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(doskey /history)


(ipconfig && mspaint)



Send an output to clipboard

(ipconfig | clip)

Scan system files for problems

(sfc /scannow)


Take a look at a few more Windows Prompt commands:

1. Deltree command
This is one of the most important command prompt windows commands. It is a short
form of delete tree. deltree is a command utilized to delete files and directories forever
from the computer or laptop. It is an external command that is accessible in the Microsoft
operating systems.
This command removes a directory and all the subdirectories and files in it.
To delete more than one files and directories the syntax is as shown below:
DELTREE [/Y] [drive:]path [[drive:]path[…]]
/Y: Crushes assisting to validate if the user wants to delete the subdirectory.
[drive:]path: This defines the name of the directory user wants to remove.
deltree c:\MyFile
When the user fires the above command in the command prompt windows 10 then it
deletes the MyFile directory and everything present in that directory.

2. Driverquery
This is one of the most important windows commands. Wrong device drivers can point to
any quantity of system dilemmas. If users want to view which drivers are placed on a
Windows operating system, they can achieve this by executing the driverquery windows
command line tool. This command comes under basic cmd prompt commands which
gives data about each driver that is being utilized.
The command is:

If a user wants a bit extra report, you can affix the -v switch. Another alternative is to
affix the -si switch, which makes the tool to demonstrate signature data for the drivers.
Here’s how they seem:
driverquery -v

driverquery -si

3. Ping
Ping is presumably the easiest of all distinguishing command prompt windows 10
commands. It is utilized to check fundamental TCP/IP connectivity to a web host. To
apply it, just enter the command, accompanied by the alias or IP address of the host you
need to examine.
For example:
Always remember that this command will operate only if the Internet Control Message
Protocol (ICMP) movement is permitted to move between the two computers. If at any
time a firewall is preventing ICMP traffic, the ping will break.

4. Pathping
Ping does an excellent duty of informing users whether two computers can interact with
each other over TCP/IP, but if ping does break then users will not give any data regarding
the characteristics of the collapse. This is where the windows command prompt
commands like pathping are handy. The command is given below:

Pathping is intended for circumstances in which one or more routers live between
hosts. It conveys a sequence of packets to each router that’s in the route to the target host
in an attempt to discover whether the router is operating moderately or filtering packets.
At its purest, the syntax for pathping is same as that of the ping command.

5. Tasklist
This is one of the best windows command prompt commands. The tasklist command is
created to give data about the tasks that are operating on a Windows operating system.
Users can put the following command:

The tasklist command has many arbitrary switches. The -m switch, which makes tasklist
to illustrate all the DLL modules connected with a job. The next is the -svc switch, which
places the settings that back each job. Here’s how they work:
tasklist -m

tasklist -svc

6. Taskkill
This is one of the basic cmd commands. The taskkill command eliminates a task, either
by title or by process ID. The arrangement for this command is manageable. Users must
fire the taskkill command with -pid (process ID) or -im (image name) and the title or
process ID of the job that they need to stop. Here are two samples of how this command
taskkill -pid 3125

taskkill -im chrome.exe

7. System File Checker

One can say that this command comes under the most important windows commands.
Wicked apps will regularly strive to substitute kernel system files with altered variants in
an attempt to gain control of the system. The System File Checker can be utilized to
check the probity of the Windows system registers. If any of the folders are discovered to
be lost or nefarious, they will be repaired. Users can execute the System File Checker by
utilizing this command:
sfc /scannow

The sfc /scannow command examines all secured system files, and substitute damaged
files with a cached model that is placed in a compressed enclosure at

8. Repair-bde
This is one of the most amazing windows command line commands. If a drive that is
secured is facing some problems then users can seldom retrieve the data utilizing a
service named repair-bde. To apply this command, users require a target drive to which
the retrieved data can be recorded, as well as the BitLocker retrieval key or restoration
password. The primary syntax for this command is:
repair-bde <root> <target> -rk | rp <root>

Users should define the root drive, the target drive, and both the rk (recovery key) or the
rp (recovery password) switch, along with the route to the restoration key or the
restoration password. Following is the example:
repair-bde c: d: -rk e:\restore.bek

9. NetDiag
Conceivably the most valuable of the cmd prompt commands that are developed into
Windows is NetDiag. The NetDiag command is outlined to operate a series of analyses
on the computer in order to assist the professional sketch out why the computer is
encountering networking difficulties. The command is shown below:

Listing the NetDiag command by itself will make all of the possible analyses to be
covered. Netdiag can assist users to interpret any amount of network problems such as
Monitoring Virtual Private Networks.

10. Tracert
The tracert command tracks the path it exercises for a packet to touch a target and
displays users an erudition about each jaunt along that path. For example, if users run
tracert abc.com, they’ll notice information about each link the packet communicates with
on its route to touch the server. If users are having concerns comparing to a website,
tracert can explicate where the enigma is transpiring.
tracert abc.com
The above command is one of the most crucial command prompt windows 10 commands.