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rasa09 SCAD2N05.8F.C0 45D DETE 97742413C FED jpep Prof. Mifsad: [laughs] are you joking? i wouldn't ke to, the question isnot Putin's niece in any way i She Isa student who had just finished the, an MBA program and was tke many others, by the way, lie many others, she was not just one, like manyothers;= given the possibility af being a staglaire at the London Center of Intemational Law Practice. By this Fintend that there were many others who were given ihe a ‘opportunity from taly who actually did the stage there. That is all: 1 Would lke to pass on to the third meeting The thre meeting, the third mecting was _after April twotousand and [38a] sixteen, yes, in which we had a discussion about = “again topical issues. What happened was, there was this famous. ‘Me-Trump’s} “ pelleve speech, foreign affairs speech, (8dah] which George told me that he had co. ae written [38ah] for Me. Trump and he asked me if /had liked the contents of this, z “(Aaah of this speech. [3h] So [told him, yes t derlike, i's. an opening up 9 the ‘world and various things which | think interesting. There were also ‘references toa : ‘number of topical issues which were being discussed on the day. Again, that's what we discussed. + = ‘Wh did you meet in Apri? Mifsud:— No, we kept conversation, we kept our conversation sbout the idea, cause thers : aoc dea that George would acllly tobe able to come tol and speak atthe = Eoropean counsel of foreign relations and speak and in other places and speek, OY) | gbout what foreign policy, the new foreign policy of the United States, This isthe Kind of the United States could be under, we the| Dr. Roh: ‘Who was requesting this meeting? Sees = prof aitcuds {aid nt request the meeting, because, | was, id Rot ask to meet with hi 2) pr Roh; — Sohowwas aie bof itaud: was the two of us who decided to meet Because the two ofus were loLomdon, | when | am going to be nextin London, when | am going tebe nextiniondonandthe ‘two of us decided to meat, And decide to have something to « for ‘breakfast together wi : that sal = usands of emails with Dr.Roh: At this meeting Papadopoulos says that you told him about dirt on Hillary Clinton: Please comment, Prof, Mifsud: have no knowledge expect those that | read in the media about any type of emails. or any thing of this sort, | am completely unaware also because the emails would tefer to another country with which ! have an insttutionat link, only 98 an academic, _which/ think is important. : cee: BE-Roh; So-conce again, did you say this, yes or no? Prof. Mifsud:” "No, Vid not say that. Insti. google comms finbow/WhatK IV ROMXsxWWage WsOMpWppKXVMatbxeSLMNWkghW gS MAXeWXTFBV pmWCSze4DeTLFRQ%peeetorl... 1