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No More Broken Promises . . . . . . . . . . 8

Markets Fall as Rough October Valerie Massar
by Jason Bader Melts into Volatile November . . . . . 36 valerie@fastenerjournal.com
by Margot Crabtree

Jennifer Judy
Joining the Industry Solon Manufacturing Company PRODUCTION & DESIGN
with Innovation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Celebrates 70 Years Cyndi Daines
of Innovation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Rosier • Daines Inc.
Prepare for Unique How Fastener Manufacturing Robin Enterprises Co.
Challenges in 2019 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Can Be Improved Through 614.891.0250
by ITR Economics Predictive Maintenance
for Asset Efficiency . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44
Computer Help
by Sean Otto www.123ComputerHelp.com
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4 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019

News from Brighton-Best add more opportunities for the women in while still in high school—joining the oper-
International the industry to be able to receive a formal ation full time in 1974. At the outset, she
Congratulations to Brighton-Best Inter- education in fasteners.” was responsible for bookkeeping, including
national for being chosen for the 2018 Best Starting in 2019, WIFI is adding the accounts receivables and payables, and also
Booth Awards, Best Overall Booth at the Joanne Goodman Sherman Scholarship. The worked with her father and brother in sales
International Fastener Expo, courtesy of scholarship gives one lucky winner the abili- and managing client accounts.
Fastener News Desk. ty to receive formal fastener education In 1975, Ms. Sherman purchased the
BBI would like to online and earn certificates. WIFI partnered Elkay Orthopedic Supply Company, a spe-
welcome Michael with THORS eLearning Solutions, www. cialized fastener business, where she served
McChesney as the thors.com, to be able to offer a comprehen- as president while also continuing her work
new Territory Sales sive eLearning experience. We know fastener in the family company. She sold the busi-
Manager for the women will be super excited for this new ness in 1981 as Industrial Rivet began to
Southeast Region. If opportunity that WIFI is able to offer. expand its operations.
you would like to WIFI names their scholarships in honor In the late 1980s, Ms. Sherman became
meet Michael, of women who pioneered this industry, and co-owner of Industrial Rivet with her broth-
please feel free to when Taryn Goodman, niece and treasurer/ er, Bill Goodman. Together, they grew the
email him at mmc- board member of WIFI, mentioned the fami- primarily domestic company into a global
Michael McChesney chesney@brighton ly had discussed and wanted to set up a distributor, manufacturer and importer with
best.com. scholarship in her honor, we were grateful 11 U.S. distribution centers, 10 international
Congratulations they chose WIFI as their platform. What a locations and more than 50 employees.
to James Sayers for great way to honor such an amazing woman. Ms. Sherman focused her time and
his promotion to WIFI is grateful to the Goodman-Sherman expertise on the administrative and opera-
Regional Manager family for partnering with WIFI to help the tional areas of the business, overseeing the
of Western Canada. betterment of women in the industry. continued on page 38
James is located at
the Vancouver BBI
location and may

be reached at jsay-
James Sayers com.

The Fastener
Industry Coalition
(FIC) announced
that Rosa E. Hearn
from BBI is the
new Vice Chairman IHG is looking to purchase
for the 2018 / 2019 fastener manufacturing,
board term. FIC is
a group of 12 distribution or sourcing
National and Re - companies and books
gion al Associa-
Rosa E. Hearn
tions. Originally
of business.
formed in the 1980s, FIC was instrumental in Joanne Goodman Sherman
effecting change to the Fastener Quality Act Confidentiality guaranteed.
in 1999. For more information about FIC, About Joanne Goodman Sherman
visit www.fastenercoalition.org. Joanne Goodman Sherman was the To explore an acquisition,
co-owner, secretary and treasurer for the
please call Ernie at
Industrial Rivet & Fastener Company. Head-
Women in the Fastener Industry quartered in Northvale, New Jersey, it is a 937-434-8100 x202 or
Announces Joanne Goodman family-held global company that has cele- eriling@ihgcapital.com
Sherman Scholarship Starting brated more than 105 years in business.
in 2019 Joanne was instrumental in growing the
“WIFI understood not all fastener women company and adding sales and account vol-
have the ability to travel to attend the Fas- ume.
tener Training Institute for our Ann Bisgyer Ms. Sherman first started working for the
Wolz Scholarship,” said Rosa E. Hearn, company, which was founded by her great-
Chairman of WIFI. “We knew we needed to grandfather in 1912, on a part-time basis

6 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019

A family owned business since 1955, ND Industries specializes in the development of innovative
materials and processes which increase the safety and reliability of fastener assemblies.
ND serves a global market with divisions in the continental US, facilities in Taiwan and China, and licensees
around the world. ND’s core business revolves around the application of a wide variety of materials
onto fasteners and assemblies to aid in functions such as locking, sealing, masking, lubricating,
and noise and vibration dampening. ND also manufactures a line of bottled products under the
Vibra-Tite® brand name for MRO and retail use.

High strength encapsulated epoxy threadlocker for use in electrical
systems where low halogen materials are necessary. Contains small
micrometer microcaps which reduce material extrusion on installation.
ND continues its tradition of cutting edge
EXPAND-A-SLEEVE™ research and development with the
Extruded ND Mastics are pre-applied to fasteners (threaded or non- regular introduction of unique materials
threaded), bound for e-cote cycles. Heat from the process causes the along with competitive brand offsets.
material to expand, sealing large leak paths between fastener and assembly.

Prevents galvanic corrosion in assemblies with dissimilar metals, such as
aluminum and steel, by electrically insulating the fastener. Specially bonded
to the part, Thread Armor GP is durable, chemical resistant, and non-conductive.

An advanced anti-galling and lubricating thread coating designed to extend
the life of bolts up to 15 times while under intense torque and high friction
loads. Helps to ensure consistent clamp load. Works well on stainless steel fasteners.

Highest temperature pre-applied nylon threadlocker in the industry.
Unlike the competition, ND’s application process requires only 120°C,
AUTHORIZED preventing plating damage. However, once cross-linked, it can
APPLICATOR withstand temps up to 260°C. Meets MIL-DTL-18240F / QPL-18240.
Did you know that ND is an approved 3M STAY-PUT® WASHERS
applicator? Further proof why ND should be
Whether you’re looking for pre-assembly of parts, temporary
your one stop shop for pre-applied fasteners.
retention, or an alternative to SEMS screws, Stay-Put simplifies the
process by making practically any metal washer self-retaining.
www.ndindustries.com ND’s highest temperature chemical threadlocker. Initially performs
www.vibra-tite.com like a vibration dampening compound. Once temperatures reach
750°F (400°C), a secondary activation begins, causing the fastener
to be permanently locked in place. Tested to over 1500°F (850°C).

No More
Broken Promises
by Jason Bader, Executive Advisor, The Distribution Team

So here we are at the start of the new year. While some of you might be opti- some sort of “I hope” or “it would be nice”
mistic about your potential, I suspect that a few of you are stuck in remorse thought process. He made a clear decision
that the company would achieve a specific
over unrealized goals and aspirations. Remember all those lofty projections goal. Rather than wait until the end of 12
for 2018? This was going to be the year that you (fill in the blank). And when months to determine success, he broke
down the goal into monthly pieces. Each
you achieved (blank), how much better your company was going to be, how
month, he was laser focused on hitting the
much more money you were going to make, how many people would look up monthly goal. After a slight miss in Septem-
to you, etc. Yep, that would have been awesome...if you had done it. So, what ber, he buckled down to make up ground in
October. Mission accomplished. He was
will this new year bring? Another lofty goal with similar results? Rather than back on track. Now, a 23-day billing month
dreaming of knocking it out of the park, perhaps we should shoot for a few helped, but the real magic was in the quick
base hits. recognition and course correction.
Wouldn’t it be great if you shipped every-
thing correctly? I am sure that your cus-
If that first paragraph didn’t give it away, I conversations. Bring the delivery drivers in tomers would agree with this notion. Again,
am a Gen Xer. We are cynical to the core and on the exercise. Ask yourself this question: the goal of error-free shipping is too macro
not afraid to use sarcasm to overstate a Would you go out of your way to visit a cof- in size and is really setting the team up for
point. Mission accomplished. I guess that I fee shop where the staff all knew you by first failure. I would rather see a monthly goal of
am ready to get off the hamster wheel of name? cutting the error rate in half. Each month,
lofty goals, procrastination and remorse. We What if your goal was to clean up your the team will identify small barriers to suc-
need to get a few wins under our belt. Suc- item database? When entering the web sell- cess and find ways to eliminate them. By
cess breeds more success. Regret over failed ing arena, many companies realize that their setting smaller attainable goals, we inch
goals will only lead you further down the item descriptions are nothing short of hiero- toward the ultimate desired state of error-
rabbit hole. glyphics. Over years of self-centered data free fulfillment.
Let’s set ourselves up for success this input practices, what we refer to as a prod- The point of this article isn’t to improve
year. Rather than going after the macro goal, uct is frankly unreadable. How could you customer service or double net profit.
I want you to imagine a series of micro suc- break this down into a micro-goal? What if Rather, the whole notion of setting these
cesses. When working with folks on setting you set a goal to clean up one product cate- January proclamations must become part of
goals for their branches, I often help them gory every week? Within a few months, you your past. Banish the macro and embrace
recognize the power of daily gross margin would start to see a way out of the mess the micro. Don’t keep setting yourself up for
targets. These bite-sized milestones, when that was created. In its macro state, the proj- failure. By setting smaller, time-based goals,
communicated to the team, seem attain- ect appears to be insurmountable. By break- you have a much greater chance of making
able. They create an instant feedback loop. ing it down into shorter, time-based goals, notable changes in 2019. How do you eat an
Hit goal, smile. Miss goal, try harder tomor- the impossible becomes possible. elephant? One bite at a time. Good luck,
row. At the end of the month, there are so Last year, I had a client make a conscious and I look forward to being of service in the
many hit goals that team members develop decision to double his net profit. This wasn’t coming year. ■
a taste for success.
Keeping this in mind, what small goal
would make your company better? Perhaps
you want to improve your customer service. Jason Bader is the principal of The Distribution Team. He is a
Rather than this somewhat subjective ethe- wholistic distribution advisor who is passionate about helping
real macro objective, let’s find a way to business owners solve challenges, generate wealth and achieve
break it down into small pieces. What is personal goals. He can be found speaking at several industry
most people’s favorite word in the English events throughout the year, providing executive coaching serv-
language? Their own first name. For the ices to private clients and letting his thoughts be known in an
month of January, have your team focus on industry publication or two. He can be reached at 503.282.2333
learning and greeting customers by their or via email at jason@distributionteam.com. You can find addi-
first name. Try to work the name into phone
tional resources on his website: www.thedistributionteam.com.

8 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019

ford 410
steel screws

are pointing the

way to 55 years of

superior holding

S lf-D

for 410

self-drilling • epdm sealing Washers • self-piercing • self tapping

ADDitionAl services AnD cApAbilities:
1000 hour coating is available
epdm and neoprene bonded sealing washer assembly
Ask About our free freight policy
same Day shipping

PMS 293

cAll forD for 410: 1-800-272-3673 (forD)
12 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019
American Fastener Journal January/February 2019 13

Prepare for unique

by ITR Economics challenges in 2019
U.S. Industrial Production is cruising, reaching record highs over the last four months, but declining leading indicators signal caution is prudent in planning for
2019. Annual average Production in October was up 4.0 percent from the year-ago level, the fastest pace of growth since 2011. Of the components, Mining Production
and Manufacturing Production are in accelerating growth trends, while Utilities Production tentatively transitioned to a slowing growth trend. U.S Industrial Pro-
duction is expected to transition to a slowing growth trend in early 2019. U.S. business-to-business activity, as measured by U.S. Nondefense Capital Goods New
Orders (excluding Aircraft), has already entered into a slowing growth trend.
Annual U.S. Exports to the World were at a record high in October. The Exports quarterly growth rate tentatively peaked in May, but more data is needed to
confirm the peak. Slowing growth trends in many major economies abroad could put a damper on export demand during 2019. Tariffs pose a downside risk to
Exports and could lead to higher inflation. However, inflation edged down to 2.2 percent in November, a 0.7 percentage-point drop from a July tentative peak of 2.9
percent. The recent drop in Oil Prices has helped to ease inflation. Inflation is boosting dollar-denominated series, such as U.S. Retail Sales. However, even on a
deflated-basis, U.S. Retail Sales are rising, suggesting a healthy consumer economy. Deflated Retail Sales have already transitioned to Phase C, Slowing Growth.
Plan for lower annual growth rates in markets tied to the consumer sector next year.
In construction markets, annual U.S. Single and Multi Unit Housing Starts both ticked down in October. Our analysis indicates that annual Housing Starts will
decline during 2019. Business-cycle rise is expected to persist for the majority of 2019. However, companies involved in the earlier stages of nonresidential construction
projects could see weaker trends earlier.
Many sectors of the U.S. economy are in or approaching the back side of the business cycle (Slowing Growth or Recession). A change in the business cycle
means you may need to shift your focus and adjust your management decisions. Avoid overexpansion, and make sure your business is right-sized based on expec-
tations for your market. Ensure your prices have kept pace with inflationary pressures this year so that you don’t set yourself up for a period of profitless prosperity
in this coming year, as deteriorating macroeconomic conditions could further compress already squeezed margins. Be more financially conservative; scale back
your budget, focus on cash, and keep a close eye on accounts receivables. Keep up-to-date on market indicators to inform your decision-making, and be proactive
in planning for the unique challenges that 2019 will bring.

U.S. Leading Trends Outside U.S.

U.S. Industrial Indicator Signals Europe & Asia
Production (annual index) (monthly index 1/12 rate-of-change) Industrial Production
Europe ONLY year-over-year growth rate (12/12 rate-of-change)
107.5 8.0 4.5

107.0 7.5 4.0




106.5 7.0 3.5






106.0 6.5 3.0

105.5 6.0 2.5

105.0 5.5 2.0

May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep
18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18

• U.S. Total Industrial Production during the 12 months ending in • ITRLI: The ITR Leading Indicator declined in November, contin- • Europe (28 Nations): Annual average Europe Industrial Pro-
October was up 4.0 percent from the same period a year ago. uing the declining trend from the January 2018 peak. This duction in September was at the highest point in nearly a
Production will rise into mid-2019. We expect Production will downward movement indicates that the upcoming slowing rate decade. Annual Industrial Production is expanding, but the
subsequently decline mildly into early 2020 before growth of growth in U.S. Industrial Production will persist into at least pace of growth has edged down over the last five months,
resumes through the remainder of that year. the second half of 2019. indicating a transition to the back side of the business cycle.
• The U.S. industrial economy is benefiting from growth in the • USLI: The October U.S. Conference Board Leading Indicator The pace of Industrial Production growth has begun to tick
consumer sector. U.S. Total Retail Sales were up 5.4 percent 1/12 fell 1.3 percentage points from the September reading, down in Germany, Italy, France, the U.K., and Spain. Ireland,
from one year ago and are rising at an accelerating pace. How- marking the largest month-to-month percentage-point drop which is growing at an accelerating pace, is an exception.
ever, the pace of growth for Retail Sales will slow in the latter since 2008. We are watching closely to see if this means Sep- • ITR anticipates business-cycle decline in Europe Industrial Pro-
half of next year. This will contribute to downward pressure on tember is the peak or if October was noise. Whether or not duction will persist in 2019 and the first half of 2020. Do not
Industrial Production. Use growth through the first half of 2019 the downward movement holds, the Indicator 1/12 presents depend on market growth to drive your business next year.
to prepare for the mild recession expected in the second half an upside risk to our U.S. Industrial Production 12/12 outlook. Take responsibility for your individual growth by initiating
of next year and into 2020. Increase your reserves of cash to • PMI: The U.S. Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) 1/12 ticked strategic plans to try to gain market share.
better position your company to invest for the next growth up in November. Historically, some volatility is normal in the • Southeast Asia (8 Nations): Annual Southeast Asia Produc-
trend. PMI 1/12. We are monitoring this series closely for signs of a tion ticked downward in September but was 1.6 percent
• Key Input for Planning: Ensure you know which of your sustainable trend reversal. Regardless of whether the gener- higher than the prior year. The ITR Checking Points™ System
markets are going into recession and which will just grow at a ally declining trend persists or a trend transition is in the indicates that the annual rate-of-change will likely continue to
slower rate next year. works, the PMI 1/12 indicates that the U.S. Industrial Produc- decline in the near term. Taiwan and Hong Kong are growing at
tion 12/12 is likely to decline into at least the second half of a steady pace; Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and South Korea
2019. are in slowing growth trends.
• Key Input for Planning: Revisit your capital expenditure • Annual China Industrial Production is growing at a slowing
plans with the expectation of business-cycle decline in U.S. pace. However, China Manufacturing Products Exports are up,
Industrial Production during the second half of 2019. Take cau- and the pace of growth is rising. China Crude Steel Production
tion not to overinvest. is in an accelerating growth trend. These trends suggest
growth opportunities are still present in China. Slowing growth
in China Industrial Production is expected to persist during the
majority of 2019; however, recent rise in the China Leading
Indicator rate-of-change poses an upside risk to this outlook.
• Annual Japan Industrial Production edged lower in August and
September. Rate-of-change descent in the Japan Purchasing
Managers Index for Manufacturing indicates rate-of-change
decline in Japan Industrial Production will likely persist through
at least mid-2019.
• Key Input for Planning: Look for ways to cut costs with-
out impacting service quality, and consider changing your
offerings to adapt to changing client needs, as price sensitivity
may increase next year.
14 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019
Machinery Stock Market North America
New Orders
billions of dollars
S&P 500 Light Vehicle Production
(12/12 rate-of-change) (1/12 rate-of-change) annual data (millions of units, Ward’s Auto)

10.0 24.0 17.250

9.0 20.0 17.000

16.0 16.750







12.0 16.500




6.0 8.0 16.250

5.0 4.0 16.000

May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18

• U.S. Metalworking Machinery New Orders during the 12 • The S&P 500 Index is down 7.3 percent from the end of Sep- • North America Total Light Vehicle Production in the 12 months
months through October totaled $32.7 billion, up 6.2 percent tember through December 4. The percent decline is slightly ending in October totaled 16.9 million units, down 1.4 percent
from a year ago. The New Orders 12MMT will vacillate near steeper than typical for the initial stages of a declining trend. from one year ago. Production is in a recovery trend but will
the current level into the middle of next year. New Orders will October was worse than November, but December is starting decline into early 2020. Activity will then expand through the
then decline through the remainder of 2019 before rising off on a pronounced negative note. Further decline in the short remainder of that year.
throughout 2020. term is probable, based on: the 1/12 rate-of-change running • The U.S. Light Vehicle Month-End Inventory Days Supply
• The U.S. Metal Cutting Machine Tools segment is currently below the 12/12; concerns about rising interest rates, trade, 12/12 tentatively transitioned to a rising trend. Rise in this
outperforming the overall Metalworking Machinery sector. and profitability; the high cyclically adjusted PE; and the nega- indicator typically leads decline in Production by about five
Metal Cutting Machine Tools New Orders were up 22.6 per- tive technical signal of descending interim peaks and troughs months, which suggests that Production will transition to the
cent and are growing at an accelerating pace. However, our established since September. That doesn’t mean the market back side of the business cycle by early 2019, consistent with
analysis indicates that the pace of rise for this component will will decline further “tomorrow,” it means the dust likely hasn’t our forecast for this industry. This indicator signals that further
transition to a slowing trend by early next year. Metal Cutting settled on this trend yet. recovery in this sector will be short-lived. Plan for decline to
Machine Tools will still likely provide more growth opportuni- • We maintain that this is not a traditional bear market that is resume by the second half of next year.
ties than other segments during at least the next few quarters, forming. Our analysis of leading indicators and other variables • Key Input for Planning: Keep costs low. We do not antici-
but recent growth rates will not persist. Budget accordingly. does not line up with contracting GDP. A full-fledged bear is pate much further growth in this market.
• Key Input for Planning: Metal Cutting Machine Tools may not probable while GDP is ascending (albeit at a slowing
be particularly conducive to growth, but plan for the growth pace).
rate to slow by early 2019. • Key Input for Planning: The S&P 500 is providing more
discernible warning signs for 2019 but still should not be your
“go-to” leading indicator.

Iron and Steel Fastener &

Housing Starts Production Bolt Production
(NAICS 3311/2, Federal (NAICS 3327, Federal Reserve
(annual data, Reserve Board Production Index) Board Production Index)
millions of units) (12/12 rate-of-change) (12/12 rate-of-change)
2.000 7.0 6.5



1.280 6.0 6.0






1.260 5.0 5.5



1.240 4.0 5.0



1.220 3.0 4.5

1.200 2.0 4.0

May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18

• U.S. Single Unit Housing Starts during the 12 months ending • U.S. Iron and Steel Products Production during the 12 months • U.S. Fastener and Bolt Production during the 12 months
in October were up 6.0 percent from the year-ago level. The through October was at a more than three-year high. The pace through October was up 6.5 percent from the prior year. The
Starts 12MMT ticked down from last month. We expect of year-over-year Production growth has declined from 6.3 per- pace of annual growth has held steady for the last three
decline in Starts to generally persist through the first half of cent in July to 5.7 percent in October, signifying a tentative months. The ITR Checking Points™ System indicates that the
2019. Rise will then take hold and last through 2020. U.S. transition to a slowing growth trend. Slowing growth could pace of growth will likely begin to diminish in the near term.
Existing Home Inventory typically dips this time of year. Even give way to contraction during the second half of 2019, in line Most leading indicators suggest the Production growth rate
with the decline in Inventory over the last few months, Inven- with expected trends in U.S. Industrial Production. will peak in the coming quarters, with contraction possible dur-
tory is 26.7 percent above the record-low Inventory set in • Steel production trends vary by market segment. U.S. Equip- ing at least a portion of 2019 given our expectations for U.S.
December 2017. The recent rise in Inventory is slowing ment Steel Production is rising at a faster pace (up 9.4 per- Industrial Production.
demand for new Housing Starts. While Inventory is rising, so cent year-over-year) than overall Iron and Steel Products • Accelerating rise in U.S. Engines and Power Transmission
is the Conventional 30-Year Mortgage Rate, up to 4.87 per- Production, but both are in Phase C, Slowing Growth. Equipment Production is likely contributing to rise in Fastener
cent in November. Rising Mortgage Rates will put downward Expected decline in annual U.S. Machinery New Orders next and Bolt Production. This boost will likely not last very long, as
pressure on Starts into at least mid-2019, in line with our year portends slowing growth or contraction in Equipment Engine and Power Transmission Production will likely enter a
expectations. Lead with optimism as the decline in Starts will Steel Production. U.S. Nonresidential Construction recently slowing growth trend in early 2019, alongside U.S. Industrial
be mild before growth takes around late 2019. transitioned to an accelerating growth trend. The benefit of ris- Production. U.S. Machinery New Orders are in a slowing
• U.S. Multi Unit Housing Starts during the 12 months through ing Nonresidential Construction can be seen in U.S. Construc- growth trend with contraction probable during at least a por-
October totaled 372.1 thousand units, up 3.4 percent on a tion Steel Production, which, unlike overall Steel Production, is tion of 2019. Do not expect market growth to propel your
year-over-year basis. Multi Unit Starts were trending above in Phase B, Accelerating Growth. U.S. Consumer Durable business in 2019, as demand for Fasteners and Bolts will likely
our previous forecast range. We lifted our projections to be Steel Production, which includes steel for autos and appli- be softer as Machinery New Orders decline next year.
more in line with our macroeconomic expectations, which had ances, is faring worse than other Steel Production segments. • Key Input for Planning: Avoid overexpansion at the top
been revised since this forecast’s last release. We raised our Consumer Durable Steel Production is in Phase D, Recession, of the business cycle; cash flow may be tighter next year.
projections for the Housing Starts annual total by 4.0 percent down 4.8 percent from the prior year.
for 2018 and 8.5 percent for 2019 while leaving 2020 virtually • Key Input for Planning: Nonresidential construction typi-
unchanged. Multi Unit Housing Permits are down 12.6 percent cally lags the industrial economy. Production tied to nonresi-
from the prior year and are suggesting 12/12 decline for dential construction may provide opportunities for growth continued on page 16
Housing Starts during at least the first half of 2019. Activity while U.S. Industrial Production declines mildly in the second
will generally decline through 2019 and into mid-2020. Hous- half of 2019.
ing Starts will begin recovering during the latter half of 2020.
• Key Input for Planning: Plan for diminishing opportunities
in the residential housing market for the majority of 2019.
Look to the nonresidential market in the near term.

ITR Economics™ produces a monthly economic report called ITR Trends Report™. Visit www.itreconomics.com for other services. An affordable company trend analysis, called Executive
Vantage Point™, compares your sales data to key leading indicators, giving you an opportunity to respond to market conditions before your competitors. ITR Economics also provides speaking
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American Fastener Journal January/February 2019 15

ECONOMIC FORECAST: Prepare for unique challenges in 2019 continued from page 15

Terminology and Methodology

Data Trends Rates-of-Change
Monthly Moving Total (MMT) vs Monthly Moving Average (MMA): A rate-of-change figure is the ratio comparing a data series during a
Averages are used when the data cannot be compounded, such as an specified time period to the same period one year ago. Rates-of-Change
index, percent, price level, or interest rates. Totals are used for things are expressed in terms of the annual percentage change in an MMT or
where it makes sense to add the data together. For example, units sold MMA, 3MMT/A, and actual monthly data.
or total dollars spent.
Rates-of-change reveal whether activity levels are rising or falling compared
to last year. A rate-of-change trend illustrates and measures cyclical change
3MMT/A and 12MMT/A:
and trends in the data.
A 3-month or 12-month moving total/average is the total/average of the
monthly data for the most recent 3 and 12 months, respectively. The ITR Economics’ three commonly used rates-of-change are the 1/12, 3/12,
3MMT/A illustrates the seasonal changes inherent to the data series. and 12/12, which represent the year-over-year percent change of a single
The 12MMT/A removes seasonal variation in order to derive the underlying month, 3MMT/A, and 12MMT/A (respectively).
cyclical trend. It is also referred to as the annual total or annual average. A rate-of-change above 0 indicates the data is higher than one year prior,
while a rate-of-change below 0 indicates the data is below one year earlier.

Growth (B): 12/12 is rising above 0, Business Cycle Slower Growth (C): 12/12 is
data trend is accelerating in its ascent declining but remains above 0, data
and is above the year-ago level. This is trend ascent is slowing or has stopped
the second positive phase of the busi- its rise, but it is still above last year.
ness cycle. This is the first negative phase of
Above year-ago level the business cycle.

Below year-ago level

Recovery (A): 12/12 is rising below Recession (D): 12/12 is below 0,
0 and the data trend is either heading data trend is below the year-ago level
toward a low or is in the early stages of and the rate of decline is intensifying.
recovery. This is the first positive phase This is the second and final negative
of the business cycle. The data trends and rates-of-change identify positions in phase of the business cycle.
the business cycle, those are labeled here A, B, C and D.

Over 100 Years of Service

16 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019


by Guy Avellon, GT Technical Consultants, Ltd.

Previously, we have discussed the steel chemistries of various alloy compositions and their basic relationships with temperature and carbon
content to form the desirable crystalline structures for the mechanical properties needed in the finished product. However, the job is not yet
complete without cooling the heated steel.

Grain size is largely dependent upon the Before heating and quenching any steel, mits water quench on grades 5 and 5.2.
steel making practice and is an important a Jominy test must be performed to deter- Larger diameter A449 fasteners may be
factor in governing the mechanical proper- mine its hardenability. This is where heat lot quenched in water. The choice of the
ties of the steel. A fine austenite grain size numbers are important, as each heat lot will quenching liquid is determined by the
will generally improve toughness, ductility have different alloys and/or different chemi- amount of heat that must be dissipated, a
and fatigue strength but may reduce harden- cal content percentages that will affect the function of the cap screw’s cross-sectional
ability. end results. The end-quench hardenability area of diameter, and the steel to be
Under slow or moderate cooling rates, test, or the Jominy test, will determine the quenched.
carbon atoms are able to diffuse out of an hardenability of the steel heat lot. After heat Oil quenchants have been the preferred
austenitic structure to become b.c.c. (body- treating and quenching per standard meth- medium for controlled and rapid cooling
centered-cubic). With a further increase in ods for that product, hardness readings are rates. However, other quench media have
cooling rate, insufficient time is allowed for taken at 1/16  intervals from the quenched been used and proven effective, such as:
the carbon to diffuse out of solution but end at a depth of 0.015 . Each location on molten salt, soluble oil-water mixture, poly-
cannot become a b.c.c. form while the car- the test piece represents a certain cooling mer solutions, water brine and caustic soda
bon is trapped in solution. The resultant rate. solutions. To achieve specific results, it is
structure is martensite, which is a form of For each steel and alloy, there is a cool- desirable to obtain the greatest quench
iron in which some carbon is trapped in a ing guide called a “Time-Temperature-Trans- severity that can be used without subjecting
body-centered-tetragonal structure. This formation” graph, or TTT for short. It is also the steel to cracking, distortion or excessive
highly distorted lattice structure is the prime known as an Isothermal Transformation Dia- stresses that cannot be overcome by subse-
reason for the high hardness of martensite. gram. This is illustrated in Figure 1. quent tempering.
The goal of hardening any steel is to pro- The bottom axis of the graph is the loga- After quenching, the tensile strength and
duce a fine grain, fully martensitic rithmic time in seconds. It becomes appar- hardness of the cap screw often exceed opti-
microstructure, as it is much harder than ent that the cooling rate must be very fast mum levels. The SAE J429 specifies a
austenite. Martensite is formed upon cool- once the steel cools to 1333º F (723º C) to go microstructure of approximately 90 percent
ing. Martensite is formed only from austen- from austenite to martensite. Misjudge the martensite prior to tempering. The ‘as
ite almost instantaneously at relatively low time, and the structure becomes something quenched’ hardnesses are also taken to con-
temperatures. The maximum hardness else. The cooling path chosen determines firm core hardness. Since the hardnesses are
obtainable from a steel in the martensitic the structure and properties of the steel. high enough to produce a brittle material,
condition is a function of the carbon content The combination of heat treating and the cap screws must be ‘softened’ from an
only. The minimum cooling rate (ºF or ºC per quenching refines the structure of the steel additional heat treating process called tem-
second) that will avoid the formation of any to enhance its physical characteristics. Dur- pering.
softer products of transformation is known ing the quench, the cap screw’s temperature
as the critical cooling rate. may be brought from above the upper trans- TEMPERING
The critical cooling rate is determined by formation temperature to 600°F (316ºC) in 2 Tempering is required to relieve the
the chemical composition of the steel, the seconds. internal stresses that are built up during the
Jominy test and the austenitic grain size. The SAE J429 and several ASTM product initial heat treat hardening process. Temper-
These factors influence how fast steel must standards specify oil quenching on special ing is similar to the annealing process car-
be cooled in order to form only martensite. alloys, such as; A354 BD and SAE Grade 8 ried out on the raw steel wire prior to
How the steel cools will determine its prop- cap screws, as well as A449 cap screws 1/4 bolt-making procedures. The formation of
erties. through 3/4 diameters. The SAE J429 per- martensite also leaves high residual stresses
continued on page 20

18 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019

Corrosion has always been
our favorite subject.

Where does the unique quality of our products come from? It’s very
simple: from our unique knowledge of corrosion. Benefit from the
expertise, commitment and know-how of our globally networked
team of engineers and corrosion experts. More about Dörken MKS –
The Corrosion Experts at www.doerkenusa.com

in the steel. Therefore, hardening is almost ISOTHERMAL TRANSFORMATION DIAGRAM

always followed by tempering or drawing,
which consists of heating the steel to some 800
temperature below the lower critical temper-
ature. Tempering takes the super hardened Eutectoid temperature
martensitic structure and makes the cap
screw less brittle and more ductile and 700
improves its toughness. This treatment also
increases the steel’s shock resistance, and
lowers the tensile strength to desirable lev- 600


Full anneal
Temperature, °C

300 Water




Martensite Martensite Fine Coarse
DETERMINE ITS PROPERTIES. and pearlite pearlite pearlite
0.1 1 10 100 10 3 10 4 10 5 5 x 10 5
It is this combination of heat treating,
Time, S
quenching and tempering that imparts a cap
screw with its final physical specifications of Figure 1. Time-Temperature-Transformation graph
hardness, proof load, yield strength and ten-
sile strength. Steel that has a fully marten-
sitic structure before tempering will produce
the highest yield strength, the highest duc-
GUY AVELLON has worked in the MRO industry for 30 years. He has held positions
tility, the highest fatigue strength and the
of engineering, manager of product marketing and quality systems. Prior to his involve-
greatest toughness.
Some high strength specialty bolts begin ment with fasteners, he was heavily involved with metal coatings. He is a member of SAE
life with a steel differing in composition and is Vice-Chairman for the ASTM Fastener Committee. Guy served as Chairman of the
from standard ASTM, ISO or SAE recom- Fastener Test Methods Committee from 1988 to 2018, and in 2005, Guy was presented
mended chemical compositions. The basic with the ASTM Award of Merit. A few years ago, he began GT Technical Consultants,
difference is during the tempering process. serving as an expert witness for law firms, performing fastener training and failure
Unless enhanced alloys are used and special analysis to a variety of industries, as well as ISO auditing and manual preparation. Guy
care is taken with the heat treating process, may be contacted at ExpertBoltGuy@gmail.com. His website is www.BoltFailure.com.
cap screws with higher than standard speci-
fication tensile strength and hardness are
also more brittle. Regardless of the steel
choice, it is the heat treatment that deter-
mines the fastener’s final characteristics
with a 90 to 100 percent martensitic struc-
ture. ■

20 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019

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May 14-16, 2019

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Something Every Progressive
Fastener Company Should Be Doing
by Lawrence Claus, NNi Training and Consulting, Inc.

Authors Don Peppers and Martha Rogers wrote in their book Extreme Trust: “When your petition. They should be very careful to
headlights aren’t on, the best rearview mirror isn’t likely to improve your driving.” Although make judgements or take actions from
this quote was likely intended to address the idea that past experience isn’t a guarantee for
unsubstantiated and partial information.
They should work hard to gather as much
future success, it also speaks to the idea of operating a business without a strategy. If you
factual-based and objective information as
don’t have a vision and strategy of where you wish the business to go, it is sort of like driving possible. A couple of observations and
at night without your headlights on. thoughts:
• Seek to truly understand your own
strengths and weaknesses. Be careful not
In the late 1990s and early 2000s, during result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but to rely too much on your own perspec-
my “former life” as an executive with a fas- not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also tives. Social psychologists have demon-
tener manufacturer, I recall each year setting suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor strated time and again a form of
aside time to develop our company’s Strate- yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” cognitive bias known as “primus inter
gic Plan. Months of preparation would cul- The truth behind this quote has played pares effect” or “illusory superiority”
minate in a multiday offsite meeting with itself out many times throughout history, where individuals consistently rate them-
our executive team where we would formu- but perhaps in modern times never so selves better than others.
late “The Plan.” We would emerge from poignantly as the American war in Vietnam.
these sessions thinking we had our future As one looks back at history, it is clear that This same phenomenon occurs when
well in hand and that our competitors had the United States did not understand its evaluating the strength of one’s organiza-
better beware. enemy or their tactics, and likely only had a tion. I can recall multiple discussions I par-
In reality, our great plans would soon vague understanding of their own purpose ticipated in evaluating our responsiveness
find their way onto our bookshelves, not to in the war. The result of this misunderstand- to customers’ needs. We always judged our-
see the light of day again until the following ing of the enemy and themselves will forever selves higher than average, even when all
year’s strategic planning cycle. Regrettably, be seared into U.S. history. the evidence seemed to point to a contrary
our failure to see these plans through to In a similar fashion, companies should conclusion.
completion is an all too common but uni- really understand themselves and the com- continued on page 24
versal tale of inattentiveness in the business
world. However, the exercise was not with-
out some positive outcomes. In fact, I LAWRENCE CLAUS
learned that organizations should review the Laurence Claus is founder and president of NNi Training and
way they approach and consider the follow-
Consulting, Inc. of Green Oaks, Illinois. He has a bachelor’s
ing four strategic activities.
degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois
Understanding Your and more than 30 years of experience working various positions
Organization and the within the fastener and automotive part supplier industries.
Competition Laurence is well versed in ISO9000, TS16949 and AS9100
Without fail, during our Strategic Plan- quality management systems, having served as management
ning Weekend, we would gather for a ses- representative for each and overseeing implementation to
sion to discuss our competition. These certification. Laurence is the Industrial Fasteners Institute’s
discussions would normally be loaded with director of training. In addition to his engineering degree,
metaphor and unsubstantiated stories and Laurence completed the prestigious Executive Program for
be short on facts and substantiated com- Growing Companies at Stanford University and is a certified
petitor actions. The famed Chinese military
Six Sigma Black Belt from Villanova University. He can be
strategist Sun Tzu once said, “If you know the
reached at 847.867.7363 or lsclaus@sbcglobal.net. Learn
enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the
more about NNi at www.NNiTraining.com.

22 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019

STRATEGIC PLANNING continued from page 22

Therefore, efforts should be made to a fastener manufacturer or fastener distribu-

access and evaluate external, unbiased feed- LEARN TO SAY “NO” TO tor, the processes and activities we do are
back. This can come from customer report BUSINESS AND CUSTOMERS similar. However, how can they be combined
cards, customer surveys, or feedback and customized just a bit to set one organi-
gleaned from social media. This could also THAT ARE NOT STRATEGIC TO zation apart from another? As an example, if
come from direct feedback from your cus- WHERE YOUR ORGANIZATION it was considered strategic to be able to pro-
tomers, which is why participation and feed- vide the shortest lead times in the industry,
back from your sales force, customer service, IS HEADING. what activities could be “fit” together to
and quality departments is inherently more accomplish this outcome?
valuable than from individuals further
removed from the customer. like both a commonsense and easy piece of Execute Effectively
• Engage market intelligence sources. advice to follow, it is not. It is counterintu- American businessman Morris Chang
These include market research and data itive to our established way of thinking and proffered a wise insight regarding execution
gathering/analysis entities, which gener- truly takes a disciplined individual or organi- of one’s Strategic Plan. He said, “Without
ate market intelligence in many different zation to pull off successfully. I can no strategy execution is aimless. Without execution,
areas. There are several organizations longer count the number of times that I strategy is useless.” All too often, plans are
that perform these sorts of studies for have seen organizations wrestle with deci- made and never followed up on. The only
the fastener industry as well as multiple sions related to winning or keeping “bad way, however, that a strategy is going to take
sources for specific customer market seg- business.” It is simply not in our nature to shape is to execute actions against it. This
ments, such as automotive, aerospace, turn away sales or customers, even if they can be tough, though, especially if the strat-
and construction. Although these can are not a good fit or eventually destructive egy is taking your organization in a new
supply a treasure trove of market intelli- to our business. direction or requires a significant amount of
gence, for many small companies these Learn to say “no” to business and cus- risk or change. Therefore, the best tactical
sorts of resources may be beyond their tomers that are not strategic to where your plans are made up of small, reasonably
means to purchase. In such instances organization is heading. achievable steps.
they may be able to get access to some
of this expertise through trade associa- Consider Strategic Fit
tions or consortiums that they belong to. For years, Southwest Airlines has per- CASE STUDY AFTER CASE
For example, I know that many trade formed better than any of its competitors. STUDY ILLUSTRATES HOW
associations regularly arrange to have For as many years, it has been subject to
economists and analysts attend their one case study after another. Why? What is COMPANIES THAT HAVE
annual or regional meeting to share the secret ingredient that has made South- ADOPTED A STRATEGIC PLAN
insight with their membership. west Airlines so successful?
• Keep abreast of press releases and Although I have set this up to suggest AND STAYED THE COURSE HAVE
announcements in trade publications to that there is a simple explanation to these BEEN SUCCESSFUL, WHILE
stay informed with significant happen- questions, there is not. The answer to these
ings at your competitors and in the questions is certainly complicated and THOSE THAT HAVE NOT HAVE
industry. multi-level. However, Southwest Airlines FLOUNDERED AND
• Use your sales force and other individu- does provide an extraordinary example of
als who have regular contact with your what Michael Porter calls “Strategic Fit.”
customers to keep abreast of what is Strategic Fit is about combining individual
happening with your customers, the mar- activities, which on their own may provide The bottom line is that every organiza-
ket, and your competitors. little competitive advantage, together into tion should be thinking about strategy and
one group of bundled and intertwined activ- have a Strategic Plan. It doesn’t need to be
Learn What to Say “No” To ities, which become exceedingly difficult to voluminous. In fact, the simpler and more
Michael Porter, the Harvard professor copy. This is exactly what Southwest Airlines straightforward the better, as a simpler plan
and proclaimed expert on competitive strat- has done and done well. It has combined will have much better chances of actually
egy, once said, “The essence of strategy is choosing multiple activities like the reservation expe- getting implemented. Case study after case
what not to do.” This is truly profound. When rience, aircraft model choices, route choices, study illustrates how companies that have
planning strategy, we seem to spend a lot of airport choices, seating procedures, flight adopted a Strategic Plan and stayed the
time and effort on trying to come up with attendant training, and many others to form course have been successful, while those
the best activities to do and rarely spend as a “well-oiled machine” that is very difficult that have not have floundered and strug-
much, if any, time on what to say “no” to. to copy. If there is any doubt on that score, gled. So, resurrect your strategic planning,
However, if we could exclude activities, it just look at the number of traditional air- but not to create a beautiful icon that will
likely would assist us in developing concrete lines that have tried and failed to create a stay on the bookshelf but rather to be some-
and actionable activities in the things we similar low-cost and successful operation. thing that is at the heart of what your com-
want to do. The Southwest example provides us with pany does and helps pave your way to
Although on the surface this may seem a lesson. For all practical purposes, whether success. ■

24 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019

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Stainless Fasteners?


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by Bruno Marbacher

There are several reasons why bolt s fail. Although there are several reasons why bolts fail, too quickly one
Most often, the reason is an improper pre-
load (clamp load). concludes that the bolts either have flaws or do not have the
required mechanical properties. As these may be possible, the
Improper clamp load (preload)
On average, about 15 percent of the mechanical integrity should be checked before the joint is further
torque translates into clamp load. However,
the amount of clamp load is greatly influ-
enced by the friction scatter and by the
accuracy of the tightening method. In spite
of today’s tightening tools, the assembler
still has influence regarding which clamp
load is ultimately induced into the joint.

Large final fracture indicates high preload Small final fracture indicates low preload

continued on page 30

Typical Friction coefficients (K-factors):

• Moly lub = 0.10 (0.142) BRUNO MARBACHER
Bruno Marbacher earned his mechanical engineering degree
• Zinc flake coating w/lubricant sealer =
in Switzerland and holds a business degree. Over the years,
he has held various management positions in quality and
• Zinc plated = 0.125 (0.172) engineering. He started out as a tool and die maker (poly-
• Plain = 0.14 (0.190) mechanic) and then went back to college to get his current
degrees. He has 40 years’ experience in fastening and
This can result in a “too” high clamp load assembly technology. During the years in A merica, he has
or “too” low clamp load. Both are serious developed and given numerous seminars on topics related
and can lead to bolt failure. A too high to the proper use of mechanical fasteners and machine ele-
clamp load will stretch the bolt beyond its ments. He also assisted engineers solving fastening/assembly
load capacity. A too low clamp load will issues. He has groomed and directed many young engineers in fastening/assembly tech-
force higher load cycles on the bolt, causing nology and now offers his 40 years of experience through writing and lecturing in that field.
fatigue failures. Additionally, a too low

28 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019

Why Mechanically Sound Fasteners Fail continued from page 28

clamp load can cause bolt loosening. While to heavy load cycles. However, there are sit-
a too high preload is almost always critical, uations where the scatter must be reduced BY MEASURING THE ACTUAL
a too low preload is critical in a joint that is to prevent bolt failures. This can be
subject to heavy load cycles and/or vibra- achieved in two principle ways: FRICTION RATHER THAN USING
1. Reduce the friction scatter by using
How to achieve proper coatings with more consistent friction COEFFICIENTS AND/OR
clamp load coefficients.
First, one must realize that the friction This can be attained by using a solid film K-FACTORS, THE CLAMP
and the applied tightening methods involve lubricant or a zinc flake coating with seal- LOAD FLUCTUATION CAN BE
“scatters.” The friction can fluctuate about ers containing lubricating pigments.
+/–15%. The tightening method, which Both coatings will typically reduce the REDUCED TO +/–17% TO
includes the tool as well as the assembler, scatter to about half of that of regular
may fluctuate about +/–10%. Both will result zinc. +/–23%. THERE ARE VARIOUS
in +/–25% clamp load scatter. This is typical AFFORDABLE TORQUE /
for joints using zinc-plated fasteners and a 2. Use a tightening method that is more
torque wrench. There are many other factors accurate. TENSION MEASURING DEVICES
that affect the amount of clamp load, but Hand tightening and tightening with
they are not as critical. impact wrenches results in a clamp load
that fluctuates between +/–40% to +/–60%. USED TO DETERMINE THE
The accuracy of impact tightening is
A TOO HIGH CLAMP LOAD WILL improved by completing the tightening AMOUNT OF FRICTION.
process with a torque wrench.
STRETCH THE BOLT BEYOND Torque wrenches achieve clamp loads
ITS LOAD CAPACITY. A TOO that scatter between +/–25% and +/–28%. used, it ought to be used always. If no lubri-
By measuring the actual friction rather cant has been considered for the tightening
LOW CLAMP LOAD WILL FORCE than using published friction, coefficients torque, one should never use one. The dif-
and/or K-factors, the clamp load fluctuation ference of friction can be between 25 to 40
HIGHER LOAD CYCLES ON THE can be reduced to +/–17% to +/–23 %. There percent. Assemblers should be aware that
BOLT, CAUSING FATIGUE are various affordable torque / tension lubricants must be applied to both the
measuring devices available, which can be thread and the bearing area of both nuts
FAILURES. ADDITIONALLY, A used to determine the amount of friction. and bolts.
Thus, we have a better idea of the resulting
TOO LOW CLAMP LOAD CAN K-factor and can achieve greater accuracy. Preventing bolt failure
CAUSE BOLT LOOSENING. Another affordable tightening method is The first step in preventing bolt failure
the torque angle method; with this method stemming for an inadequate clamp load is
WHILE A TOO HIGH PRELOAD IS we eliminate the influence of friction. The understanding the behavior of bolted joints.
achieved clamp load will fluctuate by about Acting accordingly on what has been stated
+/–5% to 12%. In this case we turn the nut to in this article is the second step. Not only
TOO LOW PRELOAD IS CRITICAL a specified angle. There are now digital do engineers have to know this, assemblers
torque angle wrenches and power tools ought to be informed and instructed accord-
IN A JOINT THAT IS SUBJECT TO available. These tools first establish a snug ingly.
HEAVY LOAD CYCLES AND/OR torque; then the torque angle method can As a final note, the clamp load must be
be used to finish the tightening process. higher than the maximum induced working
VIBRATIONS. The costlier methods should be load. Thus, either no or very little additional
addressed as well. One of them is the com- load is generated in the bolt, greatly reduc-
puterized yield point method, and the other ing the risk of fatigue failures. ■
Typically, one should aim to induce a is the ultrasonic load measuring method.
clamp load that does not utilize more than They are typically utilized for highly load
90% of the bolt’s yield strength. Worst-case critical applications.
scenario, this would mean that with a clamp However, the costlier methods do not
load scatter of +/–25%, as little as 40% of the have to be utilized. Simply instructing the
bolt’s yield strength would be utilized. On assemblers about what happens when the
average, it is more likely to be 60–90%. This nut or bolt is rotated is enough. Assemblers
is satisfactory when the joint is not subject ought to know that if a lubricant must be

30 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019


Minneapolis Messenger (Minneapolis, KS) – April 8, 1915

Aztec® Premium Lifting Hardware
In July, G.L. Huyett acquired AZ Lifting Hardware in Phoenix, AZ. Rebranded
as Aztec Lifting Hardware, product is being expanded eastward to a Tennessee
stocking location, and new on-line tools are being developed to make it even easier to
quote custom specials with just a five day lead time. We’ve Come a Long Way, Maybe
Visit huyett.com/AztecLiftingHardware to learn more. In 1915, our founder, Guy Huyett, patented
a razor blade holder to assist dress makers in
cutting fabric, which distressed a journalist

TARIFF in Abilene, KS, enough to condemn the

invention for allowing a bastion of manliness
to be sacrificed to the women’s world. The
article reminds the G.L. Huyett team of the
importance of change in an organization –
not just business change, but cultural change.

Jim Flannery
BC AB SK MB Regional Sales Manager

48 Section 232 Tariff Exclusions Received

AK (319) 427-0405

G.L. Huyett received 48 Section 232 Tariff Exclusions for stainless steel bar product. Terry May
Prowest Marketing, Inc.
Vancouver, WA
(360) 921-3898

An additional 15 exclusions are pending, all of which have passed the public OR

comment period with no objections. This is a big win for us and our customers! WY
Visit huyett.com/Tariff Exclusions to learn more. Dan Harriger
Vice President – Sales
(440) 263-7259
dan.harriger@huyett.com KS MO
Jason Mizner
Regional Sales Manager

New Regional Sales Managers

(480) 320-8152
jmizner@huyett.com OK
G.L. Huyett Corporate Office AZ MS
During 2018, three new Regional Sales Team members joined our Field Sales Team: Manufacturing and Warehouse


Dewey Oxner in the Mid-Atlantic Region, Jason Mizner in the Southwest and Rocky
G.L. Huyett Tennessee Warehouse
G.L. Huyett Arizona Branch Se Habla Español

Mountain regions, and Kelley Kerr in the Southeastern Region. Para servicio al cliente en Español
llama al 785-392-1000 o escríbenos
a espanol@huyett.com
Chris Bell
Regional Sales Manager
(785) 392-7651
Visit huyett.com/SalesTeam to learn more.

sales@huyett.com | 785-392-3017 | www.huyett.com



RS OV ER $10 *


Communities Building Community

G.L. Huyett Charities gave away more than $70,000 in
donations, including five $1,000 Memorial Scholarships,
over $59,000 in Project Drive Grants, turkeys for a Salvation
Army Dinner on Thanksgiving Day, hams for families in need
through the Ottawa County Ministerial Association, carnival
ride tokens via Ottawa County Love INC, and donations to
the Ottawa County Community Foundation.
Visit huyett.com/GLHuyettCharities to learn more.

$59,000 Awarded to Local Organizations

Project Drive, G.L. Huyett’s Comprehensive Community
Improvement Program, gave grants to 11 Central Kansas
organizations in five communities. Projects included food
service equipment for food banks and elderly care homes;
windows for dilapidated houses; trash cans for a main street;
and book boxes for a “little libraries” program. Since 2007,
more than $235,000 has been awarded for 82 projects in 14
Kansas counties.
Visit huyett.com/ProjectDrive to learn more.

New Community Garden

A volunteer employee

PE committee designed and
Joel Glaser
Regional Sales Manager
developed a 40 x 80-foot
(740) 507-2678 NS

VT Community Garden in a
wheat field directly south of
G.L. Huyett’s headquarters in
OH Dave Audia

Director of Sales
(330) 715-7826
Minneapolis, KS. Harvested
Dewey Oxner
Regional Sales Manager
crops were distributed to local
non-profit organizations.
(803) 636-6808
AL GA Terry May

Dan Harriger

Jason Mizner
Visit huyett.com/CommunityGarden Be Part of Something Different
to learn more.
We launched kansasfreeagents.com to introduce potential
Dave Audia

Joel Glaser
Kelley Kerr
Dewey Oxner
Regional Sales Manager
(404) 695-1550
Kelley Kerr

Jim Flannery
future employees to our organization and culture.
Chris Bell
Visit kansasfreeagents.com to learn more.

Emboldening an
Empowered Team
by John Tschohl

I love this saying by Lee Iacocca: profits of $2.4 billion (higher than in the pre- help a customer, move a project forward, or
“LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET OUT vious 60 years combined). How did he do all solve a problem. When you embolden
this? He emboldened his people to be empowered. employees that are empowered to do their
OF THE WAY.” As I travel the world, I am astounded at part in accomplishing the stated objectives,
the lack of Empowerment. This is only sur- they have the framework that they need to
LEAD passed by the myth that executives have guide their own actions.
Iacocca, former president of Ford Motor about their level of employee empower-
Company, took over Chrysler when it was ment. It’s the one thing they constantly state
leaning towards bankruptcy. He asked Con- as being important. They don’t feel their “BECOME THE KIND OF
gress for a loan, arguing that if Chrysler filed employees will follow through and take the
for bankruptcy, the government would have steps necessary to make an empowered LEADER THAT PEOPLE
to spend more on unemployment compen- decision.
sation than on keeping the company in
business. The loan was granted, and a year ATTRACT FOLLOWERS VOLUNTARILY, EVEN IF YOU
later, Iacocca announced Chrysler’s first If you have set yourself up as the leader,
profit in many years. you need to hire people who aren’t afraid to HAD NO TITLE OR POSITION.
During his turnaround of Chrysler, he stand out, not afraid to follow you. Unfortu-
brought the convertible back into fashion nately, most systems are set up to hire those CONDUCT A PERSONAL
and introduced the minivan. who...fit in.
By leading in this fashion, Iacocca Leaders recognize their need to attract ASSESSMENT AND ASK
inspired (emboldened) his people to feel followers. Followership is key to under-
confident enough to behave in a particular standing leadership. To follow, people must
way. He steadily encouraged them by letting feel confident in the direction in which the I FOLLOW ME?’”
them know they faced no opposition. They leader is headed. To have this level of confi-
began to spend time in the process of grow- dence, the leader must have clearly commu- —BRIAN TRACY
ing, of learning of their abilities to turn this nicated the overall direction, the key
company around, to make a profit, to pay off outcomes desired.
debt, to become a member of an empowered The definition of “Empower” is to give Get out of the way and Embolden
team. power or authority to, or to authorize (embolden). Empowerment: A good leader recognizes
In 1983, Chrysler paid the government In the workplace, empowered employees that for their followers to perform most
back its $1.5 billion federal government have the power and the authority to make effectively, they need to understand the big
loans, and in 1984, the company posted quick, informed, and on-the-fly decisions to continued on page 35

John Tschohl is a professional speaker, trainer, and consultant. He is the president and founder of Service
Quality Institute (the global leader in customer service) with operations in more than 40 countries. John is
a self-made millionaire, traveling and speaking more than 50 times each year. He is considered to be one
of the foremost authorities on service strategy, success, empowerment and customer service in the world.
John’s monthly strategic newsletter is available online at no charge. He can also be reached on Facebook,
LinkedIn and Twitter.

34 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019

Emboldening an Empowered Team continued from page 34

picture. They also know that their job is to

remove barriers that may have a negative “LEADERSHIP IS THE ART OF GETTING SOMEONE ELSE
impact on the employees’ success—not to
micromanage how the employees accom- TO DO SOMETHING YOU WANT DONE BECAUSE HE WANTS
plish their work. They communicate, not just
the overall direction, but any information TO DO IT.”
their followers need to successfully carry out
their responsibilities. —GENERAL DWIGHT EISENHOWER
They need to know why the organization
is pursuing the current strategies. Mostly,
they need the assurance that their leader provides for the organization is a key source inspirational and call out the best from your
has confidence in their ability to perform of inspiration for the empowered employee. employees.
and produce the desired outcomes. You can’t provide a raise in pay without
A leader who emboldens their empow- company profitability, but you absolutely “EMBOLDEN YOUR EMPLOYEES
ered people also understands that while must share the rewards and praise if the
money is a motivator, so is praise, recogni- organization is doing well. TO BE EMPOWERED AND...
tion, rewards, a thank you and noticing indi- The actions that you take every day at GET OUT OF THE WAY.”
vidual contributions. Speaking directly to an work are powerful beyond your wildest
employee about the value that their work dreams. Make sure that your actions are

American Fastener Journal January/February 2019 35

provided by Trade Trends, Inc.

Markets Fall as Rough October

Melts into Volatile November
October was grim on Wall Street, and stocks endured worldwide shuddered, especially technology stocks. issues by a 2-to-1 margin.
their worst monthly loss in seven years. Energy con- Despite decent economic data, investors have their eyes W.W. Grainger beat expectations on earnings, but
tributed to November’s volatility with concerns about an on the fall-out from trade tensions. missed on revenues, and shares tumbled 43.37 points, or
oil glut and a slowing global economy contributing to November’s National Association of Home 12.13 percent. For the third quarter, Grainger reported net
oversupply. As our trading session ended Nov. 30, 2018, Builders / Wells Fargo builder sentiment index fell from income of $104.4 million, or $1.82 per share. Adjusted for
the Dow industrials enjoyed their largest weekly advance 68 in October, to 60. It was the steepest one-month one-time items, GWW earned $4.19 per share. Revenue
in two years, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq had the largest decline in more than 4.5 years. Analysts polled by was $2.83 billion. Analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment
weekly percentage gains in almost seven years, but it did Reuters expected a reading of 67. The Commerce Depart- Research expected earnings of $3.96 per share and rev-
not save markets from closing in the red. ment reported that sales of new homes tumbled 8.9 per- enue of $2.85 billion. Grainger closed at 314.04 and was
The Labor Department said that employers added cent in October; the number of new unsold homes is at the top dollar loser.
considerably more jobs in July and August than tallied its highest since 2009. Higher mortgage rates continued Dorman Products jumped 10.94 points, or 14.22 per-
earlier. Private payroll processor ADP said that business- to bite into home sales, too. cent, after beating estimates on third quarter earnings
es added 230,000 jobs in September, the largest gain in Continued trade tensions kept markets unsettled. As and revenue. DORM posted net income of $34 million, or
seven months; hiring was strong across most major our session came to a close, stocks pressed ahead as $1.03 per share; adjusted for one-time items, Dorman
industries. The unemployment rate is now at 3.7 percent, Presidents Trump and Xi prepared to engage in trade earned $1.06 per share. Revenue was $248 million. Ana-
a low not seen since December 1969. Separately, the talks, a move hoped to untangle the current knot lysts polled by Zacks expected earnings of $1.04 per
department said that employers posted the most jobs in between the U.S. and China. Despite the upswing in the share and revenue of $234.5 million. DORM ended at
20 years in August, and job openings rose to 7.14 million, market, however, concerns still linger. “In September, the 87.86 and was the top dollar gainer.
the highest number on records dated to December 2000. feeling (in the markets) was more confident,” said Simpson Manufacturing also beat on earnings but
The strong jobs report had investors concerned that Fed Thomas Martin, portfolio manager at Globalt Invest- missed on revenue, and shares slumped 13.96 points, or
interest rate policy would accelerate. ments. “Third quarter earnings reports, I think, really 19.27 percent. For its third quarter, SSD announced net
The Commerce Department reported that factory started to change that, and the continuing weakness of income of $44.4 million, or $0.95 per share. Revenue was
orders surged 2.3 in August, the largest jump since Sep- data overseas, in Europe and the rest of the world, has $284.2 million. Analysts polled by Zacks expected earn-
tember 2017. Year-over-year, orders are up 8.6 percent. changed that.” ings of $0.91 per share. SSD missed revenue estimates by
The Federal Reserve reported that industrial production The American Fastener Journal fell in tandem with 3.91 percent. Investment firm Robert W. Baird cut its rat-
rose slightly in October, up 0.1 percent for the fifth con- the national markets, off 104.51 points, or 4.53 percent, ing on Simpson to “neutral” from “outperform.” SSD
secutive monthly gain, with an uptick in manufacturing and closed at 2201.97. Declining issues bested advancing closed at 58.50 and was the top percentage loser. ■
compensating for downturns in mining and utilities.
The Commerce Department said that consumer
spending was up 0.1 percent in September, the weakest
two-month showing since January, and below the
increase of 0.6 percent expected by economists. The AFJ MARKET TRENDS
Commerce Department said that retail sales rose at a
sturdy pace in October, up 0.8 percent, after two months 9500
of small decreases. The Labor Department said that con- 9000
sumer prices rose 0.3 percent in October, with higher 8500
prices for gas, used cars and housing. However, the Com-
merce Department said that consumer spending rose 0.6 8000
percent in October, the fastest rate in seven months. 7500
Separately, the department reported that durable goods 7000
slid by 4.4 percent in October, the biggest drop in 15
months. Consumer confidence rose at the end of Octo- 6500
ber to an 18-year high, to 137.9, from September’s 135.3. 6000
Index Value

Both readings were the highest since September 2000. 5500

Concerns about slowing global growth continued the
slump as China took moves aimed at lowering the costs 5000
of financing and stimulating growth in the midst of the 4500
ongoing trade war. Chinese stocks suffered, and equities 4000
Margot Crabtree
is president of
Trade Trends,
Inc., a financial
data services
provider. May-18 Jul-18 Sep-18 Nov-18

AFJ Index S&P 500 Nasdaq

36 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019

11/ 30 /18 9 / 28 /18 Net Percent 52-Week 52-Week Shares Market Cap
Exchange Ticker Company Name Stock Price Stock Price Change Change High Low Outstanding (in thousands)

NYSE AXE Anixter International, Inc. 63.96 70.30 – 6.34 – 9.02% 88.85 56.25 33480 2141380.8

NYSE ARNC Arconic, Inc. 21.48 22.01 – 0.53 – 2.41% 31.17 16.47 483240 10379995.2

NYSE B Barnes Group, Inc. 60.05 71.03 – 10.98 – 15.46% 72.70 52.42 51310 3081165.5

NYSE CVR Chicago Rivet & Machine Co. 31.25 32.50 – 1.25 – 3.85% 34.90 28.70 96.6 3018.75

NASD DORM Dorman Products, Inc. 87.86 76.92 10.94 14.22% 91.32 56.36 32950 2894987

NASD FAST Fastenal Co. 59.26 58.02 1.24 2.14% 61.14 47.37 287060 17011175.6

NYSE ITW Illinois Tool Works, Inc. 139.05 141.12 – 2.07 – 1.47% 179.07 119.38 331800 46136790

NASD LAWS Lawson Products, Inc. 30.80 33.90 – 3.10 – 9.14% 36.90 21.00 8920 274736

NASD KLXI KLX, Inc. 62.99 62.78 0.21 0.33% 69.56 45.23 50750 3196742.5

NYSE MSM MSC Industrial Direct Co., Inc. 88.59 88.11 0.48 0.54% 99.94 75.34 45410 4022871.9

NYSE NUE Nucor Corp. 60.41 63.45 – 3.04 – 4.79% 70.48 55.55 313930 18964511.3

NASD PKOH Park-Ohio Holdings Corp. 36.06 38.35 – 2.29 – 5.97% 47.90 32.32 12160 438489.6

OTC PERT Permanent Technologies, Inc. 0.03 0.02 0.01 50.00% 0.07 0.01 258420 7752.6

NYSE COL Rockwell Collins 141.04 140.47 0.57 0.41% 142.98 63.66 164370 23182744.8

NYSE SSD Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc. 58.50 72.46 – 13.96 – 19.27% 78.36 53.15 45970 2689245

NYSE SWK Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. 130.85 146.44 – 15.59 – 10.65% 176.62 106.41 151060 19766201

NASD TRS TriMas Corp. 29.03 30.40 – 1.37 – 4.51% 31.80 22.70 45810 1329864.3

NYSE GWW WW Grainger, Inc. 314.04 357.41 -43.37 -12.13% 372.06 215.00 56320 17686732.8

Price Price Net Percent

11/ 30 /18 9 / 28 /18 Change Change

American Fastener Journal Index 2,201.97 2,306.48 –104.51 – 4.53%

Dow Jones Industrial Average 25,538.46 26,458.31 – 919.85 – 3.48%
S&P 500 Index 2,760.17 2,913.98 – 153.81 – 5.28%
Nasdaq Composite 7,330.54 8,046.35 –715.81 – 8.90%


$ Gainer Dorman Products, Inc. 10.94

$ Loser WW Grainger, Inc. – 43.37

% Gainer Permanent Technologies, Inc. 50.00%

% Loser Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc. – 19.27%

Advancers 6
Source: Trade Trends, Inc. Decliners 12

American Fastener Journal January/February 2019 37

continued from page 6

accounting, human resources, marketing the early days of the Internet—both to sup- Alexa and Andrew; daughter of Allen and
and customer service departments. In addi- port and drive the Industrial Rivet and Riv- Edith Goodman; sister of William and Eva
tion, Ms. Sherman was responsible for the etKing brands and to streamline the Goodman; aunt to Keith, Sara, Taryn, Jeff,
company’s many brands and copyrights, customer experience. Mark, Michael & Zoe.
working directly with patent lawyers to man- Joanne Goodman Sherman was named
age and protect Industrial Rivet’s proprietary 2010/2011 NAPW Professional Woman of the About THORS
products and services. This includes RivetK- Year and passed on October 10, 2016, at the THORS eLearning Solutions was founded
ing®, the brand under which Industrial Rivet age of 61. She was a loving and dedicated on the mission to provide a solution to the
sells its entire product line. She was instru- mother of Steven and Lisa Sherman, Traci ever-increasing manufacturing knowledge
mental in bringing Industrial Rivet online in and Brendon Cohen; grandmother of Jenna, gap. THORS is more than just an eLearning
company. THORS has created an ecosystem
of manufacturing knowledge, where we have
brought together the best minds from
across many industries, and provided a plat-
form for your organization to access this
experiential knowledge. Our platform con-
sists of the THORS Academy with our visual-
ly rich, interactive eLearning courses, the
THORS Learning Management System, and
expert-led virtual seminars.

About WIFI
Women in the Fastener (WIFI) Industry
provides opportunities for women in the fas-
tener industry at all levels of experience. We
work together to unite, educate, mentor and
encourage one another, for the express pur-
pose of advancing women in the fastener
Women in the Fastener Industry would
like to encourage all the WIFI Sisters to
apply for all available scholarships. This
year, the Edith Cameron winner for 2019
Nicole Sedgwick was able to attend the fas-
tener show. This is what she had to say
about the event:
“I am Nikki Sedgwick; I work for Brighton
Best internationals Cleveland team. I was
able to attend the Vegas IFE show this year
thanks to the Edith Cameron scholarship. I
worked the WIFI booth at the show and had
a lot of fun meeting/encouraging women to
become a WIFI Sister. We also had many
WIFI brothers purchase T-shirts to help sup-
port our group. The show is very fast-paced
so you are on your feet all day, but it is total-
ly worth it, and I would not hesitate to do it
again. I was able to meet other distributors
& more of my co-workers from Brighton
Best/Ironclad who came in from UK, Brazil,
and Australia. I am proud to be part of an
organization that strongly supports women;
I encourage all women in the fastener Indus-
try to take part in this amazing group.”
WIFI is also looking for board members
for the 2019 term. If you would like to volun-
teer and be part of the sisterhood, please
email Carrie at president@fastener
continued on page 48

38 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019

Hangerbolt.com of course
What about:
Hangerbolt.com of course


American Fastener Journal January/February 2019 39


Celebrates 70 Years of Innovation
In 1949, four engineering graduates of Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio, joined together to form
Solon Manufacturing Company in a post-war industrialism era. With a shared vision for innovation, Solon’s
first products were turbulators used in auto parts cleaning machines and conduit benders used to bend
Republic Steel’s electro-mechanical tubing. By the mid-1950s, Solon began developing products around
requirements for Belleville spring washers. The company’s commitment to quality service and products led
to the specification of Solon parts in several high-profile applications, including General Electric’s circuit
breakers and the NASA flight suit worn by John Glenn in 1962.

Today, Solon Manufacturing Co. contin- Solon products can be found in a wide ments and migrating to the latest ISO
ues to thrive on the ideals of its founders— variety of industries and applications. 9001:2015 standard have allowed for a more
innovation and passion for the company Solon’s explosion-proof pressure switches streamlined and efficient means of produc-
and its stakeholders—enduring characteris- were selected as the primary switch used on tion in more recent years, and product qual-
tics that have led to 70 years of successful the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, and ity reaps the benefits of these continuous
business, with 55 employees and three Solon’s custom differential vacuum switches improvement initiatives. With the skills and
product lines. Solon® Belleville Springs, are currently in use at the Lawrence Liver- expertise of its executive leadership team
including Solon ® Flange Washers and more National Laboratory (LLNL), National and team members, under the direction of
Solon® Disc Springs, reduce bolted joint Ignition Facility (NIF), in California, on the company President Diane Popovich, Solon
failures by maintaining the bolt preload. exterior of the nuclear fusion test chamber, is always exploring new ways to improve the
They are particularly useful where vibration, where they ensure the proper atmosphere is customer experience through a shared cor-
differential thermal expansion, relaxation, in place inside the chamber. Additionally, porate mission and vision of exceeding
bolt creep and bolt yield are problematic. Solon Belleville Springs and Washers can be expectations through opportunity and inno-
Solon® Pressure Switches, developed by the found in applications ranging from ski lifts, vation.
company in the 1960s, are rugged, industrial packaging equipment, bulldozers, electrical Solon Manufacturing Co. is grateful to its
controls designed with electro-mechanical substations, fishing reels, skyscrapers, com- past and current customers, suppliers and
and pneumatic configurations that are used pressors, heat exchangers and valves. employees for the confidence they have
to detect changes in pressure for fluid and Since moving to Chardon, Ohio, in 1960 placed in the organization over the past 70
gas applications. Solon® SF6 Gas Density (from the original building located in Solon, years.
Monitors, introduced by Solon in the 1970s, Ohio, hence the namesake), Solon Manufac- Founded in 1949, Solon Manufacturing
are specifically designed for high voltage cir- turing Co. has expanded its plant and facili- Company is a global leader in the design
cuit breakers and provide a reliable and eco- ties four times to encompass a total of and manufacture of Belleville springs, wash-
nomical way to monitor sulfur-hexafluoride 54,000 square feet of manufacturing and ers, industrial pressure switch products, and
gas density and leakage over a wide temper- warehouse space. SF6 gas density monitoring equipment to
ature range. Capital investments, process improve- industries in more than 40 countries. ■
See Solon’s timeline, continued on page 41

1949 to 2019
American Fastener Journal January/February 2019
SOLON MANUFACTURING COMPANY continued from page 40

American Fastener Journal January/February 2019 41

Zero to Fastened
in Seconds!
The right fastener
for any project.
A quality construction project requires precision, speed and
fasteners that perform at a very high level. Your customer’s
reputation depends on it. Kill it when you drill it ™ with
Strong-Point professional grade construction fasteners.

For free samples, or to learn more about our

professional grade construction fasteners, call 800-762-2004
or visit us online at www.intercorpusa.com.
How Fastener Manufacturing
Can Be Improved Through
Predictive Maintenance
For Asset Efficiency
by Dr. Sean Otto

Fastener equipment manufacturers, engineering, power and process plant owners and operators
commonly face the challenge of keeping their fleet, machinery, and other assets working efficiently,
while also reducing the cost of maintenance and time-sensitive repairs.

Considering the aggressive time-to-mar- North America will continue to be the irrespective of its end applications. The ana-
ket required for industrial fastener products, biggest market for predictive maintenance lytics usually reside on a host of IT plat-
it is crucial to identify the cause of potential solutions. With an estimated market share forms, but these layers are systematically
faults or failures before they have an oppor- of 31.67 percent, North America is expected described as:
tunity to occur. Emerging technologies like to grow its predictive maintenance solutions • Data acquisition and storage (either on
the “internet of things,” big data analytics, at a CAGR of 24.5 percent, maintaining its the cloud or at the edge)
and cloud data storage are enabling more lead from 2017 through 2022. Key players • Data transformation—conversion of raw
vehicles, industrial equipment, and assem- include Bosch, GE, Hitachi, Honeywell and data for machine learning models
bly robots to send condition-based data to a Rockwell Automation, just to name a few. • Condition monitoring—alerts based on
centralized server, making fault detection asset operating limits
easier, more practical, and more direct. Predictive Maintenance • Asset health evaluation — generating
By proactively identifying potential Approach: Increasing diagnostic records based on trend analy-
issues, fastener companies can deploy their Product Availability sis if asset health has already started
maintenance services more effectively and The underlying architecture of a preven- declining
improve equipment up-time. The critical tive maintenance model is fairly uniform continued on page 46
features that help to predict faults or fail-
ures are often buried in structured data,
such as year of production, make, model,
warranty details, as well as unstructured PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE MARKET SHARE 2017–2022
data such as maintenance history and repair
2017 2022
By leveraging artificial intelligence mod-
els to identify anomalous behavior, the 9.8% 10.4%
information derived from the equipment
sensors can be turned into meaningful and 27.1%
actionable insights for proactive mainte- 10.1% 31.7% 10.9%
nance of assets, thereby preventing inci-
dents that result in asset downtime or
accidents. Commonly known as predictive
maintenance, this added intelligence
enables organizations to forecast when or if 22.3%
functional equipment will fail so that its 25.5%
maintenance and repair can be scheduled
before the failure occurs.
The Market: North America
Tops Market Share
Due to higher spending by fastener man-
ufacturing companies looking to optimize
operating costs and increase profitability, North America Europe APAC MEA Latin America

44 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019

Predictive Maintenance For Asset Efficiency continued from page 44


249.1 251.3

161.7 151.5

25.5% 112.67
84.28 80.94 68.2
55.25 59.03

Government Aerospace Energy Manufacturing Healthcare Transportation Others

and Defense and Utilities and Logistics

2017 2022

• Prognostics — generating predictions of

failure through machine learning models, FAILURE PREDICTION, FAULT DIAGNOSIS, FAILURE-TYPE
and estimating remaining life
• Decision support system—recommenda- CLASSIFICATION, AND RECOMMENDATION OF RELEVANT
tions of best actions
• Human interface layer—making all infor- MAINTENANCE ACTIONS ARE ALL A PART OF PREDICTIVE
mation accessible in an easy-to-under-
Failure prediction, fault diagnosis, fail-
ure-type classification, and recommenda- scheduled at preset intervals, maintenance data science not only to predict embryonic
tion of relevant maintenance actions are all technicians are informed of the likelihood of asset failures, but also to eliminate them
a part of predictive maintenance methodol- parts and components failing during the and take action in a timely manner. ■
ogy. next work cycle and can take action to mini-
As fastener customers become increas- mize downtime.
ingly aware of the growing maintenance DR. SEAN OTTO currently leads
costs and downtime caused by the unex- Gain the Benefits business development for Cyient’s
pected machinery failures, predictive main- of Predictive Maintenance Advanced Analytics team, focused
tenance solutions are gaining even more In addition to the advantages of control-
on designing AI and Machine Learning
traction. With the manufacturing, energy ling repair costs, avoiding warranty costs for
and utilities verticals among the biggest models to improve the functionality and
failure recovery, reducing unplanned down-
demand drivers for predictive maintenance, time and eliminating the causes of failure, reliability of equipment and systems in
it is even more critical for equipment manu- predictive maintenance employs non-intru- healthcare. Leveraging the expertise of
facturers, EPCs and owners/operators to sive testing techniques to evaluate and Cyient, a global equipment engineering
adopt a predictive maintenance solution to compute asset performance trends. Addi- and manufacturing service provider,
maintain a competitive advantage. tional methods used can include thermody- and the growing advantages of “internet
The bigger players have already been namics, acoustics, vibration analysis, and of things” and “connected devices,”
using this methodology for more than a infrared analysis, among others. Dr. Otto and his analytic teams bridge
decade. Small- and medium-sized compa- The continuous developments in big the needed gap between technology,
nies in the manufacturing sector also can data, machine-to-machine communication, operations and business. His focus is
reap its advantages by keeping repair costs and cloud technology have created new pos-
in completing the “last mile” of AI and
low and meeting initial operational costs for sibilities for the investigation of information
new operations. connected experiences in the “internet
derived from industrial assets. Condition
While it evidently offers more business monitoring in real-time is viable thanks to of things” where most of the long-term
benefits than corrective and preventative inputs from sensors, actuators, and other value is realized for businesses and their
maintenance programs, predictive mainte- control parameters. What stakeholders need customers.
nance is also a step ahead of preventive is a bankable analytics and engineering
maintenance. As maintenance work is service partner who can help them leverage

46 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019

Bolts • Nuts • Studs
continued from page 38

Sockets • Washers
2019 is going to be a golden year for WIFI.
We will be celebrating our 10-year anniver-
sary. Help us make “10 years” a memorable
year and sponsor us for 2019. For informa-

Bent Bolts
tion about sponsoring WIFI, please email

Rob LaPointe and Carmen

Vertullo Develop AIM
Testing Laboratory
AIM Testing Laboratory is a new compa-
ny developed by Carmen Vertullo and Rob
LaPointe. Their primary focus is consulta-
tion, training and testing of fasteners and
related products. Product offerings include
® technical guidance, specifications and draw-
ings, compliance issues, QMS support, sup-
ply-chain support, on-site training,

Industrial Bolting
mechanical, metallographic, chemical and
nondestructive testing. Their work covers
applications in the Aerospace, Industrial
and Military sectors.
Carmen Vertullo, co-founder of AIM, has
experience in fastener quality assurance,
manufacturing, sales, bolted joint design
and inventory management programs. He
holds a degree in Manufacturing Engineer-
ing Technology and is a member of the
ASTM Committee F16 on Fasteners, the
ASME B18 Fastener Standards Committee

24-7 Emergency Service

and the Research Council of Structural Con-
nections (RCSC). Carmen is well informed
on compliance issues relating to fastener
supplier, especially California Proposition

Special Metals and Alloys

Rob LaPointe, co-founder of AIM, is a
noted authority in materials and fastener
technology. With experience in materials
Over 150 Material Grades testing combined with degrees in physics
and education, he excels at bringing solu-
Over 25 Coatings and Platings tions to the client. He has high-level skills in
physics, materials science and testing

Over 250 Machines

instrumentation. He is a member of the
ASTM E28 Committee on Mechanical Test-
ing and the A01 Committee on Ferrous
10,000 Ton Inventory Materials.
AIM is located at 1920 Cordell Court #101,

Future Stock Programs El Cajon, California, 92020. For more infor-

mation, call 909.254.1278, email sales@

Serving Resale Distributors

aimtestlab.com, or visit aimtestlab.com.

We Service All Quantities JW Winco Introduces Inch Set

Screws Steel, With Brass or
Nylon Tip
JW Winco, Inc., A Ganter Company, a

leading supplier of standard industrial
machine components, has recently intro-
continued on page 49

48 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019

continued from page 48

duced WN-913.3 Inch Size Steel Set Screws,

with Brass or Nylon Tip.
These set screws, with a black oxide fin-
ish, are used primarily in applications where
you want to avoid the marring of a shaft or
damaging a soft piece of material, but still
need to secure it in place with the brass or
nylon tipped set screw. They can be used
with a variety of different parts, including
levers, hand knobs, star knobs, and knurled
“Those that operate in the area of
machine building, including medical, pack-
aging, and pharmaceutical, and material
machining would find these set screws work
very well for applications within these
industries,” said John Winkler, CEO, Office of
the President at JW Winco.
JW Winco is a manufacturer/distributor of
inch and metric standard parts. JW Winco
offers an extensive selection of plastic, steel
and stainless steel adjustable levers, cabi-
net U-handles, hinges and locking mecha-
nisms, revolving and retractable handles,
hand wheels, hand cranks, tube connection
and conveyor components, construction
tubing, shock absorption mounts, leveling
mounts, hand knobs, spring, ball and index-
ing plungers, jig, fixture and fastening com-
ponents, retaining magnet assemblies,
toggle clamps, casters and wheels, universal
joints, oil sight glasses, and metric tools for
the industrial and commercial equipment
industries. JW Winco’s new website, with
improved 3D CAD and online buying, is
viewable at www.jwwinco.com.
JW Winco, which is ISO 9001:2015 certi-
fied, is located in New Berlin, Wisconsin,
with a brand office in Mexico and a sales
location in Canada. For more information,
contact JW Winco at 800.877.8351, by fax at
800.472.0670, on the web at www.jwwinco.
com, and via email at sales@jwwinco.com.

Intercorp Releases New Product

and Submittal Catalogs
Intercorp, an importer and master dis-
tributor of professional-grade construction
fasteners under the Strong-Point ® and
Strongcon® brands, is pleased to announce
the release of their new product and submit-
tal catalogs.
“Our product and submittal catalogs
have been updated with more than 40 new
product offerings,” said Director of Market-
ing David Harlan. “These two comprehensive
catalogs, with over 700 available fasteners,
give distributors, architects, engineers, spec-
continued on page 57

American Fastener Journal January/February 2019 49

Index to the Series


1 Definition of Screw and Thread Terms 24 How To Write a Fastener Description
2 Unified Inch Screw Threads (TPI), Coarse UNC 25 How To Cut Fastener Costs
3 Unified Inch Screw Threads (TPI), Fine UNF 26 Working With Your Heat Treater
4 Coarse vs. Fine Thread Comparisons 27 Alloy Strength Characteristics, Part 1
5 Decimal Equivalents Chart 28 Alloy Strength Characteristics, Part 2
6 Factors Affecting Torque-Tension Relationships 29 Fastener Plating/Coating and Finishes, Part 1
in Bolted Joints
30 Fastener Plating/Coating and Finishes, Part 2
7 Fastener Corrosion
31 Galvanic Corrosion
8 Thread/Screw, Drill & Tap Chart
32 Wrench & Bit Sizes
9 Tensile Strength of Bolts & Hex Head Cap Screws, Part 1
33 Fastener Visuals™: Types of Fasteners
10 Tensile Strength of Bolts & Hex Head Cap Screws, Part 2
34 Fastener Visuals™: Point Styles
11 Mechanical Requirements for Stainless Steel
35 Fastener Visuals™: Rivets, Part 1
& Non-ferrous Fasteners
36 Fastener Visuals™: Rivets, Part 2
12 ASTM and SAE Grade Markings & Mechanical Properties
for Steel Fasteners 37 Fastener Visuals™: Washers, Part 1
13 ASTM, SAE and ISO Grade Markings & Mechanical 38 Fastener Visuals™: Washers, Part 2
Properties for Steel Fasteners
39 Fastener Visuals™: Nuts, Part 1
14 Fastening Application Troubleshooting
40 Fastener Visuals™: Nuts, Part 2
15 Stainless Steels & Exotic Metals
41 Fastener Visuals™: Head Styles, Part 1
16 Non-ferrous Torque Table
42 Fastener Visuals™: Head Styles, Part 2
17 Room Temperature Tensile Strength
43 Fastener Visuals™: Head Styles, Part 3
of Common Fastener Alloys
44 Fastener Visuals™: Head Drives / Drive Recesses, Part 1
18 Weight Conversions
45 Fastener Visuals™: Head Drives / Drive Recesses, Part 2
19 Hex Head Cap Screws, General Information
46 Fastener Visuals™: Head Drives / Drive Recesses, Part 3
20 Torque and Tension in Bolts
47 Standard Size U-bolts & Measuring Studs and Bent Bolts
21 Hardness Conversions for Industrial Fasteners
48 Fastener Abbreviations
22 Cold Heading
23 Thread Galling

Fastener Visuals is a trademark of American Fastener Journal

© 2016 American Fastener Journal. All rights reserved. www.fastenerjournal.com

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48 (18 x 24, laminated) posters
providing a sound training and
educational system to learn
about fasteners and fastening
applications, head styles, fastener
types, drive recesses, fastener
abbreviations, cold heading, threads,
torque and tension, platings and
coatings...plus lots more!

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Email: tom@fastenerjournal.com

American Fastener Journal January/February 2019 51


Your Sales
by Dave Kahle

Only about five percent of sales organizations invest in developing their sales people. Those that do are
often the industry leaders. Creating and managing a formal program to develop your sales people is one
of your best investments.

Which of these issues are worrying you The answer? Of course there is. It’s this: that every practitioner will figure out how to
these days? You can build a systematic approach to do the job well on his/her own. I, for one,
• Keeping the good sales people you have? developing your sales people. And in suc- would not want to settle into my seat on an
• Motivating your sales people? cessfully accomplishing that one thing you’ll airplane and have the pilot announce that
• Stimulating your sales people to become resolve all the others. he’s figured out how to fly this plane on his
more productive? First, a definition. By “development” I own. Nor do I want to put my life in the
• Attracting good quality, new sales mean this: “Continuous improvement in the hands of a surgeon who learned a surgical
people? knowledge, processes, skills and tools nec- procedure by trial and error. The list can go
If you are concerned about any one of essary to be ever more effective and effi- on and on. It includes almost any profession
these issues, you are not alone. These are cient.” I don’t mean that once a month you you can think of: lawyers, teachers, social
near the top of almost every business per- have a sales meeting when you talk about workers, ministers, engineers, repair techni-
son’s list these days. With good reason. If problems, new company policies and proce- cians, etc. In every one of these sophisti-
you can positively resolve each of these dures or discuss a new product. Those kinds cated jobs, there is a body of knowledge, of
issues, you’ll go a long way to profitably of meetings are necessary, but hardly suffi- principles and procedures, that the practi-
growing your business. If you can’t, you may cient. tioners are expected to master. While all of
have a very rocky road ahead of you. Nor does it mean that you expect your these professions expect people to practice,
Now, suppose you could focus on one sales people to learn on the job by trial and none of them expect them to learn the basic
initiative that would help positively resolve error. At best, that is a very time consuming principles on their own by trial and error.
each of these issues. With one simple move, and costly approach. At worst, it leads to Are field sales people somehow differ-
you could help yourself on every one of mediocre performance, confusion and frus- ent? Are their jobs so simple that it’s easy to
these troublesome issues. Is there such an tration on the part of the sales person as learn how to do it well? Or, are they some-
initiative? IS THERE ONE thing you can do well as his or her boss. Most companies how super-intelligent and able to figure it all
that will help you keep the good sales peo- who claim to do on-the-job training are out on their own? Clearly the answer to both
ple you have, motivate your sales people, really making an excuse for their lack of abil- questions is NO. Sales is an incredibly for-
stimulate your sales people to become more ity to do anything better. midable profession that offers its practition-
productive, and attract good quality candi- I don’t know of any other sophisticated ers a lifetime of challenge. No sales person
dates? area of human labor where it is expected is ever as good as he/she could be. And
continued on page 54

52 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019

Make your next business connection at America's
leading exhibition for the full industrial fastener supply
chain. Get face-to-face with suppliers, distributors,
manufacturers and engineers. Discover the latest
technologies and processes. Build your network of
global sourcing options with more than 250 exhibiting
companies. It’s all happening in Detroit. !

MAY 22-23, 2019

For more Information, please contact us at:
Telephone: +1 312-809-9260 Email: fastenerfairusa@mackbrooks.com

Developing Your Sales People continued from page 52

sales people are no more or less intelligent investing time and energy in getting better implemented the system described above.
than their counterparts among teachers, at the job. You’d make that happen by: Before that, you say to your candidate, “We
social workers, ministers, and the like. • Requiring monthly or quarterly involve- expect you to learn on the job.”
Not only that, but every other profession ment in “learning experiences.” These After that, you say, “We have a structured
expects its members to continually improve could be anything from classes at the local training program to assure that you master
themselves. Show me a doctor, lawyer, CPA, university, audio or video training pro- the basic practices that will ensure your suc-
teacher, social worker, minister, etc. who has grams like our sales certification or cess. Then, when you’ve mastered those, we
not gone back for additional training and continuous improvement programs, to have a system to stimulate your continuous
development in the last two years, and I’ll something as simple as checking a book career growth so that you are always grow-
show you one who is either retired or dead. out of the company’s library and sharing a ing better at your job. Finally, we have a sys-
Show me a sales person that hasn’t invested list of good ideas at the next sales tem to help you expand your knowledge and
in improving themselves in the last two meeting. skills into complementary areas like sales
years, and I’ll show you 80 percent of the • Holding regular developmental sales management, team leadership, and so on, if
sales people in this country. meetings in which you focused on a you are so inclined.”
Why is that? One major reason is that special behavior or practice and helped Everything else being equal, which com-
most of the companies for whom they work people improve in that one area. That’s the pany would you rather work for?
don’t require continuous improvement. One specific application for our video training That’s how a development program will
of the main reasons they don’t require it is kits. help you attract the right kind of people.
that they don’t know how to pull it off. So 3 At some point in the development of Clearly, the same is true of your current
they busy themselves with “product-ori- a sales person, he/she will likely look sales force. Begin to require continuous
ented” sales meetings and complain often for additional career challenges. improvement, provide the means for them
about unmotivated sales people. When that happens, the focus of develop- to do so, and invest in them, and you’ll be
Being systematic about development is ment should be on providing the sales per- surprised how loyal they become.
far more extensive than that. Here’s what son opportunities to expand his/her This kind of program cannot help but
your organization might look like after you competency into areas that can be of assis- improve your sales productivity. When all
have invested in developing your sales peo- tance to the company in areas other than your sales people know that constant and
ple. sales. This is when some sales people want measurable improvement is required, most
to focus on training or coaching others, for of them will begin to work on that. And
Picture of the company that example. They can be channeled into learn- you’ll begin to see the result in increased
develops its sales people ing how to do that. Others may want to sales and gross profits.
1 You’d have a structured training expand into management, and should be Training and development like the kind
program for all new hires. encouraged to begin gaining management we’re talking about can be one of your best
There would be a body of knowledge they skills and practices. Others may want to pur- investments. If only one sales person
would need to acquire, skills and processes sue team leadership, etc. acquires only one new account because of
they would need to master, and benchmarks A comprehensive development system, your investment in their development, it’s
along the way by which you could measure then, should account for three things: likely that one new account will more than
their progress. This program would teach 1. learning the basic principles, processes pay for a year’s worth of development costs
such important practices as: and tools for effective selling by itself.
• developing territory plans 2. continuous improvement in the sophisti-
• planning for sales calls cated practices of highly effective sales How to move in the
• strategic planning for account people right direction
penetration 3. opportunities to expand in complemen- Here are some small steps you can take
• relationship building tary careers and learn the skills necessary towards becoming the kind of learning
• prospecting and cold calling to do so organization I’ve described.
• making appointments 1 Budget for development.
• collecting information How will this help you retain and attract As simple as it may seem, this one step will
• maintaining good records good sales people, motivate the ones you be a major one. Once you have a budget,
• getting organized have and improve the productivity of the you’ll find it much easier to actually spend
• making persuasive presentations entire group? that money. The decision will not be “if” but
• gaining commitment Which would you want to work for? A rather “how.” Also, by budgeting money for
• implementing customer’s decision company who doesn’t invest anything in development and then letting your man-
• following up to assure satisfaction developing their people, or one who has a agers know, you will have sent a powerful
• penetrating key accounts regular, formal and systematic approach message that you are serious about it and
such as the one I described above? willing to invest some of the company’s
2 Once a certain minimum level of resources in it.
competency is attained— Silly question The natural question then is: How much
The sales person would then be required to Imagine yourself interviewing a prospec- should you invest? There are some bench-
continually improve on his/her skills by tive sales person, before and after you’ve marks available. The Facing the Forces of Change
continued on page 55

54 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019

Developing Your Sales People continued from page 54

2000 study found that high-performing that continuous development is a require- DAVE KAHLE is one of the world’s
wholesale distributors spent about 2.5 per- ment of the job. leading sales authorities. He’s written
cent of payroll on training, while an ASTD 12 books, presented in 47 states and
3 Regularly generate learning
member survey found that their member 11 countries, and has helped enrich tens
opportunities. of thousands of sales people and transform
companies averaged 3.2 percent of payroll. Learning opportunities are events at which hundreds of sales organizations. Sign up
Since training is a smaller issue than devel- sales people are exposed to new ideas or for his free weekly Ezine. His book, How
opment, and since sales people can gener- reminded of good practices. They can to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime, has
ally benefit the company more than drivers, encompass a wide range of possibilities, been recognized by three international
warehouse workers and production person- from reading a new book on sales strategies, entities as “one of the five best English
nel, I’d suggest a bit higher number. I like to having roundtable discussions of success language business books.” Check out his
see 5 percent of payroll invested in continu- stories and common problems, to viewing latest book, The Good Book on Business.
ous development of the sales team. our monthly videotape series for inside or
2 Have your sales managers create outside sale sales people.
individual development plans with The point is that you generate learning
each sales person. opportunities on a regular basis, and require
It is common practice for sales managers to your sales people to take part in them.
hold annual goal-setting meetings with their While not everyone will gain the same
charges in which performance goals are thing from each event, over time they’ll
identified. understand that you are serious about their
That’s a great opportunity to create growth, and that their continuous develop-
annual development goals and strategies at ment is your priority and their responsibility.
the same time. Doing so lets everyone know ■

American Fastener Journal January/February 2019 55

PURCHASINGTIPS This information was originally
published in Next Level
Purchasing’s PurchTips
newsletter. Republished with
the written permission of Next
Level Purchasing, Inc. To read
previous editions of PurchTips
or to subscribe to PurchTips
directly for free, visit http://

by Charles Dominick,


Is your purchasing strategy missing a key link?
I have two similar questions for you. One is easy
to answer. The other isn’t.

The first question is: “What is the role industry to capture market share, pur- rampant. Sometimes, it’s an embarrass-
of a purchasing strategy?” The second is: chasing cost savings should take a back ment to the profession. I encourage you
“What is the role of your purchasing seat to supply base innovation. If the to be part of the solution, not part of the
strategy?” organization’s strategy is to develop a problem. To do so, I recommend that you
The universally correct answer to the brand as the highest-quality company in immerse yourself in understanding your
first question is: “To support the organi- its industry in order to monopolize a organization’s overall strategy. Then,
zation’s overall strategy.” Easy. But there niche, quality improvement should be a develop the best answer to this question:
is no universally correct answer to the higher priority than cost savings. What should we be doing in purchasing
second question. The specifics needed to Mismatches between purchasing to maximize our contribution to that
answer that question require a thorough strategy and organizational strategy run strategy? ■
understanding of your organization and
its overall strategy.
That’s often a key link that’s missing.
Many purchasing departments place top Charles Dominick is the founder of the Next Level Purchasing
priority on achieving cost savings. And Association, a leading provider of procurement training and
that is very appropriate if you’re working certification. He is also the co-author of “The Procurement Game
for a mature organization that sees chal- Plan: Winning Strategies & Techniques For Supply Management
lenges in maintaining profitability as it Professionals.”
reaches the “decline” phase of its busi-
Call the Next Level Purchasing Association at 412.294.1990,
ness cycle.
But, if the organization’s strategy is to or email support@nextlevelpurchasing.com for more information.
be the most innovative company in its

56 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019

continued from page 49

ifiers, and contractors the tools they need to reputation for customer service, quick deliv- Simultaneously, Gene Simpson will
complete their projects from start to finish ery, and superior support for the distribution assume the role of Senior Vice President
with confidence. We’re excited about the channel, Intercorp is unmatched when it and COO. Mr. Simpson is a 27-year veteran
value, information and project solutions comes to high-quality fasteners. at Semblex, most recently serving as Vice
these catalogs will bring to construction President of Engineering & Quality. Report-
professionals throughout our industry.” ing to Mr. Simpson will be Quality, Engineer-
To download the new product catalog, Semblex Announces Senior ing, Sales & Marketing and Operations.
visit: http://www.intercorpusa.com/home/ Management Changes These changes to the company’s senior
download-catalog/ Semblex Corporation has announced the management structure demonstrate Jinhap’s
To download the new submittal catalog, upcoming retirement of Don Cunningham, long-term vision, and positions Semblex for
visit: http://www.intercorpusa.com/submit- the company’s President since 2010. Mr. continued growth and success.
talcatalog.pdf Cunningham’s retirement will be effective at Semblex Corporation, headquartered in
Founded in 1988, Intercorp has estab- the end of the first quarter, 2019. Mr. Cun- Elmhurst, Illinois, is an innovative, cus-
lished itself as an industry leader in the fas- ningham will then continue as a member of tomer-focused team that creates value
tener distribution business. Their flagship the Semblex Board of Directors and as a through cold-formed product solutions for
brand, Strong-Point, is sold by thousands of part time advisor to the company. the world’s leading manufacturers. Semblex
distributors to construction professionals Jinsoo Kim will succeed Mr. Cunningham is IATF 16949, ISO 9002, ISO 14001, and A2LA
throughout the United States. The brand as president of Semblex. Mr. Kim has served certified. Additional information on Semblex
consists of a variety of professional-grade as Chief Operating Officer at Semblex since can be found at www.semblex.com. ■
fasteners including: Self-Drilling, Needle the company’s acquisition by Jinhap Compa-
Point, Woodworking, Stainless Steel, Dry- ny, Ltd in early 2014. Previously, Mr. Kim was
wall, Post Frame, Outdoor, Concrete, and a Senior Vice President at Jinhap in South
Cement Board screws. With an outstanding Korea.

Tired of doing
ALL the work?
Sourcing parts, dealing with imports,
paying vendors, collecting from
customers, filing taxes or other
forms, and more? Want to focus
on selling?

The solution.
I’m a mergers and acquisitions
professional with a parts supplier
client who partners with small
businesses—like yours—to help shift
your focus to selling and succeeding.
Call or email today.
Financial Services Unlimited, Inc.
Gregg McGuire


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American Fastener Journal January/February 2019 57

How Distributors
Can Say Goodbye
to Price Shopping
by Rock Rockwell

Whether you’re shopping for a new pair of socks or a front-end loader, low price is a good thing.
But it’s never the only thing.
That should be good news if you are a wholesaler distributor trying to compete with Amazon.

Recently, a distributor told me they don’t the customer’s shelves go empty. It’s even When you save customers time and give
want to participate in a race to the bottom faster than e-commerce. When product is them peace of mind, customers will go
on price. He’s not alone. In fact, a growing automatically re-stocked, customers don’t beyond price as a reason to keep doing
number of distributors recognize that com- even have to go online and click “place business with you. That’s your best bet to
peting with Amazon on price is a no-win order.” It also keeps the customer off the insulate yourself from Amazon.
proposition. (Amazon, after all, has long internet, where they might stumble on a The advantages for the customer go
been known for sacrificing profitability for competitor’s offer. beyond simple dollars and cents. With
growth.) What’s more, many distributors are Another benefit of automated inventory inventory stabilized, customers have the
realizing that they shouldn’t try to compete replenishment for customers that will keep peace of mind that comes with knowing they
on that front — because they have much the conversation away from price: Reduction haven’t fallen victim to bin-stuffing, and that
more to offer than bargain-basement pric- of inventory levels. We’ve seen some indus- they aren’t at risk for running out of a
ing. trial, construction and medical-supply dis- needed part or piece of equipment.
It’s a Goldilocks situation—not too
much, not too little.
WHEN YOU SAVE CUSTOMERS TIME AND GIVE THEM PEACE OF An added bonus: When the distributor’s
MIND, CUSTOMERS WILL GO BEYOND PRICE AS A REASON TO KEEP team is spending less time manually man-
aging inventory for customers, they can
DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU. THAT’S YOUR BEST BET TO INSULATE spend more time maximizing service. And
YOURSELF FROM AMAZON. outstanding service is yet another means to
insulate yourself against Amazon.
Automated inventory replenishment
One of the key things distributors can tributors lower customer inventory levels by offers distributors an efficient and cost-
provide that Amazon can’t is superior cus- up to 73 percent. That lowers inventory car- effective means for fighting off Amazon’s
tomer service. That doesn’t just mean send- rying costs and saves time for staff that oth- advances into their territory, without engag-
ing a sales rep to rub elbows with the erwise would be tracking inventory, ing in the nearly hopeless battle to offer the
customer every week — although personal inputting part numbers and ordering. lowest price. ■
relationships certainly are part of the equa-
tion. Distributors can offer other more con-
crete advantages, including speedy product
delivery. (Yes, they can compete on this!)
But to do that, distributors need seamless Rock Rockwell is CEO of eTurns, a point of use inventory
inventory management and efficient deliv- management system used by distributors to automate inventory
ery. One way to achieve that: Automated replenishment at the point of use in stockroom and service
inventory replenishment. trucks. Contact Rockwell at rock@eturns.com, or visit
Automated inventory replenishment at eturns.com.
the point of use provides distributors with
complete visibility into inventory at the cus-
tomer’s location. When inventory hits a min-
imum, they’re alerted and can restock before

58 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019



The MW Advantage
• Celebrating 40+ years • Request quotes online
• Rush orders • One of a kind & large quantities
• On-time delivery • 1 ton to 500 ton capacity
• ISO 9001:2008 Certified

2400 Farrell Rd. • Houston, Texas 77073

Tel 281-233-0448 • Fax 281-233-0449
Toll Free 800-875-3510

How to Profit from OPPORTUNITIES

the 25 Percent Tariff

Increase in 2019
by Nelson Valderrama


At the 2018 IFE Expo in Las Vegas, Vanessa For example, if I ask you: Do you keep In one of my conversations with business
Sciarra, Vice President for Legal Affairs and Trade & your quote data? If so, what do you do with owners, I had a manufacturing owner tell me
Investment Policy, shared insights about China it? Besides changing prices for a re-bid or he was happy to hear about this new tariff
2025: maybe doing large quote follow-up, I would because he thought it would make him
Released in 2015, Made in China 2025 is say that >50% of the companies are keeping more competitive with all the finished prod-
the government’s 10-year plan to update the quote data system (ERP) for years with- uct imported that has been flooding the U.S.
China’s manufacturing base by rapidly out leveraging their potential. market—but then he found out that his raw
developing 10 high-tech industries. Other Let me ask another question: Do you material will increase significantly, and he
major sectors include agricultural technol- measure your win rate (sales/quotes)? Few couldn’t figure out how to compete.
ogy and aerospace engineering. These sec- people in the industrial distribution do. And Another distributor owner took a very
tors are central to the so-called fourth when I ask why, the most honest answer I practical action. She took all their current
industrial revolution, which refers to the get is: “Do you know how much time it prices and increased them 12 percent. I
integration of big data, cloud computing, would take to match every order?!” asked her why 12 percent and not 12.5 per-
and other emerging technologies into So let’s fast forward to the year 2020: Do cent? Sometimes 0.5 percent seems irrele-
global manufacturing supply chains. In this you think your competitors will wait for you vant, but when you run a business of $45M
regard, Chinese policymakers drew inspira- to leverage your quote data? Certainly not. in sales, that irrelevant number means
tion from the German government’s Industry Quote and win rate are key for under- $225K to your bottom line. That’s your kid’s
4.0 development plan. standing and adapting your supply chain by college tuition, a new vacation home, or
And she said, this plan is public, is SKU, vendor and/or commodity so you can plenty more products for your inventory —
known by all developed countries, and the adapt your buying, pricing and sales activi- but it’s also a perfect example of why data is
Chinese government is telling us in our face: ties accordingly. so critical in decision making, if even over
“THIS IS WHAT WE’RE GOING TO DO.” half a percent.
When I asked Vanessa what’s the biggest Tariffs are here to stay, at least till 2020...
challenge she foresees after dealing with so The current administration will leverage Sports are showing us how to win with less...
many of the big players in multiple indus- section 232 as much as they can to deliver I’m going to go on a little detour to the
tries in the U.S., she said: “A lot of the exist- their agenda, and the president and his staff world of sports to prove my point here:
ing supply chain/sourcing chains need to be have not been shy about challenging the For all those sports fans out there, you
rethought.” status quo in this globalized world. know statistics are everywhere. Baseball led
That was an “aha” moment for me.
continued on page 61

How the 4th industrial revolution would look

for industrial distributors... NELSON VALDERRAMA
As distributors, we spend/invest an enor- Nelson Valderrama is the CEO of Intuilize, which specializes
mous amount of hours quoting parts to our in helping mid-size distributors transform data into profits. For
customers. Sometimes to quote only one more information, contact him by email at nelson@intuilize.com,
part number over the phone, we end up list- or visit www.intuilize.com.
ing hundreds or thousands of items to sub-
mit for a bid or LTA. Quote data is a gold
mine because it allows you to understand
trends of demand, competitors, and to help
feed valuable information to vendor’s supply

60 American Fastener Journal January/February 2019

How to Profit from the 25 Percent
Tariff Increase in 2019 continued from page 60

the way, with quantitative tactics that you’ve you have the team (or business) you need to forming data into profits. After seeing the
probably heard about thanks to Michael win in 2019. simplicity of the tool, the potential gains felt
Lewis’ book The Art of Winning an Unfair Game While demonstrating our data platform far more reachable to our client, as they
(Moneyball). If you haven’t read it or seen the to a business owner recently, he said some- should to any distributor who wants to drive
film adaptation, it focuses on the Oakland thing that caught my attention: real competitive advantages.
Athletics’ analytical, evidence-based “What you’re providing is a dream come
approach to assembling a competitive base- true because it means we don’t have to So, how can you profit from
ball team, despite a disadvantaged financial waste time digging through the data or the 2019 tariff increases?
situation. crunching numbers to understand which of The distributors who emerge more prof-
While I don’t think anyone believes that the 50 million combinations of pricing itable in the era of tariff increases will be
stats will replace coaches or managers in (1,000 customers x 10,000 products x 5 pack- those who embrace data. Tools like ours
sports, we have seen numerous examples of aging quantities, etc.) are best to find the help you see through the clutter, ignore the
teams proving that learning from data and low hanging fruit to improve our margins... shiny things that don’t really matter, and set
using it on the field create competitive but I’m worried about how to integrate the your pricing perfectly to optimize your
advantages. If you need more proof, just new price suggestions in our ERP system so returns amid a sea of competitors who are
look at how the Golden State Warriors’ oth- all employees can use this in every quote.” all scrambling to change gears at the very
erworldly second half comebacks are actu- Like many in this industry, he under- same time.
ally driven by cold hard data. stood the value of the output, but was hesi- We are in the 4th industrial revolution,
tant to dive in because of the perceived and that means leveraging everyday data to
How do you become like the Warriors complexity of a new and foreign business optimize our processes, understand our cus-
with an Oakland A’s budget? process. tomers and build a competitive advantage.
So by now I hope some readers are start- That’s exactly why we created Intuilize: to China 2025 is coming: I suggest you make
ing to wonder how sports analytics can help simplify and shorten the process of trans- sure your business is ready right now. ■

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IT’S PERSONAL “ “We saved more than
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locations across the U.S., Canada and Mexico is ready to create
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Manufacturer of Recreational Vehicles
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your business and your us to quickly address offers complete visibility
industry—keeping your your supply and demand of your program and the
production line moving shifts—before they status of your system—
smoothly. become critical. anytime, from anywhere.
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from initial design, by the world’s largest Connecting Materials,
implementation, and industrial distributor and Safety (PPE), MRO, and
ongoing analysis. sales force. Cutting Tools
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