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For VBA:
Under Option > Emulator > Save Type
2)128k Flash
fixing saves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIhAVH1yMG0

Version Notes: 1.1.X is planned to be the last version where .sav files are
compatible from 1.0 and beta versions. The 1.2.0+ versions require new saves, but
will have new features and requirements.

UPS: The UPS file must be patched to an existing original Fire Red GBA file that
should have this filename: 1636 - Pokemon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels).gba

A fake GBA file is on the internet. Verify that you have the correct ROM if issues
arise. The correct CRC32 hex code is DD88761C for the Fire Red GBA file.

We cannot provide GBA files.

NUPS or tsukuyomi is required to patch your ROM. It's recommended to make a copy of
the ROM before patching.


Many new encounters are included.

Please pick up the national dex inside the Pewter City Pokemon Center. You will not
be able to evolve post-Kanto Moemon otherwise.

Blaziken, Latias, Banette, and the Kanto starters can Mega Evolve. Mega Stones can
be bought in Cerulean City. National Dex is in Pewter City Pokemon Center.

Many “impossible evolutions” (including trade evolutions) in Fire Red now happen
via stones. The Sun or Moon Stones work for most of these.
Leafeon is obtained with Leaf Stone. Glaceon is obtained with high happiness (like
Crobat). Mantine and Gorebyss can be obtained by using the Water Stone.
Mismagius, Leafeon, Glaceon, Weavile, Froslass, Tangrowth, and Magnezone are the
only Gen IV cross-gen evolutions available.

Game Balance is not guaranteed as Mega Evolution is a factor. Many battles have
been upscaled.

1) There's a fishing "MissingNo" bug. This will likely cause a crash IF CAPTURED.
Do not fish while standing on a grass tile.
2) Mega evolution does not work for double battles. This doesn't work for link
battles either.
3) Flash as a field move has white text.
4) False Swipe and Brick Break do not work as intended. They have been replaced.
5) Minor Pokedex glitches for post-Hoenn Moemon captures and other text errors. You
will usually see Rattata as the "registered" Moemon.
6) Various graphical errors.
7) The national dex will crash if selected. Use A-Z sorting instead
8) The capture text in a wild double battle will always show the name of the first
Moemon encountered.
9) Opponents will sometimes send out a Moemon that is already Mega Evolved. This is
more of a "feature" than a bug.
10) The Aides only count Kanto Moemon for their gift items.
11) Shedinja will not evolve from Nincada. You can catch a Shedinja in the Pokemon
Tower. Nincada might only be available by breeding.
How to Mega Evolve:
1: Have a Mega Bracelet in your inventory
2. Give the Moemon the correct mega-stone
3. In battle select Attack, then press Start(whatever your key is)
4. Use a move.

Cheat Codes are not supported.

Do NOT randomize.

Emulator: Only VBA and VBA-M are officially supported for PC. Some emulators may
cause some errors.
MyBoy! and John GBA for Android mobile appear to be stable.
There appear to be no iOS GBA emulators at the moment. We can't do
anything about that.