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“I would like to dedicate this work to Allah Almighty who have given me the forte
to complete this job, after that I dedicate this to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and then
to my parents who have facilitated me and deliver each and every thing for completing

It would not have been possible”

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Most thankful to Almighty Allah who permitted me to use my knowledge and abilities for
the completion of this internship report I need to prompt my most humble thankfulness
to Ma’am Sana, the Faculty in University of Gujrat Sialkot (sub campus). Who
furnished me with the chance to complete this internship report, and thus combining my
concepts, inspiring my knowledge, creating my skills and consolidation my confidence, to
help me release my responsibility he providing me with the valuable knowledge and
leadership.I am also very thankful to the Mr. Mazariqbal Butt (BM). I am also thankful to
my parents and friends who providing me with the ethical support during the conclusion
of my internship work.

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Table of contents:

Executive summary 5
Introduction 6
Overview of the organization 7
 Brief history
 Nature of the organization
 Business volume rewards and success
 Integrity
 Customer focus
 Meritocracy
 progressiveness

Product or services line 9

 Opening the account
 Current account
 Fixed deposit account
 Transfer of funds
 Facility of demand draft
 Student account
 Joint account
 Services of auto loan
 Personal loan
 Transfer of funds 09
 Facility of demand draft
 Student account
 Joint account
 Services of auto loan
 Personal loan

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Organization contribution to the economy 13

Organizational structure 15
Departments of HBL 17
Comment on organizational structure 20
Internee work 22
Supervisors detail 22
Weekly time table 23
Detail of departments 25
Department description 26
Detail of tasks 26
Filling of deposit slip 26
Filling of transfer slip 27
Online transfer of funds 27
Cost memorandum 28
Account types 30
PEST analysis 37
 Political environment
 Economical environment
 Social environment
 Technological environment

SWOT analysis 38
Conclusion 40
Recommendations 40
References 42

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Executive summary:
It is the simple requirement that the student of Business administration in university of
Gujrat Sialkot (sub campus) student’s necessity have to doing six weeks internship in
any institution and then he / she has to succumb the internship report. I have done my
internship in the Habib bank Paris road Sialkot branch. The branch is located in the
center of the village and the branch is a five member’s branch which contains one
manager one cashier a tea boy and two security guards.

In this report the whole background, brief past and current location of Habib bank is
stated. Then I have involved my internee’s work. Which contains all the actions that I
have done during my internship dated. In which I has learned the process of account
opening in t bank. To open account in bank the candidate must have to stretch fill an
application form providing by the bank and candidate must have to deliver the required
info. I have educated general banking. Then at the end of the report I have comprised
the supposition and references and proposals are providing to the bank at end of the

At the end of report I have stated all the capitals from which I have composed needed
info to make my internship report. All broachers, forms and newssheets are close with
the rep0rt along with my original internship f0rm and internship assessment form.

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I have completed my six month internship in Habib bank limited Paris road branch.. This
is very oldest branch.HBL was established and operating in Pakistan in 1947.Head
office of habib bank limited is located in Karachi. Habib bank limited has good quality
slandered and it is listed in Karachi stock exchange. Habib bank limited has 1500
branches in Pakistan. It is a largest branch network in Pakistan. Habib bank limited was
created first international branch in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1951.It have more than 1700
ATM machines all over the word. HBL is creating a good strong customer relationship
through our serves. It is a more popular bank in Pakistan. Habib bank limited doing
main business in Pakistan but its business spread all over the word and worked in
almost 30 centuries. The basic purpose of this report to grow the understanding of
practical knowledge and relate the practical work with theoretical work. During my
internship I feel there is a big difference between practical and theoretical work.


Habib bank limited was established in 1947. It was the 1st commercial bank in Pakistan
which has more than 1500 domestic branches. Habib bank limited created his first
international branch in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1951 at this time it has more than 60
international branches in different countries.Its head office is located in KarachiHabib
bank plaza I.I.chundrigar road Karachi .IT was commercialized in 1974 to 2004.Habib
bank limited was privatize in 2004 when its 51 present share was sold to Aga Khan fund
for betterment of country economic position. The profit of Habib bank limited is Rs
31.819 billion at the end of 2014 and its earning per share (EPS) is Rs 21.63. Habib
bank limited total asset is 1.839 trillion at the end of December 2014.


Habib bank limited is working in Pakistan with the register office in Islamabad 4thfior
,habib bank tower Jinnah avenue Islamabad. This bank trades his share in all three
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stock exchanges in Pakistan with more than 1500 branches.Habib bank limited is
mainly providing the serves of banking under the banking ordinance 1961.Mostly banks
receive money from customers and gives loan to needy customers. Banks play a role of
intermediaries. Mostly banks provide the facility of online banking. He provides a facility
of ATM. In short Habib bank limited is providing a business of serves to its customer at
lower cost.


Habib bank limited is a biggest and largest banking network in Pakistan. It has almost
1500 branches in Pakistan .It has 1700 ATM in all over the word. It works in almost 30
countries all around the word.51 percent shares of this bank is owned by Agha Khan
development fund and 42 percent owned by govt. In word bank ranking the number of
HBL is 582.It has 17000 shareholders and has an asset of 1.8 trillion. This is a biggest
banking network in Pakistan.

HBL has won many rewards on many occasions. It has largest banking network in
Pakistan and providing batter facilities to its customers. HBL has maintained to build the
customer relationship. This show the efficiency of management of HBL.It works almost
every city of Pakistan. It offering many services to its customers than any other bank .In
last five year HBL has won many awards. In 2014 HBL won the award of most stable
and safe bank in Pakistan and providing best financing. In 2013 it won the award of best
financing bank best retail bank great Islamic window. This award is given to HBL from
CFA. In 2012 it will won the award of best emerging ban in Pakistan best financing bank
in Pakistan best retail bank in Pakistan leading and strongest bank in Pakistan . HBL
providing batter serves to its customer and have more branches in the century than any
other bank. The market share of HBL is more than any other bank in Pakistan. This is a
big achievement.

Vision mission and values of HABIB BANK LIMITED:

Vision mission and values determine the goals, and civilization of the society. The
organizations in which don’t have vision and mission cannot rise in competent way
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because they do not their purpose and they do towards an unidentified purpose. Also
values are very important for any organization. This determine the culture and
competence of any organization. Mission:
The mission of Habib bank is given below;

“To make our customers prosper, our staff excel and create value for

It is clear from the mission statement that management of HABIB BANK LIMITED is
focus on the customers at first priority. It is also focus on the workers and share holder
as well-being.

Vision can may not be achievable but it sets a direction for the business so the vision
statement of the Habib Bank is given below;

“Enabling people to advance with confidence and success”

Mission statement also shows the anxiety with customers. Its vision is to create self-
confidence among the customers and it believe in the success of the clients.

Core values of Habib bank Limited are given below;

In the market many commercial bank are worked in these days and customer have a
diversity of choice to choose a bank. Computations are very high in banking sector,
excellence in each and every thing required. Customer query should be resolved within

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a short period of time and services should be according to their expectations. So Habib
bank believes in brilliance.

In banking sector trust is a main thing and banks do not run with out trust. Customers
are ready to deposit our money immediately because they are confident in banking
sector. Habib bank is the largest commercial bank of Pakistan so cust0mers expect
intagrity and professi0nalism from Habib bank so intagrity is a c0re value of Habib bank

Customer Focus:
The business is running due to the customers, bank use the money of people to run the
operations and to make profit so customers are at first priority.

Habib Bank provides equal chance to all the workers to work and brush themselves. If
they cannot hard work they can not achieve the milestone of success.

Habib Bank believe in the betterment of the s0ciety and w0rking for pr0gressive s0ciety
and pr0gressive pe0ple. Pr0gressiveness is a c0re value 0f Habib bank Limited.


HBL providing many services to its customer but it main serves is banking. Some
services of habib bank are given below.

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Habib bank providing the facility of account opening to our customer. Any one opens
the account in Habib bank without restriction. In this account any individual can submit
or withdraw money from account at any time in banking hours.

Current account is an account in which customer easily with draw money at any time in
banking hours. In this account no transection limits. This account is created especially
for business purpose. Habib bank providing the facility of current account to our
customer. In this account free ATM card issue free fund transfer and free transections
are available.


In fixed deposit account customer deposit the money for more than one year. Bank use
the money of our customers to another business and make profit. Some part of profit
gives to customer in the shape of interest. This is not a business account because we
cannot withdraw money with in the year. This account is created for those people who
have more money to its necessities.

The customer of habib bank can transfer their funds to another account easily in habib
bank branch and other branches in Pakistan. This is a batter serves of HBL to its
customer. Customer can enjoy the online fund transfer facility.


Habib bank providing the facility of demand draft to its customers. Customer can
receive the demand draft in any branch of habib bank. This is a batter serves for people.

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This is a special account for student. Student can deposit their money to its account. In
other word this is a temporary saving account because when study is completed this
account is automatically closed. In this account student enjoy the facility of ATM fund
transfer online banking and other facilities use. Student documents are available for this

This account is owned by two persons or parties at a time. Both persons and parties are
the holder of account at any time. Both person running tis account together or one
person runs singly on the behalf of other. This is a batter facility of habib bank. In this
account facility of free fund transfer ATM and online banking.


Habib bank providing the serves of auto loan for purchasing the auto products like
motor cycle car etc. It is a batter serves of HBL to its needy customer.

This is another serves of habib bank to its customer. If aperson need money for any
purpose like building a house and anything other purpose go to habib bank and give
loan on easy terms.

Habib bank provides the batter ATM serves to its customer. It have more than 1700
ATM machines all over the word customer can easily withdraw money at any time at
lower cost.

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Habib bank providing the facility of business loan to its customers. Habib bank providing
a business loan for those customers who established anew business.

Habib bank has also receive the utility bills like electricity bills gas bills and telephone
bills. Customer can easily pay the utility bills at any branch of habib bank.

It is an other servis of habib bank. Customer can get insurance products while using the
policy of HABIB BANK LIMITED. You can get insurance products from any habib bank


Habib bank providing the serves of receiving the payments of different organizations . It
will receive the fee of bise Gujranwala. It will receive the payment of different
educational and non-educational organization. This is a batter serves for both customer
and institution.


Habib bank providing the serves of foreign currency account to its customers because a
big part of Pakistani economy run to this foreign currency. So people needed to this
account. This is a batter facility of habib bank.

Habib bank plays arole of intermediates between two parties at the time of import
export. This is a good serves for business man.

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Habib bank work as a guarantor on the behalf of customer for charging a minor fee from
the customer. But customer should have a fine standing and worth of the customer is
also analyze by the bank.

HBL is also providing services of Islamic banking to the customers. Pakistan is an
Islamic country and mass of the people are Muslims so Islamic banking was a
requirement of people of Pakistan. So for this requirment, HABIB BANK LIMITED
started its Islamic banking and now increasing its Islamic banking network as well. In
conservative banking, Islamic banking products are also being obtainable along with
conventional banking. There are different accounts under Islamic banking and their
terms and circumstances are according to the Islamic values. HABIB BANK LIMITED
has a plan to shift its operations towards Islamic banking and started focus on it. State
bank of Pakistan is also promoting Islamic Banking.


Banks are a major part of economy in every country. It plays an important role in
economy. It is the back bone of economy in Pakistan. Habib bank is a profitable
organization. It contributes a major role in Pakistan economy. The profit of HBL is very
high than any other bank in Pakistan. Habib bank has more than 1600 branches and
large no of employees. It paid many taxes to the govt and a part of economic
development. Habib bank introduces more jobs in Pakistan than any other bank it is a
batter for employment.

Habib bank is very large banking organization in Pakistan its structure is very big. Habib
bank has a large number of employs in all over Pakistan. It have many branches in
Pakistan. The structure of organization is given below.

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Mr. Naumandar CEO and president
Mr. Usmanilyas Consumer banking head
Mr. Hassan raze Global treasury
Mr. irfanahmad Islamic banking head
Mr. Mubashar Husain Payment serves head
Mr. Tahiraqeel CFO
Mr. Nasirawan Director HRM
Mr. Hamadali Director finance
Mr. Naeemakhterbaig Director marketing
Mr. Aftabhasan Risk officer chief
Mr. Adnan yaqoob Audit group head
Mr. Yousaf shah Commercial banking head
Mr. Irfanhashmii Branch banking head
Mr. Shoailmalik Business planning head
Mr. Faizanrasool Head of asset
Mr. Sakibmuneerjatt Consumer finance
Ms. Noreen Fatima Internet banking
Ms. Saira khan Risk management
Ms. Naziabaig Audit
Mr. Kashif butt Global operation
Mr. Nasser ahmed Retail banking

Habib bank has large number of branches in Pakistan. It has more than 1500 branches
in Pakistan. Habib bank have almost 12000 (Twelve thousand) employees in Pakistan.
It works in different branches. Habib bank has more employees than any other bank.
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Habib bank has an office in almost every big city in Pakistan. But its main office situated
in Karachi and register office in Islamabad. Address of these offices given below.


Habib Bank Mall, I.I. Chundrigar Road Karachi, 75650,

Phone No. 021-3258000 (50 Lines)

Fax No. 021-34917511


4th dust, Habib Bank Tower, Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Phone No: 051-2872603, 051-2221133

Fax No: 051-2871205



Every organization have different department to operate their activates. These
departments work together to achieve the goal of organization. Habib bank has many
departments to run the activities in banking sector. Because it is a big organization so it
has a large number of departments. Some departments are given below.

 Department of account opening

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 Deposit department
 Fund transfer
 Marketing department
 Human resource department
 Finance department
 Clearing department
 Remittance department
 Department of foreign exchange


In this department customers open his or her accounts of all the type. These
departments also see the lockers and its relevant things. This department issue RTC
CDR and TDR. This department also issues the chaque book ATM cards and debit

Deposit department is a department where customer can deposit their money. It can
withdraw money at the time of need through cheque and ATM. It can also transfer our
money from one account to another account. Habib bank has more deposit department
in Pakistan than any other bank.

In the boundary of Pakistan customers can move there funds to other accounts in other
branch or same branch. Most of the customers enjoy free online funds transfers through
the branch network of HABIB BANK LIMITED.

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Marketing department of Habib bank promote the advertisement of organization. It can
promote our organization through different ways like create adds. It can also collect the
information regarding to banking sectors. It can also collect the data from primary or
secondary sources about the market. This department create the band image of our
organization in the mind of customers.. This department also conducts survey of market
and gives the suggestion to our top level management for opening the new branch. It
can also collect the information of customer needs and wants. In every kind of
organization this department plays a vital role.


Like marketing department human resource department are very important for any
organization. Human resource department select the workers through different activities
and recruit the workers. Then this department performed the activity of training and
development. This department perfumes the activity of training of employees when
organization need. Habib bank has the human resource department for recruiting the
workers. When organization needs some employees it asked the human resource
department for selection of the employees. This department is also performed the
activity of salary package. When organization need some workers it get add to
magazines and give some important questions about skills qualification and experience.
This department plays a great role in any organization.

Finance department is a back bone on any organization especially in bank. It play a
very important role in organization. When organization needs money it asked the
finance department to arrange money moreover all department take funds from finance
department to operate the activities of organization. This is a most important department
in every organization.

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The responsibility of clearance department is to receive the payment to its customer. It
can clear the chaques and reject the bogus cheque. It has also clear the OBC and IBC.
At the end of the day it creates a report and give to high authority. This is a major
department in any organization.

This ia a department that transfer funds from one bank to another bank one place to
another place. Habib bank gives the facility of this department to its customer. Customer
can transfer our fund easily from one bank to another bank and one place to another
place. So this is a batter facility for customers because on those days life is very busy
people cannot go to bank personality. So he can transfer their fund online very easily
and faster. So this is a batter serves for the customer


Foreign exchange is a most important department in bank. Because on those days most
of people go abroad the country and wants to open the account in foreign currency.
Habib bank provide this facility to its customer. This is very important serves. Many
Pakistanis live in abroad an send money in Pakistan in euro and dollars so this is a
need of people to open the account in foreign currency.


Organizational structure of the group describes its task and specialist relationship.
Organizational structure controls the achievement or letdown of any organization. A
good organization construction can lower the price and can growth the profitability and
achievement of any business. If we exchange about the organizational structure of the
HABIB BANK, its very long and there are many stages from lower level to the upper
level. Higher administration doesn’t connect directly to the lower level workers. There

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are many steps in administration. For every 10 branches there is an zone branch. E.g.
my branch was Habib bank haji wala branch. Our area branch is Habib bank Jalal
PurJattan main branch. Jalal purJattan branch reins 9 other branches as well. All the
area twigs are measured and governed by their individual Regional headquarters.. If we
talk near cash, administration of cash is measured by HABIB BANK circular road
branch. So there is variety of administrative structure. You are answerable to many
different establishments. You don’t careful idea to whom you has to be responsible.
Organization building should be informal and simple to comprehend. There should be a
obliging conduct from the higher level for the lower level. Organization is too much
selfish. They even trouble to take a phone call to resolve the glitches of lower level.
Occasionally customers have to tolerate due to the organization because they don’t
resolve the issues at correct time. This can be damaging for Habib bank in extended
run. Customers can change their accounts to further banks. At the time of Assessments,
2,3 different workplaces at district level proposes their assessment and result is in the
inferior assessment and lower presentation appraisals of workers. It makes a sense of
lowliness among inferior level employees. Salaries are low so workers prefer to change
the banks after assessment every year. Organization structure should be modest and
effectual so that clients and employees can like the working of the bank. Buyer easing
should be at top importance but workers should also be preserved well. There should
be a area head office at regional level to solve the issues. It will reduction the time. It will
upsurge the competence of the bank. And matter can be resolved in inferior time span.

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I have completed my internship in Habib bank Paris road branch. This branch is very
oldest almost 30 years old. This branch is situated near the post office and situated in
double story balding. Banking operations are operating in ground Flore ad in the first
Flore cash room are situated and other things are located .When I started the internship
five employs are worked in this branch including tea boy and security guard. One is
manager second cashier tea boy and two security guards. My office is located on the
right side of manager. My office was equipped with table chairs and sofas. Internet
connection is also available hare. This branch provides all the facilities to its customers.
Current account, fixed account .ATM serves is not available hare because this branch is
situated in village and people of this village is notillegible to use ATM. AND the other
reason the bank is located in center of village so whenever people need some money
he go to the bank and withdraw money easily. This bank provides batter serves to its
customer. I am started my internship on 13th July to 22th September 2014.

During my 6 weak internship in Habib bank my supervisor is mazariqbal . He was the
manager of this branch. He was very well educated and has a good personality and
experience. This is a reason to choose this branch and more ever this branch is near to
my house. The manager provides batter facility to me. He has very helpful personality.
During my internship whenever I feel difficulties he will help in batter way. More ever in
this bank only two clerical member manager and cashier both are well educated and
helpful. The cashier of this branch name Ali raza . He is a good personality and
supervises in all time of my internship.


During my six week internship I worked many activities. This is a small branch in this
branch two clerical members one is manager and other is cashier. All the activities are
given below.

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Date Day Task Supervisor
21 Jan 2019 Monday Introduction of Mazariqbal (BM)
employees and
Tuesday Deposit slip Ali raza
Wednesday Transfer slip Ali raza
Thursday Some jobs Ali raza
Friday Some jobs Ali raza
Saturday Holiday Ali raza
Sunday Holiday Ali raza

2nd WEEK
Day Date Task Supervisor
28-01-2019 Monday Mix activities Ali raza
Tuesday Mix activities Ali raza
Wednesday Mix activities Ali raza
Thursday Some jobs Ali raza
Friday Some jobs Ali raza
Saturday Holiday Ali raza
Sunday Holiday Ali raza

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Day Date Task Supervisor
04-02-2019 Monday Int0duction of Ali raza
account opning form
Tuesday Filling of account Ali raza
0pning form
Wednesday Issue check book Ali raza
Thursday Issue check book Ali raza
Friday Issue ATM card Ali raza
Saturday Holiday Ali raza
Sunday Holiday Ali raza

Day Date Task Supervisor
11-02-2019 Monday 0nline funds transfer Ali raza
Tuesday 0nline funds transfer Ali raza
Wednesday Introduct0n 0f Ali raza
clearing pr0cess
Thursday Filling 0f acc0unt Ali raza
opening f0rm
Friday Some jobs Ali raza
Saturday Holiday Ali raza
Sunday Holiday Ali raza

Day Date Task Supervisor
18-02-2019 Monday Clearing process Ali raza

Page | 22

Tuesday Clearing process Ali raza
Wednesday Locker form Ali raza
Thursday Clearing process Ali raza
Friday Clearing form Ali raza
Saturday Holiday Ali raza
Sunday Holiday Ali raza

Day Date Task Supervisor
25-02-2019 Monday Filling of check Ali raza
Tuesday Filling check Ali raza
Wednesday Cash scrolls Ali raza
Thursday Filling deposit slip Ali raza
Friday Filling deposit slip Ali raza
Saturday Holiday Ali raza
Sunday Holiday Ali raza

In Habib bank, there are notdistinct departments for each and every single activity.
There is a 0ffice of the manager Mr. Mazariqbal, and in cash cabin the cashier
Alirazaprovides his facilities to bank. There is no other department in this habib bank
branch because the branch is located in village. So all those activities provide the two
Page | 23

As debated earlier, my internship in Habib bank. This is a slight branch and there are
not adistinctunits for different events. Same person is liability of all the working of this
branch. E.g. Mazar iqbal deals all the events related to actions of this branch. So there
is no discrete department in this branch

Through my internship, I was specified a variability of tasks. Mazariqbal and Ali raza
helps in appreciative 0f the banking and keeps me eventful in different responsibilities
during my dated of internship at Habib bank. 0N my 1 stday at Habib Bank, I was
presented with all the workers of the bank plus security guards of this bank. I was
requested to detect the actions of the banking and transactions with the clients.
Different tasks assigned to me are given below.


When somebody wants to credit money into his/her account, he has t0 fill the dep0sit
slip. Credit slip is needed for this purp0se. It is very informal to fill a dep0sit slip. It
contains of two copies. One is bank c0py and the 0ther one in a carb0n c0py which is
assumed to the client when he dep0sits m0ney in the acc0unt. Filling the dep0sit slip,
first 0f all y0u have to transcribe the branch name in the b0x in fr0nt of the 0ption
Branch. Then this is a b0x for date which w0uld be written in f0rmat Day Date Year.
Then there are box for title of acc0unt. Title of acc0unt usually in the name 0f the
client/account h0lder but it could be different e.g. if the acc0unt is 0n the name 0f the
commercial or 0n the name of some group. Then are s0me b0xes for the acc0unt no.
there are t0tal fifteen numbers of description no in HabibBank . initial four digit are
contain of branch code. Then here is an choice for the money of the explanation. client
has to mark one of the option. option are; P.K.R, U.S.D, E.URO, G.B.P, J.P.Y, Others.
After money type, there is a choice for kind of the explanation which are present and
saviengs. Then here is place for marks the quantity which is leaving to be deposit in the
description. After marks the quantity of cash in information, it must also be written in the
Page | 24

language. The quantity in statistics and in language must be same if not this depasit slip
would n0t be entertain. after that here a line for wrting the first first name of the
investor, depostors links no. depostors CNIC nu and depostors acount nu if depostor is
diverse from the acount owner. after that the depostor have to mark on the depost slip.
Every depost slip have a part seral no. the official who is getting the money will mark on
the depost slip and trample on top of the slip. client copy will be agreed to the client and
bank copy would be placad in proof. There have to be no wounding on the depost slip.
In container here is a wounding on the slip, saver have a put its signature on to
wounding. if not it will be conventional. on the t0p of the depost slip, here is obviously
writen as bank copy or client copy. at the battom, serial nu. of the deposit slip is


If anyone wants to transfar currency from one account to another person account, He
have to fill up the transfar slip. Transfar slip is similar as depositary slip butt in the case
of transferring money, you have to mark the Check nu and brench of the acount holder
who goes to transfor his cash to this acount. E.g. Hamza needs to transfar his currency
into latif acount. hamza have to sign this chaque and this chaque will be fond of to the
transfar slip. hamza will too write the successive nu of the chaque and branch 0f this
acount 0n the transfar slip. It is like dep0sit slip butt the disparity is that on deposit slip,
y0u depost currency butt in container of transfar, you dep0sit currency thr0ugh chaque.


At the present , online finance move is used on extremely big level. typically busines
personal transfar their money through banks. money could be transfer at once to the
additional accounts inside Pakistan. Is reduce the danger of theft of money and is save

Page | 25

technique of imbursement and of receiving. For transfers online funds, A payment form
is used.

A human being has to fill this payment form if he needs to move funds to another
account in a new branch. First of all box of Branch name. Branch name must be printed
in this box. Then there are little boxes for date month and year. arrangement of date is
as DDMMYYYY. behind date, there are two options, 1 is cash and 2 in cheque. If the
client move money through cash then we tick cash box butt if the client has to transfer
money to another account in another branch then he tick the cheque box Then the
candidate write down his account nu in the given boxes. The candidate has to mark the
money of the deal i.e. PK.R, US.D, G.BP etc. then here are boxes for the quantity.
Amount should be written in both two forms, and amount should be written in correct
form no cutting are allowed. Then here is a part in which the candidate has to write the
facts of the recipient. Name of the recipient, his address, CNIC nu, bank name, Branch
name and branch code are necessary. Then city of the branch of recipient and Bank
account nu of the recipient is required.

After given that the details of the recipient, details of the candidate are also necessary.
Name, Address, CNIC nu, Contact nu, and CNIC ending date are necessary. Then the
source of funds of candidate are necessary i.e. Salary, Business etc. After that, the
reason of the payment is required and 2 signatures of the candidate in the form.
candidate relationship to the recipient is also necessary. Then there is piece for bank
use only, Which includes the charges and signature of official person, stamp and
signature etc.

Applicant will be given a signed and stamped paper as a proof of fund transfer. This
paper is known as cost memorandum. On this paper, name of the recipient, address
and account nu of the recipient are written and then the details of the candidate are also
declare over it. Then the amount which is transferred and commission deducted are

Page | 26

written down on it both in figures and in words. At the bottom of this, date of transaction
written. It will be proof of fund transfer for the applicant.

Opening of account in the bank filling the account opening form is necessary. Two CNIC
copies are attached and proof of your income is necessary. All those things are required
for bank record.


This is a main thing for opening the account. In this form all necessary things are
required for customers. This form contains so many parts first part is only use for bank.
Then other parts for customer use in this part so many boxes for filling the customer. In
these boxes many things are required. These things are given below.

1. Name of branch
2. Account name
3. Account officer
4. Branch code name
5. Date of account opening
6. Customer number

Account holder IBNA:

If the customer have any other account in another branch of habib bank then provide
the information of this account. After that account title is needed customer open the
account his Owen name or business name etc. And account type is required this is a
single account or joint account or business account.

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Two types of account deals in bank

1. Current Account
2. Saving/Fixed Account

This is basic type of account. This account is designed for business man and those who
need money of any time at any place. In this account not any more things are required.
No taxes are deducted in this account no limit on transaction in this account and no limit
of minimum balance in this account.

Basic Banking Account:

In basic banking account, client can do only two dealings in a day. And have balance
can be zero but in current account balance cannot be zero.

HBL Freedom Account:

Habib Bank offer freedom account to the business men’s. This account is simply
planned for the businesses. In this account chaque book ATM card Banker cheque are
free and free online fund transfer are obtainable. There is no limit on the no of dealings
but smallest amount balance must be 20000 in this account. if balance is less than
20000 than there will be charge for dealings.

Saving Account:
Saving account offer income on the deposit and zakat wil also be deduct from the
account. typically house hold people open saving account and they pressure profits
from the bank on their accounts. Different types of saving account which is given below.

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PLS saving account:

anybody can open this account. This account offer income on the regular balance of the
account. Profit is credited on semiannual basis in the account. Account holder can
demand Debit card as well. Customer has to pay charges for cheque book and for Debit
card. There are no other charges of this account.

HBL Value account:

It is another types of saving account. This account offer better profit as compare to PLS
saving account. In this account, profit is accredited in quarterly basis into the account.
This account opened with 10,000 rupees. Smallest amount of balance in this account is
10,000 if not daily charge will be deducted from the account.

Ratba account:
HBL offer Rabta account for adult people to give respect. In Ratba account, profit is
accredited on monthly basis the account. There is no limit on the balance of the
account. Profit is maximum in this account. In Ratba account, cheque book and ATM
are free in this account. Open this account the age of customer will be 55 year or more
then 55 year. Les then 55 year people cannot open this account.

Money Club:
It is an additional kind of saving account. In this account free ATM card and cheque
book issue.It is a slight account which is operate by the protector of the kid. In this
account rofit made by every month to account owner. present is no limit on the balance
of this account.

Currency of the account:

After the choice of this account, money of the account is resolute. What ever the client
has open the account in Pakistani currency or foreign currency like U.SD, G.BP etc.
client has to mark the pertinent box on opening form.

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following that, first deposit of this account is ask in the account opening form. Then the
state of residence of the candidate is ask and nationality of the account owner is also

Operational Instruction:
Operation orders of the account are as well ask in opening form, whether the client has
to sprint the account by himself or protector, whether it is a one person account or
combined account. client has to mark one box form different boxes.

Utility bill requirement:

Bank also stress utility bill as of the client as it is a evidence of the house of the
candidate. from time to time clientele belong to other province and area then utility bill is
a testimony for them to current occupant of this area. But it’s not essential in some
cases. If candidate belong to the nearby area and speak to on the CNIC is adjacent to
branch site then it’s an not obligatory obligation for the account owner.

Income proof:
Basis of income of the candidate is ask in the account opening form but its evidence is
also demand. If the client is a paid person, a copy of his meeting letter is necessary. If
the client is organizing a business, his/her business evidence is needed. So basis of
income and it evidence are essential to undo the account in bank.

KYC Form:
KYC stand for know your client form; this form needed to opening the account in bank.
owing to the rising pressure of the violence and unsteadiness in the state, clientele fully
be acquainted with how is needed. It include clientele complete date, income source,
his hobby, probable dealings, probable deposit etc. does the client has any following,
spiritual power and is operational for any supporting party. do the person have any
Page | 30

minutes of the dispute, fight, turbulence in the middle of the society or any others action
conduct by the candidate. What is the line of work of the candidate what is the average
income or pay of the candidate, these whole things are necessary in this form and this
form is reserved with the account opening form and this form is efficient after normal
interval. Id card nu of the description holder, accounts particulars and the reason of the
account opening is too report in this form to reduce any possible danger in the prospect.
This form generate from the scheme after put the data in the folder. After this account
opening this form is finished in the database and then written to stay in the account
opening form.


Than customer has to specify whether he wants a Debit card or not, if yes, he has to
specify the type of Debit card. Sms alert, Mobile banking and internet banking options
are selected in this part of account opening form by the applicant.


If the account is a single account and will be operated by a single applicant then the
next of kin of the account is asked. If the bank lost the contact with the account holder,
bank can contact with the next of kin for this purpose. Name, Address of the next of kin,
contact no, and relationship with the account holder is asked and it is necessary.

Then there will be customers declaration about the information provided by the account
by him. There will be signatures of the account holder and date will be mention on it.
Similarly in case of joint account, declaration of the other applicants is also required.
Then there will be names, signatures and attorney no’s of the account officer and of
branch manager, at the end again applicant will place its signatures on the account
opening form.

Now the account opening form is fully filled and complete. There should be no cutting
and overwriting in the account opening form as the banking sector do not accept errors,
cutting and overwriting.

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When the customer of bank is uneducated person then the bank asked the person to
thumb impration on the paper instad of signature. It is naccessary for both customer and
bank. This person also provide three picture of pasort size and two photo copies of id
card. Name of the customer thumb impration and the signature of manager of relevent
branch date and branch name are needed for uneducated person to open the account
in the bank.


Cheque is used to withdraw money from bank. For receiving the cheque book submitted
a form called cheque book issuance form. Top of this form write the branch name
account nu and date are also required in this form. After this selected the currancy of
account and trees of cheque book. Signature of customer are requried in this form. This
form varified by branch manager an put stemp of relevent branch.


The hysical prasance of customer is needed for receving the cheque book no other
person receive the cheque book. Customer can put the sign in the form and receive the
cheque book. At the time of receiving the cheque book customer id card is needed for
bank requirment.


Like receiving the cheque book the physical rasance of account holder is required for
receving the ATM card. Customer cnic photo copies are also required. Customer put
sign on the form and bank manger put bank stemp on the form and issue the ATM card
to the customer.

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We know that banks are receiving the utility bills on the behalf of many companies. It
recive the electracity bills gas bills water bills telephone and so other bills. Bank receive
money from bills on the daily basis and transfer the amount in compnies account.

Page | 33


During my internship period I have learn so many things. This period is outstanding for
me and my studies. In this time period I learned many things internee singed many task
to me and learn many new thigs during work in habib bank.I have also learn the thing
how to deal and communicate with customers.How to write the cheque and how to write
the account opning form manage the utility bills. More important I have in the bank
every thing is an order every work present in an order. Ever person provide facilities to
customers and work in a perfesnal way this is a best indicator to me.Behavior is very
much important in banking sector becouse if we are a good person and behave in a
good manner customer feel very happy. If I create any minor mistake that’s not good for
bank and your work. . You cannot disobey the policy and system of the central bank. In
early stages of my intership I face many problem butt in latter I feel so easy in banking


During my internship in habib bank haji wala branch I gained so many skills about the
banking sector and practical life. Before my internship I have some knowledge’s of book
and studies but after my internship I gained many practical knowledge

I have learn the first thing about time management. Before the internship I cannot care
about the time but after I realize managing of time is most impotent in perfecnol life. Go
to the duty on time and work according to time. The second thing is in the bank you do
not work anything your Owen choice. Rules and regulation are strictly followed. I
already know this sector is operational on relatives of Branch managers with client. If
you have good relations with customer, you are a good manager. Client dealing is a
skill. I have also learn to communicate with other people and customers I gained many
communication skills during my internship. I have learn about mistakes in banking
sector mistakes over writing and cutting are not allowed in earlier I create many
mistakes but latter I reduced the error and mistakes. These things are most important in
perfesnol life that I have learned during my internship.
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During my period of internship internee was given many responsibilities to me. At the
earlier stages he tell us about filling of deposit slip and requirement about filling of
deposit slip. Because most of the people in Pakistan do not know how to fill deposit slip.
I was very helpful to fill the deposit slip for customers. After this I sport the filling of
online fund transfer form. After this I learn about the account opening form and needed
documents required for account opening. I have also learn about how to issue cheque
book and ATM card. I have also verify the numbers of customers given to the bank this
is an easy and interesting job for me. I was tell about the two instructions of the
database, how to verify the account balance, and how to verify the deal history of the
account. so sometimes I was hypothetical to verify the account holder balance and deal
of the account to make easy the account holders.

Internship activities are correlated to the classroom knowledge or

In classroom typically we are trained academic knowledge. philosophy of books are not
so significant in practical life. In sector of banking, I don’t see any classroom knowledge.
Any person which has a English knowledge, can do the banking work. Many things we
have learn in the class room butt they did not work in precticl life,

Butt they are so many class room things common in practical life. Classroom provide
information about communication skills, which are linked with practical life. in addition,
utilize of computers and use of MS word is important in organization. So some things
which are linked with the practical life and many things did not relate. BBA is degree in
which learns so many departments and tasks so the whole thing trained in the
classroom may implication for the other department and others sectors.

Internship period will influence my career or not:

Internship was an imminent to my practical life. At start I take attention to the functioning
of banking butt in latter I realize the fundamental banking system and I determined not

Page | 35

joining the Bank later than my internship. Commercial banking is very stiff job according
to me. It is also careful about “HARAM” by many religious scholars so it is a good
knowledge and I learn so many things about this concept, so I realize that I am not
joining the banking job and join the job in other sectors. It is my last precedence to join a
job in bank. In bank Salaries smaller and experience greater. Timing are very hard in
bank. So Many times workers leave the bank at 8PM. In bank over time are not allowed
and management pressure are also face by employs..

Page | 36


PEST analysis means political economical social and technological analysis of Habib

The political enjoyment of Pakistan is not stable every day create a drama in Pakistani
politics. Many govt cannot complete their tenure except Pakistan people party tenure of
(2008-2013).Apposition can criticize the activities of government. But in all these things
habib bank have not any threat of political enjoyment. It can perform their operations
very easily. In banking ordinance clearly define the role of government in banking sector
so government cannot disturb any bank. So habib bank make a batter profit and
maintain their activities in batter way.

The economic condition of Pakistan is not good since 1980. Pakistan faces the big
pressure of IMF and world bank because Pakistan take loan from IMF and world bank.
IMF gives restrictions to our government to increase the taxes. In this situation economy
can suffer very much. At the other hand our polices are not batter for our economy. In
Pakistan law and order situation is not good terrorism rate is high in our country so in
this things economy can suffer very much. But in banking sector no strict policy are
used . Banks are worked in a batter way. Interest rate is less there is a good situation
for business. But in banking sector there is a problem in this situation banks’ profits are
decrease. Electricity conditions are not good in Pakistan so banks operate their
activates on generator this is a additional cost for bank. In Pakistan banking competition
are very high. HBL compete the market very well and create to build a strong customer

Social environment means the environment of our society. Culture,values,norms,beliefs
of a society. IN Pakistan most of people are un educated they do not know the concept
Page | 37

of banking but in other side in big cities most of people know about bank. In Pakistan
Government create restriction on some business. But in banking sector there is not a
big restriction. In some area of Pakistan woman cannot do jobs so habib bank hair the
men for job in those areas. In some area of Pakistan people doing criminal activates so
habib bank does not open the branch in these areas like some area of Karachi. In these
areas the chance of robbery are very high.so the social environment for banking is
mixed in Pakistan not very good or not very bad.

Habib bank are used latest technology to provide better service to its customer. Habib
bank introduces the online banking system in almost every branch.in Pakistan people
can use online banking easily. Technology can change wary facility in all over the word.
HBL improve our database management system to meet the desire of its customers
according to its needs. So the technological enjoyment of habib bank is not bad it fulfill
the need of customer in a batter way. So technological change is not a big threat for
habib bank.


Strengths of HBL:
1st bank 0f pakistan

More than 1600 branches in pakistan

In tearm 0f deposit top bank in pakistan

Customer can trust this bank

Online branches

Good stander servises

Page | 38

Strong financial background

Weaknesses of HBL:
Difficult database to oprate

Lower rate of profit

High rate of markup

Lower wages

Opportunities of HBL:
Open new branches in new areas because habib bank have stroung financial

Increasing of market share

attract the customer and get confidence

Threats of HBL:
Entrance of new compatitor in market

Increasing of compitation in market

Decreasing the currancy value of pakistan

Increase in technology

Page | 39

During my period of internship, I have gain an imminent to Habib Bank. Habib bank
limited is a biggest and largest banking network in all over the word. All branches of
habib bank are online. Habib bank deposit is a top position. Habib bank is a first bank in
Pakistan. Customer can trust in this bank. Bank is moving ahead endlessly and its
business is rising. Due to the strength, it is prosperous. But the database of hbl is
proscribed by high commands. It is very difficult datadase then any other bank. It is not
friendly user. Organization of the habib bank is much arrogantly and they didn’t trouble
to solve the customer’s problems. They did not reply the e mail on time sometimes
client bear the defeat. This could be damaging for habib bank in future. Interest rates
are lower than to other banks in saving accounts. and charge are higher so when client
goes for judgment, he did not select Habib bank. Habib Bank is enjoy it’s branch name,
and fruits of strength.


It is suggested that if Habib bank wants to succeed in the market, it has to start training
and development programmer and have to guide the employees. Because without
proper training and development, employees and as well as customer have to suffer.
Employees take much time to make transaction and customers have to wait.
Management of the habib bank should also try to improve their database because there
are many flaws in the Database of the habib bank and many times it’s hanged for a
longer time period. Sometimes customers have to wait for a much longer period. Habib
bank also should try to market their bank in the print as well as in electronic media
because now a day without proper market positioning, businesses cannot succeed in
the market place. Marketing should be given more importance than other functions.
Through marketing habib bank should introduce its services to the public and try to
attract more and more customer. Habib bank should also try to adapt each and every
new technology being used in the banks because for competing in the market,

Page | 40

businesses have to adopt each and every new technology. Habib bank should train their
sales force because the sales force of habib bank is not as effective as of others. New
branches should be opened in those locations which the competition is lower and
customers are easy to attract.

Page | 41


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