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P.E.I. “Desarrollo integral y cultura empresarial”



ASIGNATURA: English DOCENTE: Jonathan Serna Aguirre GRADO 6th

This test is designed to measure the competence in using the Simple Present Tense and related vocabulary. Answer
the questions below by choosing only one answer out of four possible ones.

Complete the conversations using the appropriate form

of verbs, auxiliaries and else.

-Hey, Natalie, how are you?

-I am fine. What (1) you study?

-I study Math for our quiz tomorrow

1 . A. Does

B. Do

C. Is

-My father (2) at an office.

-Really? My father is a teacher.

-Wow! That is cool!

2 . A. Works

B. Workes

C. Work

- I live with my parents and my dog.

-And, do you live with your grandmother?

-No, I (3) live with my grandmother. She lives in the US.

3 . A. doesn’t

B. aren’t

C. don’t

- Maria and Carlos (4) a lot of money in food!

- Yes, I know. I see them every day in the shop.

4 . A. spend

B. spends

C. spendes

Choose the correct form of the negative or interrogative

sentence for each affirmative sentence

Find the mistake and the correction in options A-D

11 . I plays basketball every day

A. Playes
B. Play
C. Plaies
D. Playing

12 . Lucas doesn’t studies English in the afternoons

A. Study
B. Studys
C. Don’t
D. Isn’t

13 . Does they correct the mistakes?

A. Is
B. Are
C. Do

Read the following text and answer the questions below:

Carrie gets up at 6:00 and leaves home at 6:45. She

takes the 7 o’clock train and arrives at school at around
7:30. She usually finishes school at 2:30 and comes
back home at 3:15. After lunch, she attends one of her
afterschool activities, spends time with her friends, or
does some school work.
Carrie has dinner with her family at around 7:00 and then
she watches TV, reads fashion magazines, or surfs the
Internet. She often goes to bed before 10:00.
14. What does Carrie do after lunch?

A. She goes to afterschool activities.

B. She has dinner with family.
C. She takes the train.
D. She reads fashion magazines.

15. What time does Carrie watch TV?

A. She watches TV at 10:00.

B. She watches TV at 3:15.
C. She watches TV at 6:00.
D. She watches TV at 7:00.

16. How many hours does Carrie stay in school?

A. She stays in school 6 hours.

B. She stays in school 5 hours.
C. She stays in school 9 hours.
D. She stays in school 7 hours.

17. In line 4, the word “attend” means

A. Study
B. Go
C. Be
D. Read

Look at the images and choose the correct sentence that des

cribes them: