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Study Plan for XMUT

Introduction of my background
My name is Nixon Farrel. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am the oldest son in chinese
descendant family. I have been living in Jakarta for 18 years and never been to China before. I
have been really curious about China because has known by it’s developed country since I was
young and thought would be good for me to study in China. Compared to other Asia countries,
China is one of the best developed countries. There are a lot of considerations for me and I have
decided to go to Xiamen University of Technology to take International Bussiness program and
will help me a lot in my future afterward

Why do I choose to study in China?

China is considered to be as a developed country and with high technology as well as the
economic sectors. Despite that, as a Chinese Ethnic, I feel the urge to learn chinese customs and
culture as well as the language itself directly in China. I feel it will help me a lot and will be
much easier compared to learning chinese language courses in Indonesia ,knowing that chinese
language is the second language in the world. Nowadays many China companies invest in
Indonesia and few years ahead it would be more and more. I see the opportunity to work with
them would be opened widely.

Why do I choose Xiamen University of Technology?

Xiamen University of Technology is named as one of the top ten fastest growing universities in
China and I think that Xiamen University of Technology has a good reputation in China.I have
seen all the good news and all the programs that will be offered and I have no doubt about this
university. Xiamen University of Technology has lots of facilities for international students. I
love to spend my time to play sports which the facilities are available in Xiamen University of
Technology. This can help me to socialize and mix with local and international students.
Why am I looking for scholarship?
First of all, It is obvious that everyone wants to get a scholarship. The main reason I am looking for
scholarship is to support my parents financial because I have 2 other siblings that have to be financed.
The scholarship also truly helps me a lot and motivate me throughout the study process. So far I have not
gotten any scholarship before. Therefore it is going to be a new experience and achievement for me .If I
could get the scholarship, I will not waste it and study as best as possible in academic and non-

Detailed of study plan

I will pursue my bachelor degree of International business in Xiamen University of Technology, China.
The normal length of study is four years. Throughout the study years, I will learn about human resource
management for international business , financial management, international supply chain, international
customer relationship and communication which are really useful and beneficial because it provides me
the insights into the global economic and business climate. In my study years, I know there will be a lot
of projects and assignments. I will complete all the projects and assignments with great ambition. I will
also do my best as an active student at Xiamen University of Technology, academic and non

My plan after graduation

After my fourth year of study, I want to get a recognition as a successful person who achieves all the
goals and get a good impression from other people. I want to pursue my career with my degree from
Xiamen University of Technology. I believe all of the teachers are going to prepare me to have a good
future life afterward. As a graduated person from a worldwide recognized University, I will not find a
difficult times to get a job in my hometown, Indonesia. If I could have a chance to work in China , even
other countries I’d like to apply them. After a few years, I will start to build my own business which will
be running go international after I have some working experiences

Nixon Farrel