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(SFDC CPQ Architect, Salesforce Lightning Expert, CLM Expert)

 Overall 11 plus year’s Experience.
 5 year of Experience as SFDC Architect in GEHC Project and GEPW Project and Disney.
 3.7 years’ experience in Salesforce.com. Worked As Tech Lead In Lsi,Pivotal,Disney
 Extensive experience in Salesforce lighting Aura framework .
 Experience In working on Manage Package of Salesforce.
 Extensive Experience in Apttus CPQ.
 Extensive experience in working with architectural team and functional team to define the technical
document in a refined way for implementation.
 Extensive experience in working on POCs.
 Designed and developed Lightning Components and Build re-usable components in lightning.
 Migrated Salesforce Classic application to lightning experience.
 Good experience in working with end users to understand their requirements and setting up the
implementation plan.
 Extensive experience in requirement gathering from end users, design, development, enhancement,
maintenance and support including end user trainings in salesforce.com applications.
 Expertise in user interface designing, coding, system testing, implementing and maintenance, performance
tuning, go-live support and post-production support.
 Expert in configuration and customization of Salesforce.com application.
 Expertise in Apex to implement the complex business logic.
 Expertise in building the user interface using Visual force.
 Good experience in Solution Designing for Functional requirements.
 Worked on a Lightning Migration Project, Have good experience and Knowledge on Aura frame work,
Lightning Components, SLDS and Lightning Out.
 Experience in Salesforce.Com technologies like Apex and Visual Force.
 Extensive experience on automation of Command automatic tools for auto loads in salesforce.
 Extensive experience on automating complex business process using declarative features such as workflows,
approval process and Process Builder.
 Extensive experience in Sales forces Integration on REST API and Web services SOAP API with Self Signed and
mutually signed certs. Experience on Gateway integrations.
 Implementation with Objects, Custom Apps, Layouts, Tabs, Validation Rules, Sharing Rules, Workflows,
Approval processes and Outbound/Inbound Messages.
 Strong knowledge on Salesforce.com Configuration using Roles, Profiles, User Creation, Email Services, and
Page Layouts.
 Experience in writing SOQL and SOSL queries in Force.com technology for Visual Force and Apex.
 Experience in Communities, Social Media and Knowledge Management.
 Extensive experience in Sales forces Live Agent, and CTI Integration application.
 Project delivery under stringent timelines and high pressure.
 Committed to excellence, self-motivator, quick-learner, and team-player, a prudent developer with strong
problem-solving, analytical skills, communication skills and ability to work under High pressure.


Project Methodology Waterfall, Agile.

Programming Language C, C++, Java, Python, APEX
Web Development HTML, CSS, JSP, Visual Force.
Scripting Languages Java Script, Angular JavaScript.
SFDC Technologies Sales and Service Clouds, User Management, Web Sphere Cast Iron Cloud
Integration, Data Loader, Eclipse, Force.com IDE, SFDC Mobile
Architecture, Lightning/Aura Framework
Operating System Linux/Unix MS-Windows.
Java IDE Eclipse, NetBeans.


Salesforce CPQ Architect

Client:Pivotal Software Inc CRM/Salesforce CPQ implementation Aug 2018 to Current

The requirement of the project to migrate every bits and pieces of Apttus CPQ to Salesforce CPQ using Salesforce CPQ
package with adequate customization. The client design and develop the cloud application for non- profit

 Implemented Salesforce CPQ based system, and a complete transformation from Apttus to Salesforce CPQ.
 Designed application architecture with SCPQ and delivered smooth quote to cash flow.
 Configured complex Products in SCPQ using out of the box features, as per business requirement.
 Designed and developed Lightning Components and Build re-usable components in lightning.
 Migrated Salesforce Classic application to lightning experience.
 Defined and maintained cumbersome pricing structure with each of the business’s offering product.
 Created several Product rules, Pricing rules and implemented guided selling process to ensure that connecting
the right products to the right customers.
 Mitigated the gaps between two different CPQ Systems using needed customization.

Client: Windstream Little Rock, AR

Salesforce CPQ Architect Feb 2018 to Jul

 Worked as Dev Lead for a Salesforce application with a size of 5000 Users.
 Solution Designing and architecting the solutions for business requirements.
 Designed/Developed the application to support complex and critical client’s business requirements.
 Delivered Agile features with high Standards in an Environment with many restrictions due to Information
 Compliance policies.
 Migrated Salesforce Classic application to lightning experience.
 Designed and developed Lightning Components and Build re-usable components in lightning.
 Followed Agile SAFE methodology.
 Implemented SSO with PingFedSSO.
 Implemented REST and SOAP Integrations with external systems with Self and mutually signed Certificates with
 Used CPQ object data model, CPQ package level settings and price waterfall.
 Define the business sales process, using CPQ with help of managing products, price books and price book entries.
 As per business needs, restricted/opened up the product offerings dynamically using CPQ Product rules and that
needed compatible CPQ Price rules too.
 Utilized out of the box features of Salesforce CPQ, such as in configure bundles (features, options, option
constraints, configuration attributes), product rules, price rules, discount schedules, block pricing, cost,
contracted prices, quote templates, quote processes, custom actions etc. to cope up with the needs of handling
most of it internally without end user’s interventions.
 Working knowledge on Salesforce Connect Tool.
 Developed Triggers, Apex Classes, Batch Classes, Test Classes, Visual force pages, Custom controllers and
 Extensions to fulfill the business requirements.
 Invoked Batch Process from Trigger to support asynchronous operations on relevant data.
 Implemented Test Classes to cover positive and negative use cases for Classes and Triggers.
 Performed IDE and Change Set Deployments across sandboxes.
 Worked on various salesforce.com standard and custom objects like Cases, Contacts, Reports, Dashboards,
 Quick Text, Knowledge, Routing Matrix, Tokens, WFM, and Error Handling.

Client: IMPACT (LSI) Washington D.C.

Salesforce CPQ Architect April 2017 to Feb 2018

Description: This project is a full implementation & customization of:

• Salesforce Service Cloud
• Customer Communities
• AppExchange Apps install and configuration
• Qualtrics, Constant Contact, and PayPal Integration
• Talend ESB Integration
• Reports and Dashboards

 Performed Business requirement analysis and data modelling sessions.
 Developed on Unified CRM Connector for implementing automation based on the cases received.
 Used web to case for creating a case record and assign to the designated department based on the subject of
 Developed extensively on Account, Contact, Case and Lead Objects for Layouts and validation rules.
 Created user Roles and Profiles, security controls.
 Used Lead management for creating lead from web i.e. web to lead, lead assignment, auto response, lead
mapping to the existing object.
 Developed with automated workflows for creating account, contact and opportunity from lead.
 Performed debugging and fixed issues in case flows.
 Used Tabular, Summary and Matrix reports to create Standard reports and Custom reports.
 Developed with Apex Data types, Variables, Expressions, Assignment statements, Conditional statements, Loops,
SOSL, SOQL queries, control and Exception statements to invoke Apex triggers
 Created Apex Trigger to count the Open task on Lead Object.
 Created Visual Force Pages as per user Requirement.
 Developed Apex Classes with custom controller, controller extensions, for adding additional functionalities to
existing Visual Force page.
 Developed component using Lightening Aura Framework which also include client-slide
 Debug Apex using Debug Logs and System Log Console to catch Exceptions and execute Governors and Limits.

Client: Disney, LA
Salesforce CPQ Developer May 2015- March

Description: Implement the complete Business Affairs and Legal Affairs System for their Deal Request life cycle and
Also Implemented the Contract life cycle management (CLM) For CML part used the Apttus CLM capability.

 Performed the role of Salesforce.com Administrator and Developer.
 Led discussions with the team about feasibility and effective way of leveraging Saleforce.com CRM features to
best serve the purpose of the requirement.
 Developed Apex classes, controllers and controller extensions to retrieve the data of numbers of people
attending the campaign and their contact information.
 Used Apex Data types, Variables, Expressions, Assignment statements, Conditional statements, Loops, SOSL,
SOQL queries, control and Exception statements to invoke Apex triggers
 Developed with various salesforce.com objects like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Campaigns, Reports, and
 Used Batch Apex to build an archiving solution that ran on a nightly basis, looking for records past a certain date
and added them to the archive.
 Developed various Custom Objects, Reports, Tabs, Components and Visual force Pages and
 Controllers for different user profiles based on the need in the organization.
 Configured the Analytic Snapshots to dump the data on regular basis for the sales performance and lead
generation statistics.
 Created page layouts, validation rules, email templates, workflows, approval processes and lead assignment rules
as per the Business requirements.
 Creating and managing profiles, roles, visibility settings.
 Implemented and used Salesforce.com web services to transfer data.
 Implemented data migration using Informatica on demand and data loading using Data loader, import wizard.
 Used the sandbox for testing and migrated the code to the deployment instance thereafter.
 Performed user acceptance testing by conducting and leading Surveys.
 Provide training and support to users on how to login, access and effectively use the System.
 Deployed customization and configuration using Force.com IDE and Force.com Migration Tool


Salesforce CPQ Developer Aug 2013-April 2015.

 Ability to configure equipment (multiple bundles and option groups) and collaboratively quote non-standard
products with Application Engineering users.
 Ability to create quote documentation that contains dynamic content like images, outline drawings, performance
specifications, based on products selected.
 Initiate a new Quote from an Opportunity based on the opportunity maturing to a certain stage
 Propagation of relevant Opportunity and Opportunity Product details to the Quotes
 Full quote lifecycle to enable the production of Proposals from Quotes
 Quote lifecycle to allow for the generation of multiple Quotes from a single Opportunity
 Generation of output documents via Quote/Proposal Templates in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats with:
 Financial Summary functionality: The ability for commercial finance users to evaluate a quotes cost, price and
margins in multiple currencies which requires customizations and to assimilate the quoting process with their
Financial Summary objects previously built in SFDC.
 Incorporation of data elements from Cost Handbook specifically the ability to influence cost and price at the
option level based on a sourcing region attribute and to display shopping cart cost/price with multiple currencies
 Adjustments to action buttons and columns on the Apttus pages defined by their CPQ Flow.
 Potential customizations when syncing Quote Line Items to Opportunity Product
 Adjustments to action buttons and columns on the Apttus pages defined by their CPQ Flow.

Navatar New York

Salesforce Developer/Admin July 2010-July 2012.
This is One of the PORTAL that will act as an intermediate between two successful product of Navatar firm that are
(P.E and M&A).This product will be complete on force.com site Used both by the Navatar client and by Non Navatar
Clients . Deal Portal is dedicated to Private Equity and M&A customers. Here they will find essential tools, research
and a broad range of deals to help you manage, search the prospective deals business And Can Manage the
Salesforce Data with the Outside world.
 Develop technical design using standard patterns and be able to communicate the same effectively to the team
 Analyze and identify gaps in functional/business requirement and effectively communicate that to both Business
and Functional analysts on the same.
 Able to assess the impacts on technical design because of any changes in functional requirements.
 Able to perform independent code reviews and execute unit tests on modules developed by self and other junior
team members on the project.
 Helping Developers in there code development.

Tech Confluence Kathmandu, Nepal

Java Developer
Feb 2008- Feb 2010.

Description: Tech Confluence is a CRM solution provider to PEPSICO client. Implemented core java features to make
an ERP application to keep record of their commodities in the warehouse.

 Bachelor of Computer Engineering 2008