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Kehan Cui

Glena Madden

ENG1201 B55


Annotated Bibliography

My essay will attempt to answer whether parents can decide their children's future career

choices. I want to know how parents should participate in their children's future career choices

rather than intervene. Intervention means that parents can decide for their children. It means that

parents don't listen to their children's inner thoughts and directly help them choose their future

path. Participation means that parents can help their children choose their future path, and they

are good at listening to their children's ideas. I wonder why parents have to be involved in their

children's choices. Why do parents have to develop their children's ability to choose? Why do

children need the right to make their own final choices?

JAIME VARGAS-BENITEZ, “Parental Influences on the Career Choices & Decision-Making of

Adolescents”, article from Livestrong Website, Mar. 2015,

This article exposes the influence of parents on teenagers' career choices. It can be positive

or negative. It shows that children can develop the same career as their parents or completely

different career development from their parents, depending on their interests. The authors

suggest that parents can help children to know more people from different occupations and make

them more interested in choosing different occupations.

This is an academic article and is targeting youngers and parents to learn about how to deal

with parental influences on the career choices. This helps adolescents better understand their

parents' position in their children's career choices, and also helps them to understand that they

should not be a substitute for deciding their children's career choices, but should help them to

choose their careers.

LIVESTRONG is the website that readers can find so many specific article and it can also

offer kinds of writers’ paper about a healthier lifestyle. Jaime Vargas-Benitez has been a

parenting writer since 2010. She has written many academic articles on parenting in the past 20

years as a writer, which has good reliability. This is also a highly read article in the past five


I will supplement my paper with this article, which will be an argument for my discussion on

how parents can assist teenagers in their career choices. It also shows that parents should guide

their children in their own way, rather than making decisions for them.

Ayush Bansal, ‘Role of parents in career selection’, Advertising in iDreamCareer, Aug

2015,https://idrea mcareer.com/blog/role-of-parents-in-career-planning

This webpage advertisement describes the role of parents in children's career choices. It

emphasizes that parents are more like friends in their children's lives. They will give their

children appropriate advice and tap their children's potential so as to help them better fulfill their

future career orientation.

This is a web advertisement, which is mainly for parents to read. This advertisement helps

parents reposition their role in their children's lives. They can help their children correct their

mistakes. Parents should be the promoters in their children's lives, rather than influencing their


IDreamcareer is a program to help children choose their future careers. This web

advertisement is Ayush Bansal's advertisement for parents in confusion. Ayush Bansal is the

founder and CEO of the program and a person responsible for his products. This procedure can

give children a neutral career orientation, help parents understand the potential of children, is a

scientifically based procedure. This advertising campaign was launched four years ago and is

still being promoted. It is a reliable advertisement.

I will apply part of the advertisement to my thesis. I will use it to describe how parents

should assist their children in their career choices. It is not parents but friends that play a role in

their children's lives.

Chitra Reddy, ‘What is the role of parents in children’s career selection’, Wisestep website, 2019,


This article demonstrates the role of parents in choosing careers for their children. It also

explains six reasons that can not affect their children's career choices. Finally, it lists the

influence of parents in their children's lives. The author believes that parents should encourage

their children, be a coordinator and guide to help them correct their mistakes in their children's

The target audience of this article is parents and middle-aged people in higher education. To

help parents think more deeply about their role in choosing their children, not only in the face of

career choices, but also in the face of life choices, parents should encourage and assist their

children to complete, rather than letting them go the wrong way.

Chitra Reddy has 12 years of experience within the International BPO/ Operations and

Recruitment Areas. Extensive experience in Complete Recruitment Life Cycle - Sourcing,

Negotiation and Delivery. She is the author of this article. She has written many articles about

career choice, and has also analyzed the relevant issues concerning children's career choice. She

is a reliable author.

I will use this article to correctly analyze the correct way parents do when their children face

career choices and their impact. This will be the basis for my discussion on the correct way for

parents to participate in their children's career choices.

Xiliu Zhang, ‘Parent intervention in children's occupation is a kind of family soft violence’,

Eastday websites, Chinese Daily news, 5.26, 2015,


This news mainly shows that it is incorrect for parents to interfere with their children's

career choices. Intervention means that children do not have the right to choose. They are

arranged by their parents in careers they do not like. The news shows that this phenomenon is

worth considering. Parents violate their children's wishes and influence their children's choices.
It is a phenomenon of excessive intervention. Even if the parents themselves are not malicious, it

is also a manifestation of soft violence.

The news is aimed at parents. Let parents who have hindered their children's future choices

reflect on their inappropriate behavior. News content calls on parents to encourage children to

choose their own way.

The author of this news is Xiliu Zhang, and the selection is completed by Yin Zhong. They

are good reporters and writers. They have published a lot of news on various websites. The news

was released on China Oriental. China Oriental. com is the most comprehensive local

information comprehensive site in Shanghai, including social, economic, current affairs, special

topics, culture, transportation and other relevant practical information. The news was released in

2015, and it has a long enough news benefit.

I will use this news report to discuss the disadvantage of parents'intervention in children's

choice and enrich my paper. In this news, there are also survey data of the masses, which survey

the percentage of parents intervening in children's choices. I will use this data to implement my

point of view.

Yunxiao Sun, ‘How should parents influence their children's career choices’, Chinese Women's

Newspaper, People Websites, 8.12, 2015, http://gd.people.com.cn/n/2015/0812/c367994-


This news shows that children's early career fantasies predict their future career direction,

and parents' professional attitudes and careers will have more or less influence on their children's
ideas. When parents don't want their children to pursue the same career, they should respect their

children's characteristics from an early age, cultivate their right to self-choice, and let them

choose the right path for themselves.

The audience of this news is mainly parents and children. It helps parents to treat their

children's right to choose correctly and help them to complete their choices correctly. Also let

children know that their own way should be chosen by themselves, not blindly follow the path of

others, which is not necessarily suitable for themselves.

This news is from the Chinese Women's Newspaper, which is also published on the Chinese

People's Internet. People's Network is one of the top ten newspapers in the world, "People's

Daily" to build a news-based large-scale online information publishing platform, is also one of

the largest Chinese and multilingual news websites on the Internet. Its news is discovered and

written by many reliable journalists and authors. It has high reliability.

I'm going to use this news to explain in our paper how parents should help their children

choose correctly. It's not about the choice of their children. This can enrich my articles very well.

Lin ,‘How should parents interfere with their children's "choosing schools and majors" before

they regret it?’, Souhu websites in education, Oct 2018,


This news exposes the relationship between College Students' professional orientation and

parental intervention. The content shows that children's analytical ability is limited and their
ideas are not as comprehensive as those of their elders, so parents' suggestions are very

important, but parents can't dictate their children's choices.

This news is mainly read by college students and parents. This helps college students

understand that they need personal thinking skills and parents need to make suggestions to help

their children fulfill their choices.

The reporter of this news is Lin, who has professional writing ability and realistic literacy.

The news was posted on Sohu. Sohu is China's new media, communications and mobile value-

added service company and an Internet brand. Sohu is a news center, interactive entertainment

market, cross-border business entertainment center, sports center, fashion and cultural center. It

publishes a large number of different types of news and has a good reputation for realism.

I will use this news to appeal to children to have the ability to think independently. I will use

this content to further answer the role of parents in choosing children.

Nick Friedman, ‘Parents Just Don't Understand’, Psychology Today , published July 1,


This article describes the ideological differences between parents and children. This paper

describes that it is wrong for parents to insist on designing their children's future. The traditional

ideas of parents are different from those of children. Parents should not be biased against their

children, but should support their children's ideas reasonably.

This article is mainly for parents and more knowledgeable adults to watch, it teaches parents

to correct the differences in thinking, not to wear colored glasses to see their children, learn to
understand the communication gap between children. It also enables more adults to understand

the difference between positive coping and parental thinking and maintain a good family


This article was written by Nick Friedman. He is world-class speaker, bestselling author,

founder of a national franchise. Psychology Today is also a well-known periodical. This article

was published in 2014. It has a stable reading volume and great reliability.

This article seems to have nothing to do with the theme I wrote, but I would like to use this

article to roughly analyze the differences in thinking between parents and children. Because

parents want to help their children choose their future career is good, but the way is incorrect,

sometimes the children will not understand. How to resolve the conflict between what children

want and what parents want is the answer of this article.