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D3 repowering kit
Install a new modern diesel engine.
Keep your existing drive.
Thinking about repowering your boat? Improve your
boating experience by replacing your old diesel or
gasoline engine with a new Volvo Penta D3 diesel
engine. The D3 Repowering Kit makes it possible
to keep and utilize your existing Volvo Penta drive.

The kit offers a perfect match between the new

engine and your existing drive, giving full EVC
functionality with access to a wide range of
accessories, making your boating easier, safer and THE D3 REPOWERING KIT consists of all components
needed for a perfect match between a Volvo Penta D3 diesel
more enjoyable. engine and your existing Volvo Penta drive.

Please see the next page to find out more about

drive/engine compatibility.


The reliable and powerful D3 diesel engine features
common rail fuel injection. Its robust and compact
design weighs only 260 kg (dry weight without
transmission) and is available in 140, 170, 200
and 220 hp.

With a D3 diesel engine connected to your existing

Volvo Penta drive, you will experience improved perfor-
mance, maneuvering and fuel consumption. Electronic
shift and throttle will provide smooth and precise
control. The faster acceleration will take you quicker
THE D3 DIESEL ENGINE and the on to plane, and in addition, you’ll also benefit from
D3 Repowering Kit connected to the increased reliability, better onboard comfort and lower
previous AQ290 drive.
emissions. You will also increase the value of your
D3 repowering kit
• A perfectly matched connection between the D3
diesel engine and your existing Volvo Penta drive.
• Developed and tested by Volvo Penta.
• All required parts and components are included, such
as installation instruction, adapter ring, exhaust riser, heat
shield for turbo and riser, engine cover etc.

The table displays the drive/engine D3-140 D3-170 D3-200 D3-220

combinations available with the AQ290
D3 Repowering Kit. Always advise your AQ290A
Volvo Penta dealer about which replace- AQ290-DP
ment you and your boat will most ben- AQ290A-DP
efit from. SP-A, -A1, -A2
For further engine information, please
see the separate Engine Product Leaflet SP-E

available on www.volvopenta.com. DP-A, -A1, -A2

DP-B, -B1
DP-C, -C1
DP-D, -D1


Volvo Penta’s electronic platform, the of EVC controls you easily form your
EVC system, fully integrates the boat’s complete command center. That means
engines, electronics and the unique set comfortable and ergonomic control of
of Easy Boating options. EVC gives a all essential functions like electronic
robust installation and greatly improved shift and throttle and integrated buttons
reliability. With Volvo Penta’s range for engine and drive functions.

Visit www.volvopenta.com to learn more about Volvo Penta´s EVC system and the wide range of Easy
Boating features.
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