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ETS eCampus

The click to success

ETS eCampus
The click to success

Building automation with

KNX has a great future – it
is a business opportunity
not only for professionals
such as system integrators
but also for newcomers.
The ETS eCampus tool
from KNX can signify the
first step along the path
to success.
Let’s call him Knyx, the
shrewd installer who wants
to make more of his career.
He dreams of program-
ming a house full of techni-
cal functions for discerning
However many of his
colleagues are probably
wondering how you get
into this promising KNX
Knyx has taken the first
step by discovering the new
ETS eCampus tool from
www.knx.org. After creating an account in “My KNX”, you can use ETS eCampus free of charge

Newcomers welcome
With the introduction of the
new Engineering Tool Soft- derstandable and therefore
ware ETS5, several features simpler. Experienced system
for creating KNX projects integrators profit from ETS5
were improved. The tool for as they can configure their
home and building system projects quicker, more
technology should also mo- reliably and with sustained
tivate newcomers to jump success using the new tool.
on the bandwagon. A great
deal of effort has therefore ETS eCampus is fun
been invested in producing No dry theory here! “It’s
an appealing interface design really relaxing” says Knyx
and clear menu structure for as he works his way through
ETS5. Compared to the pre- the basic knowledge of bus
vious versions of ETS, more technology. He learns that
than 100 new functions have the bus and power sup-
been integrated which make ply systems are separated,
the project design easily un- The first lesson gives you basic knowledge about KNX actuators and sensors can
communicate via different customer requirements can
bus media, how a simple light- thus be fulfilled. But first
ing circuit is configured etc. he needs to learn about
“Correct”, says the self-test the parameterization of the
page after answering the test device functions – the so-
questions and Knyx thinks called finishing touches – so
“This is really easy to under- that the individual devices
stand”. But now he needs to can grow into an integrated
keep his ears and eyes open: automation system. Finally
the basic principles of the the project software is
tool software are explained loaded into the networked
using the spoken word and hardware and the system
with the mouse pointer on is put into operation – the
the ETS5 interface. Starting project is then complete.
ETS5 is very easy as is the Those who achieve sufficient
first step to create a project Interactive learning with ETS5, here showing device selection points during the self-test
– simulated exercises help even receive a confirmation
you to deepen your knowl- as a printout – evidence for
edge. Finally the software the boss, for customers and
of the KNX devices must of course further profes-
be loaded. “Which software sional KNX training.
from where?” The exercise
confuses Knyx so he goes Free of charge
back to the theory again. via your “My KNX”
That is the beauty of ETS account!
eCampus: you can work ETS eCampus is the system-
through step by step, test atic implementation of the
your knowledge after each flyer “ETS5 for beginners”.
lesson, repeat a step if you fail The training is primarily
and delight in your learning directed at newcomers who
progress. wish to gain an insight into
Knyx is now eager and building automation with
Simulation of the physical structure and function of a KNX lighting control system KNX without having to
impatient to carry out the
next steps which involve spend time or money first.
simulated project design ETS eCampus is based on
with ETS5. an object-oriented learn-
ing management system
Graduating which has been tried and
with a confirmation tested all over the world. The
Only a few, simple tasks lead two-level learning concept,
to a sense of achievement: consisting of the transfer of
opening a new project, knowledge about ETS5 and
selecting KNX devices, in- practical online simulation
serting them in the building exercises, was developed
structure and linking func- in consultation with lead-
tions via Group Addresses. ing KNX training facilities.
This will appear familiar to From October 2014, it will
Knyx as the sequence of be available in “English” and
operations corresponds in “German” with other lan-
principle to those of con- guages also at a later stage.
ventional device installation ETS eCampus can be used
and wiring. He will however free of charge after enter-
quickly recognize how flex- ing the credentials of your
ible the programmable bus “My KNX” account! (www.
technology is for versatile knx.org).
applications. Even unusual Remain motivated by testing yourself on your learning progress