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EVALUATION ALGORITHM Blockade Detection Rs defending each other

(All Values are in Millipawns) Hanging Pawns Tarrasch Rule

IMPLODeS + KiM Minority Attack Blocked by unclasted king
INITIATIVE Pawn Chain R + Q Enemy on same file
Tempos >3? = 1 Pawn Pawn Islands
Center of activity, active, inactive Pawn Majority QUEEN
flanks, sides Early development
Clash Points GENERAL Queen mobility
Learning from Kasparov Holes
+1p for 1+ piece developed Pawn Center SPACE
+1p for activity on both sides Pawn Race
+1.5 ps for gaining a permanent
advantage consisting of one factor
Pawn Shiled
(control of files or bishop pair)
+2.5 ps for gaining a permanent LINES (FILES, DIAGONALS) Pawn Storm
advantage consisting of 2 factors Bishop on Diagonal King Tropism
(eg. control of file and bishop pair) Scaling
Vectoral intersections OFFICERS Square Control
KNIGHT Attack on King Zone
MATERIAL ↓Value as Pawns disappear 1: 0, 2: 50, 3: 75, 4: 88, 5: 94,
Outposts 6: 97, 7: 99
PAWN STRUCTURE ↓Trapped A7/A8/H7/H8 or
Passer 2500 mps Blocking C pawn in closed opening + 10 for each free square a piece
*Blockade of Stop Knight defended by a pawn has access to (Square where the
Undefended minor piece piece can be captured for nothing
*Control of Stop by enemy pawn? 1/2 above value)
*King Pawn Tropism BISHOP +3cps for each existing direction
*Outside Passed Pawn Bad Bishop with available mobility
*Protected 500 Bishop Pair Piece positioned on 1st rank? -15
*Rule of Square Bishop vs Knight Second rank a bonus of 15 mps
*Tarrasch’s Rule Color weakness Third rank will carry +30 mps
*Unstoppable The fourth rank +45, the fifth +60,
the sixth +75, the seventh +60 and
Returning Bishop the last, eighth rank 30mps
Backward Bishop trapped on A2/H2/A7/H7 Bishop/Rook 100
Candidate Passed or A3/H3/A6/H6 Knight/Queen 150
Doubler Undefended minor piece Spatial Mobility
Central Control
Hidden Passed DEVELOPMENT Mobility of Pawns
Isolated ROOK
Sentry ↑value as Pawns Disappear Connnectivity
Rook on Open File Trapped Pieces (Value ↓150)
GROUPS Rook on Seventh