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A mind reader’s guide to
win or predict any which
hand game with
absolutely no gimmicks,
logic puzzles or risk of

By José Prager
Copyright © José Prager
First Edition August 2016

No portion of this manuscript or photos can be reproduced in any manner

without written permission of the copyright owner.


Here you’ll find the methods that I use professionally to guess in which hand
someone hides an object. I never fail, I don’t use logic puzzles and I don’t use
any gimmicks.

Once you finish this secret manuscript you’ll have the power to guess or predict
in which hand anyone hides an object anytime and anywhere.

Although the routines are not repeatable, you can apparently present the same
ability for the same audience in more than 3 occasions just by switching between
my routines.

-José Prager

August 2016


Coin 2 Thought
Someone hides a coin in any of their hands, the mind reader asks the person to
think of Marilyn Monroe if the coin is in it’s right hand or Justin Bieber if it’s
in his left hand.

Without looking at their hands, no questions ask and no matter if he’s standing
on the other side of the room, the mind reader can correctly guess the name and
of course the location of the coin.

The secret is really simple and completely imperceptible, it’s a classic mentalism
technique that has never been applied before to the which hand game plot.

It consists on simply writting one of the two names and verbaly revealing the
other, for example, after they hide the coin and I assigned a name to each hand I
ask them to concentrate on the name that corresponds to the hand that contains
the coin.

Then I place my hand over their head and close my eyes so they know that I’m not
trying to get a peek at their hands, after a few seconds I take an index card or
any piece of paper and say that I’ll write what I’m getting then I write Justin
Bieber without them looking. Then I place the piece of paper against my chest
and I say “Be completely honest, are you thinking of Marilyn Monroe?”.

Now we have two possible scenarios:

1. If they say “yes” and immediately get excited, I discretly crumple and
place the paper inside my pocket, no one will ever ask about it. I can now
reveal the location of the coin if I want to.
2. If the say “no” I say “That’s what I thought” and immediately turn over the
paper where I clearly wrote Justin Bieber. On this scenario haven said
Marilyn Monroe works as a small joke that will amplify the big final

Extra thoughts
Make the mind reading moment important and visual, I do this by simply placing
my hand over their head and really concentrating for a couple of seconds,
they’ll forget about the coin and will remember the mind reading moment. You can
use this routine when someone challenges you to guess in which hand he’s hiding
an object as long as you have something to write and any piece of paper to
writte your impressions. ;)

I use this routine as a warm-up for a bigger mind reading moment like a PIN or
personal name revelation, to avoid any possibility of them asking me to do it


If they still ask you to repeat the effect, simply tell them that you were just
warming up and that now you are ready for something much more impressive
they’ll happily agree.

The next tip applies to all the routines in this manuscript.

When performing or facing a possible heckler, always let them know before they
hide the object:

a) That you’re going to do it once and just once but you’ll not fail and you never
do (this is to assure that they’ll not ask you to repeat it and to reinforce the
idea that one round is enough to prove you right).

b) That if they hide it somewhere that it’s not in their two hands, like their
back pocket, they’ll lose automatically.

As an alternative to avoid the scenario were they don’t hide the coin at any of
their hands, you can have them place the hand with the object in one of their
front pockets and have them decide if they leave it or they take it, instead of
them choosing behind their back one of two of hands. This is a nice solution as
long as the object is a small enough to be keept in their pocket without it being
obviously noticeable.


Someone hides a coin behind his back at any hand, the mind reader claims to
always know where the coin is going to be and that he has never been wrong
before. Immediately and without a doubt he reveals exactly where the coin is!

Secretly or while alone write on your left palm with black marker: “IN YOUR RIGHT
HAND” and draw an arrow as shown below.

Also write in your write hand the word: “EMPTY” and draw an arrow as shown


You are now ready to perform as long as you naturally keep your palms hidden
towards your body.

Ask your spectator to hide a coin in one of their hands behind his back and
when ready to bring them forward towards you, now you’re in mirror like position.
Look at his eyes for a few seconds and confidently point with your right hand
to his left hand, then command him to open it, one of two things will happened:

1. They open their hand and the coin is in there, you have clearly guessed
at the first try and without a doubt the location of the coin.
2. They open their hand and it’s empty, I slowly and dramatically turn over
my right hand which is the one that I use to point to their empty hand.
They’ll cleary read the word empty and see an arrow pointing to their
empty hand. I point with my other hand to their right hand and I command
them to open it and I proceed to do the same moveI did with the other hand,
I slowly turn over the hand pointing to the coin and show that it clearly
says it’s in the right hand and an arrow pointing to the coin.

You have successfully and without a doubt predicted where the coin would end
just as you say you would.

Extra thoughts
Once set up, you’re ready to perform all night long for different spectators. It’s
very easy to perform other effects while keeping your palms hidden. If someone
notices something inside your palms and asks to see them, you can get away by
telling them that it’s a prediction that you want to keep secret until the time



The mind reader gives anyone a little ball of paper and claims that he’s going
to try to guess three times in which hand the spectator will hide the paper,
after sadly missing two out three times and apparentely failed, the mind reader
asks the spectator to open the piece of paper he had at his possession the entire
time, inside it’s clearly predicted that the mind reader was going to fail two out
of three times!

Just one prediction is used and it’s in the spectator hands since the beginning.
It’s practically self working!

Before performing write on a piece of paper or on an index card the following:

2 out of 3

You were very lucky

In performance you can crumple or fold the piece of paper infront of the
spectaror as long as nobody sees there’s something written on the inside, or you
can just bring the pre-folded or crumpled index card, nobody will care the less.

Hand the piece of paper and explain that you’re going to try to guess in which
hand he’s going to place it three times.

Now come the interesting part, you’re going to genuinely try to guess where the
paper is the three times, for that you’re going to use a main method (the nose
knows); This classic method works extremely well as long as you make the person
really focus on the had that has the paper, is as simple as watching carefully
to where their nose points and the coin will be there.

In the end this are the possible scenarios:

1. You’ll fail 2 out of 3. Let them know that you never fail and that they’re
very lucky to fool you 2 out of 3 times. Let them open the paper and read
the prediction everything will make sense.
2. You’ll guess 2 out of 3. Let them know that you never miss not even once
and that they’re very lucky to fool you once. Let them open the paper read
the prediction and everything will make sense.
3. You’ll guess every single round. Take the piece of paper back from them
and discard it. Nobody will care since nobody saw there was something
inside of it.


4. You get every round wrong. Honestly this has never happened to me, be sure
to use the nose knows method and try to guess the three rounds and that
should give you at least one hit and make this trick work.

Extra thoughts
Use this method to practice reading people until you can do it for real.

If you’re scared of failing 3 out of 3 you can simply add an out inside a dollar
bill which says:

I’ll lose 3 out of 3

In the beginning make a bet about you knowing the outcome of the game. In case
you lose the three rounds remove the paper from their possession and put it out
of sight into your pocket, point to the bill and tell them that it has been in
full view the whole time and they were never meant to have it. Grab it and
reveal the prediction inside the bill.


Derren Brown, for making the which hand game popular amongst the
mentalism/magic community.

Colin Mcleod – Divine

Looch – Penguin Magic live lecture

Max Maven – Multiplicity

Andrew Gerard – Street Cents

Deddy Corbuzier – Free Will principle

Banacheck – The Witch Doctor principle

Mark Elsdon – Tequila Hustler

Now you have the knowledge to apparently never fail at a which hand game and
even the ability to predict the outcome.

Remember that the mistery arts only exist when there is an audience to
appreciate the mystery, so go out and dare to perform.

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