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Consumer Profile for Primary Care segment

Apollo Hospitals offer a wide array of services which focus on serving various segments of consumers
through customer-centric differentiators. It segments its customers on various demographic and
psychographic variables such as age, gender, place of residence etc. Here, we have segmented the
consumers by the type of care they seek – primary care and specialty care.

Primary health care segment includes people looking for comprehensive healthcare for all common
medical needs that the population encounters. Primary health care in India suffers from inadequate public
investments. So, business models of private hospitals like that of Apollo Hospitals thrive on this deficiency.
Apollo Hospitals target people of varying economic background starting from working class to upper
uppers in urban areas, primarily, tier-1 and tier-2 cities. It further segments the primary care segment into
the following sub-segments based on the benefit offered – Apollo Clinic, Apollo Sugar Clinics, Apollo
Diagnostics, Apollo White Dental and Apollo Dialysis Clinics.

Apollo Clinic focuses on treating customers with non-communicable diseases. They run on the concept of
‘complete family care’ by addressing the day-to-day health care needs of the family. Here, the target is
younger, nuclear households as they will adapt to change faster than aged people. They are pioneers in a
range of value added services such as counselling on various lifestyle parameters. People who visit and
participate in their health camps approach them for their services when required.

Apollo Diagnostics reaches out to consumers in tier-2 towns as well. Apollo Diagnostics has a reputation
of being a highly preferred destination for all common to complex pathology tests. Initiatives like skill
development and enhancement programs for the teams and implementing patient feedback enable a
wonderful experience for all stakeholders of Apollo Diagnostics.

Apollo Sugar Clinics targets diabetic patients. Apollo Sugar Clinics is a diabetes and endocrine healthcare
service provider which has been formed as a collaboration between Apollo Health & Lifestyle and Sanofi.
They aim to deliver accessible care for diabetes and expand their network across India.

Apollo Dental clinics serve customers whose requirements range from basic dental services to premium
cosmetic dentistry.

Apollo Dialysis Clinics are a part of the joint venture company promoted by two health care giants of Asia-
Apollo Group and Trivitron Healthcare. Apollo has set up state-of-the-art Dialysis Centers across the
country with high standards of protocols and treatment outcomes to reach out to their patients.

Positioning of Apollo Hospitals in Primary care segment

Point of parity – Primary care at Apollo hospitals serves as the first point of contact for patients seeking
solutions to regular health problems. It provides person-focused rather than ailment-focused continuous
care over a period of time. It is accessible to all and includes preventive and curative health care.

Point of difference –

 Product – Apollo uses subscription based models such as Apollo Assure to attract consumers from
its competitors. They blend treatment with lifestyle and behavior modification programs by
connecting patients with dieticians, collaborators and counselors.
 Services – It offers a state-wise focused approach through deep penetration of labs in the states
it currently operates. Investment in the latest equipment and processes has ensured that doctors
can use high quality rapid and precise test results. Apollo ensures high efficiency through its
network of subsidiaries. For example, if Apollo Clinics, Apollo Diagnostic Labs and Apollo Sugar
Clinics are located in the same city, Sugar Clinics are co-located in the regular Clinics and
Diagnostics handle the pathological processing. Apollo demonstrates care for its patients by
placing emphasis on preventive care which results in it being significantly cheaper for them.
Apollo leverages its network and data mining to provide cross-market solutions. It connects with
Apollo Pharmacy patients who purchase diabetic drugs and provides them with information about
Sugar’s disease-management solutions.
 Personnel – Apollo provides direct-to-patient model of condition management. For example,
since diabetes is a lifestyle disease, it combines integrated clinical care with improved behavioral
approaches. It provides counseling on diet, nutrition, food habits, sleep patterns and exercise to
help patients cope better.
 Channel – Corporates, insurance companies and professional institutes prefer to use Apollo’s
services due to its presence in urban India and ease of using subscription services on a large scale
for employees and students. Apollo offers integrated services to its patients from corporate
sector. Additionally, they also offer affordable services at smaller facilitates which are cost-
 Image – Apollo Hospitals serves as a symbol of trust to their consumers due to its pan-India
presence and standardized treatment procedures at every location. It has captured the ‘first-
mover advantage’ being the first corporate hospital chain in the country.

The Primary Care segment competes with local hospitals and private practitioners which helps them win
market share hands down because of Apollo’s brand value. Apollo’s primary care offers quality treatment,
convenience of access to various services in a single facility, a holistic health management program and
highly accurate diagnostic tests.