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Notices, Agendas and

How to write them
 Notices are:
 Short pieces of information

 Aimed to convey important information

 Displayed at public places

 Usually short and simple

 May contain:

 Date, time and venue of events

 Names of contact persons

 Last dates etc.

Format of a Notice
A Notice has following parts:
 Heading or subject

 Date of issue

 Body

 Signature or name of the issuing authority with designation

Gyan Vikas School Date of issue
Body of the notice
Date: 25 November 2008

All the students are hereby informed that he

preliminary examinations of all the classes will be held
from 25 December 2008. Students are informed to
collect the syllabus and time-table from their class

Issuing authority Principal

Lokmanya Tilak Co-op. Society, Nagpur
Date: 12 January 2014

All the members of the society are hereby informed that

the Annual General Meeting of the society has been
organized on 10 February 2014 at 11:00 AM in the Gandhi
Memorial Hall.
All the members are requested to attend the meeting
without fail.

 A program or outline of the business to be
conducted in a meeting

 Accompanies notice

 Prepared by the secretary

Format of the Agenda

<Name of the organization>

<Date> <Time>
1. Reading and confirmation of the minutes of previous
2. ----
3. ----
4. ----
5. Any other matter with the permission of the chair
Example of an Agenda

KJ College Cultural Association, Nagpur

Date: 5 December 2010 Time: 10:00 AM
Venue: Vidyarthi Sabhagruha

1. Reading and confirmation of the minutes of previous meeting.

2. Presentation of the report of the activities of previous year.

3. Planning of the college annual gathering.

4. Organization of a lecture series in February.

5. Organization of a book exhibition.

6. Any other matter with the permission of the chair

 Formal report of a meeting conducted.

 Statement of the work done during a meeting.

 Prepared by the secretary.

 Based on the agenda.

 Read and discussed/confirmed in the next meeting.

Meeting of the KJ College Cultural Association
Date: 5th December 2010 Time:10:00 AM
Venue: Vidyarthi Sabhagruha
Members present:
1. Mr S. K. Agrawal (President)
2. Mr. R.K. Kapoor (Secretary)
3. Ms. S.M. Sinha (Treasurer)
4. Ms. K. J.Mitra (Member)
5. Mr. S.S. Ghosh (Member)

1. The secretary Mr. Kapoor read the minutes of the previous meeting held on
5th June, 2010. The minutes were discussed and then confirmed
2. The secretary presented the report of the activities conducted during the
previous year
3. It was decided to organize the college Annual
Gathering from 27-29 January 2014.
4. It was decided that a lecture series of Shri
Babasaheb Purandare be organized in February.
Ms. Mitra was given the responsibility to work out
the details.
5. It was decided that a book exhibition should be
organized in March. Mr Sinha took the
responsibility of arranging it.
6. 6. No other matter came up for discussion and
the meeting concluded with the members being
thanked for their presence.

Prithvirajsingh Thakur, Assistant Professor of English, G.S. Science, Arts & Commerce
College, Khamgaon.

Prepare notice, agenda and minutes of the annual

general meeting of the Dayanand College Employees’
Co-op. Society, Latur