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Board of Trustees
Jeanne Middleton Hairston, Ed.D.
President At Jackson Public Schools, we prepare
Ed Sivak, Ph.D. scholars to achieve globally, to contribute
Vice President
locally, and to be fulfilled individually.
Barbara T. Hilliard

Frank Figgers
Board Member
Letitia S. Johnson
At Jackson Public Schools, we develop scholars
Board Member through world-class learning experiences
Andrea Jones-Davis to attain an exceptional knowledge base, critical
Board Member
and relevant skill sets, and the necessary
Robert Luckett, Ph.D. dispositions for great success.
Board Member

Errick L. Greene, Ed.D.
Core Values
At Jackson Public Schools, we believe in the importance of equity, excellence,
growth mindset, relationships, relevance, and positive and respectful cultures.

Our vision of equity, put simply, is “all means all.” We ensure equity by celebrating each
EQUITY scholar’s individuality, interests, abilities and talents; providing each scholar in each school
with equitable access to high-quality instruction, courses, and resources; and holding high
expectations for all scholars to graduate college-ready and career-minded. Similarly, we
recognize and value the individual abilities, experiences and talents of our staff; providing
all staff with equitable access to opportunities for development and growth; and ensuring
that such opportunities are provided through clear and transparent processes.

High expectations for our scholars help to prepare them for college and career
EXCELLENCE paths. High expectations from and for all adults foster ownership, consistency,
and transparency. Every member of our district performs with an attention to
detail and the quality that each task demands in order to achieve great outcomes.

GROWTH Our leaders—scholars and staff—thrive in environments where belief in their abilities is
affirmed. Everyone in the organization embraces the ideal that effort and perseverance
MINDSET lead to success.

It is essential to develop relationships through mutual respect of culture, social

RELATIONSHIPS context, and community. This allows us to create a community of safety, trust,
productive vulnerability, and genuine connection as we celebrate successes
and value opportunities for constructive feedback.

Scholars experience relevant education that is engaging, motivating, and inspiring,

RELEVANCE leading to a lifelong commitment to learning. Our scholars must learn to connect with
each other, the larger community, and the 21st-century world, ultimately developing
agency to contribute to positive change in Jackson, in Mississippi, and in the world.

POSITIVE AND Scholars and staff thrive in learning environments where growth and
achievement are the highest priorities and climates are safe, positive, and
RESPECTFUL respectful. These environments engage and excite all scholars, leaving them
CULTURE hungry for more knowledge. All adults contribute to a positive and respectful
culture allowing them to experience more productivity, increased retention,
and joy at work.

JPS STRATEGIC PLAN (2019–2024) 1

Our Shared Commitments
1 2 3 4 5
A Strong Innovative Teaching Talented & Joyful Learning Culture of Accountability
Start & Learning Empowered Teams Environments & Excellence

Dear JPS Community,

What this plan means for staff:
Over the past two years, Jackson Public Schools has • Meaningful and relevant professional development,
undergone a significant effort to examine what works for including instructional coaching
our scholars and families, and what needs to be done to • Opportunities for teacher leadership and mentoring
ensure their success now and in the future. This five-year • Clear and consistent expectations for teaching,
strategic plan, developed with input from hundreds of learning, and outcomes
stakeholders and multiple organizational partners, is the • Accountability for scholar success
result of that collective work. • Collaboration and synergy between individuals,
groups, and departments
As we continue to see radical changes in our world, • Innovation and a voice in the improvement process
education will need to make similarly radical shifts;
therefore, we have a responsibility to ensure that a What this plan means for community members:
Jackson Public Schools education prepares scholars • Increased accountability for progress in the district
for greatness in achievement and service through • Opportunities to share their expertise with scholars
world-class educational experiences. and families
• Deeper engagement opportunities
This plan reflects our need to lay a strong foundation while
maintaining the flexibility to innovate: two characteristics This plan outlines goals that will require discipline and
integral to any successful 21st-century school district. commitment from every segment of the Jackson Public
Though not completely exhaustive, this plan speaks both Schools community—educators, scholars, families, and
to our aspirations for better service to scholars and families community supporters. It will require continuous reflection
and descriptions of key commitments we are making to and adjustment of our policies, actions, and mindsets to
prioritize our work. ensure that all scholars have access to the world-class
education they deserve. We must keep a laser-like focus
What this plan means for scholars: on our commitment to provide each of our scholars—
• More pre-kindergarten opportunities regardless of their background, ability/disability, or zip
• Excellent teachers in every classroom and effective code—a high-quality education. We are inspired by the
leaders in every building and central office individuality and potential of each of our scholars, and by
• Rigorous learning with appropriately differentiated their families and others who are working alongside us to
support meet their needs.
• Consistent expectations for academics and behavior
• Voice in their education Amazing things are destined for Jackson Public
Schools. Let’s work together to transform lives
What this plan means for families: through excellent education.
• More access to pre-kindergarten and resources to
support scholar success Sincerely,
• Timely communication about their children’s progress
and needs
• Voice in their children’s education
• Assurance that they can hold all members of the
district to the highest standards Errick L. Greene, Ed.D.
Table of Contents

Our Challenge
and Opportunity 4

The Plan 6
Developing the Plan
Implementing the Plan

Targeted Outcomes 6
Milestones and

and Initiatives 8

The Profile of a
JPS Graduate 13

JPS STRATEGIC PLAN (2019–2024) 3

Our Challenge and Opportunity
Jackson Public Schools is the second While our challenge is great, several recent events have
largest school district in Mississippi, converged to make this an opportune time to embark upon
serving nearly 24,000 scholars in 2018- a new path. In the fall of 2016, given significant declines in
the district’s performance on state-mandated assessments,
2019 across 57 schools and programs:
as well as violations of numerous state accreditation
• Seven high schools standards, the district was placed on probation by the
• 12 middle schools Mississippi Department of Education. The state board of
• 33 elementary schools education voted to take over the district in September 2017
• Five special programs and submitted to Governor Bryant a proposed declaration
• 96 percent of scholars identify of emergency as required by law.
as African-American
• 99 percent of scholars are eligible for Rather than carry out the declaration, Governor Bryant
free/reduced priced lunch. consulted Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba, the W.K. Kellogg
Foundation, and various education experts, to determine
Jackson, Mississippi—the community we serve—is both a plan that would best serve the Jackson community. The
the capital city and the state’s only urban municipality. result was the creation of a commission charged with
Almost 30 percent of the city’s population lives in meaningfully engaging the community and conducting a
poverty, with the negative impact of these socioeconomic student-centered assessment of Jackson Public Schools
indicators disproportionately affecting the city’s that would inform a plan of action for the district. With these
African-American residents. goals in mind, the Better Together Commission (BTC) was
formed with 15 members appointed by Governor Bryant,
In school years 2015-2016, 2016-2017, and 2017-18, Mayor Lumumba, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and Jackson
the district received an F rating from the Mississippi Public Schools. Tasked by the BTC, Insight Education Group
Department of Education. And while the number of developed a comprehensive report, “Ready to Rise: Our
individual schools receiving a D or F rating has declined Scholars, Our Future, Our Time.” This report included a
from 40 in 2015-16 to 37 in 2017-18, about two-thirds of the robust data collection process; review of recent, relevant
district’s schools are still drastically underperforming. In research; and 51 specific recommendations to help the
2017-18, nearly a quarter of our scholars were chronically district chart a course for success.
absent, and a growing body of research shows that
chronic absenteeism is directly related to lower In October 2018, the Jackson Public Schools Board of
academic performance. Trustees appointed Errick L. Greene, Ed.D. as the new
superintendent. His arrival provides a fresh outlook
toward helping to mitigate the challenges and recognize
the opportunities in our district. A complement of highly
talented leaders with expertise in school/district turnaround
Our challenge, in short, is this:
and teaching and learning was assembled to support
to lay a strong foundation for Dr. Greene in district transformation efforts.
immediate and continuous growth
and improvement in Jackson Public In addition to the new district leadership team, multiple
Schools and to do so in a way that audits, reviews, and reports by the state, community
is sustainable and responsible. organizations, and outside consultants have provided
We must refine and replicate what abundant information about what parents, scholars,
teachers, staff, and community members value and want
is working, improve or replace what
to see reflected in their school system. These reports
is not, and fill existing gaps so that provided numerous data points on scholar performance,
every one of our scholars receives perceptions of school climate, and school participation
the high-quality education to rates, as well as clear, measured, and deliberate
which they are entitled. recommendations for large-scale, sustainable improvement.

Better Together
Commission Members
And finally, we have benefitted greatly from dedicated
leaders on the Board of Trustees, caring staff members, Ivye L. Allen, Ph.D.
President, Foundation for the Mid South
and a community filled with individuals and organizations
deeply invested in their city and committed to doing Claiborne Barksdale
what’s best for its youngest residents. In particular, we are Chief Executive Officer Emeritus, Barksdale Reading Institute
especially appreciative of Governor Phil Bryant, Mayor
Chokwe Antar Lumumba, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Robert Blaine, D.M.A.
for their catalyzing efforts in building support for a “third Chief Administrative Officer, City of Jackson

way,” convening a diverse array of stakeholders (including

Geraldine Chaney, M.D.
members of the Better Together Commission), and Pediatrician
providing resources to enhance the transition process.
These relationships not only provide us with tireless Cheryl Coleman
advocates and reflective thought partners, but also afford JPS Math Teacher & Parent
us the ability to provide scholars and their families with
Ronnie Crudup Sr.
additional opportunities, such as out-of-school-time Senior Pastor, New Horizon Church International
programming, innovative educational options, internships,
access to additional technology, and external supports. Kathleen Grigsby, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent, Elementary Schools
Our challenge is great, but the opportunity presented to
Laketia Marshall-Thomas
us in this moment is even greater. The need to take full
Assistant Superintendent, High Schools
advantage is pressing. We must set high expectations for
all and hold every scholar and staff member accountable Charles McClelland
for high performance. Our scholars, their families, and our Board Member, Mississippi Board of Education
community deserve nothing less.
Shauna Nicholson-Johnson, Ed.D.
Former Principal, Baker Elementary School

Paheadra Bratton Robinson

“The most important thing that an educator can Partner Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau
do for children, youth and young adults is to unveil
opportunities of hope for them. As a city and Pat Ross
as a community we have suffered—as so many Vice President Executive Leadership/Development,
communities across the country have suffered— Bailey Education Group, LLC
trying to preserve and strengthen our public
Yumeka Burt Rushing
school system. But in every challenge there is
Community Member
great opportunity.
Laurie Smith, Ph.D.
Suffering produces endurance. Education and Workforce Development Policy Advisor,
Endurance produces character. Office of Governor Phil Bryant
Character produces hope.
And hope does not disappoint. (Romans 5:3-5) Ed Sivak, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President, Hope Enterprise Corporation
We need to give our children hope every day ... all
day. This strategic plan charts our course over the Leland Speed
Developer and Former Executive Director,
next five years and embraces a future full of hope.
Mississippi Development Association
Our vision and mission guide our steps as we
create opportunities for achievement for all of our Rhea Williams-Bishop
students and families, and thus our city and state.” Director of Mississippi and New Orleans Programs,
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
- Jeanne Middleston Hairston, Ed.D.
JPS Board President

JPS STRATEGIC PLAN (2019–2024) 5

The Plan
Developing the Plan
Over the last nine months, we have met with scholars, parents, teachers, leaders, partners, and community members to
better understand their desires for the future of the district. We have carefully reviewed the findings and recommendations
in the reports written during the past two years by the Mississippi Department of Education, the Council of the Great City
Schools, Insight Education Group, and One Voice. Their findings and recommendations are reflected in this plan and will
guide us over the next five years.

Implementing the Plan

This plan is designed as a series of commitments to the scholars and families of Jackson Public Schools and will guide the
district’s decisions and actions over the next five years. In order to fulfill these commitments, it is important that the plan
is implemented with consistency, transparency, and fidelity and that we all hold ourselves and each other accountable for
achieving what we have set out to do. At the same time, the plan is intentionally written to allow for continuous learning and
refinement and to enable the district to operate with flexibility and agility based on the evolving needs of our scholars, their
families, and communities.

Resources will be allocated according to the priorities required of each commitment, and allocation decisions will be made
through a transparent process. It is important to recognize that while all Jackson schools will be held to the same high
expectations for performance, individual schools may require different strategies or resources to get there. Staff at all levels
will continue to have opportunities to engage in planning and decision-making related to their work.

In order to implement the plan successfully and ensure the long-term stability of the district, there will be instances in which
the district may need to scale changes over time, starting with a small group of classrooms or schools, refining until success
is demonstrated, and then expanding. This is how learning organizations operate and how we ensure promising practices
are carefully implemented.

Finally, families and community members will be actively encouraged to partner with the district as the plan is implemented.
Feedback on the plan, its implementation, and its impact will be solicited through focus groups, community meetings, and
annual surveys and will be compiled and reported on by the Jackson Public Schools Office of Public Engagement.

Targeted Outcomes
To ensure our success, we must be intentional about monitoring our progress toward achieving the goals established in our new
strategic plan. We recognize that scholar outcomes and experiences are the ultimate measures of our success as we implement
our bold new direction. We have developed these metrics to measure our scholars’ access to high-quality instruction, beginning in
pre-kindergarten and continuing to high school graduation (see The Profile of the Jackson Public Schools Graduate); their academic
growth at a number of critical junctures; and their access to and experience in safe and nurturing environments.

Milestones Measurements
How do we measure
Where will we be by 2024? Where are we now?
our progress?

All scholars have access 580 available seats Number of “seats” in

to a high-quality JPS pre-kindergarten
pre-kindergarten experience

An average of 40% or more JPS scholars 24.7% English/ MAAP

performing proficiently (at Level 4 or 5) in Language Arts
Reading & Mathematics across Grades 3-8 19.6% Mathematics
and High School End of Course exams
(English II/ Algebra I)

50% or more scholars performing proficiently 29.9% English/ MAAP

(at Level 4 or 5) in Reading & Mathematics by Language Arts
the end of 3rd grade 21% Mathematics

Double the percentage of scholars performing 16.8% English/ MAAP

proficiently (at Level 4 & 5) in Reading & Language Arts
Mathematics by the end of 8th grade 15.8% Mathematics

Triple the percentage of scholars performing 10.7% at Level 4 or 5 MAAP Algebra I

proficiently in Algebra by the end of 10th 10th Grade
Grade (from 10.7% to 30%)

Increase the average composite score on ACT 15.6 ACT

to 21 or above

80% or more of JPS scholars graduating 71% Percentage of scholars

in four years enrolled in 9th grade who
graduate four years later

10% or fewer of JPS scholars suspended per 15% District discipline data
school year

Decrease chronic absenteeism to no more 26% Attendance data

than 20% of JPS scholars

Parents and families express overall Baseline to be established in SY 19-20 Comprehensive Needs
satisfaction with their scholar’s school Assessment Survey

JPS STRATEGIC PLAN (2019–2024) 7

Commitments and Key Initiatives
Commitment #1:
A Strong Start
Scholars perform better in school and complete more years of education when they engage in high-quality early learning.
Providing comprehensive access to high-quality pre-kindergarten opportunities exposes young scholars to positive learning
experiences that will prepare them to develop the skills needed for success in school and life. Through the strategic
initiatives outlined below, we will ensure that every 4-year-old in Jackson has access to high-quality, full-day early learning
opportunities, supporting our vision of every child entering kindergarten ready to experience school success.

Commitment in Action
We commit to the following key initiatives:
• Developing a robust early literacy campaign
• Expanding the number of pre-kindergarten (4-year-old) seats
• Developing a plan for collaboration, partnership, and alignment with existing Head Start, daycare, and
early childcare centers in Jackson
• Developing a Parent Academy that supports a strong start for young scholars
• Implementing a high-quality and developmentally appropriate pre-kindergarten curriculum

Implementation Plan
Some of the initiatives will take more planning and time to implement than others. The table below outlines the estimated
action plan for implementation of Commitment #1; the color yellow indicates a planning year, the color orange indicates
initial implementation, and the color blue indicates continuous refinement.

Commitment #1: Implementation Years

A Strong Start 2019- 2020- 2021- 2022- 2023-
Key Initiatives 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024

Develop a robust early literacy campaign P P I R R

Expand the number of available pre-kindergarten seats I I I R R

Partner with existing Head Start, daycare, and early childhood I I R R R

centers in Jackson

Develop a Parent Academy P I R R R

Implement high quality, developmentally appropriate curriculum I I R R R

Key: Planning (P) P Initial Implementation (I) I Continuous Refinement (R) R

Commitment #2:
Innovative Teaching and Learning
Scholars will achieve at high levels when teaching and learning are built around their individual strengths, needs, cultures,
interests, and dreams. It is critical that each adult in Jackson Public Schools recognizes each scholar as an individual and
ensures equitable learning opportunities that facilitate the development of skills, knowledge, confidence, and voice.

In order to graduate global citizens prepared to solve the problems of tomorrow, we must embrace schooling that is radically
different from current and past practices. Innovation will be encouraged in classrooms, schools, out-of-school times, and
across the district, as space is created for new ideas and ways of “doing school.” Through the strategic initiatives outlined
below, we will encourage teaching and learning that is relevant and personalized to scholars’ interests, responsive to their
identities, and reflective of the types of critical thinking and collaborative problem-solving required by tomorrow’s world.

Commitment in Action
We commit to the following key initiatives:
• Implementing consistent, coherent, and focused curricula across all content areas
• Providing robust elective offerings (World Language, Arts, Advanced Placement, Early College Experience,
Dual Enrollment, Career-Technical Education) for each scholar beginning as early as middle school
• Developing school and course pathways in response to the evolving workplace (e.g., Science, Technology,
Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)
• Ensuring that all scholars have access to powerful and engaging out-of-school time experiences
• Ensuring a culturally and socially relevant approach to instruction
• Developing effective intervention models to support struggling scholars
• Implementing a balanced assessment system

Implementation Plan
Some of the initiatives will take more planning and time to implement than others. The table below outlines the estimated
action plan for implementation of Commitment #2; the color yellow indicates a planning year, the color orange indicates
initial implementation, and the color blue indicates continuous refinement.

Commitment #2: Implementation Years

Innovative Teaching and Learning 2019- 2020- 2021- 2022- 2023-
Key Initiatives 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024

Implementing coherent and focused curricula I I I I R

Robust elective offerings beginning in middle school P P I I R

Clear school and course career-related pathways P I I R R

Engaging out-of-school time experiences P I I R R

Culturally and socially relevant approaches to instruction P I I R R

Effective intervention models to support struggling scholars I I I R R

Balanced assessment system I I I R R

Certified teacher in every classroom P P I I R

Key: Planning (P) P Initial Implementation (I) I Continuous Refinement (R) R

Commitment #3:
Talented and Empowered Teams
Scholars’ achievement is improved when they are taught by educators who know them as individual learners and who
can differentiate instruction in ways that ensure all scholars have access to high-quality curriculum and can achieve
high expectations. Implementing the strategies below will ensure we are focused on improving our candidate pools and
developing the capacity of the most significant school-based influences on scholar achievement: the teacher and principal.

Commitment in Action
We commit to the following key initiatives:
• Developing a Leadership Academy and a Teacher Academy (especially for teacher assistants)
• Developing a world-class Teaching and Learning Professional Development Center
• Developing a High School Teacher Preparatory Academy with the opportunity for scholars to earn an
Associate in Arts degree with their High School diploma
• Developing a “grow our own” approach at all levels of the organization and in both instructional
and operational functions
• Creating a robust teacher mentorship program

Implementation Plan
Some of the initiatives will take more planning and time to implement than others. The table below outlines the estimated
action plan for implementation of Commitment #3; the color yellow indicates a planning year, the color orange indicates
initial implementation, and the color blue indicates continuous refinement.

Commitment #3: Implementation Years

Talented and Empowered Teams 2019- 2020- 2021- 2022- 2023-
Key Initiatives 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024

Leadership and Teacher Academies P I I I R

Teaching and Learning Professional Development Center P I R R R

HS Teacher Preparatory Academy P P I R R

“Grow Our Own” approach to all professional learning I I R R R

Teacher Mentorship Program P I I R R

Key: Planning (P) P Initial Implementation (I) I Continuous Refinement (R) R

Commitment #4:
Joyful Learning Environments
Scholars learn better when they are in environments they view as safe, supportive, and positive. This means our schools and
classrooms must be designed and led in ways that encourage and nurture the joy of learning, foster a sense of belonging,
build trusting relationships, and encourage risk-taking and questioning that are essential to lifelong learning.

As outlined below, we will create learning environments that provide relevant content, clear learning goals, and frequent
feedback and support, as well as opportunities to build the academic and social skills needed for success. Also, we will
endeavor to create a strong sense of belonging and meaningful relationships with scholars to help guide them towards their
greatest potential.

Commitment in Action
We commit to the following key initiatives:
• Engaging deeply with families to ensure scholars’ well-being and development
• Creating a district accountability model for school climate and wellness
• Creating structures and processes for all scholars to build positive and meaningful relationships with
caring adults (i.e., mentors, tutors, and volunteers)
• Researching and implementing a district-wide framework to address Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)
• Fostering learning experiences that are fun and deeply engaging

Implementation Plan
Some of the initiatives will take more planning and time to implement than others. The table below outlines the estimated
action plan for implementation of Commitment #4; the color yellow indicates a planning year, the color orange indicates
initial implementation, and the color blue indicates continuous refinement.

Commitment #4: Implementation Years

Joyful Learning Environments 2019- 2020- 2021- 2022- 2023-
Key Initiatives 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024

Engaging families to support scholars’ well-being and I I I R R


District accountability model for school climate and wellness P I I I R

Fostering relationships between scholars and caring adults I I R R R

Researching and implementing a district-wide framework to P P I I R

address Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Fostering learning experiences that are fun and deeply engaging I I I R R

Key: Planning (P) P Initial Implementation (I) I Continuous Refinement (R) R

JPS STRATEGIC PLAN (2019–2024) 11

Commitment #5:
A Culture of Accountability and Excellence
A culture of accountability and excellence must permeate the entire district in order for us to achieve the goals outlined
in this strategic plan. In addition, each individual faculty and staff member must hold her or himself to the highest possible
standards and support our Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Commitments. Thoughtful planning, deliberate and consistent
use of systems and data analysis, and a deep commitment to professional learning will enable us to build—and sustain—a
districtwide culture of accountability and excellence.

Commitment in Action
We commit to the following key initiatives:
• Developing a district performance-based management system for all team members based on
measurable goals in the Strategic Plan
• Developing structures and processes to consistently celebrate high-performing team members
• Establishing structures for high-functioning leadership teams throughout the organization
• Developing transparent practices to provide equitable access to district resources across all schools
• Developing operational structures and processes that are more efficient and responsive to the
needs of scholars, family members, and schools
• Developing conditions that will invite and cultivate innovative practices

Implementation Plan
Some of the initiatives will take more planning and time to implement than others. The table below outlines the estimated
action plan for implementation of Commitment #5; the color yellow indicates a planning year, the color orange indicates
initial implementation, and the color blue indicates continuous refinement.

Commitment #5: Implementation Years

A Culture of Accountability
and Excellence 2019- 2020- 2021- 2022- 2023-
2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Key Initiatives
Performance-based management system for teachers, principals, P P I I R
and Central Office leaders

Consistent celebration of high performing teachers, leaders, and P I R R R

members of the operations team

High functioning leadership teams I I I I R

Provide equitable access to resources P I I R R

Improve operational responsiveness to scholars and their families I I I R R

Invite and cultivate innovative practices P I I I R

Key: Planning (P) P Initial Implementation (I) I Continuous Refinement (R) R

The Profile of a JPS Graduate
describes Jackson Public Schools’ aspirations for each and every one of its graduates.

JPS aspires that each graduate will embody many of the qualities and achieve several of the
accomplishments described below. These qualities and accomplishments fall under three
competencies—Communication & Critical Thinking, Collaboration & Citizenship, and Content
Mastery & Digital Literacy—that reflect the fast-changing world in which JPS graduates will
become productive citizens and compassionate leaders.

Content Mastery & Digital Literacy

JPS graduates always operate with a growth mindset
and exhibit excellence in all they do. Thus, they seek out and
successfully complete individually challenging coursework, proficiently utilizing
technology and media to do so. Content Mastery & Digital Literacy may be
evidenced by:

• Successful completion of rigorous coursework (AP, IB, and higher

level mathematics/science courses)
• Performance in academic competitions and extra-curricular activities
(science fairs, debate, etc.)
• Ability to draw from various content areas to establish and defend
a coherent point of view

Communication & Critical Thinking

JPS graduates connect to one another, to Jackson, and to the world in
relevant ways and are active agents in creating and maintaining a positive
and respectful culture. Thus, they are active readers by choice, write effectively in multiple genres,
communicate clearly, and solve problems. Communication & Critical Thinking are evidenced by:

• Successful oral presentation based on independent research or analysis

• Working proficiency in second language as evidenced by course credit, college credit, or AP score of
3 or higher, or completion of IB curriculum
• Successful completion of a substantial analytical research paper

Collaboration & Citizenship

JPS graduates nurture positive relationships and strive for equity. Thus, they are team players who
embrace diverse ideas, accept feedback as opportunities for growth, and advocate for the betterment of the larger
community. Collaboration & Citizenship are evidenced by:

• Voter registration and working understanding of local, state, national and international political issues
• Active membership in a civic club, faith community, or service group
• Successful completion of a significant community service project

JPS STRATEGIC PLAN (2019–2024) 13