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Study Habits and the Level of Proficiency in Specialized Subjects of Selected Senior High

School ABM Students of Davao Doctors College, Inc.


A Research Presented to the

Senior High School Department
Davao Doctors College, Inc.
Undergraduate School
Gen. Malvar Street, Davao City
In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
For Practical Research 2 Subject
Accountancy Business Management

Asombrado, Karen Clair T.

Awitin, Rio
Laureano, Bruce Ian A.
Quirante, Ghie Ann M.
Sale, Rosenda E.
Sanz, James Anthony

July 16, 2019
Background of the Study

Study habit is buying out a dedicated scheduled and un-interrupted time to apply one’s self to
the task of learning. Without it, one does not grow and becomes self– limiting in life. Study habits tell a
person that how much he will learn and how far he wants to go, and how much he wants to earn. These
all could be decided with the help of one’s study habits, throughout the life. According to Stella and
Purtshothaman (1993), Opined that the researchers have analyzed the pupil’s achievement with
reference to the classification high, average and low achievers, in this conventional classification, the
point of reference in the average score of group or a standard norm, but study habits differ from person
to person , hence in an attempt to help the learners progress by developing suitable study habits, we
need a different set of parameters that takes into account of the individual capabilities.

In Nigeria, there are so many factors influencing the ability of students to cultivate effective and
efficient study habit Ozmert (2005). Emphasized the importance of environmental influence as a major
factor in the development of students studying habit. In line with this according also to Adetunji and
Oladeji (2007), submit that the environment of most children is not conducive for studying, it is in the
light of this that made some parents to prefer their children to go to boarding school for proper discipline
and to inculcate better reading habit.

According to Marc (2011) explains that astudents with learning problems, however, may still
have generally inefficient and ineffective study habits and skills. The sooner a student starts practicing
and developing good habits, the better chance he will have that he will continue with them. Being
organized and having homework routines are the most important things in helping a child/student
develop good study habits for life. Developing good study habits help spell success and a student will
find himself working more efficiently and experiencing lesser stress in the process. He adds that having
effective study habits creates a more efficient academic environment.

As an outcome of this, study habit is one of the greatest students or learning factors that hugely
influences students’ academic achievements. For this reason, if undermined by students at all levels,
teachers, administrators, parents and guardians, school counselors and the government, then, the
trend and menace of students’ abysmal performance in both internal and external examinations would
continue to studying involves highly active behavior over a period of time. Many students do badly
academically, due to factors other than low intellectual capacity. One such factor is poor study habits,
which often result in poor academic performance even among the naturally bright students. In the
process of learning, learner’s habitual ways of exercising and practicing their abilities for learning are
considered as study habits of learners. The pattern of behavior adopted by students in the pursuit of
their studies is considered under the caption of their study habits. Study habits reveal student
personality. Learner’s learning character is characterized by his study habits. Study habits serve as the
vehicle of learning. It may be seen as both means and ends of learning.

On Gudagavanar and Halayannavar’s research (“Influence of Study Habits on Academic

Performance of Higher Primary Students”). Study habits play a very important role in the life of students.
Success or failure of each student depends upon his own study habits. Of course, study is an art and
as such it requires practice. Some students study more but they fail to achieve more. Others study less
but achieve more. Success of each student definitely depends upon ability, intelligence and effort of
students. No doubt, regular study habits bring their own rewards in the sense of achievement of

Therefore, it is better to develop the study habits of an ABM Senior High students. It is the proper
time and age to cultivate study habits. At this age students are quite matured. They are able to know
what is good and what is bad. They can avoid bad things and invite good things with the help of

The very purpose of conducting this academic research entitled Study Habits and the Level of
Proficiency in Specialized Subjects of Selected Senior High School ABM Students of Davao Doctors
College, Inc. is to determine the effects of study habits on the academic performance of the student
and to find out the relationship among the level of proficiency in their specialized subjects, and help
them to manage their time management skills and engage them into a better way of how to perform
academic task with mindful peace without getting stress out.
Statement of the Problem

The study intended to find out the level of proficiency of the selected students of Grade 11– ABM
Senior High School Students of Davao Doctors College Inc, that affects their study habits and how
these factors reflects and influence the academic performance of the said students.

1. What are the effects of study habits to the level of proficiency of a student, in their specialized
2. How important is method of study habits on academic performance of the students?
3. What is the nature of relationship between study habits of the student and their level of
Scope and Delimitation

This study limits its coverage only to selected Grade 11– ABM Senior High School students of
Davao Doctors College for the School Year 2019–2020. The study will focus on the study habits on the
academic performance of the student and the level of proficiency of their specialize subjects. The
respondents will be five students in the class of each section of ABM strands. A compromises of 20
students as our respondents overall.

The primary data will be our descriptive in nature to determine an actual representation of the
students perspective in the study. The respondents will be randomly selected, which compromises 20
percent of the total population. This research aimed to have a thorough understanding of the study
habits of academic performers and how these study habits contributed to their success as students.
However, some of the results and findings obtained may nevertheless be also applicable to the
academic performers of other schools.
Conceptual Framework


1. systematic
2. organic 1. high level of
3. uncrowded proficiency
4. specific

5. procrastination
6. unsystematic 2. low level of
7. unorganized proficiency
8. no specific goal Specialized
1. Accounting
2. Business
3. Business
Theoretical Framework

This chapter aims to provide strong foundation to this study which contains gathered research
works of different literature and references by the researchers. It covers the review of relevant
literatures which is explained accordingly. These are presented to determine the connection of various
findings and theories in relation to the independent and dependent variables.

According to Fieldman (2006). States that good study habits help the student in critical reflection
in skills outcome such as selecting, analyzing, and synthesizing. Also students who are very successful
in their desired career have good study habits. Study habits plays a big role in the level of proficiency
of a student because through study habits, student can easily apply to the mind as well their knowledge
and understanding by reading, investigating or critical examination. If the study habits of a students is
systematically arrange it can leads to high proficiency in the specialized subjects of an ABM strand. In
otherwise it can lead to low level of proficiency. Percival and Ellington (1984) the development of good
study habits is the highway to the goals and high proficiency of an individual. A simple small change in
study habits makes a big difference in goal setting and organization of one’s life. The success of an
individual can lead to high proficiency depends upon his study habits.

These days, students need to have a good study habit in order to have a good knowledge in
everything. Study habit is characterized as the general inclination and practice that one portrays amid
the way toward picking up data through learning.

According to M.T.V Ngaraju (2004) that study habit serves as the vehicle of learning and poor
study habits makes tension in the understudies. On the off chance that he ponders well, propensities
for good examination will make him give a decent execution.

The study anchors on the theory of Edward L. Desi and Richard M. Ryan, known as “Self-
determination”. The theory states that the student himself and the free factors have an extraordinary
part in molding the student’s examination propensity. Self-determination is innate to an individual and
together with the mental needs. This theory emphasizes on the individual’s motivation and how the
outside variables effects on the individual’s execution. Motivation is very important in an individual’s
task because it is the main ingredient in having a good outcome of a task.

The self- determination theory underpins three essential mental needs that must be fulfilled to
encourage prosperity and well- being. The first one is the competence seek to control the outcome and
experience mastery. Second, the relatedness of the universal want to interact or be connected to. And
the last one, autonomy the universal urge to be causal agents of one’s own life and act in harmony with
one’s integrated self. These three psychological needs own be generally connected to.

Studying is one of the most important responsibilities you hate during school. Keeping up great
study habit will enable you to take in your material and succeed.

Alternately, poor study habits will make it harder for you to exceed expectations in your high
proficiency in that subjects. Luckily, there are a few strategies you can use to enhance your study habits
during school. There are a lot of ways for us to improve in academic field.

These theories want to show the importance of having a good study habits for the students to
have a good performance and good grades in school. These theories will helps to achieve and to have
a good study habits. To have a good study habits “Self- determination” Theory should be applied and
also, by understanding the theory of M.T.V Ngaraju (2004).
Abridged Methodology

This Chapter presents the research method that was administered in the study. The following
are discussed in detailed: research design, research setting, research participants and the Instrument
use to gather data.

Research Design
Research design is hence the outline of how the overview is to be led directly from the gathering
of data analysis (Sullivan, 2001). The research design that was used in this research is survey approach
method that uses survey questionnaires which allows an efficient way to gather the needed information
from the population of the study and by using the descriptive research style. This study focuses on the
study habits and the level of proficiency in specialized subjects of selected Senior High School student
of Davao Doctors College Inc.

Respondents of the Study

The respondents of this study are the selected Grade11- ABM students of Davao Doctors
College Inc. The study will focus on study habits and the level of proficiency in their specialized subjects.
The respondents will be five students in the class of each section of ABM strands. Our study
compromises 25 students as overall respondents.

Research Instruments
The type of instrument we will be using are survey, and questionnaire to gather quantifiable
information, and it best served to answer the questions and the purposes of our study and to collect
important information for the study from the respondents which are the grade 11- ABM students of
Davao Doctors College Inc. Survey Questionnaires refers to the data collected in which respondents
are instructed to answer the same set of questions in a pre- arranged way (Devaus, 2002).

Research Setting
Our research setting was conducted in Davao Doctors College Inc. located at General Malvar
St, Poblacion District Davao City

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