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The Poet, Educator and Publisher Ernesto R. del Valle (Camaguey, Cuba (U.S.
resident), interviewed me on the 22nd October 2010 and published the interview
(Elisabetta Errani Emaldi from her inner world) on Globedia,
nterperiodismodigital, the Revista Literaria Guatini and on the Cuban blogpost
Yarabeycuba”.The links:


Elisabetta Errani Emaldi’s translation

Elisabetta Errani Emaldi from her inner world (interview)

(Special for the Revista Literaria GUATINí)

By Ernesto R. Del Valle. (Cuba)

I am in front of Elisabetta Errani Emaldi (Alfonsine, Ravenna, Italy). This woman

raises a great interest, speaks also four languages, studied in Paris and London; on
1992 the national press wrote about her book “ The Common Artisans of Love“.
According to her biography, Elisabetta’s Drawings and poetries have been
published in the anthology "La Agonia del Nirvana" in Peru and Argentina on
November 2008. On March 15th 2009, ten Elizabeth’s poetries have been published
on the Spanish magazine n.16 “Palabras Diversas - Literature for peace”
Elisabetta wrote her novels and 4 screenplays, inspired from the mysterious and
extraordinary paranormal World, in which she is directly involved. Among other
things, the deceased Dr. Massimo Inardi, speaking of the author and about her
literary productions said: “Elisabetta has been living for many years paranormal
experiences of telepathy, clairvoyance and over all precognitive”. As a specialist of
this matter, she has participated to a lot of televisions programs of private
broadcasting TV stations and she has done conferences.

1. - Elisabetta, tell me about your early childhood, the place where you were born,
grew up and your first encounter with the literature.

I was born in a very simple family, my parents were farmers and I grew up on a farm
with my uncles and my cousins. I have wonderful memories of those times, took long
walks with my cousins in the middle of beautiful fields. As soon as I think about my
childhood, I still remember the colors of the colorful leaves of peach trees in autumn
and the beautiful blooms of peach, apple and cherry trees in spring.

At present, the young Italian poetry shows names of women's literary art very
interesting but little known in this part of the world. In May 2000, comes to light
an anthology, speak of THE ITALIAN CONTEMPORARY POETRY (Edition
Torremozas SL Madrid), in which twelve poets show the world their poetry. The
bilingual anthology translator, Emilio Coco (*),at one point in the presentation.
wrote: "... Women, in full autonomy, made themselves bearers of the poetic word
full of vitality and of exceptional human visibility ..."

2 .- My question is: What do you think of the actual current intellectuals Italian
values, especially of the intellectuality of the young Italian women?

I think that most Italian intellectuals have good values, especially women, even if the
news media report show a different reality.

Elisabetta began writing poetry at 16 years old and then named the collection: "I,
who am I? You, who are you?". For me it was very important to find out who I was,
she says, and continues, I often wondered who I was, where I came from, why I did
exist, these were the questions that assailed me. The beauty of nature, humanity and
myself were the protagonists of life, then, if all that existed, beyond all, there was a
great mystery that attracted me, so I had to find the answers to my questions. I found
those answers after a long and difficult spiritual search you can pick up by
reading my poems, novels and screenplays.

3.- Your interest in the arts in general have brought you to illustrate books and do
some murals paintings, such as the one in Nagikata, in, Hungary. You also worked
for the mentally ill. This negative situation have moved you away or enriched your
literary work?.

My interest for art is born with me, I remember that in the elementary school my
drawings were shown to all the teachers of the school and then hung in the corridor,
so that everyone could see them. Yes, I worked as a educator in an institute for
handicapped children. I believe that all experiences are necessary to improve
inwardly and outwardly. All the experiences of our lives are puzzle pieces that serve
to complete our terrain spiritual path. What matters for our Heavenly Father is our
spiritual evolution.

4. - You have been awarded with the international prize “The protagonists of the
1998 ”, for your poetries book "I, who am I ? You, who are you?". The candidates
of this last prize (only twenty), have been selected among one hundred competitors
of writers also worthy of receiving an acknowledgment of that level. You also had

four international prizes for your novels and screenplays. Which of these awards
was the most important for your intellectual life?

All these awards have been important to me, but the most important for my
intellectual life were those:

On May the 6th 2009, in Paris the jury of the “THE ENCHANTING VERSES
INTERNATIONAL poetry journal” has given me the second international prize
“Editor's Choice -II certification” Literature for peace.

On April 28th, 2010, Prof. Hassan Raheem Artiste of WACP.tv.ning.com Community

Service Award "We Are Creative People!" has awarded me with a "Certificate of
Appreciation", to certify that I have contributed to the growth and the development of
one of the most positive and progressive communities on the world wide web.

5 .- Do you feel well in your inner world, in which you “live” from many years
paranormal experiences of telepathy, clairvoyance and over all precognitive?”.

Yes, I feel very good because I know I am protected and guided from above to
complete my task, as everyone in the other hand, because each of us has come to
evolve, but also to complete his earth task.

My mother lived the same experiences that I live, but in the family we could not
speak about this matter, because they were all skeptical.

6 .- Finally, what are your plans now ?

At the beginning of next month (November) I'm going to Rome to sign a contract to
make a film. It is one of my most important projects, titled "The Witch Queen of
Orient Sun". I'm very happy and I hope to give a good news on my return from Rome.

Thank you with all my heart to you for the interview and your good intentions.

Thank you to you Elisabetta, for your precious time.

(*) Emilio Coco: Poet, translator and Italian critic, was born in San Marco in Lamis,
1940. He distinguished himself for his translations of poetry from Italian into
Spanish and vice versa, in bilingual editions and also translated the Spanish theater
in his language. Among his books of poetry are Profanazioni (1990), Le parole di
sempre (1994) and Piano Bar (2001) Il fuoco e la rana (anthology of the
contemporary Italian poetry)

(*) Ernesto R. del Valle: Camaguey, Cuba (live in the U.S.) Poet and writer, founder
of the Brigade, "Saiz Hnos. He has published in magazines and newspapers in Cuba,
Santo Domingo, Argentina and Spain. His poems have been published in several

anthologies. He recently won the prize with Cuentos Cortos, en el ier Competition for
the State of Florida, sponsored from the editions VOICES OF TODAY.