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Compiled by: ecrunale/ Ninja Patches of XD/ jessajoy
Contributors: Clo, Yuuki
Source: in-game journal, www.roguard.net

Card Name Compounded On

Abysmal Knight Card Weapon
Agav Card Armor
Alarm Card Footgear
Alice Card Offhand
Anacondaq Card Accessory
Angeling Card Armor
Anolian Card Armor
Ant Card Weapon
Ant Egg Card Weapon

Anubis Card Offhand

Aqua Elemental Card Offhand

Archer Skeleton Card Weapon
Argiope Card Armor
Atroce Card Weapon
Baphomet Card Weapon
Baphomet Jr. Card Garment
Bathory Armor
Big Ben Card Weapon
Bigfoot Card Offhand
Black Witch Card Headgear
Bloody Knight Card Weapon
Bongun Card Weapon
Brilight Card Armor
Caramel Card Accessory
Centipede Card Offhand
Chimera Card Armor
Chonchon Card Footgear
Clock Card Armor
Clock Tower Manager Card Headgear
Cornus Card Offhand
Cramp Card Headgear
Creamy Card Accessory
Dark Illusion Card Headgear
Dark Lord Card Footgear
Dark Priest Card Weapon
Dark Shadow Card Offhand
Desert Wolf Baby Card Accessory
Desert Wolf Card Weapon
Detale Card Armor
Deviling Card Garment
Deviruchi Card Headgear
Dokebi Card Armor
Doppelganger Card Weapon
Draco Card Offhand
Dracula Card Weapon
Dragon Egg Card Accessory
Dragon Fly Card Garment
Drainliar Card Weapon
Drake Card Weapon
Drops Card Weapon
Dustiness Card Offhand
Earth Petite Card Weapon
Eclipse Card Garment
Eddga Card Footgear
Eggyra Card Footgear
Elder Card Weapon
Elder Willow Card Headgear
Evil Druid Card Armor
Fabre Card Weapon
Familiar Card Weapon
Female Thief Bug Card Weapon
Ferus Card Footgear
Flora Card Weapon
Gargoyle Card Accessory
Ghostring Card Armor
Giearth Card Headgear
Goblin Archer Card Weapon
Goblin Card Weapon
Goblin Leader Card Weapon
Goblin Steamrider Card Weapon
Golden Thief Bug Card Offhand
Golem Card Weapon
Greatest General Card Accessory
Gryphon Card Weapon
High Orc Card Offhand
Hode Card Armor
Hornet Cad Weapon
Horong Card Accessory
Hunter Fly Card Weapon
Hydra Card Weapon
Hyegun Card Garment
Incubus Card Headgear
Injustice Card Weapon
Isis Card Garment
Jakk Card Garment
Joker Card Accessory
Kaho Card Accessory
Khalitzburg Card Offhand
Kobold Archer Card Weapon
Kobold Card Accessory
Kobold Leader Card Weapon
Kukre Card Accessory
Lovely Novice Card Headgear
Luciola Vespa Offhand
Lunatic Card Weapon
Magic Sasquatch Card Armor
Magnolia Card Weapon
Male Thief Bug Card Footgear
Mandagora Card Weapon
Mandragon Card Weapon
Mantis Card Accessory
Mao Guai Card Accessory
Marc Card Offhand
Marduk Card Headgear
Marin Card Weapon
Marina Card Weapon
Marine Sphere Card Accessory
Marionette Card Garment
Marse Card Armor
Mastering Card Garment
Matyr Card Footgear
Maya Card Offhand
Menblatt Card Weapon
Metaller Card Weapon
Mimic Card Accessory
MInorous Card Weapon
Mistress Card Headgear
Moonlight Flower Card Footgear
Muka Card Accessory
Mummy Card Weapon
Munak Card Garment
Mutant Dragon Card Weapon Card
Myseltain Card Footgear
Myst Card Garment
Nightmare Card Headgear
Ninetail Card Garment
Novice Card Weapon
Obeaune Card Accessory
Orc Archer Card Accessory
Orc Baby Card Garment
Orc Hero Card Headgear
Orc Lady Card Weapon
Orc Lord Card Armor
Orc Skeleton Card Weapon
Orc Warrior Card Offhand
Orc Zombie Card Garment
Osiris Card Accessory
Owl Baron Card Weapon
Owl Duke Card Weapon
Pasana Card Armor
Peco Peco Card Armor
Peco Peco Egg Card Weapon
Penomena Card Offhand
Phreooni Card Weapon
Picky Card Armor
Pirate Skeleton Card Headgear
Poison Spore Card Accessory
Poring Card Armor
Punk Card Garment
Pupa Card Armor
Rafflesia Card Offhand
Randgris Card Weapon Card
Raydric Archer Card Weapon
Raydric Card Garment
Rideword Card Headgear
Rocker Card Weapon
Roda Frog Card Armor
Rotar Zairo Card Weapon
Sandman Card Armor
Santa Poring Card Accessory
Savage Card Armor
Scorpion Card Accessory
Seal Card Weapon Card
Sealed Apocalypse Caard Headgear
Sealed Bacsojin Card Headgear
Sealed Ifrit Card Weapon
Skeleton Card Weapon
Skeleton Worker Card Weapon
Sky Petite Card Offhand
Smokie Card Accessory
Sohee Card Footgear
Soldier Skeleton Card Weapon
Speh Charles Card Weapon
Spore Card Accessory
Stem Worm Card Accessory
Sting Card Offhand
Strouf Card Weapon
Succubus Card Armor Card
Swordfish Card Armor
Swordfish (Phen) Card Accessory
Tarou Card Accessory
Teddy Bear Card Offhand
Thara Frog Card Armor
Thief Bug Card Offhand
Thief Bug Egg Card Offhand
Time Holder Card Footgear
Toad Card Garment
Vadon Card Weapon
Vagabond Wolf Card Garment
Verit Card Footgear
Vitata Card Weapon
Vocal Card Weapon
Wanderman Card Weapon
Weak Puppet Card Accessory
Whisper Card Garment
Wild Rose Card Footgear
Willow Card Headgear
Wind Ghost Card Accessory
Wolf Card Weapon
Wood Goblin Card Offhand
Wormtail Card Accessory
Wraith Card Accessory
Yoyo Card Accessory
Zealotus Card Weapon
Zerom Card Accessory
Cookie Card Accessory
New Cards added as of EP 2.9: Lutie
Myst Case Card Headgear
Cruiser Card Weapon
Zipper Bear Card Weapon
Stormy Knight Card Weapon
Christmas Cookie Card Footgear
Carat Card Headgear
Chepet Card Weapon
Holy Spirit Card Weapon
Stored Effect
Put in Abysmal Knight Card, Deal 5% more damage on Boss monsters if equipped with
Abysmal Knight Card (doesn't stack)
MATK +1%
ATK +5, MATK +5
Put in Anacondaq Card, Damage to Poison Monsters +1%
Put in Angeling Card, Holy Damage +5%
Max HP+18
ATK +3
Max HP +30

Put in Anubis Card, Damage from Angel Monsters - 10%

Put in Aqua Elemental Card, Damage to Water Monster +1%

Put in Archer Skeleton Card, P. Attack +5% if equipped Skeleton Archer Card
Put in Argiope Card, will not be affected by Poison if equipped with Argiope Card
Put in Atroce Card, PATK+50 if triggered Fury Status, last for 10 secs.
ATK+10, MATK+10
Max HP+70
Put in Bathory Card, Holy Damage +1%

Put in Bigfoot Card, Damage to Insect Monsters +8%

Max HP+70
Put in Bongun Card, Bash will be affected by STR (doesn't stack)
STR +1
Put in Caramel Card, Damage to Insect Race +1%
Put in Centipede Card, Damage to Poison Monsters +1%
No effect currently
Max HP+10
Max HP +30
Max HP +50, INT +1
Put in Cornus Card, Damage to Holy Monsters +1%
Max HP+18
Max HP+28
Max HP+70
Max HP+70
Max HP+70
Put in Dark Shadow Card, Damage to Dark Monsters +1%
Put in Desert Wolf Card: Ignore 50% of Hard DEF of monsters (only take effect if bonus
damage to Small monsters is more than 50%
Put in Detale Card, Fire Ball Damage +15%
Max HP+70
Put in Deviruchi Card, Damage to Demon Race +2%
Put in Dokebi Card, will not be immobilized if equipped Dokebi Card
Max HP+112
Put in Draco Card, Damage to Earth Monsters +1%
Damage to Water Property Monster +5%
P. DMG +2%
Put in Dustiness Card, Flee Rate +5
Put in Petite Card, Damage to Dragon Race +2%
Max HP+84
Damage to players in PVP +1%
No effect currently
Max HP+70
Max HP +30
HIT +5
Max HP+70
Put in Flora Card, Damage to Fish Race +2%
Max HP+18
Put in Ghostring Card, Ghost Damage received -10%
Max HP+18
Put in Goblin Archer Card, CRIT Damage +5% on Undead Race
Put in Goblin Card, Damage to Brute Race +2%
Put in Goblin Leader Card, The triggered HP Draining effect of Goblin Leader Card has
50% chance to critical when self HP is lower than 30%
Put in Goblin Steamrider Card, CRIT Damage +5% on Formless Race
Put in Golden Thief Bug Card, Magical Damage Received -5%
Put in Golem Card, Resistance to Stone Curse +5%
Max HP+18
Put in Gryphon Card, increase the chance on using [Bowling Bash] by Swordsman classes
if equipped
Put in High Orc Card, Physical Damage +1%Gryphon Card
if triggered Physical Reflection effect, last for
5 seconds (can only triggered once per 30 secs.)
Put in Hode Card, Flee Rate +5
ATK +6
Max HP+10
Put in Hunter Fly Card, Restore extra 1% of max HP if triggered HP Drain
Damage to Demi Human +2%
Max HP+112
Max HP+70
MATK +4.5
Put in Isis Card, have a chance to reduce target's SP gradually to 0 when equipped Isis
Put in Jakk Card, Reduce Fire Damage received
Card by 20% if equipped with Jakk Card. Have
a chance on recovering HP depend on the level gap with target when received Fire
Max HP+18
Put in Kaho Card, Damage to Earth Monsters +1%
Max HP+18
Put in Kobold Archer Carad, HIT +25 if equipped with Kobold Archer Card
STR +1
ATK+10, MATK+10
Put in Kukre Card, AGI +1
Max HP+70
Put in Luciola Vespa Card, Damage to Wind Monsters +1%
ATK +3
Put in Magic Sasquatch Card, Max SP +10
Put in Magnolia Card, SP Recovery +1
Max HP+10
Damage to Wind Monsters +5%
Max HP+70
Put in Mantis Card, STR +1
Damage to Ghost Monsters +1%
Reduce Damage from Water Property by 8%
Max HP+10
Put in Marina Card, if equipped Marina Card, have 5% chance on causing Freeze Status
Put in Marine Sphere normal attacking.
Magnum Damage
Break +25% Lost
DMG +50% on frozen
some target
HP everytime you use
Magnum Break
Put in Marionnete Card, Damage of Napalm Vulcan +10%
Put in Marse Card, Flee Rate +5
Max HP+70
Max HP+48
Magical Damage +3%
Put in Menblatt Card, Damage to Earth Monster +5%
P. ATK +5
Put in Minorous Card: Ignore 50% of Hard DEF of monsters (only take effect if bonus
damage to Large monsters is more than 50%
Max HP+112
Max HP+28
Put in Mummy Card, HIT +5, P. Attack +2
Put in Mutant Dragon, increase the chance of Auto-use [Fire Ball] when Normal Attacking
Put in Myst Card, Flee Rate +5
Max HP+18
Max HP+18
Max HP+48
Max HP+72
Put in Orc in Orc
Baby Archer
Card, Card, SP Recovery
Non-elemental Damage+3 if equipped
-5% OrcOrc
if equipped Archer
Card, Have a
chance on recovering HP depend on the level gap with target when received Neutral
Put in Orc Hero, Equip Orc Hero Card: Damage
Attacksto stunned target +15%, damage to Boss
Monsters +5%
Damage to Insect +2%
Put in Orc Lord Card, Gain a Regen buff if triggered Reflection effect while HP lower than
30% last for 10 seconds. (Can only be triggered per 60 seconds).
Put in Orc Skeleton Card, Damage to Holy Monsters +5%
Put in Orc Warrior Card, Damage received from Brute Race -2%
Put in Orc Zombie Card, ATK of Undead Race around a certain distance of you -20%
Max HP+112
Max HP+70
Max HP+70
Put in Pasana Card, Water Damage +1%
Put in Peco Peco Card, Burn Life effect will increase if equipped with Peco Peco Card
Damage to Formless Race +2%
Put in Penomena Card, Damage to Formless Race +1%
ATK +10 every time you dodged. Can be stacked up to 10; last for 5 seconds.
STR +1
Max HP+10
Max HP +50, Max HP+10
Put in Pupa Card, Max HP +20, Resistance to Stun +5%
Damage to Insect +5%
Max HP+18
Max HP+70
Max HP+18
DEX +1, P. ATK + 3
Put in Roda Frog Card, SP Recovery +1, if equipped Roda Frog Card
Put in Rotar Zairo Card, CRIT Damage +1%
Put in Sandman Card, Fire Damage +1%
Put in Santa Poring Card Damage to Dark Monsters +1%
Put in Savage Card, VIT +1. Increase extra reflected DMG for every VIT when attacked by
Put in Scorpion Card, Damage to Plant Race +1%
HIT +5
Put in Sealed Apocalypse Card, Ignore MDEF by 2%
INT +1
Put in Skeleton Card, Stun Effect Time +2 secs (for stun by this card only)
P. ATK +5shield for 10 seconds if get attacked to
Put in Sky Petite Card, Get a damage immunity
50% HP by Dragon monsters. The damage it can be endured depends on your max HP
and max SP (can only be Maxtriggered
HP+70 once per 60 seconds)
Max HP+18
Critical Damage +1%
Max HP +300, HP Recovery +1
Max HP+18
[Sonic Blow] Damage +5%
Put in Sting Card, reduce magic damage received by 2%
Damage fo Demon Race +3%
Put in Swordfish Card, Wind Damage +1%
Max HP+70
Max HP+18
Put in Teddy Bear Card, Damage to Undead Race +1%
Put in Thara Frog Card Damage of [Bowling Bash] damage received - 20 points for every
Buff effect increased1% bydamage
amountreduction of Demi-Human
of members: Decrease FLEERace
of all enemies with a
maximum of 50 in certain area (doesn't stack with other
Put in Thief Bug Egg Card, has 10% chance on causing target's SP-1% partywhile
Equip ASPD +5%
Max HP+70
Damage fo Fire Monsters +5%
Max HP+70
Put in Verit Card, Max HP +100
Max HP +60
P. ATK +1%
Max HP+10
If equipped with Whisper Card, Ghost Damage received -50%
Max HP+10
Max HP+70
ATK +6
Put in Wood Goblin Card, Magical Damage +2%
Put in Wormtail Card, INT+1
Max HP+30
Max HP+70
Put in Zerom Card, DEX +1
Max HP+48

DEX+1, ATK+4.5
Max HP+48
Put in Stormy Knight Card, [Storm Gust] damage +20% if equipped with Stormy Knight Card
Max HP+48
Max HP+48
ATK, MATK + 7.5
Max HP+60
Card Effect Permabuff (loot/King Poring)
Dmg to BOSS monsters+10%
MATK+5% More damage on Boss + 0.01%
If equip by Mage Max
classes, MATK+3%, MaxHP+
HP+300 Max HP + 20
300, MaxSP+150
VIT+1 Max HP + 10
Dmg received from Boss monsters-15% Less DMG from Boss Monsters + 0.02%
Damage to Poison Monsters+15% Max HP + 20
Blesses an Armor with the Holy Property. MATK + 10
Have 3% chance to +5 AGI and DEX for 2 minutes AGI + 1
when receiving P. Dmg
ATK + 10 ATK + 2
Max HP + 5% Max HP + 20

Dmg received from Angel Race-30% Max HP + 60

Water Damage received-15%
Max HP + 20
Damage Melee
to Water monsters+5%
ATK + 4
Ranged ATK+10%
Have an Armor
5% chance with the
on getting FuryPoison
when doing DEF + 4
normal attacks. (Increase Equip ASPD by 20% for ATK + 6
Cause dmg to target10
small area of monsters HIT + 10
surrounding it when doing melee normal
CRIT + 1
Change armor to Dark property Max HP + 20
Damage to Formless Race+10%
Max HP + 14
Damage to Demon Race+10%
Dmg received from Insect Race-15% Damage to Insect Monsters + 0.02%
MATK + 10
Have 5% chance on using Lv.10 [Meteor Storm] Max HP + 15
when doing normal attack
3% Chance to auto casting Lv.5 [Bash]
STR+3 MDEF + 2
VIT+1 Max HP + 10
Max HP+100
Damage to Insect Race+10% Max HP + 20
3% Change to cause Poison to the Target. Chance
increase to 12% if equipped by Assassin / Assassin
STR + 2 DEF + 2
INT+2 Max HP + 10
Max HP+1%
M.damage+2% Max HP + 10
Holy Damage received-15%
Max HP+400 Max HP + 20
Damage to Holy
+3 +5%
FLEE + 4
Flee Rate + 5
Be able to use Lv.1 [Teleportation]. MDEF + 3
MaxSP-10% Casting Speed Correction + 0.01%
Have a chance on using Lv.10 [Meteor
Fixed Casting Time-0.25 sec Storm] when Fire Damage + 0.08
Chance on reducing P. skillSPattacks
target's while doing normal Gear ASPD + 0.01
Dark Damage attacks
Max HP + 20
Damage to Dark monsters+5%
Increase to Demi-Human
Dmg inflicted size monster by More damage on Demi-Human Monsters + 0.01%
on SmallRace+3%
Gain immunity 25% to the Freeze status. ATK + 4
ATK + 15
Have 5% chance on using Lv.3 [Heaven's Drive] Max HP + 80
Neutral Dmg received-50%
when receiving Magical Dmg DMG Reduce + 0.01%
Other propertySTR Dmg + 3received+50% Max HP + 20
Gain immunity to the Blind status.
Turn armor into Wind property. DEF + 4
Gear ASPD+15% Max HP + 80
Earth Damage received-15%
Max HP + 20
Have 10% to Earth
to convert Monsters+5%
a certain percent of Dmg Max HP + 20
received into own SP
Dmg to Dragon Race+20% Max HP + 20
AGI + 4 ATK + 4
Flee Rate + 5
20% more Dmg to Water property monsters MATK + 5
Cause 100% Dmg to Small,Medium and Large Physical DMG Boni + 0.01%
DEX + 1 n/a
Wind Damage HITreceived-15%
Max HP + 20
Dmg to Dragon Race+20% Max HP + 20
VIT + 4 Max HP + 60
Flee Rate + 5
MaxHp-20% Max HP + 0.05%
Always onINT [Endure]
+ 2 status Max HP + 20
SP Recovery + 5
Damage to PVP Players+3% NpcDamPer + 0.01%
INT + 3 MDEF+2
Make the armor property into Undead DEF + 4
INT ++41
VIT Max HP + 20
Max INTHP++150
ATK + 2
AGI ++15 ATK + 4
VIT+2 +5
Max HP + 20
Dmg to Fish monsters+15% More damage on Fish Monsters + 0.02%
Have 3% chance to increase Movement Speed by Movespeed + 0.01%
25% for 20 secs
Turn everyinto
Armor you Ghost
killed property
an Insect monster
DEF + 4
Decrease HP recovery rate by 50%
Gain immunity to the Sleep status. Less DMG from Earth Property Monsters + 0.02%
CRIT Dmg+10%
CRIT Damage + 0.05%
CRIT+20 on Undead Race
Dmg to Brute Race+15% More damage on Brute Monsters + 0.02%
Restore 5% of Dmg as HP when doing Melee ATK + 6
CRIT attacks
CRIT Damage + 0.05%
Magical Dmg on Formless Race
Max HP + 80
All skill SP consumption+100%
Stone Resistance +20% Max HP + 20
Have 3% chance on using Focus Energy(Final Dmg MDEF + 2
+10%) for 60 secs when doing normal attack
CRIT + 5 ATK + 4
Have 3% chance on
Reflect 10% P. Dmg back usingto Lv.5
enemy[Bowling Bash] If
when receiving Max HP + 20
Damage from enemy
Max HP + 20
STR + 1 ATK + 4
ATK + 10
Be able to use Lv.1 [Sight]. MDEF + 3
Have 3% chance to recovery 2% of MaxHP when Max HP + 20
doing P. attacks
Dmg to Demi-human+15% More damage on Demi-Human Monsters + 0.02%
Flee Rate + 20 Max HP + 60
CRIT + 5
SP Rec% + 0.01
Have 3% chance SPonRecovery+15%
auto using Lv.6 [Sonic Blow] STR + 1
when doing normal attack
Dark Dmg received-15% Max SP + 20
Fire Dmg received -30%
Max HP + 60
Able to use Lv.5 [Stone Curse] MATK + 1
Damage to Earth Monsters+15% Max HP + 20
Reduce Dmg received from Demon race by 10% Less DMG from Demon Monsters + 0.01%
CRIT Dmg+10%
Max HP + 20
CRIT+20 STRon+Plant
4 Race Max HP + 20
Restore 5% of Dmg CRIT + 10
as HP when using Target Max HP + 80
locking type of Melee P. skills
Max HP + 20
All stat+1 Max HP + 40
Wind Damage received-15%
Max HP + 20
Damage to Wind LUK +Monsters+5%
1 ATK + 2
CRIT + 1
MP+200 Max SP + 5
Have 5% chance to recovery 30 SP while attacking MDEF + 2
Gear ASPD+3% ATK + 4
Increase Dmg on Wind property monsters by 20% More DMG to Wind Property Monsters + 0.02%
Have 5% chance to Fear the target for a certain Max HP + 20
time while doing normal attack
STR + 5 Max HP + 20
Damage to Ghost monsters +15% Max HP + 20
15% less Dmg from Water property attacks Less DMG from Water Property Monsters + 0.02%
Gain immunity to the Freeze status.
Gain immunity to the Silence status. MDEF + 3
Have 5%less Dmgto
chance from Water
Freeze property
target attacks
for 5 secs when n/a
doing normal attack MDEF + 2
ATK + 10
Be able to use Lv.3 [Magnum Break] Max HP + 20
Ghost Dmg received -15% Max HP + 20
Water Damage received-15%
Max HP + 20
LUK + 4 Max HP + 20
Flee Rate + 5
Max HP + 46
Reflect 20% of Magic Dmg MDMG Reduce + 0.02%
20% more Dmg toSTR+3 Earth property monsters MDEF + 3
ATK+20 Gear ASPD + 0.01
Equip ASPD+2%
No effect currently Max HP + 23
Dmg on Large size monsters+25%
ATK + 4
Cast Time -5%
Nullify the Gemstone requirement of certain spells 受到M.damage减少 + 0.02%
(-1 Gemstone)
Movement speed +25% DEF + 6
HP Recovery + 10 Max HP + 20
HIT + 10 MATK + 5
Earth Dmg received-10%
MATK + 3
ATK + 15 Max HP + 60
3% Chance on auto
Dmg received from Small casting
size Lv.5 [Fire Ball]
Poison Damage received-15% Less damage from Small Size Monsters + 0.01%
FLEE+5 Max HP + 20
Gain immunity to the Sleep status. Max HP + 20
+12 FLEE + 10
Max HP + +50
Rate 5
Max HP + 40
Max SP + 10
Be able to use Lv.1 [Clearance]. Max HP + 46
Have 10% chance to recovery 20 SP every you FLEE + 10
killed a Demi-Human
Neutral monster
Dmg received-30%
Max HP + 60
VIT + 5 Max HP + 80
Gain immunity to the Stun status.
Damage to Insect race+5% ATK + 3
5% Chance to reflect 100% of the Dmg received Max HP + 80
from an enemy melee attacks
20% more Dmg to Holy property monsters Max HP + 20
Damage received from Brute Race -20% FLEE + 10
Undead Dmg received-20% Max HP + 20
Restore full HP & SP after revived Max HP + 80
5% Chance to auto casting Lv.1 [Lex Aeterna] INT + 1
Have 5% chance on using Lv.10 [Impositio Manus] Refined ATK + 10
on self when doing normal attack
Change armor to Fire property Max HP + 20
Max HP + 10% Max HP + 20
Damage to Formless monsters +15% Max HP + 20
Damage received from Formless mosnters -10% Max HP + 20
HIT + 100 HIT + 10
STR + 1 Max HP + 20
ATK + 10
Be able to use Lv.6 [Bash]. ATK + 2
Be able to use Lv.1 [Poison Edge]. ATK + 2
LUK + 1 DEF + 2
Flee Rate + 1
Max HP+200
Max SP + 1, Max HP + 5
Max SP+50
Max HP + 200 Max HP + 20
Damage to Insect race+25% More damage on Insect Monsters + 0.01%
Have 10% to Increase ATK+50 ATK for a certain Refined ATK + 5
time everytime you killed Demon Race. Can be Refined ATK + 1
stacked to 3 times. Less DMG from Neutral Property Monsters +
Neutral Dmg received -10% 0.01%
MATK + 1
DEX + 1 ATK + 2
HP++ 5150 Max HP + 23
Max SP + 50
CRIT + 2
CRIT Dmg+10%
Change armor to Earth property Max HP + 20
Damage to Dark monsters+15% Max HP + 20
VIT + 3 DEF + 4
Damage to Plant Race+10% Max HP + 20
FLEE+5 Max HP + 20
CRIT +9 against MDEF & by10%
Undead Races if
Max HP + 20
[Heal] & [Sanctuary] effect +10%, SP Consumption
Max HP + 20
HP+2% Max HP + 10
Have 3% Non-elemental
chance to Stun damage
target for+2%
5 secs when DEF + 4
doing normal attack
Damage to Medium size monsters+15%
Max HP + 20
Dmg received from Dragon Race -15% Max HP + 20
Be able to use Lv.1 [Hiding]. DEF + 4
Max SP + 20
SP Recovery+2
MaxCRIT +9
HP+1000 CRIT + 1
FLEE+15 Max HP + 10
HP Recovery+3
VIT + 2 MATK + 3
[Sonic Blow] Skill Delay-0.3秒 ATK + 3
DEF + 10 MDEF + 2
MDEF + 15
Dmg to Demon Race+25% More damage on Devil Monsters + 0.02%
Hp Red% + 0.01
HP Recovery+15%
Change armor to Water property Max HP + 20
Resistance to get interrupted while casting +20% MDEF + 3
STR + 2 ATK + 2
10% less Dmg from Undead Monster Max HP + 20
Dmg received from Demi-human -30% MDEF + 2
HIT + 10 ATK + 2
Max HP + 200 Max HP + 20
Max HP+500
Max HP + 10
+4 DEF + 4
Flee Rate + 5
Increase Dmg on Fire property monsters by 15% More DMG to Fire Property Monsters + 0.02%
STR + 4 ATK + 4
Flee Rate + 5
Max HP + 20
Be able to use Lv.2 [Heal] Max HP + 40
ATK + 7% ATK + 4
Have 5% chance on using 3 [Fatal Arrow] when
Lv.5 ATK + 1
doing normal attack
Dmg to Demi-human+2% Max HP + 10
Ghost Dmg received +50%, Flee +20 More DMG to Ghost Property Monsters + 0.02%
AGI + 2 Max HP + 20
Flee Rate + 5
Max SP + 100 Max SP + 10
Have 5% chance on auto casting Lv.5 [Jupitel Max HP + 15
Thunder] whenATK doing
+ 15normal attack ATK + 4
CRIT + 2
Max SP + 20% MATK + 7
Max HP + 20
INT+4HP by 9% of the Dmg
Have 3% chance to recovery Max HP + 23
you caused every youAGI
+ 2 an Undead monster DEF + 2
Melee ATK+10%
ATK + 3
Ranged ATK+5%
Max HP + 20
Restore 10 SP everytime you killed a monster,
cooldown - 5 seconds MAX HP+40
Critical Damage+7%, CRIT to Brute Monsters+10 ATK+4.5
Has 5% chance to useATK+25
[Storm Gust]Lv.10 while Max HP+40
normal attacking. Max HP+112
LUK+2, [Judex Damage+5%] DEF+2
Has 5% chanceINT+2 , Max SP+80
to use[Demonstration]Lv.5 while MATK+4.5
normal attacking. MAX HP+64
[Magnus Exorcismus] blue gem consumption - 1 MATK+6