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Hordin's Last Call


Hordin’s Last Call

Hordin used to be an adventurer until he took an axe to the knee. Nowadays he spends his time as the
proprietor of the Adventurer’s Rest tavern. Of course, this is no easy task, as his daily duties usually
include stopping brawls, tossing out less than talented bards and cleaning up the mess of adventurers who
are looking to spend a little too much of their loot on his famous range of ales.

These are some of the more simple duties for the tavern owner, as he also has to deal with the occasional
assassination attempt from those who hold grudges from his adventuring days or the odd greenskin siege.

So, every now and then, when the bell rings for last calls, Hordin, along with his loyal mastiff Gnasher,
will pull on his beaten old boots for yet another adventurer.

Special Rule—Starting Positions

When initially placing any model in any of the following adventures, the Hero and the
Overlord players may select which direction the models are facing.

Special Rule—Gnasher

As his Feat, Hordin may either choose to permanently remove all adjacent Piles of Bones,
or place a Dwarf Mastiff to represent Gnasher in any adjacent square. Gnasher is activated
as a fifth member of the party, but does not count as a hero if he is crippled. He takes
damage like a standard Dwarf Mastiff would.


Map Key
Heroes and Bosses Minions
Lower Abyssal
Hordin, Dwarf Barkeeper

Abyssal Guard
Rodric, Dwarf Fighter

Taryn, Dwarf Ranger Hellhound

Tortured Soul
Drudwyn, Dwark Barbarian

Lord Ricmarc, Revenant Lord
Pile of Bones


Mundane Chest

Trollsmasher Keg



Map Key
Heroes and Bosses Minions
OW Ogre Warrior
Hordin, Dwarf Barkeeper

OB Ogre Boomer
Rodric, Dwarf Fighter
OS Ogre Smasher

Taryn, Dwarf Ranger Counters

Dorig Blackmane
Drudwyn, Dwark Barbarian

ZX-X Mine Cart Lever Zone and Location

Goreshank, Ogre Fighter


Mundane Chest


Adventure 1: The Hall of Ricmarc

The tavern doors swung open and a hooded dwarf where a scarred dwarf berserker jumped out of his
ranger hurried towards the bar to meet Hordin. seat. Spilling the beer of his companion.

“Hordin, I would have words!...I’ve found it! I’ve “Ha! You two think you can just stroll into the ruins
found the entrance to the drinking hall of old Lord of Ricmarc? Good luck! Braver dwarves than you have
Ricmarc! See here!” tried to search for them and non-have lived to tell
about it!”
He said, panting out of breath as he brought out a
battered leather map. Hordin looked over it with his Hordin flung a wet cloth at the berserker.
remaining eye and stroked his beard”
“We will go and we will return! You’re more than
“Hmmm, if this is truly the hall of Ricmarc, forgotten welcome to join us, if you’re not a goblin spine!”
for a century, then the kegs of Trollsmasher, the finest
ale ever brewed by Darick Pyntmaester might still be The berserker slammed an axe deep into his table in
down there. It was said this was a gift to Lord anger.
Ricmarc on the opening of his drinking hall, but a foul
curse was placed on all those who celebrated that “Goblin spine?!!! Lead the way, master barkeeper, and
night!...Do you think you can lead me there Taryn?” I’ll show you who’s goblin spine!”

A loud bellowing laughter came from the closest table

Heroes Overlord
Hordin the Dwarf Barkeeper, Taryn the Dwarf This adventure uses the Standard and Necromancer
Ranger, Drudwyn the Dwarf Barbarian and Rodric Overlord cards from the boxed game.
the Dwarf Fighter are used in this adventure.
Overlord Command Cards: 22
Victory Commands per Turn: 2
Heroes: Retrieve all four kegs of Trollsmasher Ale. Raise Dead Limits: Skeleton Warriors (max 4),
Skeleton Archers (max 2), Dwarf Revenant (1)
Overlord: Cripple Hordin
Lord Ricmarc Revenant Lord: Living Sword Magic
Item Weapon.
Special Rules – Trollsmasher Kegs

The kegs of Trollsmasher Ale are represented

on the board with the barrel furniture. Only
Hordin can retrieve these kegs, as only he
knows which ale is the legendary Trollsmasher
ale. When he is in an adjacent square to a keg,
he can use an action to retrieve it.

Special Rule – Walls

Certain parts of the map are inaccessible,

these are marked on the map. Even
though the tiles are joined, there is a wall
there and it cannot be moved through.
Place any available token to in between
the joining walled squares to show where
the walls are placed.

Tactical Thoughts

Hordin’s main responsibility in this adventure is to

gather the kegs of ale. Keep him busy with this while
Special Rule – Chests his companions deal with the fighting. Make use of
Rodric’s Slam ability to make a clear path for Hordin
Chest A contains a Haste and Taryn’s ranged attacks to keep monsters at bay.
Potion. Chest B contains a
Healing Potion, Chest C Drudwyn’s armour may make him seem fragile, but
contains a Battle Potion and with his strength and Frenzy ability, he’s a killing
Chest D contains a Haste machine. Don’t be afraid to send him off on his own
Potion. and get some of those doors open for Hordin.

Hordin grabbed the remaining keg and slung it over his open and squinted as the rising sun gleamed in their
shoulder. eyes.

“This should be the last of them, let’s get out of here be- Drudwyn eyed one of the kegs and licked his lips.
fore we meet the same fate as these fellows”
“Thirsty work all that. What say we have a wee tipple of
Rodric and Taryn shoved the large wooden table in the some of this ale you’ve all been banging on about?”
way of the remaining skeletons while Drudwyn yanked
Hordin looked at the keg on his shoulder and
his axe from the armour of Lord Ricmarc.
contemplated everything they went through to get them.
The dwarves charged down the corridor to the exit and He brought it to the ground and cracked open the lid.
with a fearsome shoulder barge, they slammed the doors 5
“Aye! It’d be rude not to!”

Adventure 2: Blackmane Down

Hordin clambered on top of a bar stool, ledger in his heard? The fool got himself snatched by Goreshank
hand and bellowed out, “Attention! It’s the end of the and his gang of ogre thugs.”
month and everyone owes their tab! Johan Malik, 3
gold pieces. Josef Reicher, 5 gold pieces. Dorig “Blast it! Who’s going to help me get him back?
Blackmane. You wouldn’t believe how much you Without his tab, next month’s hog roast is cancelled!”
owe!...Blackmane? Blackmane?! Has anyone seen
Dorig Blackmae?”

Rodric looked up from his tankard, “You haven’t

Heroes Overlord
Hordin the Dwarf Barkeeper, Taryn the Dwarf Overlord Command Cards: 12
Ranger, Drudwyn the Dwarf Barbarian and This adventure will use the standard Overlord cards.
Rodric the Dwarf Fighter are used in this
adventure. Commands Per Turn: 2

Special Rule – Rescue Blackmane

Blackmane is considered rescued when
Heroes: Kill Goreshank and rescue Dorig Blackmane
either all the ogres that are on the board
are dead or a hero is in an adjacent square
Overlord: Cripple Hordin or prevent the Heroes from
and spends an action to untie him.
winning before the time runs out.
Goreshank still needs to be defeated for the
heroes to succeed. Gnasher is unable to
rescue Blackmane.

Special Rule – Mine Cart Levers

At the start of each Overlord turn until Goreshank

has been placed on the board, the Overlord can
select a zone to drop a cart from the pulleys
above. Select a zone and roll a D6 to see which
zone square the cart drops on. If a model is
standing on the zone square, they take one wound
automatically. When Goreshank is placed on the
board and is still in his starting tile and the start
of the Overlord turn, he may drop a cart as
normal, but if he has moved away from this tile, he
is too far from the levers. The Overlord can spend
an Overlord card in their turn to get an extra pull
of the levers.




A Z1-3 B
Z3-1 Z1-4 Z1-5



Z3-4 Z2-1

Z2-3 Z2-4

Special Rule – Walkways

Z4-3 Z2-6
This adventure is set along the
Z4-1 Z4-2 Z2 walkways of a Dwarf mine. A
model that suffers the effect of
X a push attack can be moved off
the board if they are close
OW enough to any edge. If they are
pushed off, they are considered

Special Rule – Chests

All chests in this adventure are Tactical Thoughts

mundane chests with 3 Armour Z4-6

and 3 Combat Dice. Chest A There are very few ogres in the mine, but
contains a Battle Potion and those that are there won’t be easy to take
Chest B and C contain a Health down. Your best chance of survival is to
Potion and D contains the Key to stick together and get as many dwarves in
Door X combat as possible for the extra combat
bonuses. Don’t forget that Gnasher adds
to this too. Try to stay away from the
board edges. Ogre Warriors can slam your
party off the edge.

Dorig struggled out of the ropes and kicked the body of Goreshank. “Vile oaf! That’ll teach you for trying to kidnap Dorig

Hordin coughed to get Droig’s attention

“Ah, Hordin, of course. Thank you for coming to my aid. How can I either repay you?”

“Well, you can start with settling your tab.” Said the barkeep, as he drew his ledger.

Taryn—Dwarf Ranger
Abilities: Sure Shot (1)

Combat/ Shooting Long Range


Hail of Arrows. Taryn may Shoot three times in the same Turn. Resolve each one before
deciding on the next target

Rodric—Dwarf Fighter
Abilities: Slam



None Shall Pass. Rodric cannot be injured for the remainder of this Round. In addition, all
adjacent enemy Minions are considered to have taken their Turn this Round and may not take
another for any reason.


Drudwyn—Dwarf Berserker
Abilities: Frenzy (2)



Now I’m Angry. All enemy models adjacent to Drudwyn must move away 1 square if
there is room. If there is a choice then Drudwyn decides which square they move into.


Lord Ricmarc—Revenant Lord

Abilities: Hammer Time, Stalwart (1), Tough


PRECISE STRIKE. Lord Ricmarc may Move and then Fight, counting the target’s Armour as 1.

Goreshank—Ogre Fighter
Abilities: Large, Slam, Tough


Grind Their Bones. Goreshank may make a Fight attack against up to three separate models in
his front arc. He may only attack each model once. Each attack is resolved as normal, with the
additional penalty of -2 to the target’s Armour.