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ETABS 17.0.

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ETABS Concrete Frame Design

Eurocode 2-2004 Column Section Design

Column Element Details Type: DC Low

Level Element Unique Name Section ID Combo ID Station Loc Length (mm) SOM LLRF
Parking 1 C1 52 C80x120-A Env 0 3000 Nominal Stiffness 0.4

Section Properties

b (mm) h (mm) dc (mm) Cover (Torsion) (mm)

800 1200 60 30

Material Properties

E c (MPa) f ck (MPa) Lt.Wt Factor (Unitless) E s (MPa) f yk (MPa) f ywk (MPa)

35000 40 1 200000 390 390

Design Code Parameters

ɣC ɣS α CC α CT α LCC α LCT
1.5 1.15 1 1 0.85 0.85

Axial Force and Biaxial Moment Design For N Ed , M Ed2 , M Ed3

Design N Ed Design M Ed2 Design M Ed3 Minimum M2 Minimum M3 Rebar Area Rebar %
kN kN-m kN-m kN-m kN-m mm² %
25623.9735 0 1024.9589 683.306 1024.9589 7556 0.79

Axial Force and Biaxial Moment Factors

M 0Ed Moment M add Moment Minimum Ecc β Factor Length

kN-m kN-m mm Unitless mm
Major Bend(M3) -182.7139 60.9814 0 1 2400
Minor Bend(M2) -85.3954 93.9443 0 1 2400

Axial Compression Ratio

Conc Capacity (α CC *A*f cd ) Compressive Ratio Comp Ratio Seismic Ratio

kN N Ed /(α cc *A*f cd ) Limit Load? OKay?
25600 1.001 0.75 No Yes

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Shear Design for V Ed2 , V Ed3

Shear V Ed Shear V Rdc Shear V Rds tan(θ) Rebar A sw /s

kN kN kN Unitless mm²/m
Major, V Ed2 126.8846 1125.4711 0 0.4 0
Minor, V Ed3 59.3023 1126.9849 0 0.4 0

Rules: Joint shear stress ratio is only determined for a station

a) if the station has a beam-column joint (top of the column),

b) if the frame is a DCHe or DCM moment resisting frame,

c) if the column above is a concrete column when it exists,

d) if all the beams framing into the column are concrete beams

e) if the connecting member design results are available, and

f) if the load combo involves seismic load.

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