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WORKSHOP 4: Preparation of Scoring Rubrics (by subject based on the task/process/output)

Grade: 11 Quarter: 2nd Quarter

Subject/Focus (What is being rated?): Procedures

Criteria 1
5 4 3 2
Did Not Meet
Outstanding Very Satisfactory Satisfactory Fairly Satisfactory
Level of Performance Expectation
Used tools and
1.Use of Tools and Equipment Used tools and equipment Used tools and equipment Used tools and equipment Not familiar with the
equipment correctly and
correctly and confidently at all correctly and confidently incorrectly and less use of tools and 10
but less confidently
(x 2pts) times most of the times confidently most of the time equipment.
No manifestation of
Manifested less understanding of the
Manifested very clear Manifested clear understanding of the
understanding of the step- step-by-step
2.Application of Procedures understanding of the step-by- understanding of the step- step-by-step procedure
by-step procedure seeking procedure seeking 15
step procedure by-step procedure but sometimes seeks
clarification most of the time clarification all the
(x 3pts) clarification
time 15
(x 3pts)
Worked independently with Works independently with Worked independently Worked independently but Worked dependently
ease and confidence at all ease and confidence most of with ease and confidence with assistance from others to others assistance
times the time sometimes most of the time all the time
3.Safety Work Habits Did not observe
Observed safety precautions Observed safety precautions Observed safety Most of the time did not
safety precautions all 20
at all times most of the time precautions sometimes observe safety precautions
(x 4pts) the time
4.Completeness of Task Task was not
Task was nearly Task was started but not
Task was completed following Task was completed completed due to
completed following the completed following the
(x 5pts) the procedures in the activity following the procedures in not following the 25
procedures in the project procedures in the project
improvement/innovations the project plan procedures in the
plan plan
project plan
5.Time Management Work completed ahead of Work completed within Work completed Work completed Work completed
(x 3pts) time allotted time 6 mins and beyond 11 mins and beyond 16 mins and beyond

84-100 68-83 52-67 20-35

Range = HPS – LPS = _________________/ # of levels of performance = _____________ range 100 – 20 = 80/5 = 16

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