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Muestra de Desempeño Docente 3

(MDD 3)

Name: Brian Huenupe

Teacher’s name: Astrid Guerra
Subject: English Teaching Experience IV

Concepción, July 2019

Task 1

The plan is mainly oriented to students develop of the language, they have to be
able to produce sentences related to food using countable and uncountable
languages. I focused this content with real life situations like shopping in
supermarkets and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Students have to look pictures and create sentences using the appropriate
vocabulary. Besides, they have to be able to think in some examples only telling
them some key concepts, for example “breakfast” or “lunch”.

In this case the teacher is a helper, he is there to help students to complete the
objective, he has to observe that everyone is understanding and completing the
tasks, participating and solving doubts, in addition to giving them the content and the
tools to complete it.

The resources used in the classes were:

 Worksheets
 Power point presentations.
 Videos.

Task 2

The didactic approach in this unit is evidenced in every activity and its continuity. At
the beginning they had to use the food vocabulary and comprehend the use of
a/an/some/ay. Then, they had to use the vocabulary and the concepts applying
countable and uncountable in worksheets to prove their understanding. Finally, they
had to create the sentences looking some pictures including every concept already
learnt, they had to produce language and they were practicing it along the classes.

The main support offered at the moment of doing the classes were the students help,
their level of English also because they can understand most of the things that I was
telling them, also most of them were very participative.
The main contextual factors that were taking into account at the moment of design
the plan and activities were the level of English of students, their motivation in the
English class, their participation and understanding in the field, that is important and
helped a lot during the class.

Task 3

The easiest part to plan for me was warm up and the closing, we can always start a
lesson in a fun way, with videos or making the students participate, asking the
questions or with some games to refresh the memory and the knowledge with the
things they already know or learned in the classes before. In the closing section is
the reflection part, make sure that students understood the content and clarify
doubts, the CCQ are a good way to know if students put attention or if everything is
clear, also give them the opportunity to explain what they did learn or did not. In my
opinion those are very important parts in a class.

The most difficult part to plan for me were the explanation part and the activities; it
happened because I was thinking in difficult ways to explain the content, I have the
ideas and the language in my mind, but sometimes is difficult to take it out in an easy
way; however, I did it and It works. Besides, in the activity part, something similar
happened, I needed to think in activities for beginner level and in my mind all the
activities were too challenging, but my guide teacher helped me with advices and it
was good for students, they liked and understood it. All of it had negative and positive
consequences, first it took more time than expected thinking and planning;
nevertheless, it was a good training for me, because I was out of teaching in this way
for a long time, so it helped me to realize how the system is and what I have to do
and how depending and thinking in students.

When I was planning I thought in the students and the support I can give them, there
are some that need more than others, so I decided to use some methods to help
them, for example, after every explanation I asked them if there are doubts, if they
understood or if they can explain me the content, other tool that I used was the
monitoring, while students were doing the activities I used to walk around the
classroom and ask every one of them if there were doubts, explain them the
instructions or solve doubts personally, because there are some students that don
not talk out loud or do not ask when they have doubts to all of the class, but when I
ask them personally I realize that they have doubts or questions or they did not
understand what was explained.