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School: Grade Level: IV

GRADES 1 to 12 Teacher: File Created by Sir LEONARD BRYAN LODRONIO Learning Area: ENGLISH
DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates and
Time: JULY 30 - AUGUST 3, 2018 (WEEK 9) Quarter: 1ST QUARTER


Demonstrate understanding Demonstrate understanding Demonstrate understanding Demonstrates understanding Demonstrates understanding
that word meaning changes of the elements of of verbal cues for clear of English grammar and usage of writing as a process.
based on context. informational texts for expression of ideas in speaking or writing
B. Performance Objective Uses strategies to decode the Recalls details, sequence of Actively creates and Uses the classes of words aptly Uses a variety strategies to
meaning of words in context. events and share ideas on participate sin oral-theme in various oral and written write informational and
texts listened to. based activities discourse literary compositions
C. Learning Competencies/ 1. Use context clues 1. Express one’s ideas and 1. Recognize words with silent Identify and use simple present 1. Write a 5-sentence
Objectives (exemplification) to find the feeling clearly letters h and gh in phrases, tense of the verbs in paragraph using the present
( Write the LC code for each) meaning of unfamiliar words. 2. Infer the theme of a literary sentences, poems sentences. tense of the verb.
2. Express one’s ideas and text.
2. Read words, phrases,
feeling clearly
sentences with silent letters h
and gh.

Week 9: Helping Around Week 9: Helping Around Week 9: Helping Around Week 9: Helping Around Week 9: Helping Around
CONTENT Story: A Lesson for John Story: A Lesson for John Story: A Lesson for John Story: A Lesson for John Story: A Lesson for John
( Subject Matter) Benedict Benedict Benedict Benedict Benedict
(Context Clues: Exemplification) (Inferring Theme) (Words with silent letters h (Present tense of the Verb) (Present tense of the Verb)
and gh)
A. References
1. Teachers Guide pages 91-94 94-96 96-97 97-98 99
2. Learners Material Pages 88-96 88-96 88-96 88-96 88-96
B. Other Learning Resources LED tv, ppt, pictures Powerpoint, manila paper, Powerpoint, manila paper, Powerpoint, pictures, Powerpoint, pictures, LED tv
pentel pen, chart pentel pen, chart
A. Reviewing past lesson or *What is your favorite food? Do What story did you listen to Recall the details of the story, Give some words that have What are verbs? Give some
Presenting the new lesson you think it’s healthy? yesterday? The Food and the Drinks That silent letters g and gh. verbs that are in the present
*Give examples of nutritious Make One sick. tense.
B. Establishing a purpose of the 1. Unlocking of Difficulties Today, you are going to Read the following words with Go back to the story Haira, the Refer to LM, Think and Tell.
new lesson (Using exemplification and perform a group activity. the silent letters g, gh taken Honest Girl. Ask questions “Who are in the picture?
pictures) What are the things that you from the story. about the poem. Where are they? What are
Refer to the LM p.83 of TG (Refer to LM, Try and Learn, p. they doing?
should do when performing a
a. Nutritious food 88) (See TG, p.99 for the
b. Junk food group activity? questions and possible
c. Hospital answers)

C. Presenting Examples/ instances Present the story “A Lesson for Proceed to your groups now. Read the phrases with silent Have the pupils read the Present the following
of the new lesson John Benedict” to the pupils. letters g and gh. Refer to LM, sentences: sentences:
Do and Learn, p.87 a. He recites poems that he 1. The teacher teaches the
learned in school. children.
b. They go to the hospital. 2. The children cleans the
c-e. (See LM, p.90) room.
D. Discussing new concepts and *Pause at some parts and ask *The teacher explains the task *Have the pupils read the *Ask the questions that will let Guide the pupils in doing the
practicing new skills no.1. prediction questions. for each group; poem Haira the Honest Girl. the children give the verbs in activity in LM, Try and Learn,
(See TG, p.93) Group 1 and 2 Draw Me *Let them identify the word the sentences: p.94.
*Have some pupils to read the Group 3 and 4 Lights Camera 1. What does he do with the
with phrases with silent
story by part. Action poems he learned from school?
*Ask some questions while story Group 5 Tell and I will Listen letters g and gh. *List the verbs recites, go, gets
reading is ongoing. *See TG for further details of , shakes and buy.
the group activities. *Explain that these words are
action words.

E. Discussing new concepts and Comprehension Check-Up Group presentation: Comprehension check up: Discuss the content of teaching Using a picture, help the
practicing new skills no.2 1. What did John Benedict bring The teacher explains using the 1. What kind of girl is Haira? chart about Subject verb children write a sentence
to his mother and his father following questions; 2. Why do you say that? agreement. (See TG, p.98) paragraph using present tense
when he arrived home? a. Why do you like to eat Original File Submitted and
3-8 (See TG, p.96) of the verb.
2. What happened to him one these food? Formatted by DepEd Club
day? b. What is the difference Member - visit depedclub.com (Ex:
4-8. (See TG,p.93-94) between a healthy child and a for more The teacher reads a story
sickly child? to the children. The children
c-e. (TG, p.94) listens to the story………….)
F. Developing Mastery Give the characters in the story. Let the pupils do the class Let the pupils do the activity Answer Try and Learn, p.91 Let the pupils do the activity in
(Leads to Formative Assessment 3.) Describe them. activity. Refer to LM, p. 95. in LM, Do and Learn, p.89) LM, Do and Learn, . 95

G. Finding practical application of What kind of food should you Play the game “Bring me Im Give more examples of words Give some verbs or action Write sentences that have
concepts and skills in daily living eat? nutritious” that have silent letters g an words that you do every day in verbs that you do every day in
(The pupils look for healthy gh. school. school.
food in their snack box)
*boiled banana, camote cue,
milk, bread.)
H. Making Generalization and What are the new words that What is the theme of our What are the words with What are verbs? What are verbs?
abstraction about the lesson you learned today? What does it story today? silent letters g and gh? How Give examples of verbs that are Give examples of verbs that
mean? Give examples for each. do you pronounce them. in the present tense. are in the present tense.
When do we use the s-form of When do we use the s-form of
the verb? the verb?
When do we use the base form When do we use the base
of the verb? form of the verb?

I. Evaluating learning Give the word that is referred to Give the theme of the story Identify the words in the Answer Learn Some More in Present a picture of some kids
by the following examples and you listened to today. Explain following sentences that have your LM, p. 92. playing at the playground. Let
pictures. The answers are taken why it is the theme of the silent letters g and gh. Underline the correct verb the pupils write a 5-sentence
from the story. story.
1. Honesty is the best policy. form paragraph about the picture
____1. Corn, fruits, bread, milk
____2. Burgers, hotdogs, bacon 2. You are gaining weight. 1. Vince (eat, eats) his using present tense of the
____3. Singing, dancing, reciting 3. Tell me your height. breakfast everyday) verb.
a poem. 4. Laugh until you’re done. 2. They ( dance, dances) during
4-5. 5. My mother is sick. She is school programs)
coughing. 3-5.
J. Additional activities for Write the lesson that you List nutritious food the a child List down 5 more examples of Answer Try and Learn, p.93. Answer Learn Some More,
application and remediation learned from the story. like you should eat. words with silent letters g and p.,96
A. No. of learner who earned 80%

B .No. of learner who scored below

80% ( needs remediation)

C. No. of learners who have caught

up with the lesson

D. No of learner who continue to

require remediation

E. Which of my teaching strategies

work well? Why?
F. What difficulties did I encounter
which my principal /supervisor can
help me sove?

G. What innovation or localized

materials did I use/discover which I
wish to share w/other teacher?