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The Universe is multidimensional.

So are you.
So is the Earth.
So is everything.

This has to be so, because you (and the Earth and everything) are part of the Universe, and whatever is
fundamentally true for the Whole is fundamentally true for the parts.


You may not consciously know that you are multidimensional.

You may not consciously experience your own multidimensional nature.
You may not consciously know or experience Earth's multidimensional nature, or that of the Universe.
But that's okay.

Your "job" as a human is to:

(1) Experience the richness of the dimensions you do know and
(2) Evolve so you can experience more.

You cannot avoid evolving.

But you can get "stuck" for long periods of "time".
This can be painful.
Getting unstuck can also be painful if you have gotten used to being stuck.

Don't despair. Help is available.

The Universe is multidimensional.

What Do We Mean By "Universe"? For the momentU, we will define the Universe as "All That Is." This
includes everything in our 3-dimensional experience—from stars, planets and the space between them,
to animals, plants, minerals, elements, atoms, subatomic particles, and so on. It includes all matter and


energy, all fields and forces, all structures and forms, plus all the laws that keep all these other things in

But the Universe also includes things beyond our 3-dimensional experience—things like spirit, spiritual
energies and entities, and spiritual laws. It includes the so-called "subtle" energies and bodies, which
relate to our thoughts and thought forms, our memories, dreams, wishes and feelings. It includes planes
of existence and levels of being that are quite different from what we have come to think of as
"everyday reality".


For purposes of this exploration, we will also define the Universe as something that is Conscious. That is,
the Universe is considered to be Alive, Aware—even Self Aware—and always Learning. Going further
down this path, everything in the Universe is also considered as Conscious, Aware, Alive and Learning.
This means every being, every atom, every star, every planet, space itself—everything.

Unless you have come in contact with this idea before, you may not find it intuitively obvious. Science,
for example, thinks only of biological things as being alive, and only some of those things as being

But that's okay. Scientists and philosophers down through the ages have argued (and are still arguing
today) about the very definitions of Life and Consciousness, and about what "proves" that something
has them. Mystics have simply assumed everything does. This course invites you to walk with the
Mystics. But it also affirms that to be Human is to Ask Questions and to ponder over the possible

For purposes of this exploration, we will also define the Universe as something that is Conscious. That is,
the Universe is considered to be Alive, Aware—even Self Aware—and always Learning. Going further
down this path, everything in the Universe is also considered as Conscious, Aware, Alive and Learning.
This means every being, every atom, every star, every planet, space itself—everything.

Unless you have come in contact with this idea before, you may not find it intuitively obvious. Science,
for example, thinks only of biological things as being alive, and only some of those things as being

But that's okay. Scientists and philosophers down through the ages have argued (and are still arguing
today) about the very definitions of Life and Consciousness, and about what "proves" that something
has them. Mystics have simply assumed everything does. This course invites you to walk with the
Mystics. But it also affirms that to be Human is to Ask Questions and to ponder over the possible

And so, on to the next question:


As we said in the Overview, the Universe is also defined as being Multidimensional, as is everything in it.
What does this mean?


Being multidimensional means having many levels that can be experienced and explored. From the
point of view of Consciousness, it means having different perspectives, different levels of discernment
and understanding.

For example, imagine that you are climbing a mountain. When you start out, the ground at the bottom
of the mountain is very close. You can see tiny pebbles and little bits of grass and wildflowers growing
among the stones. When you look up toward the peak, maybe you can't see it at all because it's lost in
mist. There may be a slow drizzle coming down, and the sky is grey and the air is warm and sticky. Now
you start to climb. Very quickly the tiny pebbles at the bottom and the little bits of grass and flowers
become too small to still be seen. Instead, you are seeing the details of the rock face on the part of the
mountain you are climbing. The air gets colder. You climb through the mist into brilliant sunshine.
Clouds now lie below you, so now you can't see the bottom of the mountain at all, but you can suddenly
see the top. There is something built up there. It's a white palace with a bunch of bright colors along one
edge. You keep climbing. You reach the gates. You can see that the bright colors are people dressed in
beautiful clothing. Now you can see the people's faces, the fine details of their garments and jewelry.
And so on. Each step in the climb changes your perspective of the whole. What you were conscious of,
and even what you were able to be conscious of, at the bottom of the mountain is different from what
you are conscious of at the top. When you come back down, you experience both the top and the
bottom differently for having taken the journey. Your consciousness has been "expanded" to include
more information.

Now imagine that same mountain as seen from much farther away. Imagine you are on the surface of
the moon. Now the entire mountain looks about as big as the little pebbles did when you were at the
mountain's base. Now imagine you are on the surface of the planet Neptune. Now the whole Earth looks
smaller than a pebble. You can't even see it without a telescope. Now imagine you're standing on the
rim of the Milky Way Galaxy. Where is the pebble Earth? Where is the Sun?

Now imagine going in the other direction. Imagine you are back at the base of the mountain, and you
get smaller and smaller until you are looking at the mountain microscopically. You can see the
shimmering planes and points of crystals of the various minerals that make up the rocks. Now imagine
getting smaller still. You see the vibrations and waves of energy that make up atoms, subatomic
structures. Go smaller still. Now you are in the space between subatomic structures. It seems as big as
the Milky Way did. It's just a matter of perspective.

This is one example of different levels of awareness, different kinds of perspective. This is an example
where you change your "point of view." But you can also move in other ways. For example, instead of
changing your point of view, you can change your point of reference, your identity: imagine that instead
of looking at the pebble (or the flower or the mountain or the atom) from different vantage points, you
entered it, and experienced being that pebble (or flower or mountain or atom). How does it feel to be
the substance of rock, to be the substance of flower? What is the difference between being an atom of
the mountain and being the whole mountain? Imagine being the flower, the rock, the atom and the
mountain all at the same time. That's a stretch in perspective! Add the mist. Add the whole sky. Add
yourself as the mountain-climber. Each new level stretches you some more.

But these examples are still more or less "intellectual". You are reaching in with your mind. But being
multidimensional means you have other potential ways of investigating and exploring. You can also
reach in with your heart. You can experience not only how it feels being a flower, but what the flower as


a being feels. How does the flower experience the sun? How does the flower share itself with a butterfly
drinking its nectar? Or an animal or bug that eats up the entire plant? Does lettuce love being made into
a salad? Does a dandelion enjoy blooming? When you reach in with your heart, you can experience
Empathy, Compassion. This stretches you in a different way again. Or you can reach in Intuitively. You
can suddenly Know Flower. There may be sensations, ideas, emotions you could never put into words
because human language has no words for them. You can gather information and gain insights in ways
that your mind does not understand, yet you, as a whole multidimensional being, do.

And you can reach inside yourself and gather information too. You have worlds within, waiting to be
discovered and explored. In this sense, there is an entire "universe of you".

All of this is what we mean by "Multidimensional".


But there is still more. Each level of awareness involves different levels of energy, different qualities of
experience, different "rules" of Being in order to stay at that level.

Go back to the mountain. Imagine you are at the bottom again. It's hot and rainy. You are comfortable
wearing a thin cotton wrap and wielding an umbrella. Now you're at the top. It's sunny and cold. You're
freezing in your thin cotton wrap, and you have no use for the umbrella. Now imagine you're inside an
atom of the mountain's minerals. You don't notice the weather at all. Weather is meaningless at this
level. But, when you're experiencing as an atom does, you notice energy pulses and rhythms that are
indiscernible when you are focused on being a mountain-climber. These are simplistic examples in a
way, but do you see how the "rules" change at the different levels?

Perhaps you played this game as a child: you took a circle of paper and colored blue and yellow spirals
onto it. Then you put a pin through the center of the circle and attached it to the eraser end of a pencil.
Then you spun the circle, and watched the colors of blue and yellow blend so that your eye saw green.
When the circle wasn't moving, it was blue and yellow, but when the circle was spun fast enough, a new
"level of reality" emerged. If you could spin such a circle faster still, the colors might turn to white, or
the whole paper might even become invisible. Similarly, there are levels of awareness that you can't
even experience until you "move" fast enough (or slowly enough)—until you "vibrate" at the right
"frequency," until your consciousness "resonates" with the energies at that level. Getting your human
physiology to be able to vibrate or resonate at different levels is something that usually requires

In the beginning, resonating at a single new level may be all that you can do, and may require all your
attention. Moving to a different level of awareness, you must drop the previous level. For example,
when you are learning how to walk, you have to put all your attention on moving one leg, then the
other. If something distracts you, you fall down. But once you've fallen down enough times, something
"clicks" and suddenly you can walk and do other things at the same time, like clap your hands, or talk to
a friend, or (on a hurried morning) put on your coat while eating your toast while telling the dog to stop
bothering the cat while remembering you have to pay the phone bill today. In the same way, there are
levels of awareness that intrinsically involve being aware of many other levels at the same time, and you
cannot experience those levels until you can hold such multiple awarenesses yourself.


There are levels at which you might not even be able to understand what you are seeing or experiencing
at all, because you have no frame of reference for it. We can imagine, for example, the emotions a cat or
a dog might feel, because we have long experience with cats and dogs, and because they have eyes that
look a lot like ours and we can project our own feelings into the imagining. But do we have any idea
what the emotional state of an asteroid might be? Or an atom? Or vacuum? Not really. If you arrive at a
level where everything is the color "wzyxl", do you understand? Maybe you do while you are there, but
later on, you may not be able to remember how it looked. You lose your frame of reference when you
leave the level.

This can happen, even when you are exploring someplace "familiar," like the inside of yourself. You may
suddenly be very surprised at what you find inside. You may be disturbed. You may think, "But I'm not
like that!" But you are. Once you start exploring dimensions, you discover you are much more complex
than you thought you were, and that you have much in common with things you may never even have
thought about before.

This is why such exploration usually increases your sense of connectedness to other beings, to other
things. And why it often increases your sense of compassion, why mystics speak of "seeing yourself in
others, and others in yourself", and why—again—you might be told "You are the whole Universe and
the Universe is You."

Such ideas may sound paradoxical, and that's okay. In fact, one more thing that it's important to know
about being multidimensional is that paradox is part of the system. Each expansion of understanding
alters previous understandings you may have had. Each expansion of awareness requires you to reframe
previous awarenesses. And sometimes that process leads into strange places. You will not be able to go
further until you learn to "flex," to "bend," to allow for possibilities you previously believed totally
impossible. Some people call this "surrender." It can feel very uncomfortable—physically, emotionally,
and mentally.

In fact, being multidimensional can sometimes be utterly infuriating to the logical mind. This includes
your own mind, as well as others'. Patience is required to see you through.

We will have a lot more to say about dimensions and multidimensionality in later sections. But right
now, there are two more important things to say:

Love is the energy that connects.


You chose to come here.


Patience, compassion, "seeing yourself in others and others in yourself"... these are common
embodiments of the energy of Love. Experiencing and exploring multidimensionality requires and
supports increasing your own levels of love energy. This makes sense, because—as said above—Love is
the energy that connects all things. So as you "stretch" your consciousness to connect in different ways,
to perceive from different perspectives, to experience different aspects of your own and the Universe's
multidimensionality, you are really increasing your ability to love and connect with love.


Recognize, too, that this means there is no judgment about dimensions. It is not "better" to be at a
"higher" dimension. It may be "bigger," it may allow you a broader perspective, but from the point of
view of the universe, all dimensions are worthy of exploration, all dimensions offer something important
to the whole. Love extends through all things, even things that may seem empty, like the vacuum of


The term "free will" is bandied about a lot in our culture. Within the framework of a multidimensional
universe, "free will" means you have the right to choose what level of consciousness you will focus on,
and, accordingly, the rate at which your consciousness will develop.

Free Will means you have the right to experience the consequences of your choices—painful ones as
well as pleasurable ones. Free Will also means you have the right to choose to tie yourself to the Earth
experience and subordinate yourself to its limitations.

This includes using your Free Will to become human in a particular culture and family, which then
impose conditioning onto your consciousness. In a truly Free Will environment, every action is done by
choice, and every interaction by mutual choices. Nothing happens that you haven't agreed to. This
means in a truly Free Will environment, there is no such thing as a victim. This idea is often hard to
comprehend, and even harder to accept. Free Will always goes hand-in-hand with Responsibility. To
take on such Responsibility requires a great deal of Courage. Only the free and the brave live on planet
Earth at this time.

We will have more to say about Love and about Free Will as this exploration proceeds.


We list a lot of "classics" here—books and films that left a definitive mark in regard to their subject
matter. If you want to explore further, these are among the best places to start.

For more on consciousness, try:

 "The Secret Life of Plants" by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird (1972). This is a classic book
that offers fascinating support for consciousness in non-animal life here on Earth.

What Do We Mean By "Multidimensional"?—Parts I and II

For explorations of multidimensionality and stretching your consciousness, try:

 "One, Two, Three, Infinity" by George Gamow (1947). This is another classic book. It tackles the
concept of Infinity in all its intricacies, and gives one of the best explanations ever of how Time
can be the 4th dimension to a 3-dimensional lifescape.

 "Infinity and the Mind: The Science and Philosophy of the Infinite" by Rudy Rucker (1982). This
book offers a great look at infinities in Time, Space, Thinking and Perception, including the
infinitely Large and the infinitely Small.


 "Powers of Ten"—a short film by Charles & Ray Eames (1989). This classic film shows the impact
of shifting perspectives by showing the same scene magnified or reduced by powers of 10 every
10 seconds.

 Any of the books or DVD's of Alex Grey's artwork ("Transfigurations", "Sacred Mirror", et.al.)
give glimpses into the multiple levels that surround us in our everyday activities.

 Similarly, many of the artworks of M.C. Escher contain mind-stretching images of "impossible"
geometries hinting at dimensions beyond the 3rd.

 "Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid" by Douglas Hofstadter (1979). Although
ultimately centered around mathematics, and especially "Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem",
this book also presents images, concepts, and clever dialogues between two characters named
Tortoise and Achilles (and later assorted other characters) on the nature of mind, thought,
intelligence, and the universe, all of which stretch the consciousness of anyone reading it, and
giving glimpses of other dimensions of awareness. The referenced "Incompleteness Theorem"
has the significance of mathematically proving that there must be more to reality than what we
experience in 3 dimensions.

 "Flatland: A Romance in Many Dimensions" by Edwin Abbott (1952). This is yet another classic
book, a novel, that explores a mythical realm that has only 2 physical dimensions (like a sheet of
paper) and the beings that live on it (circles, squares, triangles, and so on), and what happens to
them when they are suddenly and unexpectedly visited by a 3-dimensional being (a sphere).
There are several sequels to this book, written by other authors extending the concept.

 Though now somewhat "dated", examples of multi-level experience—albeit within pure 3-

dimensional reality—can be found in the old "Magic Eye" books. Each magic eye picture
contains a stereoscopic image hidden within a pattern of colors or lines. Focusing your eyes in a
particular way enables the hidden image to suddenly leap out. The image was there all along,
but you could not see it until you adjusted your awareness to the right level.

Duality and Non-duality

So, we've talked about interconnectedness, and how expanding your
ability to perceive at different levels of consciousness expands your sense of interconnection to other
beings. If you can expand this interconnection far enough, you can feel "at one" with the entire
Universe. This is known as "Unity Consciousness," and it is the goal of most spiritual paths. You may
even have experienced this consciousness for brief periods in your life—for example, during deep
meditation. Unity consciousness is the opposite of "Separation Consciousness"— where you feel
isolated, alone, and separated from other beings. Separation Consciousness and Unity Consciousness
are also known as Duality and Non-duality. Duality is where you perceive "I" and “Other"—2 separate
entities—hence "dual" or two, while Non-duality is where you perceive only One—Unity.

As with the notion of multi-dimensionality, you will perceive more clearly if you approach these
concepts without judgment. It is tempting to think of Duality as "bad" and Unity as "good," but that is
actually an intrinsically dualistic way of thinking. Anything that separates or polarizes is Dual: good and
bad, smart and stupid, beautiful and ugly, even light and dark, love and fear—these are all Dualities. We


are here to learn Balance—that is, to discern when it is appropriate to use one form of perception over
another. Discernment is not judgment; discernment has no emotional charge, only a Knowing.
Recognize that from Unity's point of view, both Duality and Non-duality are currently valuable; that's
why they're present in the universe. (In fact, at a certain level, from Unity's point of view, Duality and
Non-duality are actually One. This is a hard concept when you are in Duality, but it is ultimately true.)

Now—without being judgmental—it is also true that Duality is more limiting than Non-duality; its point
of view is "smaller," while Non-duality's is "bigger." This is because non-duality doesn't seek to separate
or polarize. It therefore allows a broader perspective. Within non-duality, everything simply is. Within
duality, some things are "not allowed;" therefore its perspective is smaller.

But being smaller or more limited is not necessarily "bad." Limitation helps to focus your attention. If
you've ever done any photography, you know that there is a great art to "framing" a shot—stepping
forward and backward and sideways until you get exactly—and only—those components of a scene that
you want in your photo, leaving out those things that would distract when you look at the final image. A
different photographer, shooting the same scene, might select different objects to frame in the shot,
and neither choice is "wrong," only different. Or consider cooking: you only put certain ingredients into
your bread or your casserole or your salad, and leave out others. Limitation is a form of choice, and it is
accepted by choice. When you're eating, you hopefully stop when you're full. Limitation isn't "bad," it's
just ... limiting. Balance is knowing when limitation is necessary and when it can be put aside.

So Duality is like a subset of Non-duality, a smaller chunk that excludes larger portions of the non-dual
whole. Duality makes choices that separate, that judge, that disallow.

This, then, creates an interesting scenario, for it means that to perceive Duality, you must ignore all of
the non-dual interconnections that actually exist. To go back to the mountain-climbing example, it is like
being at the top of the mountain on a clear day—where you have the ability to see a vast panorama—
and instead of taking in that panorama, you focus a telescope on two blades of grass at the bottom of
the mountain and refuse to look at anything else. You sort of "pretend" that nothing else exists, even
though if you just take your eye away from the telescope for a moment, you can see there's a whole lot
more. To stay in the "illusion," you have to focus very tightly on those two blades of grass, pressing your
eye socket into the telescope's eyepiece and shutting the other eye very hard; otherwise you will be
distracted by everything else around you. How do we, as humans, manage to do this?? And more
importantly, Why would we want to??? Read on...


It is a great thing to come to Earth.

You experience a different kind of One.

The Grand Experience

Imagine that you are an infinite, immortal being. You are always changing, yet always the same (like an
ocean). You are infinitely creative and infinitely curious. You are particularly curious about things that
really stretch you. Being infinite and immortal, you know that you are connected to everything and that
you cannot die. You are composed of a strange substance called love energy. It is all you've ever been
composed of. It is all that is. You have an infinite capacity for joy, pleasure, delight, and the love from


which you are made. As a creative being, you come up with all kinds of games and explorations and
projects that involve joy, pleasure, delight and love, and only those things. They're great projects.

But at some point you think, "These are great projects, but what else am I capable of? What would I
learn if joy, pleasure, delight and love weren't the only ingredients I had to work with? What other kind
of ingredients are there? Can I make something completely different?" You think it would be really fun
to find out.

So you try to imagine what else there might be besides love. Since you are made of love, and so is
everything else, this is a bit tricky. But you eventually conceive the ideas of Opposite and Other; in short,
you conceive the idea of Duality. You are infinite; the Opposite of that is finite. You are immortal; the
Opposite of that is mortal. You imagine what it might be like to live in this "other" way: non-infinite and
non-eternal, finite and mortal, bounded and ephemeral.

But you know it is not enough to simply imagine. You realize that to really appreciate and understand
these new ideas, you need to immerse yourself in them, and for that, you need a structure that supports
them. Being very creative, you create Time. That supports mortality. It allows for transience,
impermanence, the opposite of eternal. You also create Matter. That supports finiteness. It is hard and
solid and bounded by edges and limitations—the opposite of infinite. You make Time and Matter
interdependent—to allow for a nice 100% immersion of experience into this new state of non-
immortality and non-infinity. And then you create the master stroke: to really immerse yourself into this
new system, you need a way to totally believe in it while you're there, so you create something called
"Forgetting". You forget what you're really made of. You forget who you really are. You forget that Time
and Matter are just fabricated things that you manufactured for this project, and you enter into Time
and Matter and pretend they are all of reality. And this allows you to forget that you are made of love.
This allows for a whole new range of experiences. It allows for Opposite and Other and Separate and
Dual and Fear and Pain and Sadness and Loss to all feel real. It allows for Joy and Pleasure and Delight
and Love to be experienced in a new way, because they are now Other; they have Opposites; they are
no longer the only way. Now, of course, everything—even "Other"—is still all made of love energy,
because that's all there is, really. But now it feels different. It has been stretched.

You don't know for certain what you will learn from this project, but you are eager to find out. You are
quite confident that you will learn, and that it will be worthwhile, and you have no fears about "being
able" to do whatever is necessary, because you are infinite and immortal—What's to worry about? You
imagine the project will be a long one, but that's okay; you are, as just said, immortal, and anything
worth doing is worth doing profoundly, so you set aside a lot of this "Time" stuff, and you create a whole
system of sub-structures for immersing yourself into this created reality.

You do set up one ultimate Goal for the project: you set up the goal of Returning Home, of
"Remembering". That is, as you gather new and different experiences and ways of being and creating in
this neat new system, you also set up the desire to find a way back to who you really Are—to find a way
through the illusion of non-immortality and non-infiniteness and things-other-than-love, back to the
infinite, immortal, all-loving You. You make sure that the system is filled with hints and clues to remind
you of this. You make sure it has tools and techniques and points at which memory can flood back in—
even if only in little spurts. You set up rules for the game, and you set up many rest periods, when you
get to step out and take a break, because you know that it might be hard, it might be tiring, to maintain
the illusion of Forgetting.



This is the Grand Experience. Earth is one of the planets participating. It's probably not the only planet
doing so, but it's the only one we know for certain is involved at this time. Everyone and everything on
Earth, and the Earth itself, are all part of the experience. Here, we can experience non-infinity and non-
eternity. Here, we can experience separation, duality, and the many opposites to love—things like fear,
anger, shame, guilt, despair, etc. We are learning from all these things, but there is great paradox here.
For example, Death provides the necessary "time-outs" when we can take a break from the game, but it
is also one more Separator, one more source of fear. For many of us, even the "time-in's" have been
proving very painful and difficult. We've learned to be afraid. It's exhausting. This was always part of the
project, but we wonder: Did that infinite creative being know how much this was going to hurt?? Did
that being know how overwhelming the Forgetting would be? How hard it would be to Remember??

Well, any answer other than "Yes" is Dualistic—and therefore probably not complete. But any complete
answer will probably feel like a paradox. It is true that if you, as that infinite and infinitely-creative being,
had known the answers before embarking on the project, you wouldn't have needed to embark in the
first place. So to some extent, you are surprised by whatever is happening now. But at the same time,
there is a level at which you also know that you are still that infinite and eternal being, always safe,
always love, and already One with the outcome of the experience (since you are One with everything,
including Time). Some part of you is always aware that this entire system is just a created thing, that you
are engaged in it by choice, can leave if you want to, and that any pain and other unpleasantness is just
part of the illusion you created by Forgetting, part of the illusion of the Separation into finiteness and
mortalness. But the pain feels so real. But that was the point. So it's a paradox.

And you remember that you built paradox into the system. You are both Dual and Non-Dual, Separate
and Unified; you are both Mortal and Immortal; Finite and Infinite; Knowing and yet still Forgetting. The
connections are all still there, whether you are consciously aware of them right now or not. The
connections provide the way back. You remember that there are hints and clues built into the system,
and that help is available. You just have to ask. You just have to look. You are bigger than your current
chosen mode of awareness may make you think you are. You remember that you are doing all of this for
a Reason, a Goal. The way back does exist. What are you gathering while you are on that way? The real
question to ask is "What am I learning from all of this?"

This is the great question that the Grand Experience was created to explore. What are you learning?
How are you growing?

It is probably not possible, as long as you are still immersed in the Forgetting, to fully answer either of
these questions, but you can certainly make a start. It is also probably not possible, as long as you are
still immersed in the Forgetting, to know if what you are learning is "Worth It", but assuming that it IS
makes answering the other questions easier, since it expands your perspective by removing the
limitation of resentment.

Remember, there's nothing wrong with focusing on a blade of grass; it's very nice. But it's not the whole
picture, especially not when you actually live up at the top of a mountain. Yet every smaller picture that
makes up the larger one also has value. What are you learning? How are you growing? How does this
focus help you find the way back to who you really are? If there is pain, what is it teaching you? Where
are the hidden things coming out of hiding? And what is that teaching you? If you're really made of love,


where are the clues? Where is your infinite curiosity, infinite creativity, and true nature making itself
manifest within the limitations you've set up to frame this photograph??

Since you are intimately connected to everything, everything you do affects everything else.


Webster's dictionary has several definitions for the word "evolution"; the first one is "an unfolding; a
process of opening out what is contained or implied in something." We are used to thinking of this in
relation to biological creatures on Earth, where evolution can involve either an unfolding of Form (body
shape, color, size, functional features, etc.), or an unfolding of Culture (social relationships, use of tools,
art, architecture, ways of thinking, etc.). But evolution doesn't just apply to Earth and Earth creatures. It
applies to the entire Universe. Everything is unfolding, in both form and consciousness.

Remember in Lesson 1 we said everything is conscious. Now in Lesson 2 we say everything is imbued
with infinite and eternal creative energy—by choice and by design. It isn't just humans who are "here to
learn something." Everything is here to learn something. And everything is evolving to learn it. And
everything is, at some level, really still that one infinite creative being who is both the experiencer and
the experience, and so everything in this universe is not just learning, but also teaching. This is co-

Co-evolution means mutually evolving, evolving together as one, so that when you change, you affect
everything you're connected to—and vice versa. This would follow from everything being connected: as
any one part of the system changes, those changes "ripple" outward into the entire system. So, when
you find an answer to the questions "What am I learning from all of this?" and "How am I growing?" you
can only answer for yourself, but you are also helping that infinite, creative being to answer the
question too. All of this is all of that. We are One. Your growth affects the creative being's growth and
vice versa, and that affects everything in the universe—which is also all the creative being. Your answers
and your further questions are all vitally important. Your life is important. You are part of the Grand
Experience, and that has value. Your thoughts, hopes, wishes, feelings, ideas, everything—ripple out
into the whole, and you catch all the ripples the whole is sending back. Your evolution matters. And you
feel the evolution of the whole.

Recognize that this works in both directions in a dualistic system. Feeling the evolution of the whole
means you also feel any devolution. That is, if you attain a higher level of consciousness, that helps
someone else attain it too, but at the same time, if someone else gets stuck, that affects your possibility
of getting stuck as well. We're all in this together. At the same time, one of the gifts of Duality and
Separateness is being able to disengage from someone else's stuckness if you choose to. Because you
can perceive that "someone else" as an Other, you can perceive your own experience as allowing
choices which that Other may not be making. This is part of what is meant by today's buzz phrase "You
create your own reality." This phrase is not entirely accurate, since you are really co-creating a reality.
That is to say that you, along with 6.3 billion other people (not to mention everything else on the
planet), are constantly negotiating what happens here—which is what co-evolution means. However,
you do have options that aren't completely tied to other people's choices. We will be talking more about
this in later lessons.


Remember always that an infinite creative being is constantly pouring love into this system to keep it
going, and that you are part of that being. When you pour your own human love in, you expand the
whole system. The "hints and clues" include vast networks of feedback loops and other structures for
communication. The connections are there; the doors are there; you just need the right keys to link and
open them. The biggest key is love energy itself.

And so on throughout the Universe.


The Grand Experience

Another way to think about "Forgetting" is to think of your favorite movie: how many times have you
seen it? Remember the first time? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see it for the first time again? That's
what "Forgetting" enables you to do.

Some books to continue the exploration:

 "Illusions: the Memoirs of a Reluctant Messiah" by Richard Bach (1977). This is a fun little novel
exploring some of the concepts of multidimensional perception, and an answer the question
"Why are we here?"


Many people refer to our system as a "hologram" or as being "holographic" in nature. A hologram is a
flat, two-dimensional "photograph" of a 3-dimensional object that contains within itself 3-dimensional
information. As you move your vision over the 2-dimensional photograph, different parts of the original
3-dimensional object can come into view, almost as if you were actually walking around the object itself.
A single piece of a holographic image contains enough information to reproduce the whole. That means
if you tear off a corner of a hologram, you will still be able to see the whole object in it that you could
see in the original hologram itself. The part contains the whole. This is a paradox, but it is the case. So
similarly, the idea of our co-evolutionary system is that every part of the system is "enfolded into" every
other part on some level; put another way, the entire system is also contained within any one of the
parts. This is yet another reason why you may hear that "you are the universe and the universe is you."
When you evolve, you influence everything else in the system because, at a certain level, you contain
everything else in the system. You are infinitely intertwined with yourself.

For some books on this idea, see:

 "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot (1991)

 "Wholeness and the Implicate Order" by David Bohm (1980)

Evolving means learning to pay more and more Attention.

This works in all directions and with all things.


Time—Linear, Non-Linear, and None at All

So, Time was created as part of a Grand Experience to help an immortal being learn about non-
immortality. Okay. What is Time and how does it work?

As humans, we don't really know the answer to this question. Time is tricky. We all live in it, but we
experience it in very different ways.

In Western culture, we have come to think of time as Linear. That is, it moves in a straight line, and in
one direction—forward—from the Past to the Present to the Future. The Present is always instantly
becoming the Past, the Future becoming the Present, and it never stops. Time is like a pen drawing on
an endless ribbon, or a ball rolling forever down an endless hill. We measure it with our clocks and our
calendars, our scientists use it to design experiments and theories, and our language reinforces it every
time we use a verb, carefully conjugated into past, present or future. Western culture makes us think of
linear Time as "obvious," as "common sense," as what's "really" happening.

But there are many cultures—mostly indigenous tribes—that don't think of Time this way. They think of
it as non-linear: circular, spiral, even amorphous. These cultures view events as constantly unfolding.
Their languages often have no words for past, present or future, but instead distinguish only between
that which is manifested, and that which is in the process of manifesting (note that both of these are in
present time only). The "future" and "what is currently being imagined" are often spoken of with the
same words, so that thought and "reality" are far more closely linked than we in the West have been
taught. What is "obvious" or "common sense" or "real" in these cultures is very different from what we
are used to.

And which of these is "really" what is happening? What is the "correct" view of Time? Well, both. (We
warned you about Paradox.) It depends.

Circular or spiral time is certainly evidenced by the Earth itself; it runs on cycles, seasons. Time moves
around, events occur and then re-occur. Each recurrence is like the last (circular), only a little bit
different because all the previous occurrences ride beneath (like a spiral). Circular time is evidenced
everywhere throughout the universe. Stars are born, shine, die in explosions, and new stars are born
again from the debris. All things cycle. But there is certainly also evidence for linear time: the dust from
an exploding star may give birth to new stars later, but the star that exploded is gone. On Earth, life is
born, cycles, and dies. Ancient creatures and ancient cultures had their heydays, and now they're gone.
The cycle may continue, but the individual players within the cycle do not. Even if we believe our souls
are immortal, our individual lifetimes come to an end.

So it seems that both linear and nonlinear views of Time are valid. It just depends on how you choose to
look at the system. As with dimensionality, there is no one "right" or "best" perspective; what is truly
"best" is to be able to shift your perspective, depending on what is needed.

In fact, it is possible to shift your perspective to transcend Time all together. Perhaps you have
experienced this: when we're really focused on a task, or really enjoying ourselves, we may have a so-
called "peak" experience in which we "lose track of time", or "time seems to stand still". This is popularly
called "Being in the Now," or being in "No-Time." Such experiences are difficult to hold onto, and when
we realize we've been out of time, we quickly re-orient back in. In Western culture, we feel the timeless
experience was just an illusion of our attention, since we look at a clock and see that Time did, in fact,


continue on, even while we seemed to be outside of it. But there are cultures in which such a leap
would be less certain; there are cultures in which being in Time is the illusion, and being outside of it is

This leads to the question: Does Time really exist? Or is it just a matter of our perspective? Even modern
physics is asking this question: Einstein's Theory of Relativity shows us that if we move fast enough,
Time (for us) stops. In the discussion in our 1st topic, we talked about vibrating faster to reach higher
dimensions. There is a relationship here: at the higher dimensions, Time does not seem so "real." If you
vibrate fast enough, you may begin to see Time as just a matter of your perspective, at which point you
can choose to experience it—or not. This is not easy to do, but it does appear to be on our path of

And just as vibrating fast enough can enable you to perceive Time as an illusion, it can also enable you to
see the various levels themselves as illusory, simply a matter of your perspective. This is why mystical
teachings often say that our entire reality here is just an illusion—and it goes back to that infinite
creative being, of which we all are part, that created Time just to have the experience of it. We are all
agreeing to perceive in a certain way, we are agreeing on the perspective we will hold. This agreement is
called "Consensus Reality." We can renegotiate this agreement if we choose. Renegotiation is also part
of evolution.

As you can probably see, there is also a relationship between Time (and Dimensions) and Duality.
Perceiving Time at all—whether linearly or nonlinearly—is a dualistic thing to do because it separates
experience into past/present/future or into repeating cycles, when Eternity simply IS. If there is "really"
nothing but Now, then there is no Time. Time separates the Now into pieces. Similarly, perceiving
individual Dimensions also breaks the wholeness of All That Is into separate levels. These are therefore
dualistic, as dualistic as perceiving Other. Transcending all of it puts you back at that infinite creative
being who is simply One.

Again, that's not easy to do, but it is the ultimate goal of the Grand Experience. The more you play with
nonlinear Time, nondual reality, and higher (than 3D) dimensional perception, the more you experience
Unity consciousness. And vice versa.


So, Time was created as part of a Grand Experience to help an immortal being learn about non-
immortality. Okay. What is Time and how does it work?

As humans, we don't really know the answer to this question. Time is tricky. We all live in it, but we
experience it in very different ways.

In Western culture, we have come to think of time as Linear. That is, it moves in a straight line, and in
one direction—forward—from the Past to the Present to the Future. The Present is always instantly
becoming the Past, the Future becoming the Present, and it never stops. Time is like a pen drawing on
an endless ribbon, or a ball rolling forever down an endless hill. We measure it with our clocks and our
calendars, our scientists use it to design experiments and theories, and our language reinforces it every
time we use a verb, carefully conjugated into past, present or future. Western culture makes us think of
linear Time as "obvious," as "common sense," as what's "really" happening.


But there are many cultures—mostly indigenous tribes—that don't think of Time this way. They think of
it as non-linear: circular, spiral, even amorphous. These cultures view events as constantly unfolding.
Their languages often have no words for past, present or future, but instead distinguish only between
that which is manifested, and that which is in the process of manifesting (note that both of these are in
present time only). The "future" and "what is currently being imagined" are often spoken of with the
same words, so that thought and "reality" are far more closely linked than we in the West have been
taught. What is "obvious" or "common sense" or "real" in these cultures is very different from what we
are used to.

And which of these is "really" what is happening? What is the "correct" view of Time? Well, both. (We
warned you about Paradox.) It depends.

Circular or spiral time is certainly evidenced by the Earth itself; it runs on cycles, seasons. Time moves
around, events occur and then re-occur. Each recurrence is like the last (circular), only a little bit
different because all the previous occurrences ride beneath (like a spiral). Circular time is evidenced
everywhere throughout the universe. Stars are born, shine, die in explosions, and new stars are born
again from the debris. All things cycle. But there is certainly also evidence for linear time: the dust from
an exploding star may give birth to new stars later, but the star that exploded is gone. On Earth, life is
born, cycles, and dies. Ancient creatures and ancient cultures had their heydays, and now they're gone.
The cycle may continue, but the individual players within the cycle do not. Even if we believe our souls
are immortal, our individual lifetimes come to an end.

So it seems that both linear and nonlinear views of Time are valid. It just depends on how you choose to
look at the system. As with dimensionality, there is no one "right" or "best" perspective; what is truly
"best" is to be able to shift your perspective, depending on what is needed.

In fact, it is possible to shift your perspective to transcend Time all together. Perhaps you have
experienced this: when we're really focused on a task, or really enjoying ourselves, we may have a so-
called "peak" experience in which we "lose track of time", or "time seems to stand still". This is popularly
called "Being in the Now," or being in "No-Time." Such experiences are difficult to hold onto, and when
we realize we've been out of time, we quickly re-orient back in. In Western culture, we feel the timeless
experience was just an illusion of our attention, since we look at a clock and see that Time did, in fact,
continue on, even while we seemed to be outside of it. But there are cultures in which such a leap
would be less certain; there are cultures in which being in Time is the illusion, and being outside of it is

This leads to the question: Does Time really exist? Or is it just a matter of our perspective? Even modern
physics is asking this question: Einstein's Theory of Relativity shows us that if we move fast enough,
Time (for us) stops. In the discussion in our 1st topic, we talked about vibrating faster to reach higher
dimensions. There is a relationship here: at the higher dimensions, Time does not seem so "real." If you
vibrate fast enough, you may begin to see Time as just a matter of your perspective, at which point you
can choose to experience it—or not. This is not easy to do, but it does appear to be on our path of

And just as vibrating fast enough can enable you to perceive Time as an illusion, it can also enable you to
see the various levels themselves as illusory, simply a matter of your perspective. This is why mystical
teachings often say that our entire reality here is just an illusion—and it goes back to that infinite


creative being, of which we all are part, that created Time just to have the experience of it. We are all
agreeing to perceive in a certain way, we are agreeing on the perspective we will hold. This agreement is
called "Consensus Reality." We can renegotiate this agreement if we choose. Renegotiation is also part
of evolution.

As you can probably see, there is also a relationship between Time (and Dimensions) and Duality.
Perceiving Time at all—whether linearly or nonlinearly—is a dualistic thing to do because it separates
experience into past/present/future or into repeating cycles, when Eternity simply IS. If there is "really"
nothing but Now, then there is no Time. Time separates the Now into pieces. Similarly, perceiving
individual Dimensions also breaks the wholeness of All That Is into separate levels. These are therefore
dualistic, as dualistic as perceiving Other. Transcending all of it puts you back at that infinite creative
being who is simply One.

Again, that's not easy to do, but it is the ultimate goal of the Grand Experience. The more you play with
nonlinear Time, nondual reality, and higher (than 3D) dimensional perception, the more you experience
Unity consciousness. And vice versa.


One of the most obvious dualities today is the one between Science and Spirit. Science is simply the
study of the natural world, and for many centuries (it is clear from what records we have), science
included both the physical and the mystical aspects of reality. For example, Alchemy and Astrology were
considered mainstream science for thousands of years. Then, around the time of the Industrial
Revolution (or possibly earlier, depending on how you interpret history) spirit started taking a back seat,
until it eventually got shoved out of the car altogether. Only those parts of reality that were physically
measurable, or for which a mathematical equation could be constructed, were considered worthy of
study; anything else was deemed "unscientific"—and to be "unscientific" was Bad, very Bad. At least,
this is what happened in the West (and Western science has now been exported all over the world).

By looking only at physical reality, Western science discovered a great deal about the universe, but by
dismissing spirit as non-existent, it lost an important balance. Today we are being confronted with
serious social and ecological issues clearly related to the extravagant use of technology and natural
resources that can be traced almost directly to the denial of spirit in nature. However, since the universe
is multidimensional, balance has begun reasserting itself—not least in that very science which rejected
it: In the early 20th century, physics suddenly exploded with a series of discoveries that look suspiciously
like ancient mysticism. Hardcore materialists in physics hotly deny this, but many physicists today are
openly discussing the relationships between modern physics ideas and theories of consciousness, life,
and spirit.

In order to understand the topics to follow, we need to talk a little about some of these new ideas. Then
we need to see what results esoteric investigations into that same natural world have achieved. Results
from both sources are really quite fascinating. If you are a fan of science fiction, you can already relate
to similarities between what one perceives as science-fiction and our "real world.”



For a few hundred years prior to the 20th century, Western science slowly built up the following
("classical") view of reality and how to study it:

 Matter and Energy are two different things

 Space and Time are two different things

 Time flows at a constant rate, and Space has 3 (physical) dimensions: length, height and width

 Matter and Energy and Space and Time "really" exist—that is, there's an "objective" "real"
universe "out there"—outside of ourselves

 Our thoughts and feelings only exist inside of us; they're subjective, and therefore they aren't as
"real" as the "objective" material universe "out there"

 To learn about the "real" "objective" material universe, we have to be objective too

 But we can't be objective because we have thoughts and feelings

 Therefore we need to create tools and instruments that can measure the "real" universe for us
objectively, since tools and instruments have no thoughts or feelings themselves

 As these tools and instruments get more sophisticated, we can measure more of the universe,
and do it more and more accurately

 As we measure more and do it more accurately, we will understand more of how the universe is
put together and how it works

 Eventually, our technology will be so good that we will be able to measure everything 100%
accurately, and then we will know everything there is to know about reality

 We can't use our own bodies as measurement tools, because our bodies are too subjective

 Since thoughts and feelings can't be measured with the objective tools we created to study
reality, we can't include thoughts and feelings in that study

 But that's okay because thoughts and feelings aren't part of the really "real" universe anyway

 Thoughts and feelings do not change reality

 Just looking at something doesn't change it

 Just thinking about something doesn't change it

These ideas came to be viewed as "obvious" and as "common sense." You can probably see how such a
model squeezes spirit out of the picture: Spirit can't be measured, so it doesn't count. It especially can't
be measured if you're not even trying to measure it because it isn't material and therefore isn't "real"
anyway! This is circular reasoning, of course, but when you think you know where you are, you don't
usually ask for directions. There is an even bigger circularity in this whole system. It assumes things like


 Using our subjective thoughts, we can build objective tools and instruments

 Using our subjective thoughts, we can objectively interpret what those instruments tell us

 Subjective human beings can develop an objective view of reality

Hmm. The "common sense" argument begins to break down....

Now, remember, this is all still part of the Grand Experience. It requires an extremely fine focus to
narrow down what you're willing to consider as "real" to such a limited part of the whole. There is also
paradox here (as promised), since often the people helping to create this model of science were
themselves students of such "unscientific" disciplines as alchemy, astrology, numerology, tarot, and the
like. Why not! We're all infinitely creative beings at some level.


By the end of the 19th century, science was predicting that in a few more years, it would know all there
is to know about the laws of the universe. Then the 20th century hit, and that prediction went out the
window. Two radical ideas totally changed what we thought we knew about reality, and with it, our
sense that understanding everything was imminent. These two ideas were Relativity Theory and
Quantum Mechanics. Together, they resulted in the following ("modern") view of reality, which, you will
see, contradicts nearly everything listed above:

 Matter and Energy are not separate; they are interchangeable (the famous E=mc2)

 Space and Time are not separate either; they always coexist as a single thing we now call space-

 Time is not constant, but can flow slower or faster, depending on how fast we are moving

 Space has more than the 3 dimensions we can see with our physical eyes

 Although we can try to be "objective", we cannot even look at a system without changing it

 Even thinking about a system can change it

 Absolute measurements are impossible; all measurements are relative to the observer and the
system from which they are observing

 No matter how accurate our instruments might get, there are some things we will never be able
to measure precisely

 Reality itself is not absolute in the "classical" physics sense, but instead exists as probabilities
which collapse to actualities when observed

 Furthermore, reality seems to be "digital" in nature; that is, everything—matter, energy, forces,
perhaps even time—exists as little packets called "quanta" or "quantum units"; these little
packets behave in strange, discontinuous ways; in fact, they seem, ultimately, to be made of
nothing but vibrating geometry—that is, empty space!


These are all extremely weird ideas relative to classical science (and indeed, to "common sense"). But
they have a strange consonance with mystical ideas, like those already discussed in this course, like:
Nothing is truly separate (everything is connected); We're all multidimensional, so at a certain level,
matter, time, space, etc., are all illusions; We can choose our point of view and in so doing control what
we can see and experience; Therefore reality isn't absolute and our thoughts and focus of attention
have great power; and so on.


The last idea—that of a "digital" reality—is especially important in this discourse of consideration. Its
importance relates to the ideas of linearity and non-linearity that we mentioned briefly in the
Introduction. Something linear is continuous, usually predictable, and changes in a way that is smooth
and orderly. Imagine two people walking on a road in the Midwest of the United States. All around them
it is flat, flat, flat, and they can see each other for miles and miles, slowly approaching each other,
passing (nodding hello, of course), and then moving on, every change in distance clear, orderly,
predictable. Words like "familiar," "habit," "routine," "customary," "tradition," "standard," "common"
and "ordinary" all follow from a linear reality. "Old" science thought of reality as essentially linear. A
linear reality only changes in predictable—and usually very slow—ways, and the tiny efforts of single
individuals or events have little or no impact on the overall whole. It just keeps going on its own way. No

But if reality is actually made up of little packets—as 20th century physics says that it is—then reality is
not linear. Quantum particles don't move in predictable, linear ways. They can suddenly jump from one
state to another—without spending any time in between. It's as if, first they're over in one corner of the
room, then they're suddenly in another corner, and at no point were they ever in the middle of the
room. They seem to "wink" in and out of existence. Quantum behavior is not predictable, except as
probabilities, approximations. Furthermore, with quantum particles, tiny changes in one part of the
system can drastically affect the whole (the so-called "butterfly effect"). In a Quantum system, an
observer can have a major influence, and subtle energies can make a huge difference. Physicists
exploring links between quantum physics and what are currently called "paranormal" phenomena have
discovered that an observer's thoughts can influence quantum events. Non-linearity is like walking on a
flat, flat road and suddenly falling into a sinkhole that wasn't there a moment before! You vanish from
view. Where did you go? Then you reappear a moment later in a totally different place wearing totally
different clothes and sporting wings! How did that happen? Non-linear change breaks habits and
routines, defies tradition, and is often shocking or even cataclysmic to the status quo. If true reality is
nonlinear—and modern physics says it is—then radical change can be made in the wink of an eye. If we
all wink the same way, what will happen?

In the next topic of discussion, The Complexities of Nature-Part II, we will talk more about the Quantum
view of reality, and compare its model for the structure of matter and energy with that perceived by



There are so many books on "new" science and on mysticism that this list is not even close to
comprehensive. These are books that happened to stick in the mind of the course author. Many other
books are referenced in the bibliographies of these books. The technical information contained in this
lesson was culled from the books which have a "]" next to them, as well as general information acquired
over years from books on physics.

Time—Linear, Non-Linear, and None at All

 "Time Journeys - A Search for Cosmic Destiny and Meaning" by Paul Halpern (1990). This is a
thorough exploration of various "kinds" of time, and the human domains associated with
exploring them, including biological, psychological and other aspects of different views of time.

 "Language, Thought and Reality" by Benjamin Lee Whorf (1956). This is a fascinating collection
of papers by a self-taught linguist exploring how language doesn't just enable us to
communicate our ideas, but can actually shape those ideas, and consequently limit our
perception and communication.

 "The Oversoul Seven Trilogy" by Jane Roberts (1995)—Includes "The Education of Oversoul
Seven" (1973), "The Further Education of Oversoul Seven" (1979), and "Oversoul Seven and the
Museum of Time" (1984). This series of novels by the author of the famous "Seth" books offers
one possible look at both multidimensional being and nonlinear time. It also gives insight into
co-evolution and how what you learn in one dimension can assist your learning in other
dimensions, both "forward" and "backward" in time.

Science versus Spirit?

 "Distilling Knowledge—Alchemy, Chemistry, and the Scientific Revolution" by Bruce T. Moran

(2005). This book provides an intriguing look at the history of science, and how the current view
of that history has been subtly compiled to imply a steady growth of "rationalism" that did not,
in fact, exist. Offers interesting insights into the "reason" for the modern schism between
Science and Spirit.

 "Modern Physics and Ancient Faith" by Stephen M. Barr (2003). A great "crossover" book
offering a mystic's view of scientific ideas, and a good comparison of materialism versus

 "Beyond the Quantum" and "Mysticism and the New Physics" by Michael Talbot (1986) and
(1981). These are classic books about science versus mysticism.

 "The Spiritual Universe: How Quantum Physics Proves the Existence of the Soul" and "The
Dreaming Universe" by Fred Alan Wolf (1996) and (1994). The first offers an intriguing look at
mystical ideas by a physicist with a somewhat unique way of defining "soul", and the second
explores dreams, holograms, "new" physics, and what we're "really" doing here.

"Old Science" and "New Science"

Here are more classic books on "New Physics" and how it differs from the old:


 "Thirty Years That Shook Physics" by George Gamow (1966)—Before Isaac Asimov, there was
George Gamow. Gamow was outstanding at writing books that probed science in language a lay-
person could readily understand. This is one of them. Due to its age, this book does not cover
the more recent findings of modern science.

 "The Dancing Wu-Li Masters" by Gary Zukav (1979)—One of the first and still one of the best
books about all aspects of "new age physics," this book contains excellent information about
Relativity Theory, Quantum Mechanics, space, time, vacuum, subatomic particles, and more.
Due to its age, this book does not cover the more recent findings of modern science.

 "The Tao of Physics: An Exploration of the Parallels Between Modern Physics and Ancient
Mysticism" by Fritjof Capra (1975).

 “Quantum Theory,” (1951); “Wholeness and the Implicate Order,” (1980); “Science, Order and
Creativity,” (1980); “Thought as a System,” (1992); “On Dialogue,” (1996) by David Bohm.

Linearity and Non-Linearity

 "Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality" by Dean Radin (2006). This
book provides a broad and fascinating look at strictly-constructed scientific experiments into
paranormal events. It includes details of experiments in which thoughts affect reality at the
subatomic level. (Food for thought: "para"-normal is a profound misnomer, given that such
experiences have been recorded for thousands of years by major segments of the human
population, and are therefore actually quite "normal".)

Advanced meditators report having experiences of actually seeing reality flicker in and out, and
sometimes of the whole "screen going blank." This is very powerful, and perhaps frightening, since most
of us have forgotten the true nature of reality.

Evolving means being able to Experience more and more dimensions,

at deeper and deeper levels, more and more simultaneously.

Physical Dimensions

So far in this course, we have been using the word "Dimension" to refer to a level of consciousness. But
the word has another, more familiar, meaning, which has to do with the geometry of physical reality.
We say physical reality is "3-dimensional" because we can measure it in three different directions:
length, width, and height. These are called "spatial dimensions" as they measure the space an object
takes up. To better understand some of the material in this lesson, it is useful to talk just a little bit
about this kind of dimensionality too.

When talking about physical or spatial dimensions, a 1-dimensional object exists in a straight line, a 2-
dimensional object in a flat sheet or plane, and a 3 dimensional object in a volume. Volumes are
measured by 3 dimensions: length, width and height (or thickness). Spheres, cubes, pyramids and so on
are 3 dimensional objects because they support these 3 measurements. Circles, squares, rectangles,
triangles and so on are only 2-dimensional objects because they have only 2 measurements—length and
width, but no thickness, no height. They have an "area", but no volume. Lines are 1-dimensional objects
because they have only one measurement—length .


If we combine the two kinds of dimensionality together, we might say that someone at a 3rd-
dimensional level of consciousness readily experiences 3 dimensions of physical reality, but has trouble
sensing more than that. The 3 dimensions seem "obvious" to our physical senses when we are at a 3rd-
dimensional consciousness, and for centuries we (in the West at least) didn't seriously consider that
reality might have more than 3 physical dimensions.

However, science uses mathematics. In mathematics, there are many ways to set up equations that
make use of more than 3 physical dimensions even if the mathematician can't explain what such
equations actually "mean" in "the real world." Physicists found—especially in the 20th century—more
and more puzzles about how the universe works that could be viably solved only if they created
mathematical systems that used 4, 10, 11, 12, 26, or even more, spatial dimensions. Again, the scientists
usually don't try to explain what these "extra" dimensions "mean"; they just work with the equations.


However, some of these "extra" dimensions are showing up so often that some physicists have at least
tried to explain them, and tried to explain why we can't see them. How can reality really have 12
physical dimensions but we can only see 3?? One of the recent answers to this question is to say that
the higher dimensions are "compacted". This means that they exist, but in a much "smaller" space than
our familiar length, width and height. If you were really, really small—like maybe the size of a subatomic
particle, you'd be able to "see" these extra dimensions, but if you're as big as a human, you can't. How
can this be??

Imagine you are a tightrope-walker. You are very good at what you do, and have no trouble comfortably
walking along the rope going forward or backward. To you, the tightrope has 1 dimension—length. But
now imagine a little ladybug walking on the tightrope. Like you, she too can walk forward and backward
along the rope. But unlike you, she can also walk around the circumference of the rope. To the ladybug,
the rope has additional dimensionality that it doesn't have for you. The ladybug is small enough to see
the rope's "compacted" dimension, its roundness. Now imagine the rope was a straw. The ladybug can
walk along the straw's length, around its round outside, or, if she gets to the ends of the straw, she can
crawl through the openings and walk around the straw's inside dimensions too. Even smaller creatures
might find additional dimensions all "compacted" in there—for example, if a rope were made of twisted
smaller ropes, and each of them of still-smaller ropes. Ideas like these are part of the modern physics
view of how the universe is actually put together, and they have long been part of the mystical view of
that same topic.

If we combine these "compacted" dimensions with consciousness dimensions, we start to see that there
may be overlap here as well: the more levels of reality your consciousness can experience, the more
likely you are to be able to experience "invisible" spatial dimensions, or at least imagine what it might be
like to experience them. Meditation is one way to stretch the mind, but Mathematics another. If
mathematics gives insight into invisible spatial dimensions, it may be simultaneously giving insight into
higher consciousness dimensions as well. There is even evidence for a correlation between these
compacted dimensions and higher dimensional consciousness itself. We will come back to this idea in
Topic, when we discuss something called the "Chakras." At the very least, some toying with
multidimensional thinking is helpful in exploring compacted physical dimensions, as will be
demonstrated later in this lesson.



There is one more modern physics idea relative to physical dimensionality that we must discuss, and
that is the idea of Time as the 4th dimension. This idea was invented in the 20th century from the notion
that dimensions indicate the number of directions in which we can move. We know all about the 3
spatial dimensions and how to move in them (left/right, forward/backward, up/down). But everything in
space also seems to be moving in time, so that implies there must be one more dimension—the 4th—
that is the time dimension. (This idea was invented before "compacted" dimensions had been
discovered, or time might have ended up the 13th dimension, or the 27th, or who knows!) As came later
with compacted dimensions, making Time the 4th dimension allowed physicists to elegantly solve many
previously difficult or unsolvable scientific puzzles in the early part of the 20th century. Even with
current work using many more than 3 spatial dimensions, most systems of equations continue to use
time as the 4th dimension. In these systems, a 4-dimensional physicality is called "spacetime".

Form the point of view of consciousness, we haven't discussed yet what a 4th dimensional
consciousness might be—and we won't until the next Topic. However, we will say that, as with 3-
dimensional physicality and 3rd dimensional consciousness, there is a correlation between time being
the 4th physical dimension and some of the aspects of what it means to be at a 4th dimensional
consciousness level. Stay tuned....


Modern science currently has the following model for how Matter is put together: Matter is made of
small particles called atoms. Atoms are made of smaller particles called electrons, protons, and
neutrons. Protons and neutrons are made of even smaller particles called quarks. And we're not sure
what quarks are made of, but it might be something incredibly small called strings. Protons and
neutrons stay together in the center of the atom to form a "nucleus," while the electrons zip around
outside the nucleus in a kind of "cloud". Electrons aren't made of quarks, but they might also be made of
strings. And even fields and forces—like electrical and magnetic energy, gravity, etc.—seem to have
particles associated with them—called by other exotic names like photon, gluon, W, and Z—and all
these might also ultimately be made of strings. What are all these things really?

Well, we're not actually sure. As said above, science often—especially when dealing with things too
small to be observed directly—creates mathematical equations to explain them before they find ways to
actually observe and measure them in experiments. Mathematical equations are nice tools, but, they're
hard to translate into "real-world" explanations. Even when these tiny particles are observed
experimentally, it's usually only indirectly: instead of seeing the particles themselves, we see a trail that
the particles leave behind when they pass through or near something else . We then have to interpret
that trail and hope we know what we're talking about. It's also important to remember that the ultimate
goal of particle experiments is to understand how matter is put together, but the primary way that
science currently has for looking inside atoms is to smash them apart in huge instruments called particle
accelerators, and then look at the debris that comes flying off. This has been effective for observing
smaller and smaller bits of matter, but it may be akin to figuring out what a human being looks like by
running one through a car accident first. Is that really what a human being looks like?


At each step in the process, science has been searching for the "ultimate particle" that makes up the
universe. The atom was originally thought to be that particle. In fact, it was named "atom" because that
was the Greek word for "indivisible"—incapable of being divided further. But it was not the case; atoms
were divisible. First science discovered electrons (in 1897) and atomic nuclei (in 1911); then protons
(1919), and then neutrons (1932). Electrons, protons and neutrons were then thought to be the
"ultimate" particles, but again it was not the case. In 1964, physicists began to theorize about even
smaller particles (humorously called "quarks", from a German word meaning "nonsense") and in 1967,
these were actually confirmed in experiments. Today, scientists are theorizing about even smaller things
called strings. These are infinitesimally small, vibrating, 1-dimensional objects. We haven't observed any
of them experimentally yet, but the same was originally true for most of the subatomic particles we
have now observed. The mathematics of strings puts them into "compacted" physical dimensions, yet
also gives rise to what we experience in "normal" 3-dimensional reality. Let's compare these ideas,
particles, and their discovery dates with another way of looking at matter.


In 1875, an organization called the Theosophical Society was founded in New York City to investigate
mystical phenomena. In many ways, this organization brought the so-called "New Age" to the West.
Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant were two members of this organization, and both had clairvoyant
abilities. From 1895 through 1933, they conducted a series of investigations into the nature of matter
that didn't use any instruments other than their own bodies. Using clairvoyant sight, they examined
samples of elements in a systematic way, and made detailed drawings and written reports of what they
saw. Since ESP was as ill-regarded by science then as it is now, their results were never published in
mainstream journals, but were presented in theosophical writings, including several books which are
available today. These results are quite astounding.

Using nothing but their bodies, Leadbeater and Besant correctly discerned features of subatomic
structure years before science did. For example, they correctly counted the number of protons and
neutrons within atomic nuclei of every element they studied, starting in 1895. This was 16 years before
science even confirmed the existence of nuclei, 24 years before the proton was officially discovered, and
37 years before the neutron was. They identified several other aspects of atoms (electron spin, isotopes)
many years before science identified these aspects, and most impressive of all, they actually saw
quarks—70 years before science even suspected their existence! As if this were not enough, Leadbeater
and Besant were able to observe substructure within quarks, something that science has still not done—
now more than 100 years later. Because Leadbeater and Besant were not trained
physicists, and because their results were derived through a non-"scientific" method, their findings were
incomprehensible to the scientists of their day, and remained largely ignored until the 1970's, when
British physicist Stephen M. Phillips resurrected them. Today, although they are still far from
mainstream, there is a small contingent of physicists investigating this occult atomic model.

Leadbeater and Besant explained their method as "making themselves [or rather, their viewpoint]
infinitesimally small"—like you would need to in order to view a compacted dimension. This is a nice
example of multidimensional consciousness in action.

So what was the substructure Leadbeater and Besant found inside quarks? They found tiny structures
made of light, shaped like little hearts, but with a hyperspatial twist. [See Figure 1.4.1, below] They
called these little hearts the "ultimate physical atom" (upa) or "Anu" (from the Sanskrit word for


"atomic"). Unlike science's atoms, discussed in the section above, the upa really does appear to be
"indivisible", for any attempt to break it down further causes it to disappear altogether from our reality.

Figure 1.4.1

Leadbeater and Besant described the upa as "a little miniature sun" that constantly vibrates in several
directions at once: pulsating in and out like a beating heart, spinning around its central axis, and
wobbling in a small circle around its core. Ten spiral bands of energy form the heart shape, and these
also constantly vibrate in different ways: pulsating, scintillating in different colors, and continuously
flowing. The flow goes into the top of the heart and out the bottom. Closer examination showed
Leadbeater and Besant that each spiral band was made of 7 layers of increasingly smaller spirals, like a
coil made of coils made of even smaller coils. At the very bottom layer, the coil was actually a stream of
bubbles. (Note again that although these various substructures exist, the upa itself is indivisible, since
disruption of any one of these substructures causes the whole upa to simply vanish. The substructures
cannot be studied individually, apart from the upa they are part of.)


Figure 1.4.2

Leadbeater and Besant saw two forms of upa: one in which the spiral bands flowed into the top of the
heart from the left side (clockwise), which they called "male" or "positive," and one in which the spiral
bands flowed into the top from the right side (counterclockwise), which they called "female" or
"negative." They described these energy flows as follows: "Force in the male atom seemed to well up as
if from another dimension" while a "corresponding force seemed to disappear from the female atom


back into the [other] dimension." They also described the bubbles that lay at the bottom of the bands of
force as "holes in space, like pearls upon an invisible string.” More recent clairvoyant observations have
reproduced and expanded upon these results. Furthermore, more recent studies have shown that
electrons, although not made of quarks, also have an upa-like substructure within.

To summarize, Leadbeater and Besant found that, at the heart of matter, there IS a heart—one that
pulses and circulates a life-force, very much like our own hearts do. If that pulse and flow is stopped for
even an instant, the heart evaporates: the upa winks out of existence, disappears. Some ancient myths
describe the universe as being breathed in and out by a great Spirit. That is very much how the upas
appear to be. What is more, the bands of energy that define the heart-shapes ultimately consist of
"holes in space"—that is to say, nothing but "vibrating geometry". To bring this back full circle, this is
remarkably similar to those strange objects mentioned in the Physics model, above—strings.


Strings are currently purely theoretical. They're way too small to see with any of our instruments, and
too small even to leave trails in other substances. In fact, the only way to experience strings right now is
through mathematical equations. Different physicists have created different versions of these
equations, none of which are complete, so the physicists keep working on them. The different versions
are collectively called "String Theory" (or, more recently, "Superstring Theory," which is short for
"Supersymmetrical String Theory").

String/Superstring Theory gives us the following picture: strings are infinitesimally small objects that
vibrate. They are not, themselves, particles, but they give rise to particles. Strings are shaped like tiny
filaments (hence, the name "strings") that can bend into loops or coils. Just as a guitar string can vibrate
at different frequencies to produce different musical notes, String Theory's strings can vibrate at
different frequencies to produce different elementary particles—like quarks, electrons, and so forth.

It is unclear whether strings exist as actual substance or only pure energy. Certainly they give rise to
things that contain substance (like quarks and electrons) as well as things that are only energy (like
photons). Strings are so infinitesimally small that the idea of "vibrating holes in space" certainly comes
to mind, especially since one of their modes of existence is as a small closed loop. Again, since string
theory is not yet fully defined, there are many subtle details that are unknown. Most string theories
demand that reality consist of many more than 3 spatial dimensions, with different versions of the
theory requiring 10, 11, 12 or 26 dimensions, most of which are "compacted."

As already stated, there are several different versions of String Theory, some of which answer some
questions about the universe, and some of which answer others. It was originally hoped that one of
these versions would prove to be the "right" one and the others would be proven "wrong." Instead,
what has happened is that all of the string theories appear to be subsets of a larger underlying theory,
currently called "M-Theory." M-Theory is an attempt to unify all the string theories. It is also currently

All of the string theories, including M-Theory, have one big problem: they currently cannot be proven
either right or wrong. In order to prove a new idea, science relies on being able to set up experiments
that conclusively demonstrate that idea or something about it. If the experiments succeed, then the idea
is on the right track, and if they fail, the idea is wrong. Being unable to set up such an experiment puts a


new idea into a kind of "limbo." For example, if a theory says that when you perform action X, action Y
happens, you can prove it by setting up an experiment in which you perform action X and see if action Y,
does, in fact, happen. If it does, great! The theory is on its way to being proved. (It may not be
completely proved yet, because there may be other things you need to prove too, especially if there are,
say, multiple theories that all predict that Y happens when you perform X. In such a case, you'd have to
set up additional experiments to see which of those multiple theories was right, and which were
wrong.). But if Y doesn't happen when you perform X, then the theory is dis-proved. Disproving a theory
is often easier than proving one, and it is a great way to show which of several conflicting theories is, in
fact, the "right" one. Any theory that fails in one of the experiments can be eliminated. The trouble with
all versions of String Theory right now is that none of them can be used to set up any statement that can
be conclusively disproved, while all of the statements that can be conclusively proved unfortunately
aren't true only for String Theory. What this means is that there's no way to show if String Theory is true
or not. Scientists say it "cannot be made falsifiable." This has led many physicists to conclude that String
Theory, M-Theory, and anything else based on strings, is ultimately futile—no matter what wonderful
things the mathematics may say.

Why, then, are so many physicists still pursuing String Theory? Because it offers the best hope right now
of becoming a "Grand Unified Field Theory," something science has been searching for since Einstein's
day. A Grand Unified Field Theory would unite all the known forces of the universe under a single set of
equations. There are four of these forces: gravity, electromagnetism, and what are called the strong and
weak nuclear forces, which hold atomic nuclei together. The first of these forces, gravity, works in the
area of the very large—stars, planets, etc., while the other three work in the area of the very small—
inside and near atoms (although all of them have ramifications in the "middle"—where we live). In
Lesson 3, we mentioned two major breakthroughs in 20th century physics: Relativity Theory and
Quantum Mechanics. These also separate the same way: Relativity Theory deals with the very large, and
Quantum Mechanics deals with the very small. No one has been able to come up with a single system
that unites both concepts, and therefore all four forces. String Theory might be able to do it. Here's why:

Forces affect particles "at a distance," so they are also frequently called "fields," and that's where the
phrase "Grand Unified Field Theory" comes from. However, another of the big discoveries of 20th
century physics was that fields and forces may not really exist as such, but rather appear because
particles that carry force are being passed around. This is important because String Theory intrinsically
gives rise to these force-carrier particles, including one for each of the four main forces. Therefore it has
the possibility of unifying all of them into a single, larger construct. Let's look at each force:

Magnets attract each other because—in the old model—positively and negatively charged particles in
the magnetic substance generate electromagnetic forces that interact and pull the particles toward each
other. In the new model, magnets attract each other because positively and negatively charged particles
in the magnetic substance are passing force-carrier particles that carry the electromagnetic force back
and forth. This may not seem like a big difference, but it makes a difference in how the process is
mathematically modelled. (It should also be noted here that the electromagnetic-force-carrier particles
are called "photons", and they are also the particles that make up Light (which is one form of
electromagnetic energy). Light was also shown to be pretty peculiar by 20th century physics, since it's
definitely made of particles, yet also clearly behaves like a wave a great deal of the time.)


In a similar vein, atomic nuclei were previously said to be held together by "the strong nuclear force",
but in today's model that translates to "the protons and neutrons are passing particles that carry the
strong force." These particles are called "gluons" (because they "glue" the nucleus together). There are
other particles that carry the weak force. All of these particles have actually been detected, and they are
mathematically described and "explained."

But gravity is the hold-out. Science has theorized about a massive particle called a "graviton" that would
carry gravity, but no one has been able to measure such a particle, nor can science adequately explain
gravity fully in the same way it has explained the other forces. And gravity is the one that acts over large
distances, so it's really the kicker in being able to combine Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics.
String Theory may hold the answer. Strings can split and combine, and in so doing, they create force-
carrier particles, including one that would—theoretically, anyway—carry gravity. These force-carriers
appear as spinning particles being created and destroyed at the points where the strings interact. These
can also be thought of as "bubbles" that seem to flow along the strings—at least theoretically.

This means that String Theory (or more precisely its unified version, M-Theory) may provide the much
sought-after "Grand Unified Theory," or "Theory of Everything." At least, it is the most promising theory
that science has come up with so far. However, as discussed above, it's inability to be proven either right
or wrong makes some scientists sigh that it's really a "Theory of Nothing."


So, to summarize: the nature of the structure of the universe is by no means fully understood by
modern science. A lot has been discovered, but there's still a lot more to learn. Mystics have their own
views about the question, and for the first time in several hundred years, their views and those of
science are starting to overlap. Most specifically, relative to the structure of matter, we can see
considerable resemblance between what science thinks may be the fundamental particle—strings—and
what occultists have observed to be the fundamental particle—upas:

Strings Upas

 Extremely small vibrating coils  Extremely small vibrating coils

 Vibrate in different modes  Vibrate in different modes

 Derived from the mathematics of folds,  Are small knots, containing a

knots and topology (the study of the twisted/folded kind of geometry
properties of certain kinds of geometric


 Rely on compacted dimensions  Contain structures in compacted


 Produce bubbles of force-carrier particles  Made of bubbles of something,

when they interact, giving rise to the which hold the upa together
forces that hold all matter together (stop the flow, and the upa

 Manifest as quarks, electrons, and other  Manifest as quarks (observed by

elementary particles, depending on their Leadbeater and Besant, confirmed more
vibratory rate recently by Phillips and Cowan, and
others), and may manifest as electrons
(upa-like structures observed by Cowan).

Ironically, strings and upas also share the following characteristics:

Strings Upas

 The mathematics of their behavior is  The mathematics of their behavior is

not yet completely defined not yet completely defined

 Many physicists do not believe in  Most physicists do not believe in

them! them!

There is, however, one big difference between strings and upas.

Strings Upas

 There may be no way to ever prove  Upas have already been directly
whether String Theory is true or not, observed
and therefore whether strings, as
defined by any of the theories, actually


We present all this because it is all going to recur in bits and pieces in later Topics. You do not, by any
means, have to become an expert on any of these ideas! It is simply important to be exposed to them.
But for now, you've earned a rest!


We list a lot of "classics" here—books and films that left a definitive mark in regard to their subject
matter. If you want to explore further, these are among the best places to start.

For more on consciousness, try:

 "The Secret Life of Plants" by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird (1972). This is a classic book
that offers fascinating support for consciousness in non-animal life here on Earth.

What Do We Mean By "Multidimensional"?—Parts I and II

For explorations of multidimensionality and stretching your consciousness, try:

 "One, Two, Three, Infinity" by George Gamow (1947). This is another classic book. It tackles the
concept of Infinity in all its intricacies, and gives one of the best explanations ever of how Time
can be the 4th dimension to a 3-dimensional lifescape.

 "Infinity and the Mind: The Science and Philosophy of the Infinite" by Rudy Rucker (1982). This
book offers a great look at infinities in Time, Space, Thinking and Perception, including the
infinitely Large and the infinitely Small.

 "Powers of Ten"—a short film by Charles & Ray Eames (1989). This classic film shows the impact
of shifting perspectives by showing the same scene magnified or reduced by powers of 10 every
10 seconds.

 Any of the books or DVD's of Alex Grey's artwork ("Transfigurations", "Sacred Mirror", et.al.)
give glimpses into the multiple levels that surround us in our everyday activities.

 Similarly, many of the artworks of M.C. Escher contain mind-stretching images of "impossible"
geometries hinting at dimensions beyond the 3rd.

 "Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid" by Douglas Hofstadter (1979). Although
ultimately centered around mathematics, and especially "Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem",
this book also presents images, concepts, and clever dialogues between two characters named
Tortoise and Achilles (and later assorted other characters) on the nature of mind, thought,
intelligence, and the universe, all of which stretch the consciousness of anyone reading it, and
giving glimpses of other dimensions of awareness. The referenced "Incompleteness Theorem"
has the significance of mathematically proving that there must be more to reality than what we
experience in 3 dimensions.

 "Flatland: A Romance in Many Dimensions" by Edwin Abbott (1952). This is yet another classic
book, a novel, that explores a mythical realm that has only 2 physical dimensions (like a sheet of
paper) and the beings that live on it (circles, squares, triangles, and so on), and what happens to
them when they are suddenly and unexpectedly visited by a 3-dimensional being (a sphere).
There are several sequels to this book, written by other authors extending the concept.


 Though now somewhat "dated", examples of multi-level experience—albeit within pure 3-

dimensional reality—can be found in the old "Magic Eye" books. Each magic eye picture
contains a stereoscopic image hidden within a pattern of colors or lines. Focusing your eyes in a
particular way enables the hidden image to suddenly leap out. The image was there all along,
but you could not see it until you adjusted your awareness to the right level.

If a line gets so wide that it has a measurable "thickness", then geometrically-speaking it isn't a line any
more, but a rectangle—albeit a very narrow one—which is then a 2-dimensional object. Keep this idea in
mind when we talk about "Compacted Dimensions" in the next section.
Originally, this "something else" was water or some other liquid that was ionized (or in some other way
affected) by a passing particle so that it formed a trail of bubbles as the particle went through it. A
camera was used to take a picture of the bubble trail, and the picture was then analyzed to figure out
what the particles must have been. Today, detectors use more sophisticated substances like sensing
wires or silicon chips, and the passage of a particle causes a signal to be sent to a computer, which can
then plot and/or analyze the trail being created.
Note that nobody knows for sure what the "M" in "M-Theory" stands for. It has been variously defined
as: magic or mystery (since it's a pretty magical, mysterious theory), matrix (since it relies on matrix
mathematics for its definition), membrane (a mathematical object that M-Theory combines with
strings), and "master" or "mother" (as in "master theory" or "the mother of all theories").

[4]Topology is strictly defined as "the mathematical study of the geometric properties that are not
normally affected by changes in the size or shape of geometric figures. In topology, a donut and a coffee
cup with a handle are equivalent shapes because each has a single hole." [Taken from
www.thefreedictionary.com ... The American Heritage citing.]


Patricia Fields, Psy D


The information presented, is a culmination of my experiences and learning of which I willingly agreed
to share. These are my truths as the information was shown to me and you will need to identify within
yourself if it resonates as truth for you.

An owner’s manual for humans is long overdue. Why our Higher Selves did not write this manual and
include it as part of our birthing process is a question worthy of dropping in the planetary complaint

In this section, I will do my best to introduce you to concepts, vocabulary and principles that will give
you a better idea of who you are and how the inner workings of your energetic being actually functions.
It is like looking under the hood of your car and coming to terms with the fact that an engine,
transmission and all the other parts and associated systems are pretty indispensable for a smooth ride
and safe journey.


The main point to remember is that YOU ARE the universe, the galaxy and the planet—all at once and all
of those aspects of you do interconnect and inter-communicate. And you chose to come here at this
time with all of the people with whom you are in relationship for this Earth experience. We were
provided with some fancy accessories to help us make our way and it is our job to re-member what
those tools are and how we can use them.

Hopefully, you will find this owner’s manual more interesting to read than most manuals!


When Was the Last Time You Phoned Home?

We are the universe—the stuff of stars. Our very bodies are made of the fundamental material building
blocks of the universe. In so many ways, we can say that we are the body, the enfleshed universe. As
noted cosmologist Brian Swimme writes in “The Universe as a Green Dragon, “We are the creative,
scintillating, searing, healing flame of the awesome and enchanting universe.” (page 171) This is not only
a metaphor but truly an expression of Spiritual Law. Spiritual Law dictates that our very bodies and
energy fields have a point-to-point reference for the universe, the galaxy and the planet. Hidden, yet
contained, within our molecules and atoms are the interconnected reference points to our other homes.
The molecular, atomic and subatomic particles are the links to the unidentified chakras 8-12.

The universe is a vast and ever expanding domain, constantly unfolding and emerging. Its evolution is
unquestionable, as is our own.

The universe has a very special relationship with and to planet Earth because Earth was set up originally
as an experimental planet. But what was the experiment? And how is the experiment going?

By and large, the way planets and species evolve to a higher order vibration involves some form of
cataclysmic shift. Another way of saying that is there is usually a dramatic shift in form whenever there
is a major shift in the octave of consciousness. There are galactic bodies that shift vibration through
implosion and explosion as examples. But change in form, from the inside out, and in a seamless, almost
imperceptible way is fairly non-existent, at least for planes of existence and species at a rate of vibration
of 3rd chakra or dimension or below. An octave shift in consciousness, say from a 3rd to 4th chakra or
dimension is a complete, total shift in the very way that a planet or species experiences existence. This
means that the very rules that govern reality, the amount of separation/pain versus interconnection/joy,
the density of the matter that make up the planet and your body, all this and more are determined by
the dimensional vibration of the reality that your consciousness is nestled within. When we take a look
at the genetic shifting of any of our species on the planet, which does in fact look seamless, we are
observing a shift in form, not in a major shift in consciousness.

This planet has a very special and more direct connection to the universe than most due to the fact that
it is experimenting with a nondual, seamless way to shift consciousness. We need the close supervision
of the universe to monitor our planetary experiment. And just as our bodies by Spiritual Law must
include point-to-point connections to the universe, so does the Earth have point-to-point connections
with the greater galaxy and universe. With this special connection to the Universe, comes the possibility
of using these portals or energetic gateways to transmit to the Earth and her various species energies


that would enable her and her various life forms to slowly but surely shift their consciousness from one
rate of vibration to another without having to disrupt the continuity of life as we know it.

This is an amazing and daring experiment. And when it has been tried in other parts of the universe at
this rate of vibration, it has rarely succeeded. It represents the universe herself trying to evolve the very
way she evolves in these more dense domains of existence. It is her way of trying to ooze into physical
material matter the stuff of nonlinear and nondual change. Nonlinear and nondual ways of transforming
assume that change happens in a smooth, continuous arc of transition. Linear models of change are
most often prompted by some form of struggle or stressful event. Transformation stems from a
resounding clash of polarities followed by a sudden leap into a wholly new vibration which mirrors
neither polarity but which is inclusive of both. For example, if good and evil were to evolve beyond
either one of those polar opposites, the resulting outcome might be the vibration of beauty. To shift
non-cataclysmically, with no poles clashing, represents a truly evolved model of change and a higher
order of evolution.

Changing the way a planet or species changes is the single most important, efficient and expedient way
to nudge evolution along in our 3rd chakra dimensional existence. The universe herself never sleeps
when it comes to watching this experimental baby trying out this new pattern of change.

No one knows the final outcome. Ah ha, but that really is not true and in keeping with Spiritual Law.
There are certain tribes that I do firmly believe carry the seeds of Truth for the final outcome of the
experiment. And they are just beginning to enter the conversation…so we’ll need to listen in the coming


Very Basic and Sometimes Pleasant and Not So Pleasant Information About Your Ticket to Earth


Why did I come here? (some of you follow this with an exasperated “For God’s sake?” Others, will find
this question insulting…it is obvious why you came…it’s a wonderful life!)

You did choose to come to this planet for some kind of experience. Most people incarnated here
originally to experiment with what it might be like to experience matter in all of its various forms as well
as the enormous creativity with regard to time periods of history. This is also a very beautiful planet with
tremendous choices of geography and topography within which to travel. And the grandest experiment
of all is to have the novelty of experiencing forgetting the wholeness of one’s self. The mere thought of
forgetting was an original concept that the universe invented.

Yes, many of us share the same secret, that is, we were seemingly duped by the slick pictures in the
travel brochures and the hyped up sales and marketing team. Or, to say it another way, it looked better
on paper than it does in reality. No one, not even the Infinite Creator Beings expected the forgetting to
get so out of control.

What’s Earth got to do with it, subtitled, What’s Love got to do with it?
Whether we consciously remember this or not, we are actively involved in a co-evolutionary partnership


with the Earth. Our own spiritual development co-aligns with the evolutionary tangent of the Earth.
What does that mean practically?

A simple way of expressing this is that when the Earth was formed as a mass of matter, it realized it was
lonely, isolated. From its very core, it poured out an invitation to be inhabited, to be partnered, to be
accompanied, to be loved and to love. It was a deep spiritual call, sent out to the very edges of the
galaxy. And the Earth knew that to be inhabited by other species was a co-evolutionary experiment in
deep cherishment. The Earth and her inhabitants would be inextricably interconnected, intertwined in a
transformational love knot.

This is important background spiritual information that has huge implications for humankind and for the
Earth. The co-evolutionary process is governed by Spiritual Law ( Link to Spiritual Law). What this means
is that our evolution as a species is not separate from the evolutionary track of the Earth. Spiritual Law
states that a collective’s or species’ vibrational rate cannot exceed the evolutionary rate of the planet.
So when we talk about humankind evolving to a higher dimensional rate of vibration, by Spiritual Law
we are implying that the Earth goes with us to that accelerated rate. It is a violation of Spiritual Law for a
collective or species to vibrate out of the range of the planet. This is a binding and very sacred contract
based on inviolate and sanctified principles of interconnection. We are our Home base and wherever we
go so does the Earth; by the same token, wherever the Earth goes vibrationally, so do we.

To say it again in a different way, it is spiritually impossible for the human race to transform to a higher
vibration without its partner, the Earth. Though we may like to think we are separate and maintain a
separate sense of free will, it is really not the case.

This of course puts those of us who might like to evolve to the next stage of vibrational evolution at
odds with the current state of health of the Earth. The Earth is desperately struggling to survive right
now in its current state; its overall health is at odds with the natural potency and power it needs to
transform to the next stage of evolution. Simply stated, it is tired and its energy is compromised The
fundamental resources its needs for evolutional thrust are diminished and depleted.

Spiritual Law mandates that every sentient being has free will. Therefore, the current status of play
between humans who wish to evolve and the Earth is precarious. If the Earth cannot recoup its health
and/or would decide not to choose a course of evolutionary progress, then the species as a whole would
not be allowed to pursue its evolutionary thrust. This backs humans into a corner; those who wish to
evolve might need to ascend off the planet in order to preserve their free will and the free will of the

Love means we are not separate. Love implies interconnected destinies. Earth has everything to do with


This planet exists at about an average rate of third dimensional reality. What that translates into is that
it vibrates to about the third chakra. Given that there are 12 chakras, we are down in the lower 25th
percentile range. That means that the experience here on Earth defaults to a fairly moderate degree of
separation. Separation in practical human terms means that there is a fairly moderate degree of pain
and suffering that occurs in a predictable and rhythmic cycle in your life. And that is simply the nature of
order or the natural law for the planet.


This planet is part of a universe whose vibration cannot be described in chakra terms. Universes are so
grand and complex; they simply cannot be categorized as a 2nd, 3rd, 4th chakra or dimensional
universe. There really is not a good classification scheme to rate universes. They defy categorization!
However, what we can say is that any universe that by definition has elements of separation is a
somewhat less evolved universe. That this universe has dimensions, each of which is separated from
every other dimension puts this universe squarely in the ballpark of separation of wanting a stiff dose of
evolution. The good news is that the universe wants to evolve and is always evolving. By definition,
evolution will always progress towards more interconnection and unity.

Everything here is an illusion: the smoke and mirrors nature of reality.

This is one big dream. And a very real one at that! What does it mean to say that it is all an illusion? You
are the dream and the dreamer.

True reality anywhere in the universe is quantum reality. It means that each moment the reality in front
of your eyes is reinstated. It really is like a movie with various frames and separation between each
frame. The difference is that in the separation between the frames there is free will and a pause…time
enough to shift what happens in the following moment. We blink in and out of time and in between
each blink you choose the next moment. Reality moments are just instantaneous decisions which lock in
one reality moment from a series of probable futures.

Advanced meditators often find that in one or more of their meditations they “get” this. They will
experience reality flickering in and out right before their eyes and sometimes the screen goes blank. This
is a very powerful albeit scary moment for most humans as we have forgotten the true illusory nature of

What is the point of it all?

Have you ever read the end of a book before the middle? I have. I did the unthinkable. I couldn’t stand
the suspense of not knowing if Harry Potter died at the end of the last book. So I wandered into Borders,
snuck a copy of the book into a back corner, promptly sat down and read the last 20 pages. My partner
was shock horrified. I didn’t care. I had to know. And of course, I was relieved. Harry Potter survived.

A sneak peek reading of the end is really like asking “What’s the point of it all?” We all want to sneak a
peak to see if there is a happy ending to help sustain us through the difficult parts of the middle. Yet, in
this story, the point of it all is what you make of it. And contrary to our projections, no one will tell you
the point at the end. You will review your life and decide what you make of it. But there are clues!

For the most part, the point is all about the freedom to come here and explore the wonders and glories
of the fantastic illusions that you can create. There are countless worlds, points in time and space we
call history with fabulous costumes and talented and not so talented actors and actresses. You get to try
everything on and see where it goes. You get to feel the density and lusciousness of flesh and bones, the
magnificence of nature, the pulsing rhythms of music, the sensuousness of tastes and textures, the
humanness of it all. Human beings exhibit a poignant strength and fragility that is uniquely their own
claim. The struggles and challenges with their attendant hopes and despairs make this Earth experience
a unique existence to be treasured for its wholeness.

The point is: the sheer privilege of finding another part of the universe of you.


You write the ending every day, all the time, but most of you will only read it at the very end.


How do I get out of here?

That’s always a good question. The truth is, your soul chooses when you exit. We live in a reality where
conscious death is very rare; although possible. Remember the movie, Little Big Man where the Native
American Indian Chief Dan George confidently announces one day “Today is a good day to die!” He
promptly marches off to a special place, lies down to die, and then changes his mind. Now that’s
conscious death.

Sometimes your soul chooses to lift you out of here because the purpose that you came here for is
complete despite the fact that your conscious mind does not recognize this. In fact, this is largely the
case. It is equally true however, that at times at an unconscious level, you just decide that the script of
your life has dead ended. The plot is no longer interesting or you have written the plot into a corner with
difficult exits and you no longer wish to play it out. In this case, this is not unconscious or conscious
suicide. It is simply free will playing itself out.

No, I mean how do I really get out, like out of the whole Earth experience? Where is the exit sign?
Now, this is even a better question with not so simple of an answer. Thousands of religions and spiritual
teachers have been addressing this for eons. And I just come along and boil it down to a few mere
paragraphs. That’s heresy for sure!

First of all, it goes back to the question, what is the point? The point ultimately at every level is to simply
experience it all, the earth, the galaxy, the universe for the sheer pleasure and enjoyment of meeting
your own creation. You are the fingers on the hands of the universe and your palm is the galaxy. And
with essentially 12 whole dimensions to explore within the universe with each dimension having nearly
unlimited terrain, there is a lot to explore!

So, back to Earth. All of the more evolved beings know that the Earth is a mixed bag of experience and
one can easily get lost in the experience. So in the infinite wisdom of the universe and her wise elders,
there was a decision to create what we call spiritual lineages. (Link to Spiritual Lineages).

When you crossover, with the aid and support of the your spiritual lineage and its associated ascended
masters, you jointly decide whether or not you will return to the Earth experience or move your
exploration to some other dimension.

So to summarize and finally answer the question….You with the aid and support of your nonjudgmental
and nonauthoritative lineage and wise spiritual masters or elders determine your readiness to leave the
Earth experience. And you can leave at any time! But if you are like I was (see story below), you
probably don’t know that and even if you know it as information, it does not really compute that you
have the option. For many spiritual lineages (but not all), the determining factor is whether your soul
has been capable of vibrating to the 7th chakra vibration. Once again, that is your soul’s ability to vibrate
to the 7th chakra, not your conscious mind. And as for the conscious mind and conscious earth
experience, many lineages hold that you only need to move through about 70% of your deepest fears
and still retain a sense of trust, faith and hope. And this is more true of lineages which subscribe to
reincarnation as each life represents an opportunity to master a small sector of fears.



My Story…
I remember a time way back in the eighties when I was about to undergo a profound and life changing
spiritual experience. I was on the Big Island of Hawaii at a retreat center not far from the active volcano
of Kilauea. Stuck in a room that had holes in the screens, I found myself swatting mosquitoes nonstop
and realizing how far a ways I had to go be enlightened. I was perturbed, irritated and annoyed that my
“deep” experiences of meditating were being interrupted on a non-stop basis by either slapping myself
or scratching an itch. I finally took to bed and put the covers over my head. I relaxed and went into a
deep trance and drifted into an altered state. I was transported to a domain where kind and gentle
beings were briefing me as to how to crossover, that is, transition from life to the other side of pure
spirit. I heard what seemed like the voice of God say, “And where would you like to go after your
experience on the Earth?” I was incredulous. Where else was there to go? “And, by the way,” I asked
innocently, “Why would I want to go anywhere else? I like the Earth. It is my home!” For some reason, I
felt offended at the mere suggestion that I would betray my roots.

With the kindness and serenity that only higher level beings can offer, they ushered me into a special
viewing room that looked just like an IMAX movie theatre. I was given a front row seat and there before
my eyes a panoramic view that was expansive beyond imagination appeared. It looked like horizontal
bandwidths of color and each bandwidth had a unique and wholly distinctive color, flavor, sense, and
multimedia feel to it. I was overwhelmed and awed. In a millisecond, I realized I was looking at the 12
dimensions of the universe and they needed no verbal explanation. One of the wise beings took a
pointer and placed it on the left side of the lower quadrant that was vibrant yellow. “Here is the
placement of the Earth in the All of Everything. That is where you were and wish to return to.” Nothing
else was said or implied by his voice. No judgment, nor suggestion, nor advice. Once again within a
millisecond, I understood everything. I saw, heard and felt the whole vibration of Earth as it exists in
third chakra consciousness. I realized there was so much more, so much more to explore. In that
moment of recognition, I also felt what Bob Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute, called the mu of
the earth. This refers to the overall sound that the Earth emanates…it is one of stress, distress and dis-
ease amidst periodic harmonics of joy. And that disharmonic sound did not emanate from most of the
other bandwidths of color that were placed above the bandwidth of Earth.

I felt a strong pull to point to one of the other colors, which turned out to be a sixth chakra color. It’s
sound was sweet with soothing harmonics and I was drawn ever deeper into my curiosity to explore that
plane of existence. The being looked deep into my eyes, nodded understanding and the altered state
experience came to an end.

In the two days following this experience, I dreamed that I was crossing over to this place. I would
awaken in the morning to a mixture of deep peace and underlying anxiety. Was I going to die? What
would happen to me? I had made friends with a couple at the retreat center who invited me to a picnic
spot nearby a luscious waterfall. I remember wondering if this was going to be my last lunch on my last
day. How did I feel about that? Did I want to do something more dramatic? What did I want to do if this
really was my last day? A deep blanket of peace swathed me as I sat on the grass drinking in the sound
of crashing water and relaxing into the warm mist from the waterfall. There was nothing more to do;
nothing more to be and this place, these people were just perfect. Somehow this moment in the grand
spectrum of everything all made sense.


The next day, I was called to meditate in a small, sheltered clearing right at oceanside. I went into a deep
trance and lost my conscious memories for 20 minutes of time. And that is when some part of me left
and went on to another dimension and another higher vibration part of me slipped into my body.


What is enlightenment in this body of work?

Simply put enlightenment is not one thing, experience, state or reality. Enlightenment for most folks
comes in infinite stages. It is the experience of multidimensional consciousness. But depending on the
dimensional vibration of your experience, your enlightenment experience will vary. For some, it feels
like enlightenment if they can resonate to a vibration that calibrates to the 4th dimension or 4th chakra.
Others may describe it as universal consciousness or oneness when in reality it may have been the
universal consciousness as expressed in the 9th dimension or chakra.

Let’s take another example. In the near death literature, you read about people seeing the Light at the
end of the tunnel. The nearly universal description of that Light is of unconditional love and unity. In
reality, there are infinite octaves of experience of unconditional love, octaves that extend out to the
12th dimension and beyond. The Light that is seen and the corresponding experience are tantamount to
the amount of unconditional love that that individual can tolerate and handle as a soul.

Back to the Story

Back to my experience following a week long workshop at the Monroe Institute….Slide back time to

Having just finished a weeklong intensive in consciousness and out of body travel, I checked into a local
hotel in Faber, Virginia with my then husband. We were really tired after an exhilarating trip and did not
want to drive the hour’s long trip back to Philadelphia where we lived. We both lay down in bed and my
husband instantly dropped off to sleep. I put my head on the pillow and without a thought, fell into a
deeply altered state.

To make a long story short, I saw within the span of several minutes, the entire history of the evolution
of my soul. I saw how my soul had set up for eons of time a soul program wherein I repeatedly
experienced unrequited love unendingly life after life. I saw, heard, felt, within seconds, the extreme
anguish of never having had a full and complete fulfillment in a loving relationship. Lovers were
snatched away by wars, family disputes, spiritual divides, class clashes and every imaginable other glitch
of life. I also saw that at a spiritual, energetic level the frustration from all those experiences, the pent
up disappointed foam of feelings and energy that had been secretly accumulating in another dimension
of consciousness, stored as a huge reservoir of pure energy. Pure frustrated emotion purified into pure
energy. Here was ripe energy to be used for transformation. In that moment, I felt all of that energy
begin to release and I experienced a Light beyond Light, cosmic unity that was immeasurably
compelling. I was asked then if I would be willing to give up my life for the sake of the evolution of all of
the other souls who were a part of my soul pod (a group of souls with whom I had been evolving over
eons). To this day, I wonder how anyone could ever resist that Light! I said that of course I would! The
Light was so compelling that I did not even think about leaving family, friends, or my beloved husband
who was in bed next to me!

As I felt myself head out the door so to speak, my experience was interrupted on the inner planes of


spirit by a fluke, a true spiritual mistake, so to speak. It was a violation of Spiritual Law actually. Wow!
That was a painful and traumatizing experience. I wanted to go! I was ready to go. And by that time, I
was over half way there only to be stopped in my tracks.

When I opened my eyes, I was still in such a deeply altered enlightened state.

My husband then awoke and said he had just had a dream that high consciousness beings had come to
visit him and told him to prepare for the fact that I was going to die. He hugged me vigorously and said
he was so glad I was alive; the dream had been so real. That was when I realized just how real my visions
had been. This was not just a dream or figment of my imagination.

In the meantime, I was so exhilarated given my enlightened state of consciousness despite the fact that I
was alive and wasn’t supposed to be. Over the course of the next hours, I laughed outrageously and was
known to say, “I cannot imagine how everyone doesn’t see that a frog, a rock and a tree are all the
same!” What I was seeing was how everything was energy, pure enlightened energy and totally
connected! That state lasted for hours and in the intervening time, I had numerous insights into the
cosmos and was bathed in enlightened energy and consciousness.

My best guess after years of attempts to piece all of that together was that my consciousness was
stationed in about the 6th to 7th dimension. And yet, if you ask me if that was enough relative to my
knowing that there were/are another 5 or 6 dimensions to go, I would tell you that I could have stayed
in that place for eternity it was so full.

This is why spiritual teachers all over the world say that when you rest unendingly in and attach to only
one place of consciousness for the sake of its pleasure, you are missing out on all the other possibilities.

In the end, some aspect of you in some dimension, most likely not the you that exists in this 3rd
dimension will reach the vibration of the true Universe. When that happens and you absorb it enough
until your spirit is full, the enlightenment from there might spawn you to take your travels to yet even
another place.

Enlightenment goes on and on and as my deceased and most wonderful father would have said at this
point to me, “Hon, it just doesn’t get any better than this…And, it just keeps getting better.”


The most important structures in your entire energy field are the axes. Axes come in two varieties: the
Central Axis and the Axis of Existence.

Now that you have watched the video, I will try to summarize the information about your axes.

Remember back to elementary school, back to your days in geography class. You were taught that the
earth rotated on an axis at a tilt angle. Well, indeed that is true and scientists today still measure that tilt
angle. That axis I call the Central Axis.


The central axis of the earth is the central axis inside of you as well. To put it simply, you and the Earth
share a Central Axis. The central axis is an energetic structure that threads its way through your
kundalini and spinal column and all the way down through your DNA.

By and large the axis itself is stationary. The earth revolves around it. This gives the planet a stable
consciousness. The fixed state of the axis (that is, its non-movement), is what firmly anchors the planet
into its current state of consciousness which is 3rd chakra or 3rd dimension. The Central Axis then
controls or regulates the dimension of consciousness of the planet and all of her inhabitants. If the axis
would rotate, this would shift the entire dimensional state of consciousness on the planet! That is good
news and bad news of course. The good news is that our state of consciousness is not flapping in the
wind, constantly shifting so that we cannot adjust to any fixed reality. The stability of the axis of the
planet is what guarantees consensus reality on the planet. The bad news of course is that with it being
so unmovable, it is more difficult to transcend beyond the planetary consciousness.

Enfolded into and within the central axis, and yet radiating out from it, is the Axis of Existence. If the
Central Axis tells us that us that we are vibrating to 3rd dimensional consciousness, the Axis of Existence
tells us that we are vibrating within that entire 3rd dimension to the specifics of Planet Earth. The
Central Axis gives the ballpark GPS location while the Axis of Existence gives the section, row and seat.
The Axis of Existence contains the exact vibrational frequency of everything on Planet Earth.

Shamans and spiritual adepts who are capable of maneuvering their axes are capable of shape shifting
their consciousness so that they can actually be the consciousness of their desired intent or totem
animal. Each person, object, land form, animal, mineral, country has a signature vibration and once you
are capable of maneuvering what is most likely a rusty and stable axis, you can experience the entirety
of the planet and her inhabitants.

The two axes are inseparable and they move together. They are the ultimate universal consciousness
play-toy and yet a potentially dangerous play-toy if you don’t really have the instruction book and a
mentor. Let me give you an example of how this works at a more universal level.

Let’s suppose that one day I want to travel to the seventh dimension to the Spiritual Lineage libraries of
Knowledge. To do that, to travel inter-dimensionally, what I would need to be able to do is rotate my
Central Axis to just the right position for the 7th dimension, then rotate and flex my Axis of Existence to
just the right location for those Libraries. But once there, I could read the Libraries. Better yet, I could be
the Libraries.


In case you did not get the underlying importance of these structures, let me be unerringly clear. When
you are able to rotate and flex your axes expertly enough, you can travel the Universe, be the Universe!
This is the true meaning of enlightenment only as I write about it.

Of course, it should be said here, that learning how to move your stationary axes is what spiritual
development is all about at either conscious or unconscious levels. And that takes great experience,
patience and practice. And yet, I write about this so that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that
universal enlightenment is yours. It comes with the package deal. No exceptions.


This universe is fundamentally made up of dimensions as well as the other Master Archetypes. There are
12 dimensions, or trans-dimensional levels, each of which is subdivided into 7 other levels. This is what
we mean when we say that you are multidimensional! You are the universe and the universe is primarily
made up of 12 co-existing and yet fundamentally separate dimensions. When people talk about other
existences on other planets or galaxies or realities, this is their point of reference.

Many people like to talk about their Home planet, star system or “ special place”. Many clients call me
wanting to know their Home planet, star system or “special place”. Or, they desire to know where they
came from. This is always an interesting question to answer diplomatically and without sounding
dismissive. The real answer to the question is that the whole of the Universe is your Home. It cannot be
otherwise. There is no one place that is more Home than not in the purest answer. But what clients are
generally referring to is that they have a sense that there is a place or places that feel more familiar,
more comfortable and more special. This is usually because that soul has spent more time hanging out
in that dimension and so its vibration resonates with a more easy familiarity. As time goes on and as a
soul evolves, the soul has an actual experience of having emanated and been a part of all of the

As you deepen into the potency of each dimension, you shift by octaves, and each dimension has
numerous octave shifts. I often say when I mentoring healers or spiritual practitioners, “Now go deeper
by an octave.” This means that the person needs to shift his/her consciousness and energy field one
octave deeper into the potency of that particular dimensional vibration.

What is a dimension really? Well, it is a whole realm of reality! It is identified by its vibration of
consciousness and each dimension has a unique and characteristic vibration. You might say that each
dimension is like a country that has its own government, laws, culture, landscape, resources, “problem
areas and ways of viewing reality. While each country is unique, most countries are bordered by other
countries and there are border patrols. This is somewhat true of dimensions as well. Each dimension has
its own characteristic terrain, places to explore, lessons to learn, unique amount or lack of unity and is
separated from the other dimensions by another Master Archetype called Space.

I want to mention some final comments about the dimensions and elaborate on some things I just
briefly mention in the videotape clip. From the 1st to the 8th dimension, there is a tremendous amount of
separation between the dimensions. From my layer cake example, you would say that the universe
creators spread the butter cream and jelly on thick. Starting way in the deepest octaves of the
8th dimension, there begins to be some more interconnection between 8 and 9. And if you were totally


immersed in the consciousness of the 9th dimension, you would feel some slide between the 8th, 9th and
10th dimensions. Beginning more formally within the consciousness of the 10th dimension, there is finally
the ability to cross connect with all of the other dimensions simultaneously! This is the true beginning of
nonduality. You are able to see what all of your multidimensional selves are doing all at the same time.
Still, even at this level there is a dark side or shadow side so separation still exists despite the amazing
amount of unity consciousness. By the 11th dimension, we can relax into a more complete unity


This universe is constructed with twelve dimensions. The dimensions (link to Dimension definition
above) are separated by space. The entire structure of the dimensions and intervening space are held
together by what I call the dimensional grids. The glues that hold the grids together and give them
coherence are: Spiritual Law (link to Spiritual Law), a 10th dimensional concept and the Organizing
Principle of the 11thDimension (link to 11th dimension).

Spiritual Law mediates the structure or scaffolding that holds the dimensions together and the
Organizing Principle permeates the dimensions and grids and gives them their life and movement and
the rhythmic interconnections behind the scenes. The dimensional grids propagate within them light
and high frequency inaudible sound.

The dimensional grids are essential and basic energy structures that hold the dimensions of this universe
in some sort of form. They also mediate the universal energy that fuels this universe as well as your
physical body. They intersect with all of your subtle bodies such as the physical, emotional, mental, soul
and spiritual bodies and intersect with the Magnetic Grids at 90 degree angles.


Within the universe there are various spiritual landscapes. I have described the 12 dimensions and the
dimensions make up at least 1/3 of the spiritual landscape that most humans inhabit. However, another
1/3 of our inner universal landscape concerns what I term worlds or realms. The final third of the
universal inner spiritual landscape is the region within atoms and this is such a new and complex
concept that I will not address it in this basic orientation.

As I have mentioned before, the universe is structured according to 12 dimensions, each separated by
space. Within this framework, the structure of worlds becomes more comprehensible. A world is a
uniquely blended subset of the dimensions. It includes some unique combination subsets of the first
through ninth dimensions. For example, some worlds cross combine aspects of the 4th, 6th and
7thdimensions. In this blend of the dimensions, there is no separation between the dimensions as there
would normally be nor is there any inclusion of other dimensions. Worlds offer the healer endless
combinations of the energies and dimensions from which to work. Worlds are a unique patchwork quilt.
And some worlds have mathematics and energetics that emanate from other universes.


Many indigenous tribal folks inhabit worlds like the Native American Indians, many African tribes and
the aboriginal tribes of Australia. The kingdoms of inner earth exist in worlds which include the domains
of fairies, leprechauns and the like. Just check out Lord of the Rings and the visits to the fairy kingdoms
to give you a picture of what I mean.

We might say that the mathematical relationship between dimensions and worlds goes something like
this: worlds are like the mirror image of dimensions turned inside out. The only way to “get” that
concept is to slip into an altered state!


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To unpack all of what I want to say here, I need to go step by step and then hopefully by the end of this
section, you will be able to put the pieces together to fit the larger picture.

A little about chakras first…

First of all, what are chakras simply? Chakras are the main energy transduction centers of the body.
What this means is that energy from the totality of the universe needs some sort of system, like a
highway, to conduct the energy from all of its locations to the body. The chakras represent a vital part of
that system. By transduction we mean that the body needs to convert the super charged high vibration
of the universe down to the lower voltage range that the physical body can handle without its blowing a
fuse. Just think about it. When you take your hairdryer or other US voltage electrical appliance to a
foreign country you need the converter to make it work properly.

The chakras also function as part of a universal pipeline that transports fuel from the universe down to
the body. Pipeline is an apt word since it takes a tremendous amount of energy or fuel to keep the
illusion of this reality intact. In addition, just to keep you alive energetically, you need constant
uninterrupted fueling and these pipelines are essentially the way that the energy of the universe is
piped into you to keep you animated and yet real in your illusory nature.


But the chakra system is much, much more from the perspective of the universe. It is through the chakra
system that you truly achieve your honorary and permanent standing as a universal citizen. Hopefully, I
can convey the wondrous engineering that is inside of you that allows this to be the case.

Most systems state that there are 7 main chakras. I teach that there are 12 chakra centers. The 8th
chakra has various locations depending on the person in my experience. In some persons, it is located in
various aspects of the brain; in others it can be located in the upper back. In still others still it can be
located throughout various organ structures in the body. By and large, however, most people have
multiple 8th chakra connections and they can be discovered in the molecular structure of the entire

The 9th chakra connections are located between and among the mitochondria connections throughout
the body. The mitochondria are organelles located within the cell structure and considered to be the
“powerhouse of the cell.” They provide a great deal of the chemical energy used by the cell. They are
also involved in other cell functions such as cell signaling, cell differentiation and cell growth. An energy
system links al these mitochondria throughout the body and the sum total of this system represents
what is essentially a 9th chakra system for the body.

The 10th dimensional correlate in the body would be via the electrical systems circulating through the
spinal column. The 11th dimensional correlate would be what the physicists refer to as the strings, the
unifying thread of the dimensions. And the space within the atomic structure where we house black
holes represents the 12th dimensional correlate.

The chakra-dimension connection

The ingeniousness of the design of the chakra-dimension connection conveys the wonder and awe that I
feel for the human energy field. This is one of the main concepts that help to explain how we, as mere
mortals, are universal citizens.

Imagine this if you will for a moment. You have the magnificent splendor of all of the 12 dimensions of
the universe (and there is more to the universe than this…more on this later) and yet how do you fit all
of this splendor into your tiny frame of a human body? (Well, this is an even harder challenge than what
the engineering team on the ground for the Apollo 13 crew had to do for poor Tom Hanks and space
team members…). It is an impossible task. But, the ingenious solution was to invent chakras and some of
the other structures that I will describe later. Each chakra is a tollbooth; once passed through, you have
access to the highway or bridge that intersects you with the entirety of that whole dimension. If you
could pass your consciousness through the chakra, you would enter the wonderland of the
corresponding dimension. For example, the 3rd chakra connects into the 3rd dimension, the 4th chakra
to the 4th dimension and so on and so on. Each chakra then, is simultaneously both a condensed spark
of the corresponding dimension and yet also a portal or gateway to the whole dimension.

The marvel of the chakras is that they allow you to never be lost to the Universe. You can never be lost
to who you really are: the wondrous embodiment of the entire expanding enthralled Universe.



An understanding of the relationship between chakras and dimensions is key to understanding the
Transdimensional Levels. You contain the magnificent splendor of all twelve dimensions of the universe
(and there is more to the universe than this). Yet how do you fit all of that splendor into your tiny frame
of a human body? The ingenious solution was to invent chakras (and some other energetic structures).
Each chakra is a tollbooth; once passed through, you have access to the highway or bridge that
intersects you with the entirety of that whole dimension. When you pass your consciousness through
the chakra, you enter the wonderland of the corresponding dimension. The third chakra connects into
the third dimension, the fourth chakra to the fourth dimension and so on. Each chakra is simultaneously
both a condensed spark and the corresponding dimension and also a portal or gateway to the whole


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Connected to the body through the first chakra and the sacrum


Africa, in Tanzania near the Olduvai Gorge



 Physical survival, material survival and primal life and death issues relating to security, safety,
and trust in Life itself

 Issues related to the right to exist

 Primitive addictions: such as the addiction to cording into another person and feeding off their
Life force, repetitive patterns of putting self in death-defying situations, addictions to sadism
and masochism

 Primal urges for life, creation, ecstatic states, destruction, insanity; Unmediated drives such as
lust, greed, rage, terror, violence, sadism and masochism

 In the first chakra, all issues are corded into the life and death archetypes and archetypes which
govern mental sanity



 This level in its purest form is not so much a dimension that one travels in, but rather a direct
connection to the Light and the primal archetype of Life itself. The archetype of Life is what we
are greeted by when we first touch down from the realm of spirit into matter. Life is a wholly
unified field and as such it is hard to speak of it without talking about its connection to the 11th
dimension Organizing Principle (Link to 11th Dimension). Between Life and the Organizing
Principle, your spirit touches down into your biology and the whole of your being organizes and
orients itself to the planet.

 When you are born if you have a healthy, well-grounded parent figure, this person (usually
mother) at an unconscious level should help you descend your spirit through your kundalini and
spine, through the first chakra and then down into the earth. Here you attach to the archetype
of Life as it is anchored into the planet. This is highly crucial as the Life force is the main fueling
source for survival and nourishment of the physical body. The Life force is one of the most
powerful sources of energy on earth and is at once both nondual and universal. Your parent
figures should also anchor you into the magnetic grids from the Earth, which secure your spirit
into the Earth. Your first chakra anchor gives you a firm foundational feeling of belonging. At a
very deep level you know you are at home on the Earth. Many people do not have this
connection process completed within them shortly after birth.

 This kundalini-earth connection is the energy field’s first and most primary level of sensory
input. From only a chakra standpoint (as compared to a physiologic or brain perspective,) the
body initially receives its perceptions through the first chakra and then makes sense of them by
sending input up the chakras to the other levels. The first chakra is one of the most foundational
sources of intuition about external events, particularly events related to survival.

 When you transition from your body at death, you encounter the death force that is essentially
an experience of hearing the tone of your soul. In a “good” death (that is, you exit at a high
vibration,) the next archetype you encounter is the Life force. The Life force is the closest
vibration to pure spirit on earth. This encounter with the Life force at the end of life enables you
to easily transition to the pure planes of spirit. It is only one step away in vibration from pure

 There are beings walking the earth that actually exist in first dimensional consciousness but yet
live within our third dimensional reality. Some of them are referred to as Immortals (variants of
vampires) and vampires.


 The darker side of the first dimension is what we call the hell realms or place of lost souls.

 In its deepest shadow side, the first dimension represents a level of existence where there is a
pure devotion to the forces of separation.



 Unfortunately, on this planet the first chakra does not exist in its purest form. Because of the
devolution of matter and spirit on this planet, many of our first chakras have a dysfunctional or
mutated first chakra. This means that until much work has been done in this aspect of self, using
the first chakra as a gateway to travel to the first dimension is an extremely dangerous
undertaking. If you travel through a first chakra that has not been restored to its original
condition, you may find yourself entering into some of the most dense and darkest places on the
planet. Or, you could find yourself entering into realms that are still living out some of the most
devolved periods of time in the history of matter itself (both earth and non-earth existences.)
This is like a direct link into the hell realms where souls have long since forgotten they are souls
and where very little, if any light or sound penetrate.

 I have traveled in this dimension only a very few times and I assure you that it took me several
hours to recuperate. It is impossible to describe the extreme denseness of the first dimension
and the overwhelming feeling that souls here do not even remember any connection to
anything known as spirit.

 Once you work through the primary issues of the first chakra, it becomes an entranceway into
more universal dimensional experiences. However, to make one’s way from the first chakra right
into the universal is quite a feat. It requires not only a resolution of personal first chakra related
issues, but also deep resolution at the collective and planetary levels.


I do not recommend traveling in this dimension as some of the domains contain highly unpleasant and
very dense lost soul realms and also realms of intense density and polarization from which it can be hard
to extricate yourself on your own. However, connecting into the pure force of Life is stimulating,
exhilarating and joyful. It reinstates the pure connection to Life.


 Working with the dying

 Working with prenatal and perinatal cases

 Ability to contact, stimulate and hold the Life force for a client could stave off depression and
suicidal tendencies

To contact the pure Life force, call on the Angel of Life


 African tribal rhythms express this dimension.

 He’s in Trance Now by Nyanyo Addo

 Drums of Passion: the Invocation by Babatunde Olantunji


Life, primal, belonging, birth, death, sanity, insanity



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Connected into the body through the second chakra or pelvic girdle, abdominal centers and sexual


There are numerous anchor points on the planet one of which is located in the Ganges River in India
(which is also an anchor point for the ninth transdimensional level as well).



 Mediates and softens survival urges from the first dimension

 Needs bonding and attachment to others as survival strategies

 Comfort, security and safety needs emanate from this chakra and reinstate the biological
imperative: in order to survive and thrive, we need relationship, whether it be with humans,
animals, plants, or minerals

 Mediates core imprints and deeply held beliefs about trust in relationships, self trust, self-worth,
feelings of pride and shame in the sense of self

 Regulates instinctual drives, both positive and negative

 Regulates primal emotions such as the “seven deadlies” — rage, lust, greed, envy, gluttony,
pride, sloth

 Regulates biologically based feelings of pleasure and delight in the physicality of the earth
experience; regulates instincts for body enjoyment, and deeply felt biological satisfaction and

 Regulates the sense of personal identity, self esteem and sense of belonging in relationships

 Regulates the felt sense of sensuality, sexuality and sexual preferences; regulates balance of
yin/yang and male/female energies


 Mediates regulation of drives to create, be creative and procreate

 Regulates biological and psychological urges to merge and separate

 Addictions are fueled by the imbalance of this chakra


 This is a very interesting dimension! We see it in action on the earth most dramatically in the
jungles and savannahs where instinctual drives for survival are expressed through the grand
interplay of animals stalking and hunting prey. These animals exist in the pure second dimension
instinctual realms. Even when they are violently tearing away at each other’s flesh, the actual
energetic is one of deep peace and interconnection to the web of Life. As wild animals gnaw on
the ripe bloody flesh of their kill, they take in the Life force of their prey, regenerate themselves
and purely cross over the prey’s spirit via the energy of Life. The comings and goings of animal
spirits in the day-to-day drama to survive is the artful design and instinctual beauty of the
second dimension. In this drama, in its most pure expression, the polarities of violence and
beauty are reconciled.

 In general, this dimension contains lower level consciousness and therefore a higher degree of
separation and polarity. By and large, beings in this dimension exist in what might be called a
“slave like” state, having forgotten that they possess free will. Many souls in this dimension exist
in a zombie-like state. When offered help by Light beings, such souls more often than not do not
even respond as they cannot even see the vibration of Light. In general, souls existing in this
dimension are unformed and not highly attuned to their right to be free.

 Lord of the Rings is a movie that most accurately depicts the second dimension. The soldiers
under the tyranny of the Dark Lord exemplify an aspect of the second dimension.

 Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute, talked about having experienced a place
where souls interminably were engaged in brutish sexual encounters. Souls were engaged in
nonstop intercourse and the emphasis was on nonstop. The description depicted non-conscious,
nonloving addicted behavior and he reported that he felt fairly revolted by the encounter. This is
a clear example of what is considered to be second dimensional consciousness.

 The second dimension has a hidden aspect. It is possible to find what might be called the Dark
Force of Creation which, in fact, is not associated with the darker forces of separation. The Dark
Force of Creation is that aspect of Spirit which, in infinite intelligence, has allowed matter and
souls to devolve and to forget their connections to wholeness. The Dark Force of Creation allows
souls the right and the freedom to choose to devolve their spiritual progression. Remember that
some souls actually choose the Dark Side as an expression of free will.

 Beings who vibrate to the second dimension and yet live on the earth include trolls, the
Abominable snowman, some animals, humans who have devolved to this level


 Highly polarized, non-consciousness

 Dark Force Beings play out games of power, tyranny, and despotism



 Traveling in the second dimension is not recommended because there is a serious risk of getting
lost. Only advanced practitioners in the company of high level guides should attempt travel

 I was here several times and found what feels like subhuman consciousness. I was told that the
archetype of the second dimension is the Abominable Snowman or other creatures like you
might find in the Saturday afternoon horror movies such as Creature of the Black Lagoon. This is
a very low density, low vibration dimension where I have primarily seen lost souls.

 I found my deceased grandmother here. During one of my out-of-body excursions, she suddenly
appeared in my consciousness. She ran over to me, hysterically crying and I distinctly remember
her curling up at my feet, pleading with me to help her. When I picked her up in my arms, I
asked her what had happened to her when she died. She said that after dying, she landed in an
empty place and became frightened for what seemed an unending period. She mentioned that
many spirit-like beings had tried to approach her but since she did not know them and could not
identify if they were “good” or “bad,” she just ignored them. I was overwhelmed with grief and
pain at her obvious suffering. She sobbed with so much relief that I had appeared. Finally, I was
someone she could trust. I reassured her that I could help her and called on my own guides and
Higher Self for advice. They suggested that I introduce them and then they would escort her to a
very bright Light that emanated unconditional love and this would assist her transition. I would
stay with her until she dissolved into the Light.

I spoke with Gram at great length about all of this, reassuring her that I would be with her to the end
and that I personally knew and revered these guides. She agreed. The introductions went well and I
accompanied her to the edge of the Light where I saw her disappear. A few moments later I saw her
meet her deceased sister with a great embrace. And then ever so suddenly, she entered what looked
like the next lifetime. She walked through a cloud and I saw her on the Earth being born to a very loving
family. I never knew if she had an immediate incarnation or whether I was given a glimpse of her future
probable life. I do know that ever since then, she does periodically visit with me. Sometimes she appears
in workshops where I talk about life/death transition and asks me to please assure everyone that having
guides to escort you to the Light is the most wonderful experience imaginable!


 There is an overriding feeling of heaviness, density and oppression here in my experience. The
air feels sludgy and muggy and I felt cramped spatially. The zombie, sleep like state that
permeates this dimension can be overwhelming.

 When I tune into the pure biological, instinctual aspects of this dimension, I feel regenerated
and alive.


 Resonating the pure transmission of instinctual drives for the client purifies many distorted
urges that give rise to addiction.


 Incomplete or unresolved issues that stem from the second dimension are best dealt with by
using higher order dimensional energies.

I would only recommend that you travel here with the use of your own Higher Self in this dimension.


Many Motown favorites as well as salsa, tango and flamenco musical rhythms


Identity, self, self worth, shame, sexuality, sensuality, safety, security, comfort, male/female, yin/yang


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Connected into the body through the third chakra or solar plexus


Planet Earth as a whole vibrates to the third dimension. This dimensional vibration is anchored into the
planet through its iron ore core and its axis.



 Expression of self in the world; the development of your unique personality traits

 The challenge is to be able to express in personality traits your essential spiritual essence. For
example, people sometimes describe others as being angelic. This most likely reflects the
greater movement of angelic dimensions through their personality and the likelihood that in the
inner planes their spirit is deeply immersed in angelic dimensional initiations.

 Expression and enactment in the world of your soul purpose through the expression of your

 Issues involving the fit between your soul, personality and occupation


 Issues relating to self esteem, exerting personal responsibility, self-discipline, right action in the
world on behalf of yourself

 Integration of self into the world and vice versa, integration of the world into the developing
sense of self

 Issues related to power, dominance, control, submission and exercising right use of the will or
will power

 Abuse of the planet; elevation of self to the exclusion of the planet; disregard for the
interconnection between self and environment


 The third dimension represents the level of consciousness in which most of us exist in day-to-
day reality. This planet offers great freedoms with respect to expressing the many faces of free
will. Yet here on Earth, free will naturally expresses itself by creating and shape-shifting material
reality and material forms. Consciousness of this planet is still based on polarities: good versus
bad, right versus left, male versus female and so on all the way down to the electrical fields
which are polarized into positive and negative charges. Reality is experienced in linear terms: life
is defined by time and space with a clear distinction between past, present and future.
Seemingly, A causes B and B causes C and there is a point to point correlation.

 Change is constant. The model for how most people on the planet change involves pain and
suffering as catalytic stimulators.

 Perfection for more than brief moments is impossible and the attainment of enlightenment or a
more unified field of consciousness is possible only in rare and brief moments. The sheer body
experience of the pleasure of enfleshment drives the third dimension. Exquisite delights of the
flesh and the immense nourishment that nature in all of its physical manifestation brings, enable
the human spirit to soar above the suppressed vibration that exists. Human relationships at this
level center on power and personal expression. The felt sense of love in the third dimension (as
compared to fourth and beyond) hinges on the unique interplay and delights of personality fit.


 Rendering power over someone else; enforced submission

 Expression of abuse in any form: physical, emotional, mental


 I have been to a limited number of places in this dimension. I found races of beings very
different from us, existing in matter or some form of body-like substance. There are races that
exist in variant forms of time and that are capable of great healing abilities. I saw material forms
that emitted more light through their substantial matter-form and had more intelligence than
our own. Some beings that might be termed shape shifters, i.e., they can reshape their matter at
will, appear to have consciousness operating at this level.


 Each transdimensional level has within in at least seven other levels, so depending on what sub-
level you access, you have more, or less remembrance of connection to Self. The average human
(who is not very cognizant of his/her connection to spirit) exists at about level 3.3 or 3.2. In
other existences parallel in consciousness to our own, I have seen equal levels of aggression and
competition. I have also seen levels 3.0-3.2 and these levels are a sorry sight where great
fighting and tension exist. The exercise of will power to gain submission over other life forms is
truly nasty.

 The universe of spiritual lineages (with which I have been extremely involved over the course of
many existences) operates anywhere from between 3.4 to about 3.9 dimensional existence. This
means that even the universe that houses the spiritual lineages that help us evolve has a fairly
low default setting. Most spiritual lineages have devolved their vibration over the course of eons
and the competition, aggression and intolerance that most lineages enact toward one another is
evidence of the immense separation that imbues this third dimensional level.


It feels like Home Planet with more or less variations on the theme!


 I do not use energies from this dimension for healing. I landed in other aspects of this dimension
because my work with clients demanded it.

 I do, however, use the pure third dimensional vibration of personality traits with clients. For
example, if a client needs to become empowered, I transmit to her the pure frequency of power
all the way into her core so that it is “stamped” or imprinted into her field. Since each
personality trait has a unique and pure vibration, the technique of transmitting the needed pure
vibration can be healing.

When traveling through planet earth, call on the High Self of the planet. When traveling through other
third dimensions, use the third dimensional Mediating Guides. There are numerous, well trained guides
to take you on tour!


A great deal of pop and rock ‘n roll music carries third dimensional frequencies. Celine Dion, Britney
Spears, Christina Aguilera and other current artists are examples.


Power, personality, self-expression, occupation, responsibility, self esteem, action, goal- oriented


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Connected into the body through the fourth chakra and heart center


In my meditations, I have heard that one of the major anchor points on the planet is in eastern Spain in
the region of Aragon. I have not traveled here myself.



 Honing ability to attune and connect to another person and maintain an empathic stance

 Learning how to harmonize relationships

 Building bridges between persons, beliefs, religions, nations, politics and anything else that
manifests polarization

 Experiencing the pleasure of loving for its own sake; loving unconditionally

 Mastering co-dependence and the unbridled “urge to merge”

 Learning to balance merging and coming back to the self

 Avoiding relationship addiction

 Mastering the art of assisting versus rescuing


 This is the first level of inner planes with a measurable improvement in unity and

 It carries the first level of unconditional love.

 There is seemingly a huge shift in the amount of separation that is experienced here relative to
the third dimension. This shift is due to amazing harmonics discovered here which mark the
beginning of the “music of the spheres.” Harmonics serve an invaluable function as they
harmonize and lubricate all lower dimensions.

 While there is still separation here between the dimensions, this is the first level where
harmonic energies encompass and heal the lower three dimensions. This is not the case with
third and second dimensional energies which have no real harmonic connection to the
dimensional energies below them. The energies that emanate from the fourth dimension


lubricate the entire field and allow the subtle energy bodies (physical, emotional and mental
subtle bodies) to coalesce and sing to one another.

 The fourth dimension also serves as a primary transduction center. That is, it connects upper
dimensions (five and beyond) to lower dimensions (three and below) by transducing down the
higher order frequencies into metabolized lower frequencies. Higher order energies feed into
the lower vibration of the body smoothly.

 Portals in the fourth dimension allow access to different worlds.

 When most humans travel interdimensionally, they visit the fourth dimension. It tops the “most
favorite list.” Beings and guides who inhabit the fourth dimension exude warmth, love and
caring. Most of them have had some experience on the earth or on a plane of third dimensional
vibration, so they have a realistically compassionate idea of what life is like. They are not so
highly evolved that they cannot identify with pain and suffering of the earth plane, yet they
dispense wisdom that transcends normal ego tendencies of the third dimension. The fourth is
the perfect dimension to find a personal guide.

 Souls under initiation work on the deployment of Light.

 Souls also tend to be involved in inner plane initiations about the Dark Side. More often than
not, there are well-intentioned, fourth dimensional souls battling evil with Light. (Doesn’t this
remind you of Harry Potter?) However, this is a difficult initiation to pass because in the upper
dimensions, battling evil means that your energies are still “sucked into” this polarity. In the
end, evil will still continue to exist as long as this universe stays at its current evolutionary
vibration. From the perspective of the universe, evil has a right to exist.

 The other core challenge to the spiritual initiate at the fourth dimension is spiritual depression.
After this first level of contact with higher order energies here, devastating depression may
result from an inability to reconcile the all-encompassing love from the inner planes, with the
reality of the day to day world of duality and separation. It is not uncommon for fourth
dimensional initiates to sink into a morass of sadness for months following a powerful
encounter of unconditional love and light here. Finding peace means being able to build a bridge
from these inner worlds into day-to-day life as much as is possible.

 For the initiate who has had her first encounter with all encompassing love found here, there is
usually a corresponding spiritual challenge to reconcile this seemingly blissful state with the day-
to-day reality of third dimensional duality and struggle. Mastering this challenge is one of the
spiritual hallmarks of a soul completing spiritual initiations at this level.


 The Dark Force has a sly presence here, yet not as sly and cunning as in the fifth dimension. They
have firmly entrenched recruitment centers here, capitalizing on the innocence and curiosity of
naïve baby souls. Enticing souls with “slick brochures” and promises of self worth, power, or
tastes of a favorite shadow side indulgence, young souls are lured unwittingly to sign contracts
with concealed no exit clauses. Charming engagement and seduction with poison candy are
fourth dimensional Dark Force themes.


 Recruitment is the name of the game here; while the fifth dimensional dark side is more

 The Dark Force also manages to tie up the energies of souls here by continually engaging them
in seemingly unending battles. Young souls can become so hooked by the carrot of victory and
saving the dimensions that their energies snag; little is leftover for evolution.


 I love traveling in the fourth dimension. I met my first guide here. (See Guides below). There are
beautiful colors and vibrant hues, wonderful harmonies, and floating, ethereal feelings.

 I also explored what I call the Aeons, a place on the inner planes where harmonics cruise
through all aspects of the fourth dimension and interconnect them. I have surfed the harmonics
of color here as well. For many years, I traveled to this, my favorite place, and called it Home.

 I also spent a very long time working on passing my initiation to let go of battling the “dark.”
While in this dimension, I was addicted to the “knowingness” that there was no better way to
spend time than trying to fight the Dark Force or recruit its members to “my” camp in the Light.
As a result, my dreams were full of battles and I often felt under Dark Force psychic attack.

 There are wonderful places to visit here where matter is not so dense; it has much more light
infusion and is more pliable. This is not really the realm of Light Bodies, but it is certainly close.


Expanded, warm, liquid love waves with harmonized music that wash all over and through you. It is very
addictive in a most positive way!


 This is the first dimension where it becomes helpful to use the energies for healing. Fourth
dimensional energies are high enough and interconnected enough to heal many third
dimensional issues. For first and second dimensional issues, I always recommend even higher
order energies.

 When I am working with groups, my transmission of fourth dimensional harmonics helps to

lubricate everyone’s heart chakras and creates a feeling of connection among the members.

 There are the most wonderful guides here to help you and your clients heal personal issues.

 There are also wonderful guides for dream interpretations.


 This is a great place to contact your High Self or other guides. Here your High Self speaks your
language! Conversation is personal and personally relevant. Advice is never laced with “shoulds”
or judgments! Advice is given more as loving suggestions. Feedback is never shaming, but is said
in a way that directly or indirectly takes you on a personal journey to look inward while still
feeling self love and worth. Fourth dimensional guides are the best inner mothers and fathers or
the parents you never had. Guides understand the difficulty of earth, the seduction of the ego


and mental distractions and yet have ways to slowly but surely allow you to become less
attached to your ego weaknesses. They encourage living from your Higher fourth dimensional

 My first guide, Altalena, was my fourth dimensional spiritual mentor. We shared a daily
relationship for more than four years. Then one day I went to tune into her and she kindly and
gently told me that she had herself evolved to the next higher plane of consciousness and would
no longer be able to function in her role as guide. I mourned the loss of her for months until I
finally was open to a new guide replacement.

 Ask to be connected to the Harmonic Angels in the fourth dimension for harmonics help.

 In addition to your Higher Self, you can ask for a guide that is just right for you, conforms to
Spiritual Law and can connect and communicate with you in a way that is perfectly suited to
both your soul and personality.

I love the music Ave Maria by the Benedictine Nuns of St. Cecilia’s Abbey. I have a story about its role in
healing for a client. I had worked with a client for over 11 years the day I brought out the recording of
Ave Maria. This client was a self-professed Lord of the Dark Force on the inner planes, as if second in
command and he had clear memories of his inner plane experiences. On the outer planes, he lived in a
small canyon in a tin shack with minimal amenities. He described others who lived in the canyon as
“dark types” and over the years, he reported many paranormal events and attempts on his life. It was an
embattled canyon with many refugees from life.
His desire over time was to extricate himself from the Dark Force so I learned a great deal about the
Dark Force inner workings from working with him. One day with pride, he cited how wide open his heart
chakra was, how loving he perceived himself to be. I knew this was not the case and asked my guidance
how to deal with him. My guides said “Play him the Ave Maria tape and see how long he can tolerate it.”
I put on the tape and told him that this was music and chanting of the purest fourth dimension, or heart
chakra energies. The tape played for no more than five minutes but during that time, I watched in shock
as his face wrenched in pain. His whole body contracted; his struggle to tolerate the music was palpable.
It was as if the light and love in the music were somehow destroying him. (Just like You Know Who in
Harry Potter could not tolerate Harry’s ability to love). Finally, swallowing his pride, he confessed that he
could not stand it anymore and he commanded me to turn it off. Then he asked me the name of the
tape and told me he would not return for another session until he could tolerate the music. It was about
four months later that he returned having mastered tolerating the vibration.


Angel Love and parts of Angel Comfort by Aeoliah


Love, harmony, unconditional love, empathy, attunement, connection


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Connected into the body through the fifth chakra or throat center


There are few anchor points per se for the fifth dimension in the ways that have been previously
addressed. Instead, the primary anchor point for the fifth dimension is the human mental body. The fifth
dimension corresponds both to the mental body of the human energy field and in its deeper octaves, to
the soul body. There are numerous portals on the earth to gain access to the fifth dimension. Some of
these can be traced to the standing stones often seen in the British Isles. I have also found some portals
located in Bandelier State Park near Santa Fe, New Mexico, and clients have reported other gateways in
canyons outside of Las Cruces, New Mexico. I believe that many Native American Indian sacred sites also
have access to the fifth dimension through the land, rocks, and trees. There are also a number of sites
whose sole purpose is to anchor in the Dark Force energies of separation at this level.



 Piercing through to the truth: finding your own truth; being able to ascertain the truth in others;
being able to detect the presence of falsehood and deception

 Being authentic and congruent with yourself and in your communications and behaviors

 Developing what I call transparency which is the ability to vibrate the mental body to its original,
pure vibration. When in transparency, your mental clarity becomes pristine, without distractions
or fear-induced thinking. Transparency optimizes creative, inspirational communication that
evolves the soul. Spiritual teachers who emit transparency are often perceived as egoless, a very
rare phenomenon. The ability to discourse about spiritual concepts with clarity, precision,
inspirational awareness and egoless distraction describes transparency.

 The fifth chakra, as it carries the vibration of the soul body, presents the challenge of knowing
and fulfilling your soul purpose for this life.

 Challenging you to develop well-honed intention, or the intentioned focusing of your will to a
higher ideal goal, idea or vision

 Mind manipulation, thought insertion, or any technique designed to malign or destroy the mind
represent shadow aspects of the fifth dimension.


 Interactions designed to confuse the soul, lead it astray or prompt the soul to become hopeless
represent another shadow side of this dimension.

 Difficulty accepting the dark side of the self (such as your own hatred, greed, lust, jealously,
rage, terror, shame.) Because of the intensity of archetypal issues corresponding to the fifth
dimension, work at this level of development attracts high drama, both positive and negative,
into your life. Through the encounter and subsequent mastery of drama, karma is released and
fears are processed. Another shadow side of this level then is the addiction to drama and all of
the highs and lows that it brings.


 Contains the soul and karmic (AKASHIC) records, i.e., the history of your incarnations on earth
and in other planes of matter. Matter tends to exist in the fifth dimension and below in some
form or another.

 The collective unconscious of the planet vibrates to the fifth chakra/dimension, so when your
fifth chakra awakens, you often feel the collective weight of the world’s unconscious.

 Awakening your fifth chakra/dimension usually gives rise to interest in your soul purpose. The
fifth dimension accesses such information.

 When you awaken this chakra, deep archetypal patterns emerge, patterns that have repeatedly
been unresolved by your soul over the course of lifetimes.

 Houses the central library for all major concepts, ideas and minor archetypes that create the
foundation for your mental body. Examples of minor archetypes are mother, father, family,
home, beauty, science, service, the arts, etc. Archetypal therapy is really therapy working with
the fifth dimensional aspect of self.

 The fifth dimension, often referred to as the Fertile Void, is the level at which creative
manifestation practices really begin. These practices represent the ability to create your reality,
to change your reality and to manifest your intentions.

 The fifth dimension is comprised of a lot of celestial and galactic space.

 Contains interstellar and celestial refueling sites, places where the stars and planets
energetically refuel themselves, and also places where the planets and stars interface with the
body’s organs to refuel and revitalize them with vital chi resources.

 Contains celestial energy fields. You may travel to many of the stars and planets via this
dimension as long as they vibrate to the fifth dimension, which many of them do.

 Contains the habitat for very powerful beings devoted to the Dark Force. A simple way of saying
this is that the fifth dimension is where evil archetypal beings reside. In order to be a Dark Lord
agent here, you have to really intend to do so. The normal progression of the soul is to drop
devotion to the Dark Side by the time you finish your soul development in the fourth dimension.

 The concept of wholeness in its true vibration comes from the completion of your experience in
this dimension. The completion of the soul’s journey is the mastery of this dimension.



 The shadow aspect of this dimension involves the cunning artistry of the Dark Force; those souls
from the Dark Side residing here are notoriously intelligent. Knowledge as power is the keystone
of this dimension and the wrong use of knowledge is what governs the Dark Forces here. The
Dark Force wants to trick the soul into more and more separation from its wholeness.

 On the inner planes, the shadow side can manifest as the inability to reclaim one’s spiritual
freedom (to reclaim one’s soul).

 To gain prominence here as an agent of the Dark Force, you really have to devote yourself to
this endeavor, full time. It is never by accident, naiveté or ignorance that you would land a job as
a Dark Force agent here.


 When traveling in the fifth dimension, always ask for a Travel guide and be sure to ask for one
that is devoted to Spiritual Law or to the Light. This dimension has the most amazing array of
choices and yet included in those choices are what might be called “ghettos or high crime
areas.” This means that if you don’t know your way around here, you could get into trouble.
Please take this seriously. With a trustworthy guide you are truly safe.

 It is rare here to encounter fifth dimensional beings that have more human-like emotions since
this dimension resonates outside the realm of emotions. Therefore, the beings that you
generally meet and dialogue with here do not resonate or respond to emotions. They can seem
cold and detached with piercing accuracy in their ability to mirror the truth in a way that can be

 When traveling in the fifth dimension, if confused, lost or in trouble, always speak the truth
even if your truth is that you are afraid. The archetype of truth governs healing in this dimension
(as compared to love in the fourth chakra.)


 When traveling in this dimension, you may feel very diverse feelings and sensations, depending
upon the area you travel in. You may experience space, stars and celestial emanations, void-like
emptiness, the fertile and pregnant void, and feelings of wholeness and completion. The quality
of space here can be disconcerting for many people, as it feels cold and devoid of feeling and
warmth. Yet as you move into deeper octaves of space in the fifth dimension and beyond, space
becomes more soft, velvety and smooth.


 I never open myself as an instrument for fifth dimensional energies to come through for healing
because I have not found this dimension useful for that purpose. I do however, sometimes
contact the space from the fifth dimension and allow it to permeate all the way through me.
This has a very relaxing and cleansing effect.


 I do work with clients in the fifth dimension all the time and use guides for information about
karmic issues and soul level development. When I have a client in despair, I always look at this
level to check to see if the soul is under attack from or embroiled in the lair of the Dark Forces.

 One way of retrieving your lost soul aspects would be to travel to this dimension and ask your
High Self here or Soul body to retrieve them.

 I teach clients to access this dimension for such uses described above.

 The fifth is the dimension where borderline personality disorders travel and use energies to
seemingly attach and cord into another’s unconscious. The fifth dimension does carry energies
and methods for mind control or manipulation of the unconscious.

You can always call on one of the Lords of Karma here to act as tour guide, tutor and mentor. The Lords
of Karma are innately powerful and can fully protect you from the Dark Force trickery here.


 Earth Spirit by Carlos Nakai

 The Lama’s Chant: Songs of Awakening, Track 4, by Lama Gyurme and Jean Philippe Rykiel

 Quiet Heart/Spirit Wind, Track 9, by Richard Warner


Truth, authenticity, intention, creative manifestation, fertile void, emptiness, celestial, space


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Connected into the body through the sixth chakra or third eye


There are well over a hundred anchor points on the planet, none of which is of any more significance
than any other. They are all connected via celestial light grids.


Iridescent shades of white


 Development of your intuition and inner wisdom

 Encouragement to devote time to your spiritual awakening

 The awakening of this chakra gives rise to emerging interests in the well being and welfare of
the entire planet

 Because it exists beyond the vibration of karma, this chakra stimulates joy and playfulness

 Supports your contact with Grace and a deep openness to Grace manifesting in your life


 The sixth dimension resonates beyond the frequency of karma. I call it post-karmic.

 The sixth dimension has a correlate contained within your body. In other words, there is an
alternate embodied form of the sixth dimension located in the electrical fields of the body. My
term for this sixth dimensional light interface within the body’s energy field is “Spiritual
Internet” or Grace. This light grid system conducts interconnected cellular consciousness via
electricity in the body. In this system there is a direct interface among light, the cells, the
electrical fields and your biochemistry. Grace is a biochemical experience.

 These light grids of Grace represent the beginnings of what we call the Light Body, an
evolutionary aspect of the human energy field.

 This same Spiritual Internet simultaneously connects to the light grids within the planet.
Therefore, we embody the “Planet Within,” a vibrational patterning for the original dream of
the planet. Aborigines descended this original dream into the land of Australia and held it into
place through their very existence and the thriving of their culture. The original dream was that
the earth be inhabited by diverse cultures living separate lives in separate regions, and yet all
connected by the sixth dimensional light grid simultaneously anchored into the planet and each
person’s body.

 Awakening the sixth chakra brings a corresponding interest in serving the planet.

 The sixth dimension contains what have been called Light Beings or beings with light forms that
embody a minimal density of matter, infused with a great deal of light.

 Other aspects of self in non-matter (light body and other non-physical realms) are included
within the sixth dimension.


I have never bumped into the darker side of the sixth dimension. There are, however, forces and beings
whose aim is to distort the light of the dimensions and interfere with planetary grids of light both on
earth and elsewhere.



 This is truly a beautiful dimension to experience, full of halls of light with crystalline purity and

 Beings here regulate the light of the stars and their eminence throughout the galactic universe.
They also serve as Light Workers for the planets.

 There are grand cities of Light with very high consciousness here. The sixth dimension is highly
populated by light civilizations.


 Joyous, light, exuberant, playful and ecstatic

 I have had the sensation of hallways within hallways within hallways of light unfolding endlessly
within and through me.


 Activating the Spiritual Internet of the cells or the Biochemistry of Grace deeply heals by
reinstating light connections all throughout the body.

 Activation of the Light Body constitutes an evolutionary spiritual practice.

 To support the spiritual sustenance of the earth, you would energize the “Planet Within.”

 Whenever you activate any of the Light grid patterns in the body, it fuels inspiration, joy and

 Synergy codes (energetic patterns) from this level could be downloaded into the body to help
create synergy within groups.


 You can always just invoke Beings of Light here that are devoted to Spiritual Law

 The Oversoul of Planet Earth resides here


 Returning, the beginning minutes of the CD, by Jennifer Berezan

 Quiet Heart/Spirit Wind, Track 5, by Richard Warner

 Dewa Che, Track 11, by Dechen Shak-Dagsay

 Angel Comfort, mixed throughout, by Aeoliah

 Rosa Mystica by Theresa Schroeder-Sheker


Grace, light grids, flow, cellular soul, synergy, play, joy, ebullience, ecstasy, inspiration



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Connected into the body through the seventh chakra and the crown seat at the top of the head


While there are many anchor points on the planet, the main seat of the seventh dimension is India.



 Ability to accept and integrate the shadow side of all other chakra issues

 Ability to accept that human existence affords rare opportunities for long-lasting perfection and
enlightened states

 Ability to hold with compassion the suffering inherent in the human condition

 Ability to recognize the limitations of the ego and surrender ego-based fears and drives to a
higher transcendent power

 Ability to move through first chakra issues without losing hope. Ability to attain a seventh chakra
vibration which encompasses all first chakra issues

 Mastering the experiences of joy, enjoyment, contentment, acceptance, forgiveness and



 The seventh dimension emits amazing harmonics of a level surpassing any of those from the
fourth dimension, harmonics which sweep over and through dimensions one through six.

 Contains Major Temples. There are approximately seven temples, each of which holds a master
chord that heals aspects of the other six dimensional planes.

 The goal of seventh dimension initiations is to attain a level of consciousness that allows for final
exit from all planes of matter. For an earthling, this means that the soul has fully engaged in
earth experience and become one with the many aspects of the earth experience.


 The soul at this level learns to vibrate to full force and potency, all of humanity and the human

 When your soul is ready to transition out of life, this dimension emanates the exact tone of your
soul which triggers your soul to exit its body.

 The most important vibratory tone is that of Hope.

 This is one of the dimensions inhabited by bodhisattvas.

 Many of the realms of inner earth kingdoms such as the fairy realms have seventh dimensional


 I have never personally encountered the shadow side of this dimension.


 I have visited some of the Major Temples where I have encountered sacred libraries containing
history of the soul and its evolution.

 During my near death/soul exchange experience, my consciousness traveled in this dimension

and while there, I saw, heard and felt the entire evolutionary path of my soul throughout all

 Upon death, if your soul is able to vibrate to the seventh dimension, you review your entire
human existence and existences in all other third dimensional planes. If able to accept, forgive
and integrate these experiences, you are allowed what I call “exit velocity.” This is the soul
vibration achieved when one has passed initiations that warrant soul exit from all third
dimensional existences.

 This realm is full of ascended masters whose job it is to oversee spiritual lineages and whose
wisdom, benevolence and discernment are unsurpassed.

 During my travels here, I have been surrounded by the beautiful harmonics I mentioned above.
When I sat in these harmonics, I envisioned that I was at the end of my life, sitting on a hillside
way above a small village. It was nighttime. As I looked down into the town below and peered
through dimly lit windows in houses, I watched the enactment of all of the pain and pleasure,
joy and heartbreak that is the earth experience. I embodied and embraced love and hate,
deaths and births, marriages and divorces, lovemaking and violence - the entire spectrum of the
human experience. I was able without fear to encompass it all and accept it with equanimity.
The Infinite Intelligence that created this world - and that holds it together even when it seems
to be shattering - flowed through my being.

 Because the seventh dimension can reconcile impossible dualities that the earth holds, I am
reminded that even in the worst times, Hope is, has been and always will be an inextricable part
of experience on this planet.



 The feeling of sublime surrender and an all-cherishing peace

 The harmonics wash over you and all fears melt away.


 Energies from the seventh dimension refine the overall energy field and harmonize it.

 Wonderful energy supports self forgiveness for all karmic issues and issues stemming from the
first through sixth chakras

 Supportive energy to retain Hope in the face of despair

 Energies used to reweave the meridian systems of the body

 Beneficial energies for helping to readjust key points in the body that are responsible for the
ratio of matter to spirit in the body, or the vibrational density of the matter of the body


 Masters of Compassion

 Masters of Harmonies


 Ascension to All that Is: Inner Harmony by Robert Slap

 Amor Immortalis by Patrick Bernhardt

 Rosa Mystica by Theresa Schroeder-Sheker (6th and 7th dimensions)


Hope, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, ascension, deep joy, enjoyment, contentment, devotion,


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The eighth dimension has distinctly unusual bodily connections. It connects into the body through


specific chakra locations and these locations vary dependent on the spiritual lineage of the person. I
have seen some eighth chakras located in the back of one of the shoulders and also in the back part of
the brain in the occipital region. However, the eighth dimension also connects into the body through the
mitochondria in the cells and the subatomic particles called leptons. The eighth dimension transports
raw energies through the mitochondria to help fuel and power the cells with primary energy.


Egypt, the African country of Mali and Mexico are major sites.



 Right use of spiritual powers and paranormal abilities

 Right use of leadership abilities - many nationally prominent leaders emanate eighth chakra

 Interest in the right management of global affairs - global businessman often carry this energy


 One purpose of the eighth dimension centers on the regulation of all things physical or material
in the galaxy. This includes regulation of matter for humans, stars, planets and all other galactic
forms. The eighth dimension plays with material form for this galaxy and with the forces that
create material form such as minerals, metals, ores and gases. Engineers of matter populate the
eighth dimension. It is in the eighth dimension where high level creations of sacred geometry
initiate birthing of new forms of life. As a result, there are many experiments on behalf of the
galaxy where matter is manipulated in the service of creating all things physical. For example,
the very idea of a nuclear explosion originated in the eighth dimension. Because of this, the
eighth dimensional guides oversee how physical structures, including our bodies, handle
evolutionary energies.

 As a corollary to its regulation of all things physical and material, the eighth is a high level
creation dimension and is many octaves more powerful than fifth dimension manifestation

 Beings in the eighth dimension write evolutionary spiritual blueprints at the abstract energetic
level. These are treatment plans for the evolution of the soul. The eighth dimensional High Self
strategies how its particular soul or the soul’s soul group will evolve. For example, when I did my
soul review in my near death experience, I witnessed that I would evolve as a result of
frustrated, then released unrequited love. This mathematical algorithm of evolution was the
brainstorm of one of the eighth dimensional blueprint engineers.

 Eighth dimensional engineers came up with the idea that the model for change would be pain
and suffering here in the third dimension. They also engineered the concept of karma. From the
eighth dimension, such blueprints are sent to the seventh dimension ascended masters of the


various spiritual lineages that customize blueprints according to the lineage. Constant
communication occurs between the seventh and the eighth dimensions.

 The archetypal image of humankind burning in the fires of hell is a distorted image from this
realm. This is the dimension that holds some of the master frequencies that burn off karma.
These energies are in some ways “crude,” so too many and too much of them descended all at
once into the body through the human energy field, can cause pain and a burning sensation in
the clearing process.

 Another function of the eighth dimension relates to its service as mediator between earth and
the galaxy. Galactic Councils reside here with powerful warring forces presiding, debating and
often times battling over galactic territorial rights and governance issues. For me, the eighth
dimension in this regard feels like one giant power struggle. Much of my work in this universe
has been aimed at realigning the Galactic Councils with a unifying alliance back to the Universe.

 Equator energies here on the earth resonate eighth and ninth dimensional energies.

 Because of its preoccupation with matter, the eighth dimension does have bodily correlates in
the third dimension. The glial cell connective tissue system whose function is integral body
communication, is a human form variation of the eighth dimension.

 Nonlinear transmission of parental survival imprints via affect, emotion and energy are encoded
into the biology of the young child in their core, another eighth dimensional structure. The core
translates the parental survival imprints and embeds them into the biology of the child where
they guide drives and behavior for survival.

 Angels (novice, but powerful nonetheless,) Devas (Nature spirits) and masterful healers are
present in the eighth dimension.


 Violations of Spiritual Law within the galaxy

 Manipulation of spiritual power by galactic level beings


I traveled extensively in the eighth dimension and attended many Galactic Council meetings that were
very tumultuous, similar to what you may have seen in a Star Trek movie.

 I also attended experimental Council meetings where new ways were pioneered to induce
peaceful negotiations.

 I spent a great deal of time working in the soul/matter creation laboratories designing
evolutionary soul blueprints.


The word to best describe the eighth dimension is gold - it simply feels like gold! Energies here feel
substantive as compared to highly refined. Immensely creative and nearly immovable power describes
the felt sense of being here. Beings at the eighth dimension have very concentrated, focused energy.
Projects and experiments abound. It is a busy, creatively active center.



 There are wonderful guides to call upon from the eighth dimension to heal physical, emotional,
mental and soul level issues.

 Guides from here exhibit a high level of expertise in healing early family imprints.

 Devas from here can be used to heal land energies and geopathic forces.

 Working in the glial cell system with guides enables energy work to easily and quickly spread
throughout the entire body.

 To detoxify physical structures of their associated unpleasant emotions, work on holding the
pure vibration of metals and minerals in the body. Allow the metals and minerals to spin out the
toxic emotions.

 Eighth dimensional frequencies are very useful when working on the planet.

 Deep work on the brain should be done with a minimum of eighth dimensional vibrations.


 Invoke the Masters of Matter to aid in energy healing work.

 Invoke Regional Devas and Master Devas to aid in the healing of issues related to your house
and the land on which you live.

 Always ask that these guides be devoted to the preservation of the universe and Spiritual Law.


 The Lama’s Chant: Songs of Awakening, Tracks 1 and 2, by Lama Gyurme and Jean-Philippe

 Quiet Heart/ Spirit Wind, Track 1, by Richard Warner

 Dewa Che, Track 7, by Dechen Shak-Dagsay


Creation, matter, materialization, transmutation (the shape shifting of matter,) existence, spiritual will,
galaxy, integrity, impeccability, imperturbability, magnetism, molecules


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Connected into the body and field through the subatomic particles called quarks


There are many earthly anchor points but the main anchor point is in Siberia. There is also an anchor
point in the Ganges River in India.

Gold with more yellow and a bit of light green harmonics


This is one of the first levels that vibrates so far beyond human experience that there are no personal
issues associated with this chakra.


 The ninth dimension primarily focuses its energy on intergalactic activities and endeavors.

 Because the ninth dimension interconnects galaxies, it has very unusual light frequencies and
light/sound harmonics. These light frequencies and harmonics form a self-regulating system that
oversees the evolution of all of the galaxies. This is a very important function as no one galaxy
can evolve at a rate or pace to imbalance the universe.

 Barbara Hand Clow (with Gerry Clow) in her book, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions writes with
great clarity about the ninth dimension. She maintains that the Milky Way is the entirety of the
9th dimension and contains a black hole in its very middle from which flow intergalactic
energies. She feels that from this source are derived the origins of time itself.

 In my view, the Mayan Universal Tree of Life, which governs the evolutionary cycles of this
planet, vibrates to the ninth dimension.

 From the perspective of human soul evolution, once you have vibrated to all nine dimensions,
you have officially completed your universal experience and are free to come or leave the

 When I want to safely travel in various worlds, I like to enter from the ninth dimension because
border guards, such as the Council of Nine, watch out for my welfare and recalibrate my energy
field vibration. Intergalactic realms are the inner spiritual planes for many cultures on the earth,
so traveling here is like sliding between the culture and their respective spiritual worlds.

 The ninth is the dimension of quarks. Quarks are truly quantum in their reality. The quark aspect
of us allows our multidimensionality. Quarks seemingly appear and disappear very quickly.
When they appear in this reality, they support our third dimensional reality. When they
disappear to another dimension, world or galaxy, they support that aspect of us. This
instantaneous presence between and among the other dimensions, realms and galaxies allows
us to continually be in contact and communication with our other parts.


 This is the beginning of nonduality between the dimensions. It is not the simultaneous
consciousness of all of our multidimensionality such as at the tenth and eleventh levels, but it is
the beginning of nonduality in a very real way.


 Violations of Spiritual Law as they relate to intergalactic issues


 At a time when I traveled in this dimension quite a lot, I primarily spent time working with inner
planes councils such as the Council of Nine. This Council regulates the comings and goings of
souls and entities onto the planet and into the galaxy (exit and entrance visas). They are in
essence high-level governance for the intergalactic negotiations. This council also deals with
high-level violations of Spiritual Law.

 I have also just spent time cruising in this dimension without content, surfing the harmonics
with their intricate complexity.

 When I am working with clients and supporting their spiritual development by overseeing
spiritual initiations, I work from and within this level.

 I work from this dimension whenever I transition a soul from this life to the next.


Contrasted with the coarse strength of the 8th dimensional energies, the 9th dimensional energies are
smooth and subtle. The harmonics allow for a most relaxing, yet totally absorbing experience. Subtle
refinement would be the best phrase for this experience.


 Dimensional energies from here can be downloaded by healers to their clients to stimulate the
brain to send messages to the body for healing.

 Dimensional level needed to access permission to work with soul evolutionary models.

 Dimensional level used to inform cells to shift vibration and dimensional levels; these are called
the Re-creation codes.

 I love to work in and from this dimension with clients. When I peer inside the atom and work
with the quark awareness in the body, I see its inner planes which look like threads that have 9
levels to them. This quark level helps the pure essence of self enter into the body and anchor,
thus truly spiritualizing matter. As I work to activate and awaken this level in my client, they
tend to respond with “in the body” feelings of joy and exhilaration. They also report feeling
more solid and “more themselves” than ever before. It is a truly an “in the body/out of the
body” feeling. That’s one of the hallmarks of evolutionary work.

 Deep work in the brain is often done from and with this dimension and its energies.

 Guides and councils at this level love to work with evolution at all levels.



 Council of Nine

 More advanced angels

 Some Master Devas of the Planet

 Energies of the Keys of Enoch


Dewa Che, Tracks 1and 3, by Dechen Shak-Dagsay


Evolution, intergalactic, spiritual refinement, inner planes initiations, allurement


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There are several tenth dimensional portals or gateways into the body, the most significant ones located
within the lymph glands. The overall regulator for your tenth dimensional intersection is the central axis.


Each country has its own anchor point and my guides indicate that the anchor point for the United
States resides somewhere in the state of Delaware. The Dalai Lama himself is also considered an anchor

I always see this dimension as pure white light or more like pure, blinding white light


The tenth is another level that vibrates so far beyond human experience that there are no personal
issues associated with this chakra.


 The tenth dimension exists in pure nonduality and unity. This is the first dimension wherein
consciousness is capable of simultaneously experiencing all other nine dimensional levels.


 One of the fundamental functions of the tenth dimension is to oversee the administration of
Spiritual throughout the universe.

 The tenth and eleventh dimensions coordinate much like well-honed dance partners. The tenth
dimension provides the structure for Spiritual Law for the universe and holds its structure in
place. The eleventh dimension integrates Spiritual Law into a creative Organizing Principle that
in turn disseminates universal creation. Another way of explaining this is that Spiritual Law
informs the creative Organizing Principle of the Universe.

 The tenth dimension is the level of your primal Oversoul. Your Oversoul is another name for
your tenth dimensional self. In the first through eighth dimensions, a level of separation
between and among the dimensions exists. Each dimension represents a separate and unique
aspect of you. Your Oversoul is a very special kind of Higher Self, for it is the first level of self
that has the capacity to simultaneously connect to all of the lower aspects of self (1-9) all at the
same time. In other words, it is the first level of self to be most nearly non-dual or unified.

 Housed in the tenth dimension are blueprints for how your spirit evolves through the Universe
(in contrast to the eighth dimension where the evolutionary blueprints for your soul are
contained.) Your spiritual lineage takes lawful blueprints and incorporates them into all of their

 Master Archangels and Devas resonate to the tenth dimension of consciousness. There are only
about 13-15 Master Devas on the planet.

 The best healers on the planet are very well connected into the tenth dimension and use
energies and information from here to heal.


 Violations of Spiritual Law

 The most common example of Spiritual Law violation on the planet involves the wholesale
destruction and annihilation of one culture by another race or culture. Spiritual Law protects
cultures so any interference that renders a culture extinct violates this holy principle.

 There are other violations of Spiritual Law throughout the Universe and its varying dimensions.
An example would be an eighth dimensional initiate who is asked to create harmonizing forces
for an entire galaxy and who in the course of this task, purposefully mutates the harmonics and
disturbs the cosmic and galactic balance.


I cannot reveal a great deal about my experiences on this level as they are not for public dissemination
and confidentiality is required. I can say that there are High Courts in the tenth dimension that function
to preserve the integrity and restoration of Spiritual Law. Souls or spirits who have violated Spiritual Law
are held accountable for their actions and are given remedial experiences so that they can voluntarily
realign themselves to Spiritual Law once again.



 My conscious experiences have been confined to Spiritual Law Inner Planes Councils. I love this
experience. The sense of holy sanctity, impartiality, and nondual consciousness coupled with
ageless, timeless wisdom and benevolence elevate such experiences to the realm of the

 The best way for me to describe the countenance of a Master Archangel or Master Deva who
inhabits the tenth dimension is to compare them to Gandalf, a character in Lord of the Rings.
They are like Gandalf raised to the twelfth degree!


 Very powerful, masterful healers who employ the dimensional grid model of healing connect
into the tenth dimension and descend energies from there to their clients. This is fairly rare,

 Working with the Oversoul Override Invocation is very helpful.

 Archangels here serve as powerful healing guides.

 Master Archangels and Master Devas (there are only about 13-15 of them on the planet) can be
called upon for spiritual work involving national or planetary issues. These Archangels and Devas
of such high level consciousness rarely involve themselves in personal/soul issues.

 Working from the tenth dimension begins the work of the truly miraculous.

 Rotating your central axis (a very advanced skill allows you to shift your state of consciousness.


 Archangels such as: Uriel, Arial, Gabriel and Michael

 Master Devas of the Planet

 Spiritual Law in its own unique way acts as guidance when invoked


 Nada Himalaya, Track 1 by Deuter

 Dewa Che, Tracks 3 and 5, by Dechen Shak-Dagsay


Spiritual Law, Oversoul


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Connected all throughout the body through the subatomic unifying particles called strings


There are numerous anchor points on the planet. Key places are in the Antarctic and in the Bering Sea.

I usually see this as a diamond-like, crystalline structure that exhibits a high level of intricate and
synchronized movement


The eleventh dimension vibrates so far beyond human experience that there are no personal issues
associated with this chakra.


 The eleventh is not really a dimension per se, but consists of strings, subatomic particles that
quantum physicists hypothesize as the unifying force of the universe and its dimensions.

 In my view, the strings are the Organizing Principle within you. This is an entire nonlinear self-
regulating, self-organizing intelligence allowing mandates from the universe to intersect into
time and space and interconnect into all dimensional realms.

 The system of strings is not really a concept as much as an unending flux that wholly integrates
and gives rise to the emergent, embodied universe.

 The Organizing Principle of the eleventh dimension is like a decentralized, non-hierarchical

network with instantaneous feedback, flow and creation. It is the process by which the universe
self-governs and self-maintains and ultimately adapts and evolves. Its capacity for learning,
growth and evolution are boundless.

 Evolution from this context is cooperative or co-evolutionary as every change in the dimensions
affects every other aspect of the dimensional system. This continual flux constantly self-mirrors,
course corrects and co-creates with itself.

 This is co-evolutionary consciousness at its best, where the sum total far exceeds the linear
addition of parts.

 This steady exchange of information and self-reflection provides the backdrop for the stability
and yet, inherent unpredictability of the emerging universe.

 To translate this flux dimension into Mayan concepts, the eleventh dimension is the universal
regulator for the Universal World Tree or Tree of Life that oversees evolution of the nine major
dimensions of the Universe.



I have not discovered any shadow aspects of the eleventh dimension.


As you might have already guessed, this is not really a dimension within which to travel, but a systemic
flux and principle within which to create. Therefore, I cannot say that I have traveled through the string
flux of the eleventh dimension.


The experience of the string phenomenon is one of ineffable joy, beauty and sublime interconnection.
Infinite intelligence radiates from this system, ever moving, constantly shifting in ways that are wholly
inclusive. Just writing about this brings tears to my eyes; this is pure Spirit, 24/7, engaging with us,
inseparably co-creating and sustaining the breath of the Universe through the forms of life and beyond.


 I love using these self-organizing strings to create and co-create with my family, home, country,
land, planet, galaxy and universe.

 Applications for evolutionary work are endless.


 The Mayan Creator Beings of the Universal World Tree

 The New Quantum Masters

 Invoke the Divine Force of Universal Flow

 Metatron


 Nada Himalaya, Track 1, by Deuter

 The Healing Voice and Overtone Chanting Meditations by Jill Purce


Universal flux, emergent order, Organizing Principle


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There are black holes in the space located within your atomic structure. These black holes sit on the
edge of the universe, between the unmanifested and the manifested reality or between the implicate
and the explicate order. These black holes represent your chakra connection to the twelfth dimension
that is at one and the same time, your connection to the edge of this universe and other universes. The
black hole is a hub connection.


There are numerous anchor points for the twelfth dimension on the planet. One of the anchor points
that I have visited is at the sacred site of New Grange in Ireland. Many of the anchor points are actually
what I call quantum caves, real caves that exist in the earth all over the world: the Himalayas, Finland,
Spain, Africa, and Slovenia. The inhabitants are twelfth dimensional ascended masters. The central
organizing cave is located in the Santa Fe Mountains with a guide called Gabriella of the Santa Fe
Mountains. Gabriella regulates the contact and connection between and among all of the caves.

I always see and feel a velvety, dark, black space.


This is another level that vibrates so far beyond human experience that there are no personal issues
associated with this chakra.


 The twelfth dimension exists simultaneously both within this universe and between this
universe and other universes; it sits “on the rim.”

 The twelfth dimension contains very powerful twelfth dimensional guides whose job it is to
regulate the contact between the universe and the earth, and to regulate the right relationship
between the evolution of the universe with the evolution of the earth. The earth’s evolutionary
track co-evolves with the universe and each impacts the other.

 The twelfth dimension has a unified field which means that when you work from this dimension,
you simultaneously have access to the dimensions, magnetics, worlds and all aspects of the

 The twelfth dimension resides outside of time and through (not in) space.

 There are quantum animals on the planet and contact with them is wonderful! Humpback
whales, some Tanzanian elephants and a few other very specific individual, exotic wild animals
vibrate to the twelfth dimension.

I once swam with a mother, baby and father whale for an entire hour way out in the middle of the ocean
off the coast of the Dominican Republic where at that time, it was legal to swim with the whales. At first,
I saw only mother and baby and had the good fortune to have direct eye contact with the baby who was
only inches away. It was like being struck by the lightning of pure innocent joy. The mother was only a
few feet away steadily watching the encounter. Then all of a sudden, from the depths below me, I saw


an unformed dark cloud begin to surface. It was the overarching, protective field of the father. In an
instant, I had the awareness that the father was overseeing the entire engagement, gauging just how
long the mother and baby were to swim with each one of us and the group as a whole. I remember this
awe inspiring, overwhelming respect for the immensity of the father whale’s consciousness, thinking
that this was truly God embodied in matter. This was one of the most powerful spiritual evolutionary
experiences of my life. For years afterward, I could feel the download of energy from the whale slowly
integrating into my experience, evolving my body to a higher vibration so that I could tolerate more and
more awareness.


As this dimension is unified, there are no shadow aspects. However, my guides tell me that throughout
the history of the universe, there have been numerous rogue guides who have violated Spiritual Law
itself and used the energies of this dimension for separation. An example would be a rogue guide who
attempted to destroy or mutate a spiritual lineage or whole plane of existence within a dimension. I
have also heard that throughout the entire evolutionary course of the earth, there has been only one
incarnated twelfth dimensional rogue being. Other rogue guides mainly use their energies to influence
human consciousness or, as is more often the case, negatively influence other more powerful beings in
higher vibration dimensions.


 I distinctly remember having a near death/soul exchange experience, traveling from the
universe through a black hole and landing on a transitional plane in about the seventh
dimension. From there, I then made my way into a body. I remember the whoosh of moving
through a revolving vortex that allowed me to transduce my frequency into this universe. It all
happened within a millisecond! It was like a very fast ride down a water slide! I remember my
electrons whiz-banging around, my quarks going in and out of dimensions and rotating and
revolving at whirlwind speeds. It was all very exciting!

 It is not possible to place one’s brain or whole body into the twelfth dimension. The only way to
get a glimmer of this dimension is to extend the vibration of your consciousness there.

 The twelfth dimension is really a de-magnetized dimension with no polarities and no attraction
to anything.

 The twelfth dimension is the true vibration of the atom…and the atom’s pure vibration is joy!
When all of the atomic and subatomic particles are rotating to the pure twelfth dimension,
there is awareness of one’s multidimensionality but in a very different way than the other
higher-order dimensions. Here, it is actually possible to sense the self clicking in and out of this
universe and all of the other dimensions. One may appear here one moment, disappear the next
and yet still be mysteriously connected through all.

 From the perspective of the twelfth dimension, the true illusory nature of reality becomes
potently real. The experience of form and illusion emerging from creation is palpable. Reality’s
ephemeral nature is simply real and true and there is no emotional reaction to it.



 My consciousness loves to float into twelfth dimensional atomic space. It is like sitting in the
most wonderful, snuggly, black velvety space where my ego dissolves into transparency. It
comfortably and securely frees my ego, lifting me from her burden. I feel clear, liquid invisibility
that is pure awareness. There are no polarities here; nothing pulls at me; nothing distracts me.
Rather than an empty feeling of void, it is a full, alive and joyful state with crystalline clarity. I
feel my atoms spinning, the mineral, metal and ore molecules steaming and churning as they
burn off karmic residue and other bodily toxins. With each moment, I feel my atoms renewing,
remembering their original purpose: to express the joy of the universe!

 The quantum caves are well lighted and warmly furnished. The Masters create an illusion that
engenders a personally comfortable feeling. Many Masters are from indigenous tribes and so
are suitably dressed in their tribal garb. The walls of the caves are usually made of limestone and
feel very secure to the body.


 When working from this dimension, it is not really energies that are used. The place itself on the
rim of the black hole inside your atoms contains the healing/evolving consciousness. This
constitutes a quantum model of healing.

 Quantum healing models were primarily designed to be used for planetary, inter-planetary,
galactic, universal and inter-universal work.

 Quantum healing models are also most frequently used to evolve the individual’s energy field
and energy structures.

 Miraculous healing derives from a mastery of this dimension as the twelfth dimension does an
“end run” around time and space; time and space anchor in all diseases, symptoms, pain and

 As the twelfth dimension is all-inclusive and precludes separation, working from this place
allows you to simultaneously work on all levels of the human energy field.

 Genetic work is deeply supported by the twelfth dimension.

 The twelfth dimensional energies are used to resolve the irresolvable.

 Quantum cave work is very different from “sitting on the rim of the black hole” work. There are
caves that can be utilized for just about everything: universal and planetary work, physical,
mental and emotional healing, healing the collective unconscious of a place or nation. If you ask
Gabriella of the Santa Fe Mountains for help with a specific request or intention, she will gladly
guide you to a cave that is just right for you even if you cannot identify consciously the location
of the cave.

The Quantum Masters along with an invocation of All Quantum Spiritual Laws and the New Quantum
Masters along with the invocation of the New Quantum Spiritual Laws Quantum Masters refer to the
ascended masters who still exist on the earth. The New Quantum Masters refer to ascended Masters
who dwell on the future earth or earth in its future evolutionary state.



 Hearing Solar Winds by David Hykes

 Freedom Chants from the Roof of the World by The World and the Gyuto Monks

 Rainbow Serpent : Music for Didgeridoo and Percussion by David Hudson

 There’s No Place like OHM by Analemma


• Quantum, quantum caves, quantum masters, quantum laws, quantum resolution, the Mystery,
translocation (being able to simultaneously hold your consciousness between/among dimensions)



Healing Love through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy ~ Menka Chia and Maneewan Chia

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The concept of individuality, strongest on the third dimension, diminishes somewhat in the fourth
dimension, and is a choice in the lower fifth dimension. By the mid-octaves of the fifth dimension,
individuality is known only as the lives you live in the lower worlds. The sixth dimension is the Realm of
Possibility and the seventh is the World of Oversouls. Neither of these realities have any concept of
individuality. The sixth dimension embraces entire possible realities, whereas the Oversoul embraces
the many Souls that it oversees. By the eighth dimension, even the dimensions blur into each other.

You on Earth first began as twelfth dimensional Stellar Elohim who were, and still are, ONE with the
Source. Elohim are the holders of form in the Multiverse, and the Stellar Elohim is like the Great, Great,
Great………..Grandfather. This Elohim “Grandfather” wished to expand its family, so it sent many


portions of itself out into the multiverse to experience life in the myriad lower worlds and dimensions.
This process of fragmentation is much like a Star spinning out planets to encircle it.

Since from the perception of the twelfth dimension there is no separation, every experience that each
fragment of SELF has is a portion of the Elohim’s experience. Gaia, is a Being who has evolved to such an
expanded consciousness that only a planet could contain it, shares ALL experience with Sol, the Sun. The
Sun, a being with such an expanded consciousness that only a star could hold it, shares all experience
with the Great Central Sun. The Great Central Sun, a being with such an expanded consciousness that
only a galaxy can hold it, shares all experience with the Stellar Elohim who is the “grandfather” of that
Galaxy. The Stellar Elohim, however, is actually more than a star. It is the generator of stars. Therefore,
instead of spinning out planets, it spins out stars. The Stellar Elohim who is the Grandfather of our
Galaxy shares all experience with the Stellar Elohim of the entire Milky Way. This “Great Central
Grandfather,” the Stellar Elohim for the Milky Way, is the higher dimensional concept of form and the
“Great Central Grandmother” is the form itself.

Elohim, as “holders of form”, are the matrix through which the “un-manifest” can become “manifest.”
Your Bible says, “In the beginning was the word”; the Elohim are “the Word,” or the matrix of sound
that traps cosmic light into manifestation. The Stellar Elohim spins out Star systems and the core of each
star system is the Solar Elohim. The Solar Elohim vibrates to the ninth dimension and spins out seventh
dimensional Oversouls. Your Oversoul could be analogous to the planets, but they are not planets as
they are not manifest. Therefore, the Stellar Elohim spins out Star systems, the Solar Elohim spins out
Solar systems, and the Solar systems spin out Oversouls for the beings who will eventually take on form
within the Solar System.

The Oversoul is the Soul’s Soul, and it is responsible for all its Souls that inhabit all of the lower
dimensional worlds, realities and planets. Once the Oversoul spins off Souls, it acts as a guide to these
Souls. The Souls, in turn, act as guides to their incarnated ones. Just as every Stellar Elohim has many
galaxies, and the Solar Elohim has many solar systems, the Oversoul has many Souls and the Souls have
many realities incarnated in the fifth through third dimension.

The fifth dimension still has a concept of individuality, but the sixth dimension functions in terms of
possible realities. The seventh dimensional Oversoul functions in terms of Souls. The eighth through
tenth dimensions, which are not separate in the manner of the lower planes, function in terms of solar
systems. And the eleventh and twelfth, also combined, function in terms of galaxies.

Just as the Oversoul assists in raising the awareness of its many Souls, it also raises its own awareness by
downloading portions of its SELF from dimensions above the seventh. When an Oversoul decides that it
is ready to expand its consciousness, it calls its Higher SELF and asks for an emissary from the planes
higher than the seventh, which, for lack of better words, is one of its ancestors, to come into it, and


direct a portion of it into the lower planes. For example, when the call was sent out from Gaia at the
time of the fall of Atlantis, many Oversouls answered that call.

The Oversouls knew that the challenge of saving a planet from extinction would be great. Because of
this, many of them called for a higher vibration to radiate into the Oversoul and down into the lower
vibrations to become manifest on third dimensional Earth. In this way, the Oversouls acted as step-down
transformers to the highest dimensional beings to answer Gaia’s call for help.

Just as the Oversoul had responded to Earth’s call from the third dimension, Solar and Stellar Elohim
responded to their Oversouls on the seventh dimension. The Arcturian Stellar and Solar Elohim were
very receptive to this call, as it is their Mission to guard the Corridor into and out of the third dimension.
Stellar and Solar Elohim from Sirius and the Pleiades also responded, as they had been especially active
in the original “star seeding” of Earth. These Elohim spun portions of their being into their Oversouls.
From the seventh dimension, the Oversouls then sent portions of their Being into the fifth dimension
where they were prepared to be lowered into the fourth dimension, to await entrance onto third
dimensional Earth.

To facilitate the activation of your vertical axis of awareness of your many Higher SELVES, it is helpful to
remember the third and fourth dimensional lives that precipitated the life lessons in your present life.
The life lessons of this incarnation can often best be completed and healed if you address them in your
first life, also known as the “causal life,” in which each life lesson initially occurred. The third dimension
is a “pass/fail system” and every challenge will be repeated, in this life or another life, until it is
successfully “passed.” All of you have prepared for many, many incarnations for this lifetime of
planetary ascension. You have had scores of lives to work out and practice what your service will be in
this life. Your challenge now is to “fine tune” those problems that have been repeated, over and over, in
your many other lives. Addressing the “causal life” of each problem can afford you enough objectivity to
release it, once and for all.

Most repeating issues come from the primary fear of separation—separation from loved ones, from
possessions, from health, from happiness, and from life. The causal life for this primary fear of
separation is when you first took embodiment on the third dimension and experienced the terrifying
separation form your SELF. This wound is relived, in some fashion life, after life, so that you will have the
“urge” to reconnect with your SELF in the higher dimensions. This pain can be healed by reconnection
with the higher dimensional aspects of your SELF, especially your Divine Complement. The reconnection
of your male and female polarities, and the return to your true androgynous Soul/SELF, is the act that
precipitates your ability to meet, and download, other aspects of your multidimensional Essence.

Remember, the separation from “All That Is” is an illusion. This illusion only exists in the lower worlds of
the third and fourth dimension. It is the pain of this separation that holds the matrix of the physical


hologram in place. When the illusion of separation is released, the pain is healed and the illusion no
longer has a structure to hold onto. It then “pops” like a soap bubble. When the illusion of separation is
released, you can begin to remember your true multidimensional SELF and ground it in the third


“You do not raise or lower your vibration. In truth, you EXPAND your awareness to encompass more and
more of your true multidimensional self. The vortex you are about to enter is beyond the limitations of
time and space. It serves as a pathway between dimensions through which the finger of the Oneness
can extend itself into its individual components and back again into the Source. You will understand
more as you allow yourself this experience.”

Shature was ready. She felt a strong pull from the vortex as she leapt into its core. Again, there was the
rapid swirling around her. Faster and faster it spun, like a tunnel of circulating light. She became dizzy
and disoriented. The many tones and colors that were alive in the vortex raised her vibration—octave by
octave—until she felt as if she would burst. At the point which she could stand no more, the colors and
tones permeated her form and transformed it into a vague human shape that was no more than a wisp
of light. The swirling sensation then became internalized and she felt a million swirling vortexes fill her
being. Each vortex spun at an increasing rate, creating a tapestry woven of the many components of her
SELF. The spinning continued until the point of critical mass was reached and—in a burst of light—it
stopped. She was in the void beyond the vortex.

For time beyond time, she remained in the void until a distant light began its journey towards her. Her
Soul smiled, as she recognized it as Arcturus. With this recognition, the void became filled with millions
of stars. She wished to again visit Arcturus, but as the stars came closer, they began to encircle her.
Faster and faster, they moved until they blurred into another vortex, a vortex made of stars.

This vortex transformed into a tunnel with a stream of light flowing through it. Shature could see that
this stream originated in a distant lake. Like a salmon following its instinct, she traveled against the flow
of the liquid light. It drew her into it. She found a current in the very center of the stream that, if she
surrendered to it, carried her up to the Source. She surrendered to this current and allowed it to fill her
with its emanations.

She, too, was a drop of liquid light seeking its Source. As the stream within a stream continued its
upward journey, she could feel the waters of life simultaneously flowing downward into the lower
dimensions to gather experience. Onward she traveled past lake after lake. She felt the consciousness of
Rahotep, How-ta-shai, and Matia, her lives in which she was a Spiritual Initiate, guiding her with their
combined experience. Could she continue in their paths? Had she completed HER initiations?


Almost in response to her question, the liquid light stopped. Slowly at first and then gradually gathering
speed, she felt the current taking her back, back into the lower dimensions. The current rapidly carried
her, but she felt no fear. Rahotep, How-ta-shai, and Matia were within her, comforting her, assuring her.
Suddenly, the current emptied her into a large lake. Instinctively, Shature knew she was in the third

“About you is every third dimensional existence that you have had, are now having, or will have upon
the planet Earth,” she heard the united voice of the three. “Begin your journey here.”

Abruptly, the lake disappeared, and Shature saw herself in a huge stadium filled with people.

“These people are all you in your myriad third dimensional Earth realities. Feel the life force of each of
them. Imagine that the bottom of the stadium represents the ancient times, and the top of the stadium
represents the dawning of the new millennium, 2000 AD. From your omni-location of Oneness, you can
choose any seat in the stadium to experience a particular reality. You may notice that, even though you
are aware of all of these people, they are only aware of themselves, and the life in which they are
absorbed. You have achieved multidimensional consciousness, and they have not.

“But wait, is that Ileana and Francesca, two lives in which you suffered great sorrow and victimization,
turning their awareness to your omni-present essence? And yes, the other wounded ones that you have
visited are also aware of you. As you have awakened, they, too, have begun to awake.

“Now, fill this stadium to the top with liquid light, and it again becomes a lake, but each reality stays
within the confines of its own time-space coordinates. There is a large waterfall that empties into this
lake. Go now, stand under it and feel its waters upon you. Allow yourself to surrender to the influence of
the liquid rays of light. Feel your frequency rising as you float up the waterfall, higher and higher, until
you see another lake of liquid light.

“Pull yourself into this lake. As you swim with the innumerable fish, imagine that they each represent a
different fourth dimensional reality. The confines of time and space are not as rigid here, and each fish
can move out of its initial location and communicate with the others around it.

“Some fish are beautiful and others look like sea dragons. Love each of them for the experience they
offer you. If you wanted to, you could hold each fish and it would tell you the tale of its existence, but
that would keep you in these waters for years and years of your Earth time. Instead, find the waterfall
that feeds into this lake and allow its liquid light to raise your vibration again.


“Ah yes, feel the familiarity of the fifth dimension. Is it not clear? As you pull yourself into this lake, you
can see that it is filled with thousands of crystals that hold the divine blueprint for the realities also
existing on the third and fourth dimension. Some of these crystals float in the liquid light and others rest
upon the lake floor. Since the fifth dimension exists in the eternal Now, their location does not
represent their time nor space. The crystals that are floating represent the realities in which you are a
space traveler, and the grounded ones represent the realities in which you are bound to one planet. Yes,
there are many floating crystals. However, you must release this experience, or you will not be able to
continue your journey. Find your waterfall again, and stand under its flow.

“As the waterfall raises your vibration to the sixth dimension, you feel less familiar with the experience.
When you first ventured down from the Source, the glimmer of a group identity began to enter your
consciousness and the Archetypes of the lower planes were born. Here, you live in group-consciousness,
but you have a sense of yourself as an individual component of your archetypal energy. It is this
archetypal energy that creates the foundation for each of your possible realities.

“Float into the center of the lake, but keep a thread of your individuality so that you will not lose your
self awareness. From here, imagine your omni-directional perception as you live in the Oneness. You are
a drop of water, and you share your experience with every other drop. Feel the complete unity of All
That Is. Now, gradually, allow the currents of the lake to carry you to the waterfall, and up to the
seventh dimension of your Oversoul.

“Yes, there is the waterfall. Feel its liquid light as it caresses the vague memory of the form you once
held. As you allow yourself to rise in vibration, hold on to our voice so that you can translate your
experience into the mind of Shature. Feel the vibratory rate of the seventh dimension, and allow it to
enter your heart so that you may feel the message of your Oversoul.

“Tell us now of your experience.”

“I find it difficult to remain conscious of my identity,” Shature spoke to the three. “I am potential and
totally without form. Even the sixth dimension feels individuated in comparison. Here I am ‘not yet’, but
I know that ‘I AM. Therefore, I am beyond any conception of structure or limitation. I am becoming. I am
fire that has not yet been lit and rain that has not yet fallen. Even the light is a potential. I am in a huge
caldron which is empty and simultaneously full—full of potential.”

“This is as far as you can go now,” spoke the three. “There is still more for you to accomplish upon the
third dimension, and the visions beyond will await your return. Now that you have seen the path, you


will be able to travel it when you are ready. We have traveled beyond this point and have chosen to
return to await the reunion of the remaining members of our Oversoul as they ascend with the dear
Lady Gaia and Her body, Earth.”

Suddenly, the vision disappeared, and all that remained was the void. Since there was no time, no space,
no thought, no feeling and no form, Shature could have been there for all eternity or simply the blink of
an eye. All was Spirit—Pure Cosmic Force—until, gradually, a sound began to permeate the total silence
of the void. It grew louder and louder and kindled a recognition of something yet unknown. The deep
peace and total serenity of the void bade all formless potential to remain within it, but the sound circled
the nothingness and embedded into it, creating a thin filament of light in the form of a circle. With the
birth of this circle of light, other filaments of light slowly began to materialize from the total blackness of
the void.

These light filaments surrounded the small circle, causing a small flame to fan itself into existence in the
center of the circle. Although the flame’s consciousness was dim, its innocence drew more filaments of
light to manifest from the void. In its first conscious act, the small flame transformed its circle into a
heart and, in a sudden burst of light, the heart and flame were embedded into the matrix of a form—a
human form.

At each point where the network met, there was a tiny vortex. These vortexes slowly began to decrease
their spin as the flame within the core connected to each of them. With each connection, the flame of
life grew in its awareness and recognized that it was taking a form. With this recognition, the flame
became a fire, and the fire became aware that it was the heart of a body of light.

Off in the distance the sound returned. It was a cry, the cry of an infant. Not one that had been born, but
one that was crying to be born. The cry became a pull, and the pull became a sensation—a sensation of
movement and of gradual materialization. The tiny vortexes of light that outlined the form spun slower
and slower and pulled the light body to another vortex.

Whereas the first vortex had been one of expansion, this was a vortex of constriction. Tighter and
tighter, denser and denser, the swirling tunnel forced the body of light to fill in the matrix with
consciousness. When the restriction was almost intolerable, there was a swishing sound and the tunnel
disappeared. The darkness was filled with a million specs of light.

Stars, the Lightbody now perceived stars. The sound was coming from one of these stars, and that star
pulled the Lightbody into its orb. The star was now a sun, which was encircled by nine planets and an
asteroid belt. The second planet from the sun, which felt particularity like home, was somehow
different. The consciousness had remembered it as a beautiful planet filled with life. Now it appeared to


be an angry explosion of gas and mist. And the cry, it did not come from there. It came from the third
planet. Yes, that planet had been known to the consciousness as Earth. The thought of Earth submerged
the consciousness into an individuation known as Shature.


Shature blinked as if suddenly awakened. She expected to see herself sitting again on the patio with
Matia, but her vision was instead filled with the distant view of Earth. She could see the continents and
the blue of the many oceans. She saw its moon as it encircled the orb. From this perspective, Shature
realized that, just as a network of light surrounded her, a network of light also surrounded planet Earth.
In fact, she could now see the entire solar system outlined by the light matrix.

The resonance of a certain area upon the third planet felt so harmonious with her essence that it pulled
her towards it. It felt comfortable—like home. As she moved in that direction, she again heard the
sound. Yes, it was a cry. She remembered now. It was this sound that had drawn her back from the void.

“It is the voice of embodiment,” responded the three. “It is calling you now.”