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There are forty-nine types of sounds which correspond to the forty-nine letters of the Sanskrit alphabet and to the forty-nine types
of airs. All these sounds are found in the chakras.
For each person a speci c root sound may be determined at the moment of birth by analyzing the position of the planets and stars
in the sky. The sound varies according to the time of birth. By returning to this initial sound at birth, it is easy to know which sounds
are lacking in the body and in the same way to re-establish a balance.
The sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet are linked to the xed stars, which are themselves related to the signs of the zodiac. The sounds
are also related to the planets, establishing in this way a speci c relationship with the stars; and thus they are connected with the
The astrologer must study the position of the planets in the sky at the time of birth. From this he can ascertain the location of their
e ects on the chakra in the spinal column. The present planetary transits in the sky have to be taken into account, comparing how
far, how close, opposition, exaltation, debilitation and conjunction with the position of the planets within the spine at the time of

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birth. A cosmic astrologer will then nd out which part of the spine the planets are a ecting. The astrologer can determine the
appropriate remedy by connecting these three given factors – planetary position in the sky, in the spine, and the mahadasha
(planetary period). Without establishing this relation, the remedy may act in a way other than intended or it may be ine ective and
useless. Then, if any positive e ects come about, it would only be a lucky coincidence.
When someone meditates, he can obtain knowledge of the overall system of sounds used in the spine. Through concentration on a
particular centre a ected by the bad e ects of the planets, and by using the missing sound, he will be able to correct or prevent the
manifestation of negative e ects. Complementary remedies of a physical nature can be added to this type of concentration and
In the practice of Second Kriya, the sounds (letters of the Sanskrit alphabet) are related to speci c chakras. Through practice, the
Kriyaban obtains knowledge of the relationship between the sounds and the chakras.
Traditionally, when a child is born in India, the astrologer determines the rst sound or letter which will be used as the root or key
for the child’s name. It’s possible that there may be more than one root sound to choose from. Once selected, the name is given
when the child is twenty-one days old. This sound is known through the xed stars and the child will always be called by this sound.
Even though this tradition is in decline in today’s society, it is impossible to ignore the e ects.
For example, suppose a person was born when the Moon was in Gemini which is in the constellation of three stars Mrgasira, Arudra
and Punarvasu. In this example, the person would be born in the sounds ve, vo, ka, ki when the Moon was in Mrgasira; ky, gha, ang,
cha when Moon was in Arudra and ke, ko, ha, hi when Moon was in Punarvasu. Knowing this, one can look at “Figure 3: Relationship
between Birth Sounds, Nakshatras (Stars) and Zodiac” to nd the root sounds. One does this by looking for the sign holding the
Moon and by how many degrees on the baby’s birth chart. Suppose in your chart, the Moon is at 65 degrees from the beginning of
Aries, meaning ve degrees from the beginning of Gemini, then your birth sound is ki. Similarly you can nd the sound for all the
other signs as well as your own birth sound.
The astrologer himself has no power over the negative in uences of the planets a ecting a person in di culty. Only the person
a ected by the problem can act e ciently, by meditating and by following the advice of the astrologer. The astrologer indicates the
measures to take in the same way a doctor gives a medical prescription. Usually the treatment prescribed by the astrologer consists
of meditation practice with a sound, as well as a physical remedy such as a root worn next to the skin or by magnetizing the spine
through meditation which will balance all the planets. He may also give advice regarding a decision concerning certain habits, which
is a karmic consultation. The seeker should put into practice the remedy given to him in order to reap the maximum bene ts.

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