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A. Perform the indicated operation. Use lattice multiplication on number 5.

1. 27.333 + 108.03 + 96.1

2. 1100.031 − 865.75
3. 23.01 × 0.15
4. 16.7 × 0.98
5. 0.7√0.1995
6. 364√285.376

B. Express each ratio as a fraction in simplest form

7. 12 pennies to 24 pennies
8. 32 quarts to 48 quarts
9. 60 miles out of 72 miles
10. 36 centimeters to 1 meter

C. Use cross products to determine whether each pair of ratios form a proportion.
23 69
11. 25 𝑎𝑛𝑑 75
11 66
12. 𝑎𝑛𝑑
12 70
8 4
13. 50 𝑎𝑛𝑑 25
17 21
14. 𝑎𝑛𝑑
7 51
9 81
15. 8 𝑎𝑛𝑑 72

D. Solve for n in each proportion.

6 36
16. 11 = 𝑛
7 105
17. = 225
13 78
18. =
17 𝑛
𝑛 36
19. 14 = 56
11 𝑛
20. = 144
E. Answer each problem.

21. Carlo weighs 10.82 kg. Elmo is 6 times heavier than Carlo. How many kg do
they weigh in all?

22. Pam has P853.25 in her wallet. Chelsea has 3 times more money than Pam.
Joan has P125.50 more than Chelsea. How much money do they have

23. A rectangular plot is 9.7 meters long and 8.3 meters wide. What is its area?

24. Lydia and Lorna ordered 2 servings of milk shake for P85.00 each and a big
serving of pancit at P154.50. If they divide the bill equally, how much did
Lydia pay?

25. James and John bought a gift for their friend. They bought a cake for P328.50
and flowers for P58.80. They decide to divide the bill equally. If John gave a
200-peso bill, how much change did he receive from James?

26. The ratio of boys to girls is 4 to 5. How many pupils are there in the class if
there are 24 boys?

27. The ratio of teacher advisers to pupils in a club is 1 to 15. How many pupils
are there if there are 5 teachers?

28. If the ratio of cherries to grapes is 12 to 17, how many grapes are there if
there are 132 cherries?

29. A study shows that about 1 out of 8 adults have low immune system. If 24000
adults participated in the study, how many have low immune system?

30. 8 out of 100 adults have diabetes. About how many people have diabetes for
every 1 million adults on the average?

A. Classify the underlined words under the eight parts of speech. Write your
answer before the number.

1. Who wash the dishes?

2. The technician is fixing the internet now.
3. Can you see her from that spot?
4. I admire her beautiful voice.
5. She was rude to the old lady.
6. Leo is eating but Lea is still watching television.
7. Freedom is what every Filipino aims.
8. They went into her place.
9. Hey! What are you doing there?
10. Lexie found an incredible artwork from her great grandparents.

B. Encircle the part of speech that is being asked in each sentence.

11. Our ancestral house is located in Marinduque. (Adjective)

12. He will visit his friend tomorrow. (Verb)
13. My room is too big for me. (Adverb)
14. She saw two beautiful white pearls. (Adjective)
15. My pet is under the table. (Preposition)
16. He wants to surprise her, so he asked assistance from his friends.
17. Oh no! The glass broke. (Interjection)
18. Leo kept the promise to himself. (Pronoun)
19. He became discouraged by his failures. (Noun)
20. Thea is very ill. (Verb)

C. Write C if the highlighted word is Count Noun and a counter if it’s Mass

21. They are having fun while drinking soju.

22. Lina purchased milk in the grocery.
23. My bestfriend is my confidante.
24. Cathy loves to eat rice.
25. She needs more information to support her claim.
26. Mother always applies pepper in her dishes.
27. Billy gave his ice cream to Ben.
28. DVD player is already phased out in malls.
29. The insect bit him.
30. Bea has money to purchase a car.
A. Fill in the blanks.
1. ___________ is the power to produce sound coming from the vocal
2. The quality of sound that distinguishes human voice or musical
instruments is ________________.
3. ____________ is an act of producing sound with the voice.
4. Several layers of sound heard at the same time is called __________.
5. A kind of singing where the singer sings on his own, creating his own
style is called __________
6. _____________ is a kind of singing where two or more singers can
sing together with blending.
7. Unaccompanied singing is called ____________.
8. A type of solo singing wherein it should not be breathy is _______.
9. A type of solo singing where it takes years of voice training and
practice is ______________.
10. __________ is a kind of voice that is used for low and middle voice, it
sounds deep and full.
11. _____________ is a kind of voice where the speaking voice gets the
power from chest.
12. _____________ is a kind of voice that sounds light and effortless
usually used for high voice.
13. -15. Rules to follow in Singing
B. Matching Type. Write your answer before the number.
Column A Column B
16. Body Composition A. circling, leg split
17. Cardiorespiratory Endurance B. sprinting, running
18. Muscular Endurance C. measuring height and weight
19. Flexibility D. lifting weights
20. Agility E. jump squats
21. Balance F. kicking a ball
22. Coordination G. dribbling a ball
23. Power H. standing on one leg
24. Reaction Time I. running, walking
25. Speed J. sitting, bending, reaching
C. Identification
26-30. Physical changes for girls during adolescence stage.
31-35. Physical changes for boys during adolescence stage.
36-40. Health concerns during adolescence stage.

A. Read each row of words and circle the two words that are synonyms.
1. Fun tall short exciting
2. Birthday sun gift present
3. Slow smart angry intelligent
4. Forward small stop cease
5. Glad sad happy hungry
6. Upset quiet angry fast
7. Truck cab taxi train
8. Above under go over
9. Exit leave arrive fly
10. Open close shut hide
B. Write a synonym for each underlined word before the number.
11. That was a hilarious joke.
12. I felt sick because I ate too much.
13. The sea is calm.
14. They had a huge fight.
15. I was frightened because of the movie.
16. Danica is a courteous girl.
17. Symond comes from a rich family.
18. She is loyal to her bestfriend.
19. Lynn’s usual outfit is shirt and pants.
20. Mikko has a broad shoulder.
C. Label each sentence or phrase as Simile or Metaphor.
21. Her hair is bone white.
22. Her lips were soft, like a baby’s skin.
23. Ideas are wings…
24. I’m feeling like a freak on a leash.
25. He has a heart of gold.
26. He swims as fast as a fish.
27. She was driving like a bat out of hell.
28. Reality is an enemy…
29. Small as a peanut, big as an elephant.
30. My dad was an angry beast when I brought home my poor report card.
31. The lion at the show was a funny down because it would play with its
32. He swam in the sea of diamonds.
33. The boy cried like a baby when he fell off the swing.
34. The boxer head is hard as a rock.
35. His belt was a snake curling around his waist.