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Earth: 7:45-8:35
Mars: 8:35-9:25

I. Objectives:
A. Analyze figures of speech in a given text (EN5RC-Ig 2.3).
B. Read words with automaticity grade level frequently occurring words (
Integration in ESP: Nakapagpapakita ng positibong saloobin sa pag-aaral-
paggawa ng takdang aralin. (ESP5PKP-Ic-d29)
Integration in Science: Infer the pattern in the changes in the appearance of Moon

II. Analyzing Figures of Speech

A. K-12 Curriculum in English 5, page 103, Joy in Learning English pages
B. Charts, activity sheets
III. A. Drill
Read the following words related to Health:
nutrition emotional health mental health
social anxiety puberty cyber bullying
menstruation posture caffeine

B. Review/Motivation
Who can give an example of a clipped word? What is its original word? What does it
Who likes to write a poem? Don’t you know that poets have techniques so that poems they
are writing are meaningful? Let’s learn how by analyzing the following text used in
C.1 Activity
Group pupils according to their skills. Distribute Activity Sheets to each group.

Group 2- Link Me More!

Group 1 - Compare Me!
Underline the words that tell the two objects being
What are the two things being compared?
Tell in what way the two things are alike.
1. The small town was a beehive after the discovery
1. The old house leans upon a tree of gold in the nearby mountain.
Like some old man upon a staff,
The night wind in its ancient porch 2. My brother’s bedroom was the remains of an
Sounds like a hollow laugh. explosion.

Group 3- Incarnate Me!

Group 4- Exaggerate Me!
Read the following lines of poetry. Underline the
Encircle the unrealistic sentiments in each line and
human qualities given to in animate objects or
give its possible meaning

1. “I am so hungry I could eat a horse!”

1. “I heard the wind call out and say:
Get up my dear, it is today!”
2. “I have tons of homework!”
From: A Summer Morning

2. “The moon played hide and seek with the

B. Analysis
What are things being compared in the lines assigned to Group 1?
What are the signal words used in the lines? When lines shows a comparison of two
things by using the words as and like, then it is a Simile.
In sentence 1, Group 2, how does the author describe his/her brother’s bedroom? What
does it mean? When the line states a direct comparison of two unlike things that have
something in common-then it is a Metaphor.
What human qualities are given to the wind in the 1st line for Group 3? to the moon?
Does wind really can talk? or moon can hide? Where does the moon go when it hides or it
is not visible at night? How does a moon look like when it is Full Moon? Moon has 8 Phases and
you will learn them during the 4th Quarter in Science. When inanimate objects were given human
qualities in a line of a poem, then the author uses a figurative language called Personification.
Let’s take a look at the 4th Group’s lines. Is it possible to eat a horse if you are hungry?
What does the author mean by that? Could you tell how hungry the author is?
Is it possible to have homework as heavy as ton? What should you do if you have lots of
assignment? Would you just play when you reach home from school or what? Where should you
do your assignment? Is having a ton of assignment and eating a horse is possible to happen? It
shows exaggeration to stir up emotion or response from a reader. This figure of speech is called

How would you know that a poet or author uses a figurative language-simile? (He/She
uses the expression like and as)
What figure of speech shows comparison of two different objects but have something in
common? (Metaphor)
What signals personification? (Human qualities given to inanimate objects)
What would be reader’s response when they read a hyperbole? Why? (Strong emotion,
awe because it is too good to be true)

Analyze the figurative language used in the following text:
a. Life is a journey, travel it well. (Metaphor)
b. After a good night sleep, I felt like a million dollars. (Hyperbole)
c. A wicked whisper came and changed my life. (Personification)
d. The theatre is his home. (Metaphor)
e. Everyone wanted Ken in the swimming team because he could swim like a fish. (Simile)
IV. Evaluation
Analyze the figurative language used in the following text. Take note of its underline
word/words as clues.
1. The kettle sings as it sits on the stove. (Personification)
2. It was so cold, I saw polar bears wearing jackets. (Hyperbole)
3. The clouds are as white as cotton. (Simile)
4. The camera loves her since she is so pretty. (Personification)
5. My dad will kill me when he comes home. (Hyperbole)

V Assignment