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By: Rina


School use various methods to try and increase grades.

What are the different methods they use?

Which one is the most effective?


A prestigious school can be reached if a school implements some feasible measures.

Hence, strengthening the facility of the school and hiring qualified teachers are mainly the crucial
approaches since both of them have profound impacts to the educational assessment. In this
case, it is agreed that putting too much concern to the teacher qualities is by far the most effect
way for some schools.
Two of the ways schools meet the requirement scholars of high-grade schools is by
improving the quantity of facilities and having numerous qualified. When students feel
comfortable thanks to improved facilities, they tend to have more spirit to learn as well as
schools’ curriculum intend. When a school combines a great provision with exceptional tutors,
they normally have a winning formula to achieve eminent school grade. For example, Obama
through his International Relationship Program in 2012 gave relief facilities for Kenya primary
school in order to escape from world poor education. This was successfully strategy, but it was
not until the school delivered the materials for pupils. In fact, they needed more supplement to
boost students’ understanding through professional teacher as well as increased the schools
The educational facility is crucial, but this counts for nothing if the students are unable to
reveal remarkable progress in the learning process. Clearly, the class activity still run smoothly
with enough facility. However, there are many examples of successful school with wonderful
teaching-learning process but with miscellaneous provision. For instance, Educational Board of
Sulawesi government published a data in 2015 that the best grade for secondary school in South
Sulawesi is SMA Tinggi Moncong, located in the remote area with undeveloped facility. It turns
out that the students acquired advanced materials and effective educational management from
the professional scholars. The fact that this school achieves higher degree than any other schools
demonstrates that teacher quality is the most effective strategy.
To conclude, although both improved facility and excellent teacher are mainly increasing
the prestigious school possibility, I believe that the latter one is likely to be more practical.

Task Response:
By: Rina

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