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Boris Libeert     
I am a product manager with an engineering background.  
I have built several product teams, setting up the processes and  +4915734484674 
hiring the engineering and design team.   Berlin, Germany 
I have delivered products in various markets: mobile apps,  Nationality: Belgian 
e-commerce and Internet of Things. 
I like enabling a team of reliable people who are eager to learn. 

Product management coach (2 months)    Languages 
WATTx - Deep tech startup incubator  ● English (fluent) 
Berlin, Germany (May 2019 - current) 
● Dutch (native) 
● Coaching WATTx startups on both product management and 
co-founding.  ● German (conversational) 
● French (basics) 
● Taking up the CPO role on specific startups. 
Head of product (7 months)    Master in Electrical Engineering  
BEWATEC Berlin - Mobile app for hospital patients  Ghent University, Belgium  
Berlin, Germany (October 2018 - April 2019)  (September 2006 - June 2011) 
● Setup of product team and process for new business unit  ● Student representative in the 
educational committee 
● Delivered MVP in two months 
● Co-founder of class union; online 
● Managing a team of 9 engineers, 1 product designer &  
forum and think tanks 
1 product manager 
● Master paper: EMC for PCB tracks 
● Coaching junior product managers 
● Bachelor project: PID controller 
Co-founder: CPO & CTO (2 years)   
Snuk - IoT applications for smart buildings  Tools 
Berlin, Germany (January 2017 - September 2018)  Design 
⚫​ Sketch ​⚫​ draw.io ​⚫​ Gliffy ​⚫​ Photoshop  
● Founded the company and sold it to our main investor,  
after which we integrated into BEWATEC Berlin  ⚫​ UXPin 
● Hired and managed the tech team; 
8 software engineers: ReactJS, golang, embedded linux, IoT, …  Analytics 
⚫​ Optimizely ​⚫​ Hotjar ​⚫​ Google Analytics  
● €1M+ investment after one year  ⚫​ Google forms 
● €90k+ revenue in first year   
● Built, sold and deployed a machine monitoring solution for  Collaboration 
manufacturing plants  ⚫​ Confluence & Jira ​⚫​ Trello ​⚫​ Google Suite  
● Built, sold and deployed a room control solution for hospitals  ⚫​ Slack 
  ⚫​ ​Travel ​⚫​ Photography ​⚫​ Design  
  ⚫​ Reading ​⚫​ Anthropology ​⚫​ ​Psychology 


Senior product manager (6 months) 

Caroobi - E-commerce startup for car repairs 
Berlin, Germany (May 2016 - December 2017) 
● As first product manager, I was responsible for setting up the 
processes for product, design & development (including tool setup of 
Jira, Confluence, …) 
● Managed the roadmap based on customer usage data,  
customer feedback & assumptions 
● Managing the projects & performance of 5 software developers 
(Angular, Ruby on Rails) and 2 UX/UI designers (Sketch, Zeplin) 
● Developed & deployed a modular website with dynamic landing 
pages depending on the marketing channels 

Product manager (2 years)   

EnergyICT Honeywell - Energy management solutions 
Kortrijk, Belgium (June 2014 - April 2016) 
● Introduced an innovative wireless electricity submetering solution in 
the retail energy market which greatly improved our competitor 
advantage and got rolled out into ​major retail stores 
● Complete life-cycle management of the global communications 
portfolio (30M€ revenue), both internally developed and re-branded 
● Created product requirements and specifications for the R&D team 
(10 engineers in firmware, hardware & testing) 
● Interfaced with customers, sales & marketing 
● Monitored product sales, developed pricing guidelines, produced 
collateral, analyzed competitors and trends 

Electronic system engineer (2 years) 

QinetiQ Space - Satellite & space instrument development 
Antwerp, Belgium (November 2011 - May 2014)  
● Designed the electronic system for a ​space instrument​ that 
measures motoric movements of astronauts in the International 
Space Station 
● Technical lead of the electronic design, development & production 
(PCBs, cables) 
● Managed product development subcontractors and EEE suppliers 
● Interfaced to other engineering teams;  
software, mechanical, thermal 
Summer internship (2 months) 
Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Juli-August 2010) 
● Implemented an augmented reality (AR) magic wand feature for a 
3D video game using OGRE 
● Animating a dragon using 3ds Max