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EXAMPLES OF LOADING CONDITIONS Fa WER CARRIER: A seven old blk caer, which s specs suitable ia CR loaded to mest the requirments of regulation A7 of the Inert Su SENERAL CARGO: A two deck sfecral cargo ship i lowed to meet we ce pans ofteeulation A 7 ofthe ltereanal Grain Code. Is grain wading bookies ponmaae AY arevoved under | M.O Reschfon A.264(VII). ‘The ships designed with Permanent, centerline bulkhead, forward vides volumetric hecking moments forall ‘with centertie divisions. The instructions fet values may be used only when bundles, in way ofthe hatch openings. tn this exarn. hip is loading a full cargo of wheat with a prnbination (See page 22), stowage factor of 45 FULT. Loading ‘Tween Deck and No, 4 Lower Hold, 4 GENERAL CARGO: The same ge barley stowing at 55 YLT, to meet the wea Grain Code, “However, bundles (see pa C880 ship is loaded, with a ful ergo of ements of wegulaion A 7 ofthe laeraational 93) ace futed in the balchways £0 that the reramtie Heeling moments with center divisions may be tlieal Als, batt & Seeestar in onder to met the ssbiltyceqpremeats pos trival. Slce the ballon eae the ae ar a Aepartre, a itermedizt fodton calculating the sbityvvaible the time of ballasting, must be shown. Jere YSIS vornl = aay ory TTF =U UaIMUVS WIG ‘1 ATAWVXA PERMISSIBLE HEELING MOMENT TABLE. notp | caractty |" y.ces) “IIEELING MOSER G-4) 1 aan | aay 38500 2 ross | 217 2300 3 rise | 24 220 4 wan | at 55700 (een) bisetacemenr. | 7 vieruaL CevTen or Gravniy aey {Long Tous) * EE Beet) KEN, zs | ao | as | mo a0 oor | 7660 | sam | amns sco ross | az00 | 390 | 3a57 200 uss | som | een | i300 msm up | 908 | S205 | A