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Neville Goddard How to Create Your Outer World with Inner Conversation!

(Manifest the Life You Want!)

Talking to oneself is a habit everyone indulges in. We could no more stop

talking to ourselves and we could stop eating and drinking. All that we can do
is control the nature and the direction of our inner conversations. Most of us
are totally unaware of the fact that our inner conversations are the causes of
the circumstances of our life. We are told that as a man thinketh in his heart so
is he but do we know that man's thinking follows the tracks laid down in his own inner
conversations? To turn the tracks to which he is dying in the direction in which he wants to
go he must put off his former conversation which is called in the Bible the old man and be
renewed in the spirit of his mind. Speech is the image of mind therefore to change his
mind he must first change his speech. By speech is meant those mental
conversations we carry on with ourselves. The world is a magic circle of infinite
possible mental transformations for they are an infinite number of possible
mental conversations. When man discovers the creative power of inner talking he
will realize his function and his mission in life. Then he can act to a
purpose. Without such knowledge he acts unconsciously. Everything is a
manifestation of the mental conversations which go on in us without
our being aware of them. But as civilized beings we must become aware of them and
act with a purpose. A men's to mental conversations attracts his life. As long
as there is no change in his inner talking the personal history of the man
remains the same.
To attempt to change the world before we change our inner talking is the struggle
against the very nature of things. Man can go round and round in the same
circle of disappointments and misfortunes not seeing them as caused by
his own negative inner talk but as caused by others. This may seem
far-fetched. But it is a matter which lends itself through research and
experiment. The formula that chemist illustrates is not more certainly
provable than the formula of this science by which words are clothed in
objective reality.
One day a girl tells me of her difficulties into working with
her employer she was convinced that he unjustly criticized and rejected her
very best effort. Upon hearing her story I explained that if she thought him
unfair it was the sure sign that she herself was in need of a new
conversation piece. There was no doubt but that she was mentally argued with
her employer for others only echo that which that which we whisper to them in secret.
She confessed that she argued with him mentally all day long. When she realized
what she had been doing she agreed to change her inner conversations with her
employer. She imagined that he had congratulated her on her fine work and
that she in turn had thanked him for his praise and kindness. To her great delight
she soon discovered that her own attitude was the cause of all that
befell her. The behavior of her employer reversed itself it equit as it had
always done her mental conversations with him.
I rarely see a person alone without one written - what conversation piece is he
Time. Under what mysterious threat is he walking. He must begin to take life
consciously for the solution of all problems lies just in this. The second
man the Lord from heaven in all of us he is trying to become self-conscious in
the body that he may be about his father's business.
What are his labors to imitate his father to become master of the word
master of his inner talking that he may mold this world of ours into a likeness
with the kingdom of love. The Prophet said be imitators of God as dear
children. How would I imitate God? Where we are told that God calls things that
are not seen as though they were seen and the unseen becomes seen this is the
way the girl called for praise and kindness from her employer she carried
on an imaginary conversation with her employer from the premise that he had
prayed it's over and he did our inner conversations represent in various ways
the world we live in our individual worlds are self revelations of our own
in a speech we are told that a degree idle word that men shall speak they
shall give a cunt their all for by their words they shall
be justified and by their words they shall be condemned Rhea banned in
ourselves to negative inner talking yet expect to retain command of life our
present mental conversations do not recede into the past as man believes
they advanced into the future to confront us as wasted or invested words
my word said the Prophet shall not return unto me void but it shall
accomplish that which I please and it shall prosper in all the things where do
I sink how would I send my word to help a friend I would imagine that I am
hearing his voice that he is physically present that my hand is on him I were
then congratulate him on his good for tell him that I have never seen him look
better I would listen as though I hurt him I would imagine that he is telling
me he has never felt better he has never been happier and I would
know that in this loving knowing communion with another a communion
populace with loving thoughts and feelings that my way was synced and it
shall not return unto me void but it shall prosper in the thing whereto I
sent now is the accepted time now is the day of salvation it is only what is done
now that comes even though its effects may not be visible until tomorrow we
call not allowed but by an inner effort of intense attention to listen
attentively as though you heard is to create the events and relationships of
life are your word made visible most of us rob others of their
willingness and their ability to be kind and generous by our fixed attitudes
towards them our attitudes unfold within us in the form of mental conversations
in a talking from premises of fulfilled desire is the way to consciously create
circumstances our inner conversations are perpetually out picture all runners
in happiness therefore what we desire to see and hear without we must see and
hear within for the whole manifested world goes to show us what use we have
made of the word if you practice this art of control inner speaking you too
will know what a thrill it is to be able to say and now I have told you before it
come to pass that when it is come to pass he might believe you will be able
to consciously use your imagination to transform and channel the immense
creative energies of your inner speech from the mental emotional level to the
physical level and I do not know what limits if any they are to such a process
what is your aim does your inner talking match it it must
you know if he would realize your aim or as the prophet s and to walk together
except they be agreed and of course the answer is no they cannot the two who
must agree are your inner conversation and the state desired that is what you
desire to see and hear without you must see and hear within every stage of man's
progress is made by the conscious exercise of his imagination matching his
inner speech to his fulfilled desire as we control our inner talking matching it
to our fulfill desires we can lay aside all other processes then we simply act
by clear imagination and intention we imagined the wish fulfilled and carry on
mental conversations from that premise the right in a speech is the speech that
would be yours were you to realize your ideal in other
words it is the speech of fulfilled desire now you will understand how why
is the image he was when he told us in the Hermeticum they are two gifts which
God has bestowed upon 911 and on no other mortal creature these two our mind
and speech and the gift of mind and speech is equivalent to that of
immortality if a man uses these two gifts rightly he will differ in nothing
from the immortal and when he quits his body mind and speech would be his guy
and by them he will be brought into the truth of the God and the sellers that
have attained to bliss with the gift of mind and speech you create the
conditions and circumstances of life in the beginning was the word and the Word
was with God and the Word was God the word said Hermes his son and mind is
father of the word they are not separate one from the other for life is the union
Neville Goddard How to Create Your Outer World with Inner Conversation! (Manifest the
Life You Want!) law of attraction the secret coaching
of word and mind you and your inner talking or word are
if your mind is one with your intra conversation then to be transformed in
mind needs to be transformed in conversation it was a flash of the
deepest insight that taught Paul to write put off the former conversation
the old man which is corrupt and be renewed in the spirit of your mind
put on the new man put on the new man and renewed in the spirit of your mind
is the change you're in a conversation or speech and mind are one a change of
speech is a change of mind the prophet Samuel said the Lord spake
by me and his word was in my tongue if the Lord's word was in the prophets
tongue and the Lord's mouth that utter the word must be the prophets mind for
inner conversations originated in the mine and produced little tiny speech
bubbles in the tongue the Prophet is telling us that the mouth of God is the
mind of man that our inner conversation are the Word of God creating life about
us and we created within ourselves in the Bible you are tell that the word is
very clear to you in your mouth and in your heart that you may do it see I have
set before you this day life and good death and evil blessings and cursings
choose life the conditions and circumstances of life
are not created by some power external to yourself they are the conditions
which result from the exercise of your freedom of choice you know freedom to
choose the ideas to which you will respond now is the accepted time this is
the day of salvation whatsoever things are of good report think on these things
for your future will be formed by the Word of God which is your present in a
topic you create your future by your inner conversation the worlds were
framed by the Word of God that is your inner talking see on the fields the
sesamum processing the corn was corn the silence and the darkness knew so is a
man's more for ends run through two ology

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Attempting to make a change of your outer world requires changing your inner
mental world first if we don't change our mental realm a new reality cannot be
experienced because we refer to our default automatic programs that create
our current experience transformations that last involve a change of mind.
You have the power to intentionally operate your inner creative power and harness it
to assist you with the manifestation of your desires we have dreams and desires
so that we're able to evolve into new experiences this is how the universe
works and it's constantly prodding us to become more and experience more
therefore our ones don't have to be viewed through a lens of frustration
because we don't already have them they can be viewed as the next thing we can
create in our lives we will always have dreams and desires because it's human
nature if you're ready to manifest more of your desires into your physical life
it's up to you to put yourself in the pilot's seat by changing your mindset
this is the initial action necessary to live the life of your dreams whether
that be more love peace freedom good health abundance or happiness it can all
be attained with the proper mindset the foundation for creating your reality
the way you choose is learning to create those corresponding things in your mind
first yes action will be required however without nurturing the idea and
vision the mind will not prompt you with the proper action to take that leads you
to manifest what you want consider this every once you have is simply a
possibility until you grow that one by thinking of it as real and easily
attainable when you begin to live in your imagination
as if this one is yours you begin to call it to you or magnetize it with the
use of your mind if we begin to think of our minds in terms of being a magnet we
can easily see how we might be attracting our current reality the
universe always says yes whether we are using our magnet to draw in something we
consider to be bad or things that we might consider to be good it will always
send all of the people places and experiences necessary to fulfill the
dominating mental pattern therefore if you're not consciously choosing and
directing your thoughts feelings and focus then you're attracting by default
this is because the unattended subconscious mind can go on tangents of
worry doubt self-criticism and fear and this is the major block that keeps a
person from consciously working the law of attraction to correct this you must
bring awareness to any negative subconscious habits of thought that
stand in your way as mentioned these are the fears worries
doubts and self-criticism that come up one simple way to do this is by changing
the mental subject once the negativity is realized this is not to say that you
necessarily deny the thoughts and feelings that are happening but that
you're training the mind to think differently in that moment essentially
you teach the subconscious mind to break a habit that does not serve you in a
positive way and create a new habit that does to be informing this new mental
habit use 30 minute increments to evaluate your thought and feeling States
during your waking hours you can easily set an alarm on your phone to do this
this allows you to observe and become aware or mindful of your dominant
tendencies and thoughts during these reminders of your mental and overall
state of being if you find that your thoughts do not serve you or your
feeling States do not feel good ask yourself the following questions am
i worrying about something am i being fearful about something am i replaying
old dramas in my mind and am i doubting or criticizing myself the answers to
these questions will give you a tremendous amount of insight regarding
the habits of your mind that you want to change if the answer to
any of these questions is yes you will want to introduce a new and opposite
thought at the moment of your evaluation for example if you find that you are
criticizing or doubting yourself you're gonna consciously tell your subconscious
mind that you will not run that program any more mentally say to yourself
something like doubting myself is an old habit of thinking I now choose to break
this habit because I know that I am capable of accomplishing the things I
wish to accomplish I redirect all areas of my mind to entertain how capable and
powerful I truly am next take a few moments to visualize yourself
accomplishing something this might be something that you've already
accomplished or a goal that you are working towards as you are visualizing
this choosing that moment to feel as many good thoughts as you possibly can
in other words what would you feel right now if the world was reflecting back to
you something you've already accomplished or something that you want
to accomplish in your life what would it be like if you could see it hear it
touch it or do whatever you want it right now in this moment
by emotionalizing these thoughts they become little magnets your mind gets the
same emotional fix as it did with the other thoughts but now in a way that
attracts more of what you want your new thoughts become your dominant vibration
attracting things of a similar nature most importantly this process allows you
to take the instinctual habitual mind and reign it into the service of the
conscious mind and the Higher Self and with practice this will become very
automatic the subconscious mind takes the cue through repetition and feeling
and will soon create new habits of thinking essentially you're rearranging
your mind in a way so that it begins to think only the thoughts you want and
signals only the feelings you want to feel regardless of your current reality
we don't get what we want we get who we are and who we are is made up of all we
believe and feel to be possible and true therefore you can get almost anything
you want in life by learning how to think
[Music] you can change a belief you've had your whole life 50 years and change it in 10
minutes a window sort of opens up and you can drop in a new belief in five minutes
subconscious mind can process 40 million nerve impulses every second it's extremely fast it's
totally habitual it will only play the same response over and over again whatever was
learned it is reflexes to learn tapes that's where they're stored in our mind and that
subconscious programming what about consciousness that was associated the prefrontal
cortex it represents self-consciousness it's an add-on most people don't exercise this option
the consciousness can only process about 40 bits per second it's slow but it's creative it
doesn't rely on tapes with the conscious mind you can stop and tape and play anything at
any time if you're conscious of it most of your life is run by the subconscious mind and this is
where we now recognize that the subconscious mind is the most powerful processor that
exists in our body and here's an interesting fact that's been understood and this is still an
underestimate we are conscious of only about 5% of our cognitive activity 95% of your day-
to-day activity comes from your subconscious mind not your conscious mind well why is it
relevant because people think oh well I'll change my life I'm going to do positive thinking
that's a good idea positive thinking which part of the brain does pleasant thinking come from
it's conscious or subconscious the conscious mind guess what operates about 5% of the day
on a 40-bit processor then what's the rest of the stuff coming from experiential programs
coming from the subconscious mind operating 95% of the day with a 40 million bit processor
you tell me the power of positive thinking it will have unchanging a tape in the subconscious
mind and here's where the problem comes from and it's like well you can do it but you have
to willpower I emphasize power because the moment you take your eye off the ball you
immediately go back to the pre-programmed tape conscious mind is creative the
subconscious mind is a tape player why is it relevant if I give you a cassette tape and say go
home with this tape put it in your cassette player play it and then you'll go home you push
play the played the tape is playing and you say oh my god what a terrible program you don't
like this tape so you go over to the tape player and say play something different I said I said
play something different Oh God would you help me evidence tape is probably the same
stupid date go ahead yell at the tape player argue with the tape player jump up and down
get mad at the tape player and the point is this I don't care how much yelling you do at the
tape player it will not change the tape you have to push the record button and the record
button is accessible you can rewrite your tapes but if you just become conscious of your
issues you've never changed the tape you go ten years to the cognitive therapist pay
thousands of dollars yes my mother did this to me my father did this to me guess what I
know all of it my life is still the same why awareness and the conscious mind does not
transpose itself into a tape and the subconscious mind but there are ways to change the
program if you know how to push the record button

 number one is Buddhist mindfulness and what that means is if you are conscious and
pay attention then you don't play the tape I bet everyone in this room has
experienced a time in their life where you did this and it was one of the most special
periods of your entire life it was the day that you met your special partner or the
person you fell in love with I bet you you were happier and healthier than you ever
were even from the day before you met them and I call this the honeymoon period
why was your life and your honeymoon so beautiful the day before you meet this
person how to take you to get dressed five minutes you put your clothes on you're
out how long did it take you to eat your dinner a few minutes and then you'll wipe
your face with your sleeve but now today you meet yours your special love you're
gonna go on a date how long does it take you to get dressed be an hour or more and
then you go to dinner and I bet you remember every rule of etiquette you use the
right fork and the right spoon and you didn't talk with the food in your mouth
 what was different that day than the day before you watched yourself you didn't let
the automatic program play you were consciously controlling everything because you
wanted to show your special person who you really are so you made an effort to
watch yourself time goes on and then your life comes back in and you start to get
busy and your mind starts to think about the job or the world or whatever it is so
while you're thinking with your conscious mind then you're behaving with which
mind the subconscious mind whose programmes are in the subconscious mind yours
or somebody else's so your friend comes up and ask you a loving question and your
mind is thinking of something and then you respond like your parent to them and
they look at you like what kind of behavior is that did you see the response yes or no
so you say what are you talking about and then the arguments begin because now
you're communicating as a different person you are not communicating with the
person you believe you are in your conscious Minds so if you were the child in the
store at 6:00 and you were told you do not deserve and then you're on your job in a
little tiny room doing a little job and you're thinking I'm better than this I should be
running the country company and while they're thinking that they're doing a job
who's running the job the subconscious and what is the subconscious program you
do not deserve till you make mistakes subconscious job is to create the reality of the
program so your life does not reflect what you want it reflects the program you were
given so one way out is consciousness just be conscious and then you don't play the
tape a second way out clinical hypnotherapy because that puts you back in the same
brain state that you were in in the learning period and then you can put a new
program and rewrite the tape third way which is some people get in it's very
powerful but I wouldn't recommend it is tremendous emotional shock if something
happens to your life and it's so dramatic that after that moment you're not going to
be the same person subconscious I got it right there after you're seven how do you
learn habituation how'd you learn the ABCs or the time stable you had to repeat it
and repeat it and repeat it and finally you got it and then you know how to do it you
want to drive a car you have to practice and practice and then you learn how to do it
create a habit and at first it seems like a struggle because it's new to the
subconscious mind but hey you didn't learn ABCD the first time you said it but after
you do it for a repetition period it will be so natural that if you're not doing it your
subconscious mind go hey what's happened we're not doing it and the newer one
and the better one is a whole new field of belief change modalities which are also
associated with what's called energy psychology these are wonderful because
basically it's a form of super learning and what's neat about it the conventional things
like hypnosis or a situation there's a time element that takes a long time but these
new belief modalities like a super learning experience you can change a belief you've
had your whole life 50 years and change it in ten minutes this is really it's really it's a
new type of psychology that's coming in but it's really necessary because as I say
necessity is the mother of invention we're running into a world that has a lot of
necessity to change very very quickly so we're really happy to see that there are ways
of changing without going through all that anxiety and stress and we can do it really
quickly my favorite one is the one that I use because I'm most familiar with it but
there's many of them in my books I get a whole list but when I I use is called psych-k
like the abbreviation of psychology it's actually represents psychological kinesiology
and it's an exercise where you you get your right in your left brain hemispheres to
work in harmony which they don't do on a normal day by day basis and when you get
them to work in harmony that's called brain synchronization a window sort of opens
up and you can drop in a new belief in five minutes I couldn't write my book I tried
for 15 years to write the book and every time I get halfway through the book it would
peter out and they didn't realize it because my subconscious had a fear I'm at the
time was a respected scientist and I said we if you write this book and you bring in
consciousness and spirit into the book all your colleagues are gonna shun you so my
subconscious was doing me a favor says you don't want to do this because this this
will invalidate you you know it's like kill you so my subconscious programming
working 95% of the day would sabotage the writing what I ended up doing was
changing the belief about that and then the book came out it was just like it just
flowed right out conclusion for all of this but I'm giving you there's simply this what if
you go into the subconscious mind and change the programs in the subconscious
mind so they reflect the wishes and desires of your conscious mind what would that
mean now I tell you what it means you'll live in a honeymoon for every day of your
life on this planet for simple reason yeah if my conscious mind wishes and desires
begins to wander and I default into the subconscious and is playing my wishes and
desires I never left the honey [Music] [Applause]