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Course Content-MM

Procurement I
Part 1

Course Overview Unit 5: Procurement of External Services

Course Goals Service master Record and Conditions
Course Objectives Purchase Order for Services
Services Entry and Invoice Verification
Unit 1: The Procurement Process:
Procurement Process and Organization
Levels Unit 6: Reporting and Analysis Functions
Purchase Order Entry –Basics Standard reports at Documents Level
Goods Receipts Entry – Basics Logistics Information System (LIS)
Invoice Entry – Basics

Unit 7: Basics of Consumption-Based Planning

Unit 2: Master Data Overview of Material Requirements Planning
Vendor Master Record Overview of MRP Procurnrmet
Entry Aids Material Master Record
Mass Maintaince (Optional) Reorder Point Planning

Unit 3: Procurement of Stock Material Unit 8 Cost Planning

Conditions Basics of the Planning Run
Request for Quotation
Managemnet/Quotaion Processing create
Purchase Order with Reference Executing the Planning Run
Purchasing info Records Planning Result
Material valuation Basics Planning Evaluation

Stock Types, Valuation, GR in Warehouse Lot – Size Calculation

Invoice Verification and Delivery and
Delivery Costs

Unit 9: Optional: Authorization Procurement

Unit 4: Procurement of Consumable
Material MRP
Consumable Material – Overview Contract and Source Determination
Purchase Requisition Automated Procurement Process

Purchase Order and Order Acknowledgment Index

Valuated and Non – valuated Goods
Blankets Purchase Order.
Procurement I Unit 5: Basic Invoice Verification Procedure
Part 2 Introduction to Invoice Verification
Basic Invoice Verification Procedure
Contents Document Parking
Course Overview Taxes, Cash Discounts, and Foreign Currency
Course Goals Invoices for Pos with Account Assignment
Course Objectives
Unit 6: Variances and Invoice Blocks
Unit 1: Sources of Supply Variances and Blocking Reasons
Purchasing Information Record Invoice Reduction
Contract Variances without Reference to an Item.
Scheduling Agreement
Unit 7: Subsequent Debits/Credit, Delivery
Costs and Credit Memos
Unit 2: Sources Determination Subsequent Debit/Credit
Source List Delivery Costs

Quota Arrangement Invoices without Reference to Purchase Orders

Further Aspects of Source Determination Credit Memos and Reversals

Unit 8: Automated Process in Invoice

Unit 3: Optimized Purchasing Verification
Processing Non- Assigned Purchase
Requisitions Invoice Verification in the Background

Processing Assigned Purchase Requisitions Automatic Settlement

Unit 9: GR/IR Account Maintenance and

Unit 4: Document Release Procedure customizing
Release Procedure GR/IR Account maintenance
Customizing for Invoice Verification

Procurement II
Part 1
Unit 3: Stock Transfers/Transfer Postings
Contents Transfer Postings
Course Overview Stock Transfer Between storage Locations
Course Goals Stock transfer Between Plants
Course Objectives
Unit 4 : Reservations
Unit 1: Introduction to Inventory
Management Manual Reservations
Inventory Management and Physical
Inventory Availability and missing Part Check

Transaction for Goods Movements-MIGO

Unit 5: Goods Issues
Unit 2: Goods Receipt Unplanned Goods Issues
Goods Receipt without Reference Goods Issue with Reference
Goods Receipt with reference Negative Stock

Return Delivery, Return and Cancellation

Delivery Completed Indicator and Unit 6: Special Procurement Form:
Tolerances Consignment
Date checks in GR for Purchase Order Vendor Consignment
Unit 7: Physical Inventory Unit 10: Purchasing Customizing Settings
Preparing and Carrying Out Physical
Inventory Document Types in Purchasing

Simplification of Physical Inventory Field Selection and Account Assignment Categories

Special Aspects of Customizing
Unit 8: Analyses
Stock Lists and Document Lists Unit 11: Message Determination
Periodic Processing Messages Determination in Purchasing

Messages Determination in Inventory Management

Unit 9: Customizing for Inventory
Setting for Documents in inventory
management Index
Movement Types
Other Customizing Settings

TSCM 52 Unit 3: Valuation and Account Assignment

Procurement II Introduction to Automatic accounts Determination

Part 2 Influences of Company Code and Valuation Area

Influence of Material and Material Type
Business transactions and Their Influences on the
Course Overview Account Determination Process
Course Goals Special cases of Account Determination
Course Objectives
Unit 4: Self Study – Additional Topics
Unit 1: Organizational Level in MM Material Types UNBW and Topics
Organizational Levels MM Invoicing Plan
Purchasing Order Monitoring
Unit 2: Master Data for materials
Management Subcontracting
Vendor Master Record Split Valuation
Settings for Material Types
Unit 5: Appendix – Additional Topics (Not
Field Selection Control Relevant for Certification)
Inventory sampling
Cycle Counting
Customizing Settings for the MB Transactions
Version management in Purchasing
Configuration the material Master
Case Study
Unit 2: Business Blue Print
Course Overview Business Process Procurement
Course Goals Business Process Production
Course Objectives Business Process Sales
Business Process Financial Accounting

Unit 1: Bike International Organization Business Process Management Accounting

Case Study Overview Business Process Human Capital management

Master Data (All Areas) Appendix 1: Organizational Structure