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WARNING Controls and displays Displays

Warnings, cautions and notes are placed at critical points in this manual to direct the operator’s The HAKKO FX-951 has a three-digit display element.
attention to significant items. They are defined as follows: Controls
Depending upon the selected mode, it will display:
High-output, temperature controlled soldering station WARNING: Failure to comply with a WARNING may result in serious injury or death.
• Normal mode:
Sensor temperature (tip temperature)

Instruction Manual CAUTION : Failure to comply with a CAUTION may result in injury to the operator, or damage to the • Data entry:
items involved. Two examples are given below. Selected quantity (see ‘data entry procedures’ for
exact characteristics)
NOTE : A NOTE indicates a procedure or point that is important to the process being described. • Temperature scale:
Thank you for purchasing HAKKO FX-951 soldering station. °C or °F, depending upon selection
EXAMPLE: An EXAMPLE is given to demonstrate a particular procedure point or process.
Please read this manual before operating the HAKKO FX-951. • Error detection:
Keep this manual readily accessible for reference. Refer to ‘ERROR MESSAGES’ section
CAUTION In addition, heater lamps will flash when the station
The front panel of the HAKKO FX-951 soldering has reached the desired temperature, indicating
When power is ON, tip temperatures will be between 200°C and 450°C. (392°F to 840°F.) To avoid injury
1. PACKING LIST AND PART NAMES Please check to make sure that all items listed
below are included in the package. or damage to personal and items in the work area, observe the following: station has the following controls: that it is ready for use.
• Four control buttons: An audible buzzer is provided to alert the operator when:
HAKKO FX-951 soldering station 1 Heat resistant pad 1 Do not touch the tip or the metal parts near the tip.
– Initiates a data entry mode. • The station has reached the set temperature. The
Do not allow the tip to come close to, or touch, flammable materials. buzzer will sound once.
HAKKO FM-2025 soldering iron 1 Iron holder 1
Inform others in the area that the unit is hot and should not be touched. – End of sequence signal (terminates a phase • When the low temperature threshold has been
Control card 1 Instruction manual 1
Turn the power off when not in use, or left unattended. of a data entry mode); when pressed for less crossed, the buzzer will sound continuously. This
Power cord 1
Turn the power off when changing parts or storing the HAKKO FX-951. than one second, displays settings already buzzer will shutoff when the sensed temperature
stored. returns to the acceptable range.
To prevent accidents or damage to the HAKKO FX-951, be sure to observe the following: • The buzzer will sound once when sleep function is
– Increases the value in the appropriate dis-
activated and the tip temperature starts to decrease.
Do not use the HAKKO FX-951 for applications other than soldering. play window. • When a foreign substance, an incompatible tip, or
Do not allow the HAKKO FX-951 to become wet, or use it when hands are wet. – Decreases the value in the appropriate the soldering end of the tip is inserted into the
Do not modify the HAKKO FX-951. display window. HAKKO FM-2025, the display will blink and the
Use only genuine HAKKO replacement parts. buzzer will sound continuously.
Sleeve Do not bend or damage the control card. If the card does become damaged, do not force the card into
assembly Control • The auto power shutoff is activated and the pow-
card the station slot. er to the heating element is shutoff, the buzzer
Do not strike the iron against hard objects to remove excess solder. This will damage the iron. will sound three times.
HAKKO FM-2025 • When the error occurs with the HAKKO FM-
Be sure the work area is well ventilated. Soldering produces smoke.
While using HAKKO FX-951, don’t do anything which may cause bodily harm or physical damage. 2025, the buzzer will sound continuously.
Tip (not included)
Soldering station
l Operation CAUTION
4. INITIAL SETUP 1. Turn the power switch ON. The HAKKO FX-951 is preset at 350°C at the factory.
Check the temperature setting by pressing the button.
A. Iron holder CAUTION 2. Once the temperature is reached, the buzzer The set temperature will be displayed for two seconds.
l Loosen the adjusting screws to change the angle of Do not set up the iron recep- sounds. The heater lamp at the lower right of the
the iron receptacle as you like, then tighten the tacle too high, the tempera- temperature display starts blinking. CAUTION
Power cord screws. ture of the soldering iron will Place the iron in the iron holder when not in use.
Iron holder become very hot.
Heat resistant pad
Do not lay down the iron re-
ceptacle too much, it can be l Changing the temperature setting
2. SPECIFICATIONS easy to fall down.
Example: 350°C to 400°C
Insert the card.
l The sponge is compressed. It will swell when mois-
HAKKO FX-951 soldering station l HAKKO FM-2025 soldering iron tened with water. Before using the unit, dampen the 1. Insert the control card into the slot in the
Power consumption 75W Power consumption 70 W (24 V) front of the unit. Press the or button.
sponge with water and squeeze it dry.
Temperature range 200 - 450°C (400~840°F) Tip to ground resistance <2Ω 1. Put the small cleaning sponge in one of the five • The hundreds digit will begin to flash, indicating
Temperature stability ±5°C (±9°F) Tip to ground potential < 2 mV holes in the iron holder base. that the unit is in the TEMPERATURE SET
Length of cord 1.2 m (4 ft.) 2. Add water to the iron holder base. The small mode and data may be entered.
l Station Length, (w/o cord) 188 mm (7.4 in.) with 2.4D tip sponge will keep the large sponge moist through Press the button once.
2. Entering the hundreds digit
Output 24V
Weight, (w/o cord) 30 g (0.07 lb.) with 2.4D tip capillary action.
• Press the or button to set the desired
Dimensions 80 (W) × 130 (H) × 131 (D) mm 3. Wet the large sponge, squeeze it dry and put it
NOTE: CAUTION figure. Only 2, 3, or 4 can be selected. (In °F
Weight 1.2kg on the iron holder base. Press the or button.
The temperature were measured using the HAKKO 191 Using the sponge without dampen with water mode, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 can be selected). When
thermometer. may damage the tips. the desired figure is displayed, press the
This product is protected against electrostatic discharge. button to enter. The tens digit will begin to flash.
Specifications and design are subject to change without
notice. B. Handpiece cord assembly 3. Entering the tens digit
Press the button once.
Pass the iron cord through the hole in the heat • Press the or button to set the desired
resistant pad. figure. Any value from 0 to 9 can be selected.
(In °F mode, the same value can be selected.) Press the button once.
When the desired figure is displayed, press
the button to enter. The units digit will begin
to flash.
C. Soldering station Insert the plug into 4. Entering the units digit
the receptacle until
CAUTION it seats. • Press the or button to set the desired
Be sure the power switch is OFF before connect- figure. Any value from 0 to 9 can be selected. (In
°F mode, the same value can be selected.)When NOTE:
ing or disconnecting the soldering iron cord. Fail- If power is switched off or lost during the execu-
ure to do so may result in damage to the circuit the desired figure is displayed, press the
To disconnect, pull the plug button to enter. The desired temperature is now tion of this procedure, no data will be entered. The
board. from the receptacle whilst entire procedure must be repeated from step 1.
pressing down the tub on
entered into the system memory and heater con-
1. Insert the power cord into the receptacle at the the plug. trol will begin.
back of the station.
-20 70W

When the station is ON and the card is in the 1. Hold the button down for at least one second.
Insert the soldering iron cord into the receptacle at
station, the data entry procedure follows: The current temperature setting will be dis-
the front of the station.
played, then the hundreds digit will begin to
flash. This indicates that the station has entered
2. Set the iron in the iron holder.
the temperature setting mode.
Continue with the procedure of 2 - 4, above.
3. Plug the power cord into a grounded wall socket.
2. When the button is pressed for less than
one second, the current temperature setting is
The HAKKO FX-951 is protected against electro-
displayed for two seconds, then returns to show
static discharge and must be grounded for full ef-
the actual tip temperatures.
l Replacing the tip The HAKKO FX-951 comes from the factory with The HAKKO FX-951 has the following four parameters: l Sensor Error When there is the possibility that a failure has oc-
the following values preset. curred in the sensor or heater (including the sensor
1) °C or °F temperature display selection
Removing and inserting the tip: circuit), is displayed and the power is shut
2) Power save
Removing the tip: Hold the sleeve assembly to Hold this part to remove the connector. Temperature scale Celsius down.
3) Low temperature alarm tolerance setting
remove the connector. Power save Disabled
4) Resetting the supervisor/operator control set- CAUTION
Remove the tip from the sleeve assembly. Low temperature alarm setting 150°C
ting The sensor error also occurs if the tip is not in-
(If the tip is hot, hold it with the heat-resistant pad.) Resetting the supervisor or 40
serted properly.
operator control setting Once the station enters parameter mode, set the pa-
Hold the sleeve assembly at the front to remove tip. Setting temperature 350°C rameters in the order shown below. After all the parame-
ters have been set, normal operation will be resumed. l Low-temperature alarm tolerance error If the sensor temperature falls below the difference
Inserting the tip: Hold head part and insert the between the current temperature setting and the
tip into the sleeve assembly. Push until the l Entering the parameter 1. Turn power OFF. low-temperature alarm tolerance, is dis-
sleeve assembly touches the ring round the tip; 2. Insert the control card into the card slot in the played and the warning buzzer sounds. When the
at this point the tip should not be forced further Hold this part to insert tip into sleeve assembly.
1 °C of °F temperature display front of the unit. tip temperature rises to a value within the set toler-
into the sleeve assembly. 3. Press and hold down the and buttons ance, the buzzer will stop sounding.
Put the tip into the connector. simultaneously, and then turn power ON. EXAMPLE: EXAMPLE:
Insert the new tip firmly into the connector. (If the 4. Hold and buttons down until the dis-
350°C (400°C – 50°C) Assume that the temperature setting is
tip is not properly inserted, will be dis- play shows (Celsius) or (Fahrenheit).
400°C/750°F and the tolerance 50°C/100°F. If the
played.) When either the display shows either or , Set temperature Low-temperature alarm tolerance
Hold this part to insert into the connector. temperature continues to decrease and finally
the station is in parameter input mode. OR falls below the value indicated below while the
l Pressing either the and button will cause 650°F (750°F – 100°F)
CAUTION heating element is on, the displayed value starts
the display to alternate between or .
The tip can be very HOT. Use the heat-resistant Set temperature Low-temperature alarm tolerance blinking to indicate that the tip temperature has
l When the desired scale is displayed, select by
pad for handling hot tips, but do not hold the hot dropped.
pressing the button. The system will auto-
portion of the tip, even with the pad, for a long
matically sequence to power save mode.
2 Power save setting l Heater terminal short circuit error will flash, and the buzzer will sound continu-
ously, when the tip is inserted wrong way round, an
l How to enter the tip offset value into the Insert the card. Power save is an optional setting HAKKO FX-951 When the station enters the parameter input mode, incompatible tip is inserted, or a foreign object has
HAKKO FX-951 has two kinds of power save functions. To turn off the procedure is as follows. found its way into the connector.
the power save function, select 0 and then press
Example 1 the button.
If the measured temperature is 410°C and the set Press the button. Press the button once.
temperature is 400°C, the difference is -10°C (need Power save function setting: The power save l Soldering iron error will be displayed if the connector cord is not
to decrease by 10°C). So, enter the figure which 10 function will not work.
2 0 Disabled attached to the station OR the wrong soldering iron
is deducted from present offset value. Press the button.
210 Sleep work after 10 minutes is connected.
Press the or
230 Auto power shutoff work after 30 minutes
1. Insert the control card into the slot in the sta- button.
Press the button once.
l When the display shows , pressing any but-
• The station is in the temperature setting mode.
Press the button once. ton the power will be turned on again. When soldering work is not done for
The hundreds degit will begin to flash. Press the button. 10 minutes, the buzzer will sound
one time, then the temperature de-
2. Press the button on the front panel. NOTE: crease to 200°C/400°F automatically.

• This will set the station to offset value entry The sleep function does not work in case the set- Press the button once.
mode. Press the or ting temperature is less than 300°C/570°F.
button. When soldering is not used for 30 mi-
3. Enter the offset value nutes, the buzzer will sound 3 times,
l When the display shows , and to begin sol- then the power to the heating ele-
The allowable ranges for offset values are -50 ~
dering, cycle the power switch OFF, then ON. ment is shutoff automatically.
+50°C (In °F mode -90 ~ +90°F). Press the button once.

During offset data entry mode with blinking,
the tip temperature is controlled by present off- Press the button 3 Resetting the low temperature alarm toler- l When the station enters low-temperature alarm
set value. once. ance setting tolerance setting mode, the hundreds digit be-
The unique function alerts the operator when the gins flashing. Enter and store the value in the
a. Entering the hundreds digit sensed temperature drops below a set limit. Should same manner as described in “Changing the
• Press the or button to set the desired this occur, an error message will be displayed, and temperature setting.”
figure. Only 0 (plus) or - (minus) can be se- NOTE:
the buzzer will sound continuously. When the tem-
lected. (In °F mode, it is the same as °C When the unit is in offset-free mode, you can go
perature returns within the allowable range, the l If you enter a value exceeding the allowable
mode). When the 0 (plus) or - (minus) is se- into the offset value entry mode without control
buzzer will stop. range shown to the left, you will be brought back
lected, press the button to enter. The tens card by pressing the button for second.
to entering a value in the hundreds digit. If this
digit will begin to flash. Range of allowable low temperature alarm tolerance
occurs, reenter a correct value.
for °C: 30 - 150°C
b. Entering the tens digit for °F: 50 - 300°F
• Press the or button to set the desired l Once the value is stored, the system will auto-
figure. Any value from 0 to 5 (In °F mode, 0 to Example: When the setting temperature is 350°C matically sequence to resetting the supervi-
9) can be selected. When the desired figure is and the low temperature alarm tolerance is 100°C, sor/operator control setting mode.
displayed, press the button to enter. buzzer will sound when the tip temperature will
The units digit will begin to flash. drop over 250°C.

c. Entering the units digit

• Press the or button to set the desired 4 Resetting the supervisor/operator control To change the supervisor/operator control settings,
figure. Any value from 0 to 9 (In °F mode, setting the procedure is as follows.
same value can be selected.) When the de- l The display will show or when this
sired figure is displayed, press the button mode is entered.
to enter. The desired temperature is now en-
tered into the system memory and heater con- : No offset value can be entered without HEAD OFFICE
trol will begin with new offset value. inserting the card.
TEL:+81-6-6561-3225 FAX:+81-6-6561-8466
http://www.hakko.com E-mail:sales@hakko.com
When the station is ON and the card is in the 1. Hold the button down for at least one sec- U.S.A.: AMERICAN HAKKO PRODUCTS, INC.
: An offset value can be entered without TEL: (661) 294-0090 FAX: (661) 294-0096
station, the offset entry procedure follows: ond.
inserting the card. Toll Free (800)88-HAKKO
The current offset value will be displayed, then
4 2 5 5 6
the hundreds digit will begin to flash. This indi- TEL: 2811-5588 FAX: 2590-0217
cates that the station has entered the offset val- E-mail:info@hakko.com.hk
Pressing the or button will change SINGAPORE: HAKKO PRODUCTS PTE., LTD.
ue input mode.
and . TEL: 6748-2277 FAX: 6744-0033
Continue with the procedure of a - c, above.
When the desired setting is displayed, select by E-mail:sales@hakko.com.sg

pressing button. Please access to the following address for the other Sales affiliates.
2. When the button is pressed for less than
The system will exit the parameter setting mode http://www.hakko.com/address
one second, the current offset value is displayed
and begin heater control. 2005.3
for two seconds, then returns to tip temperature.
It is now ready for normal operation. Copyright © 2004 HAKKO Corporation. All Rights Reserved. MA01349JZ050323