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Sl. Aerodr-ome Report Type As on date Observati Non-compliances Exemption Exemption Period DGCA Remarks Revised PDC
No. on No. Type Approval

1 Amritsar

2 Dehradun DGCA Pre-licensing 16.07.2019

2011 A5 Existing open drainage located at 75m from the centre line PDC 31.12.2021 Refer DGCA letter dated
and parallel to runway on both northern and southern 09/01/19 exemption granted
side falls within the required runway strip of 150m. The till Dec 2021
open drainage is to be covered to withstand load of the
possible aircraft runway overshoot.

G37 Only one emergency crash gate is provided, i.e. on PDC 30.06.2019 Tender opened anf FC 30.09.2019
Runway 08 end. For this side crash gate, temporary access obtained work order to be
road from the runway up to gate is not properly prepared issued.safety analysis case is in
for CFT movement, in case of emergency. The same need process.
to be rectified and provided in accordance with the
requirement for CFT expeditious movement in case of

Surv. Insp. 2016 16.07.2019 24 Present passenger facilitation capacity at the airport PDC Exact PDC shall be New terminal building with
terminal is 150 only which is not sufficient to cater peak conveyed after 1300 PAX is being constructed.
movements at the Airport. The Capacity needs to be completion of
enhanced. tender action at

Surv. Insp. 2018 16.07.2019 1 Pavement failures were observed throughout the runway PDC 30.06.2020 AA & ES approved from CHQ.
surface. Tender action is in progress.
12 Considering the growth of air traffic at the airport,apron PDC 31.12.2020 infrastruture for AOCC will be
management service is required to be established with providing in upcoming new
adequate manpower. terminal building and will be

26 Aircraft stand identification signs for use at night are PDC 31.07.2019 The work will be done with 31.12.2019
required to be illuminated . apron extension by GM(Engg.-

CAR non- 16.07.2019 2(3.4.3) Width of the runway strip is less than 300 m. PDC 31.12.2021 TE filed
3(3.14.2) Isolation aircraft parking position is not as per CAR. PDC 31.12.2021 TE filed

9(9.2.27) Crash gate , temporary access road from the runway upto PDC 30.06.2019 30.09.2019
gate is not properly prepared for CFT movement, in case
of emergency.

3 Jaipur Surv. Insp. 2019 16.07.2019

3 Jaipur 16.07.2019
3 Though CAT lll which requires in field measurement to be PDC 30.06.2019 Action initiated for infield 30.09.2019,
done periodically, however Runway Edge light check was measurement of runway edge 31.08.2019
found not done for more than an Year. lights (tender process in

5 only ALCMS, no ILCMS and hence every individual light PDC 31.03.2020 Action has already been
unit for Runway not monitored. initiated for provision of ILCMS
for balance ALCMS.

10 Pressure Fed training not conducted for ARFF Personnel. PDC 31.07.2019 Pressure fed training is not 31.10.2019
impared at station level so
request has been sent to AAI

12 Capacity of overhead Tank is not available as per PDC 30.06.2019 Presently one overhead tank of 31.08.2019
requirement laid down in AAI Fire manual table 6.2 for the 40000 Liters capacity is
category of ARFF at station. available in main fire station
construction of overhead tank
of 50000 liter capacity at new
sub fire station near runway 27
is in progress .

16 Risk assessment for Wild Life hazard management by PDC 31.10.2019 Letter has been sent to Chief
expert to be carried out and mitigation measure be taken Forest Conservator jaipur for
for safe operation . providing expert to study risk

20 SMS manual needs to be revised to include requirements PDC 31.07.2019 Email has been sent to Aviation 15.10.2019
as per define in CAR. safety Directorate , AAI CHQ
for providing guidelines to
update SMS as per DGCA CAR .

4 Kangra DGCA Pre-licensing 16.07.2019

2011 7 View of runway from the control tower at about 500 m PDC 30.06.2019 Trees inside the airport 30.09.2019
E24 beginning of runway 33 not visible due to presence of operational area has been cut,
group of trees in the line of sight of the controller. AAI is for the remaining trees which
required to take action for cutting the trees to provide for are outside airport boundary,
the safe operation of the aircraft. matter has been taken with
DC, Kangra .SDM, Kangra has
ensured that trees will be
removed /pruned very soon.

8 Number of trees in the eastern side of the runway, PDC 30.06.2019 Point correlated to Serial No. 7 30.09.2019
E25 adjacent to boundary wall observed which penetrate the (E24) of DGCA Pre-licensing
inner horizontal surface. These trees are required to be Inspection 2011.
cut or height of these trees is required to be controlled for
safe operation of the aircraft.
Surv. Insp. 2015 16.07.2019
3 Presence of non-frangible NDB antenna is observed on PDC 30.06.2019 VOR/ DME Commissioned 30.09.2019
south of runway, appears infringing transitional surface.

5 Taxi lane markings on apron are designated for ATR PDC 31.05.2019 Tender action completed. 31.07.2019
aircraft. These taxi lane markings need to be reviewed to Work order issued on
meet the performance criteria of the most critical 11.02.2019
aircraft(Q400) on the airport.

Surv. Insp. 2016 16.07.2019 3 The turning radius of the turn-pad C/L marking on runway PDC 30.09.2019 This work is clubbed with 31.03.2020
33 appears to be not as per the requirement of user recarpeting work.
aircraft. Same need to be reviewed and provided as per
CAR para 3.9.3.

12 Access to the Boundary Wall is not available at all places PDC 31.05.2019, The work “ Construction of 31/07/2019
on the airside due non-availability of perimeter road. The perimeter road, leveling and
same needs to be ensured as it are a potential for wildlife grading along with re-carpeting 30.06.2019
intrusion. and repairs of service road in
operational area at Kangra
Airport” is in progress.

Surv. Insp. 2017 16.07.2019 1 Rwy shall be resurfaced at the earliest for safe operation PDC 30.09.2019 Recarpeting Tender will be 31.03.2020
of aircraft. Has lost most of bituminous in due course of done in CHQ.

5 Khajuraho Surv. Insp. 2014 16.07.2019 2 Width of RWY strip is less than 300m PE Applied for PE

7 Open drainage either side of the runway is within the PE Applied for PE
Runway strip.
Surv. Insp. 2017 16.07.2019 18 Object clearance (planted fencing) of stand 06 at old PDC 30.06.2019 Final painting marking layout 15.07.2019
apron is 8.56m from centerline of the aircraft stand has been sent to planning
centerline marking which is made for code B aircraft. Non- directorate and approved
standard dashed yellow marking are also observed in old layout marking is awaited. The
apron for which no explanation is given by AAI personnel. same shall be done after
Safety lines are also not provided at the apron. Old apron receiving the layout plan.
shall be re-examined by AAI for the operation for the
intended type of aircraft as per CAR requirement.
Clearance of aircraft stand taxi lane centre line to object
shall be provided as per Table 3-1 of DGCA CAR Section 4
series B part 1.
25 Cooling pit is not as per specification of BCAS. PDC 30.07.2019 Existing cooling pit is made as
per standard.Site Selection for
New Cooling pit Beyond basic
strip has been carried out by
the committee at station level
and Submitted to Planning
department CHQ for approval.
Applied for PE.

Surv. Insp. 2018 16.07.2019

03 At RWY 19 beginning the distance between threshold and PDC 31.10.2019 This work is to be taken up
first edge light on both side is more than 120 m. alongwith the Runway re-
carpeting work

04 RWY 19 is CAT I precision approach runway having width PDC 31.10.2019 This work is to be taken up
of 45 m, however only 10 numbers of lights have been alongwith the Runway re-
provided for threshold light. carpeting work

10 Emergency access road not available at aerodrome for PDC 31.12.2019 Work will be carried out with
ready access to approach areas up to 1000 m from the grading of basic strip

11 Landing direction indicator is not provided at the PDC 31.10.2019 work in planning stage
19 An obstacle survey to be carried out to identify all PDC 30.06.2019 Obstacle Survey completed. 30.09.2019
obstacles around the airport and initiate mitigation action Mitigation action initiated
for safe aircraft operations.

Surv. Insp. 2019 16.07.2019 1 Surface erosion of wearing course is observed over most PDC 31.10.2019 Cleaning of the area between
of the portions of Runway, Runway Shoulders & edge, of physical beginning and
turn pad, generating FOD (pebbles of different size). Loose displaced threshold of RWY-01
pebbles observed to be accumulated/laying over both side has been done. Tendering for
of Runway shoulder and some parts of Runway surface the re-carpeting is in progress.
further surface cracks & pot holes are found at various
location of Runway surface.
2 (a) Runway strip area around PAPI Unit D of RWY 19 is PDC 31.10.2019 This work is to be executed
causing vertical edge as the Base of the PAPI Unit is below with Runway Re-carpeting
the strip surface level.(b) Concrete bases of RWY 01 PAPI work.
Unit (A & B unit), siting stick concrete base of both the
RWY, Concrete slab used for covering electrical pit at
intersection of RWY and TWY (C) Edge of TWY D at some
portion within basic strip, Concrete access path within
basis strip at western side between displaced threshold
and 1st TDZ marking of RWY 19 etc. protruding above the
strip surface level thus causing vertical edge.RWY strip to
be kept free of non-frangible obstacle and maintained as
per CAR Sec. 4 Series B Part 1 Para 3,4 & Doc 9157 Part 1
Para 5.3.9

3 Additional white marking on both side of RWY side strip PDC 30.10.2019 Work shall be carried out along
marking at RWY 19 beginning is provided and with re-carpeting work.
subsequently blue edge light is also provided along the Tendering is in progress.
edge. Some need to be corrected accordingly. Old aiming
point marking and threshold marking are still visible, need
to be obliterated. RWY holding position marking at TWY D
is not provided up to TWY edge marking. Further TWY
centre line marking is continued over RWY holding
position marking at TWYs.

4 No procedure for control of vehicular movement at vital PDC 31.10.2019 Work is in progress.
portion of perimeter road such :(a) At the intersection of
perimeter /service road and TWY A, B & D
(b) Perimeter / Service Road below the approach path of
RWY 19 at a distance of approx. 145m from threshold
crossing Approach Lighting System area.Procedure to be
developed to control vehicular movement through the
above portion of road.

5 One inset fitting of RWY edge light at the intersection of PDC 31.10.2019 This work is to be executed
RWY and TWY- A was showing yellow instead of res in with Runway Re-carpeting
approach direction and was showing white instead of work. Runway re-carpeting
yellow at the remote end of RWY 19. work is in Tendering stage at
RHQ level.
7 One of the RWY holding position sign provided at TWY D PDC 31.05.2019 The AMC work has been 31.10.2019
was not illuminated. Some of the mandatory & awarded and retrofitting of
information sign of aerodrome are not uniformly mandatory & information
illuminated. Signs shall be illuminated in accordance with signage will be carried out in
the provisions of CAR Sec. 4 Series B Part 1 Para & this work
Appendix 4 when intended for use at night in association
with instrument runways.

10 Following discrepancies are observed within TWY strip: PDC 31.12.2019. Work shall be carried out along
Open drain within strip of TWY A,B & D with “Grading Work”. Tender
Road within strip of TWY D & Concrete base of TWY D opened at CHQ
information signage board causing vertical edge.

12 Road holding position sign is not provided at the road PDC 30.06.2019 Signage boards will be 31.10.2019
leading to RWY/TWY/Apron . provided.

13 Setting angle of PAPI units were observed to be out of PDC 31.10.2019 This work is to be executed
tolerance between 4’ to 16’, while checking with with Runway Re-carpeting
clinometers during inspection. Concrete base of RWY 19 work. Runway re-carpeting
PAPI observed to be approx. 0.3 m below the level of RWY work is in Tendering stage at
C/L. Reason for the same could not be explained by AAI RHQ level.
Electrical Engineer. Further siting calculation sheet of PAPI
of both the RWY were not made available during
inspection. MEHT for both PAPI is not documented. (Ref.
Doc 9157 Part 1 Chapter 8) Air calibration of RWY 01 PAPI
was not carried out. (Ref. Doc 9157 Part 1 Chapter 8) The
clinometers used for PAPI routine ground calibration is not
calibrated. Obstacle protection surface for PAPI of both
the RWY are not established as per CAR Sec. 4 Series B
Part 1 Para

14 Documents of CBR value of RESA & RWY strip were not PDC 30.08.2019 Presently PCN value of RWY is 30.09.2019
made available during inspection. Strength of RWY strip PCN 53/F/C/W/T and RWY re
shall be determined and maintained in accordance CAR carpeting and wall to wall
Sec. 4 Series B Part 1 Para 3.4.17 & 3.5.11, Doc 9157 Part grading work shall be carried
1 Para 5.3.22 & 5.4.13. out shortly.

18 (a) WDI installed at eastern side of RWY at approx. 85m PDC 31.10.2019 Work is in planning stage and
from RWY centerline is non frangible and infringing taken up with H indicator.
transitional surface. (Ref. CAR Sec. 4 Series B Part 1 Para
4.2.21)(b) Location of WDI is not maintained as per CAR
Sec. 4 Series B Part 1 Para
20 discrepancies are found in ARFF Section.GRID map of 2007 PDC 7/31/2019 In this regard letter has been 31.08.2019
was displayed in ARFF control room & Anti hijacking / sent to RHQ new Delhi
Emergency control room Grid Map of immediate vicinity
of aerodrome is not available at ARFF section

21 Full-scale emergency exercise was carried out on PDC 31.12.2019 Work in progress
03.08.2017. But no record was available for partial
emergency exercise carried out thereafter. A full-scale
aerodrome emergency exercise at intervals not exceeding
two years and partial emergency exercise in the
intervening year needs to be carried out.

6 Kullu Manali Surv. Insp. 2018 16.07.2019

15 Maps and charts related to aerodrome is not published in PDC 31.05.2019 Action has been initiated .All 31.07.2019
AlP, latest map/charts need to be published in AIP as per the pertinent maps/ charts has
CAR 4BI para 21.5. been sent to RHQ AAI for
publishing. Matter pending
from CHQ / RHQ.

7 Lucknow
Surv Insp 2015 16.07.2019 13 Tha taxi -in and taxi -out guidance marking provided on PDC 15.12.2019
isolated aircraft Parking stand are almost invisible . The Work for expansion of
paved surface in front of aircraft stop line is not adequate IsolationBay in progress.
for any code C or bigger aircraft to initiate a turn and taxi- PDC(30.06.2019) is being
out from isolation stand.till such time the isolated aircraft revised due to non availability
parking stand for crtitcal aircraft has been constructed , an of Runway Closure NOTAM as
SOP for parking of aircraft requiring isolation should be planned from 01.04.2019.
developed on prirority. Runway Closure NOTAM is now
finalized from 27.10.2019 to
15.12.2019 after meeting with
stake holders.

Surv Insp 16.07.2019


12 Effective drainage system not provide at airport PDC 31.12.2019 Estimate has been put up for
.Transverse slope of runway strip is not maintained as per A/A & E/S to RHQ.
para 3.4.15 of CAR 4B1.

14 Open drain near taxiway 'B' within basic strip was PDC 31.12.2019 Estimate has been put up for
observed . The Portion of drain within taxiway strip needs A/A & E/S to RHQ.
to be covered to maintain Taxiway strip as per Para 3.11.2
of CAR 4 B1.

8 Ludhiana Surv Insp 2013 16.07.2019

8 Ludhiana Surv Insp 2013 16.07.2019
16 Both end of RWY and apron is not visible from ATC tower. PDC 30.09.2019 File for constructing porta
cabin over existing ATC
building request has been sent
to RHQ for AA & ES.

Surv Insp 2018 16.07.2019 1 Pavement failures were observed throughout the runway PDC 31.08.2019 Patch work is being done.
and taxiway flexible pavement surface. The pavements of FODS are under control.
runway & taxiway are showing signs of deterioration.
Suitable corrective action is required to be taken. (CAR SEC
4, Series B Part 1 Para 3.1.21

10 The area beyond the runway within the Boundary Wall of PDC 31.08.2019 Emergency gate for RWy30
the airport is not accessible by Fire Tenders. Emergency side is under process.
access roads for both ends of runway are to be provided
as per CAR SEC4, Series B Part 1 Para 9.2.34.

13 Single square and landing direction indicator are to be PDC 31.08.2019 It was maintained but in strong
maintained as per CAR SEC4, Series B Part 1 Para 5.1.2 and thunder storm it was broken.
5.1.4. Maintenance is in under

9 Pantnagar
Surv. Insp. 2018 16.07.2019 1 1. Depression on runway 10 observed around 300-40Om PDC 28.02.2020 Runway/Apron recarpetting In
from runway threshold on left side (approximate 7-9m) of Tendering Stage
the runway centerline. Cracks on runway 10/28 observed
at various places around 3-6m from runway centerline.
Aerodrome operator is advised to take necessary steps to
repair runway at the earliest.

4 RESA for runway 10 has been declared but neither leveled PDC 28.02.2020 Vegetation has been cleared
nor graded. Aerodrome operator has declared RESA for for both the RESA of runway.
runway 10 recently but runway threshold/end marking, However, displacement of
lighting and runway turn part has not been displaced. threshold, runway
Vegetation/Grass of two/three feet and more has turn pad marking will be done
observed on both the RESA as per recarpetting
schedule mentioned above.

5 Apron has depression at many places water logging PDC 28.02.2020 Runway/Apron recarpetting In
patches has observed on the Apron. Apron surface is Tendering Stage
required to be repaired.
7 Cooling off PIT is not maintained as per BCAS standards. PDC Tender Called and opened 30.09.2019
under process for financial

11 Hydraulic cutter and spreader tool of CFT found PDC 30.06.2019 Request has been sent to Tech, 30.09.2019
unserviceable during inspection, however the same RHQ NR for repairing.
observation was closed by the operator earlier on ATR
provided to this office. The same is required to be 30.06.2019
clarification by the operator.

CAR non- 16.07.2019 4(3.5) / RESA provided for RWY 10 is only 70*60 PDC 28.02.2020
compliances 2011 which was not as per CAR. Due to Land constraint RWY
10has been shorten by 30m for
providing STANDARD size RESA
RWY 10.

10 Shimla
11 Udaipur
CAR non- 16.07.2019

15(6.1.3) Objects to be marked and/or lighted PDC 31.12.2019 Majority of trees located in the
approach path of RWY 08 &
RWY 26 fouling the OLS have
been pruned or removed.
Latest obstacle survey has
been carried out in January
2019 at Udaipur Airport and
the report is awaited.

Surv Insp 2015 16.07.2019 6 Portion of apron falls within the basic strip of 150 meter PDC 30.06.2019 The work for the construction 30.09.2019
either side of runway. of new apron is in progress and
approximate 80% work has
been completed.

Surv Insp 2016

13 Areas beyond both the ends of the runway are not PDC 30.06.2019 Tender is awarded for the 31.08.2019
accessible by CFTs. Access roads shall be provided on construction work of
priority. emergency access road at both
side of runway end to access
CFT. Work will be commenced

17 Recent obstacle survey was conducted and many PDC 31.12.2019 Work in progress for cutting &
obstacles are observed. prunning of trees.
a. Trees that constitute as obstacle are to be pruned
within permissible limits.

b. Significant obstacles are to be marked and lighted

Surv. Insp. 2019 16.07.2019
Surv. Insp. 2019 16.07.2019
3 Available Runway strip of 140 m needs to be maintained PDC 31.12.2019 a. PDC for providingNon-
and declared as per CAR 4B1 Para 3.4.3 frangible GP
Hut : 31.12.2019

11 Boundary wall, group of trees at both side of runway strip PDC 31.12.2019 Work in progress for cutting &
exist at 140 m center line are infringing transitional prunning of trees.
surface as per CAR 4 B1Para 4.1.6, the same needs to be

12 Varanasi DGCA Pre license

16.07.2019 38 BSNL Tower and Fire station building is infringing PDC 31.12.2019 BSNL authority is agreed for
transitional slope 1:7 shifting of tower.shifting of fire
station . Location of new fire
station is finalized.

Surv.insp.2018 16.07.2019
4 Turn pad edge lights with fitting boxes and open wires are PDC 31.05.2019 Turn pad edge light installed 31.07.2019
kept on the runway turn pads edges. and tested .waiting for
commisioning from CHQ.

CAR non- 16.07.2019 3.4.3, A strip including a precision /Nonprecision approach PDC 31.12.2021 150 Meter Land is available on
compliances 3.4.4 runway shall be both side of RWY center line
extended laterally to a distance of atleast-150m where the but building of Fire station is
code No. is 3 or 4;and-75m where the code No. is 1 or 2 protruding Transition surfaces.
oneach side of the centre line of the runway and its
extended centre line through the length of strip.

13 Kishangarh Surv.insp.2017 16.07.2019 6 Drainage system has not been provided at the Airport . PDC 31-07.2019 Pending with CHQ/RHQ
Same to be provided (CAR 4 B-1, Attachment A Para 8,
Code 9137 Chapter 5).

33 The Coordination procedure between ATS units as IGI PDC 31.07.2019 . Control Zone has been
Airport , Jaipur, Jodhpur and with the other neighbouring established . Draft LOA
Airports need to be formulated ane promulated. submitted to ED ASM CHQ.

Surv.insp.2018 16.07.2019
9 At least one follow me jeep / Operational Jeep shall be PDC 30.06.2019 Approval for the engagement 31.07.2019
provided for operation. of jeep is received . Tender
process started.

Surv.insp.2019 16.07.2019
Surv.insp.2019 16.07.2019
3 Shortage of reserve of extinguishing media in ARFF and PDC 30.06.2019 Complete requirement sent to 31.07.2019
shortage of BA set, and supporting equipment's ATR for RHQ. Maximun equipment
replenishment in respect of shortfall in respect of Tools received demand for rest
and equipments as required for maintaining CAT 7 to be equipment is followed
provided by AAI ( AAI Fire manual). continously.

14 SMS Manual needs revision to include requirement as PDC 30.06.2019 Awaiting instruction from 31.07.2019
defined in CAR sec 1series C Part 1 and SSP1/2018. Aviation safety whether
revision has been done or not.