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Social Media Strategy



Not A Taboo

Reach out

1st Step: Raise Awareness

a) By Visuals
For example: Take a topic : Postpartum
First explain it by visuals. Try to explain it in one picture with a short caption to attract their attention and
to trigger their minds. Post signs and symptoms of postpartum one by one or multiple together so that its
easy for them to relate for example: hair loss , anxiety etc.
Once they have a feeling that “Its Relatable” they will automatically start to surf your web and page and
start researching about it , if they don’t they will at least react to the post . If they leave a like that’s fine,
but if they make a “sad” react you should reach out to them through messages, ask them if there is
something wrong.

b) By Gifs
A series of connected pictures to explain what is postpartum.
c) By Blogs
Attach blogs with every visual if possible to generate traffic on the web side by side.
d) By Videos

2nd Step : Make them Accept :

Share facts for eg :

Tell them how often woman face this issue and you might be one of those too.

3rd Step : Convince them its not a taboo

a) Tell them it is ok to be affected by it and its nothing to be ashamed of.

b) Aware them of the consequences to if they don’t reach out to someone , make posters for instance “Do
you feel this too” , boost it and make it easier for them to contact , often people are about to reach out,
but the long or complicated process of writing discourages them . you never know in what state of mind
the other person is and may be she just wants someone to listen. Make sure to add a “call to action
button” for eg “ call now”.

4th Step : Reach Out To Us

By constant reminders tell them how easy it is to reach out to us

5th Step : Build Trust by Interaction

a) Ask them to tell their stories on Group

b) Ask them to send their stories to you on messages so that you can post anonymously (Others often
support and show sympathy after reading such stories and often appreciates people too, by reading those
comments it will generate feelings of likeness among members)
c) Make the group feel like a family to the members ( So they can easily post their queries and share stuff on
the group without hesitating).
d) Encourage them to promote it by word of mouth.
e) Go live in the group (Let people comment their queries so that you can solve them asap while going live).
f) Solve their queries
g) If necessary while solving their query tell one of your stories to make them feel relatable.

6th Step : Suggest Products

Once you feel you have built trust and they won’t feel that you are doing this just to sell your
products like many of the bloggers and vloggers today , suggest a product according to their needs.

Other Recommended Strategies :

1. Join different groups relate to baby care, moms etc

a. Ask to join the groups as page
b. Go live in the group if allowed
c. Go through the groups, see if there are any queries you can solve or discussion that you can
contribute to .
d. Suggest them blogs to their problems.