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Name: Kierra King

Encouragement of Alternative Medicine

“We should encourage alternative medicine to diseases first, before attempting conventional

treatments.” (for things that are not emergency) As a result of these conditions, more Americans

will be faced with activity limitations, affecting significant aspects of their lives, including

family/social relationships. Many studies have examined the use of complementary and

alternative medicine (CAM) within different chronic disease populations, and also suggest that

the reason for CAM use for chronic back or neck pain and other musculoskeletal diseases, rather

than any chronic disease.The main concerns are about costs, and potential adverse effects to

perceived benefits.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine have suggested domains of

why “CAM was measured by collapsing reported modalities”, such as manipulative, mind-body,

biologically based, energy therapies, and alternative/ whole medical systems, homeopathy, and

naturopathy. The CAM has a system, that evaluates the age, race, sex, education, ,marital status,

family income, body mass and ect to determine whether or not you may be eligible to receive a

alternate medication. Other recent studies suggest that 1 and 3 young adults are using CAM, with

a higher proportion in women than men.

About twenty-two CAM therapies that were comparable between 2007 and 2002 were assessed,

such as acupuncture, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Chelation Therapy and several more

are used to help guide imagery, progressive techniques, relaxation, deep-breathing, exercise, and

energy healing. All of these CAM’s were used or tested by a “yes or no” response in the 12

months to determine whether the growth rate was higher than not alternating medicine/ therapies.

A high prevalence of overall CAM use was found among adults with chronic disease-related

functional limitations.

I feel that Alternative medication, should be used for any situation, because your trying to either

save someone's life or help them with any situation they may be in. This medication may be the

difference between someone living, and someone dying. What’s to say that alternative

medications, could be tested to suit the need for someone. CAM is often used alongside

conventional medicine with the intention of decreasing the severity of both physical and mental

symptoms. Healthcare approaches often originate outside of conventional medicine and are

practiced together with integrative or instead conventional medicine. Cam is associated with a

few sick days taken from work due to engagement in more preventive healthcare behaviors, thus

having a better health status.

This research story was written by Marve Taft on April 5th, 2002. Mr. Taft was diagnosed with

Cancer of the kidney in January, 2001. He soon got his kidney removed a month after, but that

didn't stop the cancer from spreading to his bladder. Taft gave his doctors and alternative motive

for his own life, he told them that “if this medication doesn’t work i’m going to Mexico to get an
Alternative treatment”. His clinic gave him a world wide information regarding clinics in

Mexico. He eventually went to see Dr. Castillo. He found the facility “immaculate”, they told his

everything up front and gave him a reason to keep fighting and to share his story. His first 21

days was of IV’s full of all naturals to build his immune system. He states after “5 days of

treatment, he started to feel as his old self again”. In the first 21 days, he stated “the tumor

markers dropped 75%”. Marve returned to see Dr. Castillo after 31 days for a maintenance

program for 10 days, and in that time he said “my tumor markers were in remission state and the

medication could stop”. After going through that experience Marve said he will never forget, the

process and how it helped save his life and he will be forever grateful for everyone who helped

him through this hard time in his life.

Another research paper that I found, was about a woman named Anoush. In 1998 of September

was diagnosed with a rare cancer, that is “ 100% fatal”. The name of the cancer is Epithelioid

Hemangioendothelioma, is a vascular cancer inside the blood vessels. She was “in extreme pain,

and experiencing rapid weight loss”. She was invited to several different hospital. Anoush was

attending church, when a women came up to her with a box stating that “God sent you here

today”. The box contained “immune moderates so your body can be fixed”. Her body was

eventually normalized so that her body, could fight off the cancer cells. Dr. Darryl See opened a

office around her town and agreed to see her as a outpatient. Overtime her condition stabilized,

and started to improve. As of now “ her tumors have stopped growing, her liver and blood panels

are normal and various cellular parameters show excellent health.” After two years of the doctors

giving her, her “death sentence”, she is in remission.

My conclusion is that, Alternative medicines, have been around for years. So many people have

been gifted a longer life because of different medications, helping their illness. Medicine is

created to help people, and what are we really doing as health care workers if we don’t do

everything we can to help these people? All our hard work going through school, and struggling

through life would be all for nothing, when you could do so much more. All you have to do is

take a chance, and people with illnesses like that need all the hope and love they can get in this

world, even if that is wishing for something so obviously like medicine. The only thing is, you

never know what a difference like that can make on a person, until you see it with your own