 114
Quick D-Way 117
Royal Aces (Ron Ferris) 123
Benzais Cut with two cards
Walter Scott's Technique for Dealing Seconds
1002nd Aces (Alex Elmsley) 127
Sympathetic Thirteen (Nate Leipsig) 131
Paul Curry's Swindle Switch

Gambling Routines
Poker Interchange Redux 137
Center Deal Demo/The Muck 140
Alex Elmsley's Just Lucky Shuffle
The Drop Switch (Original)
Just Lucky Eight Card Stack 144
21st Century Magician vs. Gambler 147

Larry Jennings
Famous Chop Cup Routine 149