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RÚBRICA per a valorar la Unitat didàctica

Criteris d’avaluació Expert Advanced Developing Beginner
Organization Shows organizational Shows stable Organizational patterns Shows no organizational
patterns, it is skillful and organizational patterns, are intermittently patterns. Difficult to
makes the presentation and makes the present. follow.
cohesive. presentation cohesive and
easy to follow.
Language Language is imaginative, Language choices Language choices are Language choices are
memorable and generally support the commonplace and unclear and minimally
enhances the effectiveness of the partially support the support the effectiveness
effectiveness of the presentation. effectiveness of the of the presentation.
presentation. Facilitates presentation.
retention and attention.
Delivery Delivery techniques Delivery techniques make Delivery techniques Delivery techniques
(posture, gesture, etc) the presentation make the presentation detract from the
make the presentation interesting and speaker understandable but understandability of the
compelling and speaker appears comfortable. delivery sometimes lack presentation.
appears polished and purpose.
Reasoning and support Claims are reasonable, Claims are reasonable, Claims are generally Claims are typically
clearly stated, and stated with relative clarity reasonable and clearly unsupported assertions
thoroughly explained and supported with a stated, while supporting that lack sufficient
with a combination of variety of supporting materials make supporting materials. The
evidence and the materials. The presenter is reference that partially presenter fails to develop
speaker’s own analysis. generally seen as credible support the arguments.
The presenter as a result of their presentation.
establishes his/her reasoning.
credibility through use of
reasoning and support.
Central message Central message is Central message is clear Central message is Central message can be
compelling, appropriate and consistent with the basically understandable deduced, but is not
for purpose, context and supporting material. but it not often repeated explicitly stated in the
audience. Message is generally and is not memorable. presentation. Message is
appropriate for purpose, Lacks consistent not clearly in line with
context and audience. appropriateness. purpose and lacks
appropriateness to
audience and context.