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Coming soon widget/recently widget (they are the same time)

• Not all coming soon pages are shown on the widget, due to space so to solve that a
forward and backward arrow almost like a page system to show the other coming soon
pages that aren't on page 1
• Same with the recently updated section of the widget, there should be a forward
and backward arrow to allow the user to see more of the list since there is limited
amount of space within the widget.
• like recently updated page it also has country-based selection (so flags)
• if there isn’t any premade post/coming soon post than the flag will not be shown.
Coming Soon//premade post
• premade post shouldn't be allowed to be rated by anyone until they are released.
• If it is a premade post it will show 5/5 stars until it is released
• It is released when there is content inside the post (links)
List of Widgets short codes/Breaks down the parts of CSS to allow anyone without
knowledge of CSS to change the looks of the features
• This will be new tab within the plugin (last tab)
• Basically, list all the short codes down for reference and what they do/are
• Also breaks down the CSS section of the plugin so it is easier for anyone to edit the code
and change how it looks.
Premade post SEO (bug)
• Any premade SEO will stay the same as it was written as a premade post
• Currently when the content is scraped in the SEO will be changed from what it
was (handwritten when the premade post was created) to the patterned SEO
(which means the plugin just inserted the SEO that followed the pattern of what
the plugin said.)
• I found that when a premade post/coming soon post was created & I handwritten
the SEO & Google indexes it, but the problem arises when the scraper gets
content. When the scraper scrapes content it automatically triggers to delete all
the handwritten SEO and input the title, meta description, focus word etc. to
follow what the plugin was set to via the SEO section. This causes google to
unindexed some pages. So, to counter that we need to fix it by working around
premade/coming soon SEOs to not have that changed.
• If it is content that the scraper scraped from the source and made a new
page/post on it then it will follow the preset SEO pattern.
• So, leave the name of the episode in the premade post the same unless the name changed
since it has been released, the SEO for the main page and the episode page will be left
unchanged if it is a premade post.
SEO (bug)
• The plugin always had the bug of categorizing correctly and then using the write SEO
• SEO patterns are set via the SEO section of the plugin and depending on the
category it will be different SEO pattern. If there are multiple categories selected
and they all have a different pattern the first pattern overrides the others. (the top
ones override the other pattern, the order is in the SEO section of the plugin)
• The issue is that the plugin can’t set the correct categories and then that affects the
SEO not being set right.
Recently updated page (bug)
It should look like this ex.

• But now it looks like this
• For some reason the same code that worked before doesn’t work now. This plugin works
with yoast seo and content view. Maybe content view updated and that is why recently
updated doesn’t show the same thing anymore as it used to.

Recommended for you section (bottom of episode pages) [bug]
• The images are cut off (top and bottom of image is cut off)
• It shouldn’t be like that, show all images fully with them the same size. One shouldn’t be
bigger than the other
Display of pictures [bug]
• The pictures are displayed weirdly
• Meaning that some pictures are larger than others. Need a way to show the image
fully but images are all the same size.
Outdated php
• This plugin was made a year ago and the php version it was created with is outdated so
that needs to be updated.
Puts the wrong category (bug) – post tag feature
• The plugin automatically inserts categories into the post when something new is scraped
but sometimes it puts wrong categories into the post. There is a feature on the plugin that
is supposed to counter that, but that feature doesn’t work so that needs to be fixed.