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Operations Center
Real-time Data Acquisition
HMI, SCADA and Asset Monitoring
Source-independent Presentation Layer

Getting Data,
Delivering Information

About Tatsoft
Tatsoft was founded to provide state-of-the-art software products and tools for the rapid development of automation
projects, data acquisition, monitoring, supervisory control processes and business-intelligence applications.

Established in Houston, Texas, in early 2009, with a strong financial investment, devoted the first three years exclusively to
Research and Development, designing from a green field, the most advanced real-time platform ever brought to the market.

Tatsoft’s core development group has 20+ years of experience in real-time software, its previous generations of products were
sold and brand-labeled to hundreds of thousands of applications worldwide. The company management executives combine
more than a century years of accumulated expertise in industrial automation and business-to-business systems.

Users’ feedback
“Very polished product”

“This new system is more simple and intuitive to use. The scripting and the graphics are also much better than I had on the

“We are dreaming and excited on the future of SCADA/HMI/MES, which now are coming alive for the first time.”

“The user interface is like Steve Jobs had created software for industrial automation”.

“Finally, we can work on IT and factory-floor applications with a unified data model and development platform.”

“We are most impressed with its highlight offering, FactoryStudio, this state-of-the-art platform is not only effective but prac-

“Thanks for the excellent training; everyone is very impressed and excited with the innovations on the system.”

FactoryStudio Platform���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������3
Multi-Platform Solution���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������4
Application Areas�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������5
Architecture Topology������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������6
Unified Engineering Tools������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������7
Project Management and Engineering ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������8
Client Operator Stations, Web and Mobile���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������9
Tags, Assets and Templates������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 10
Automated Project Definition��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 11
Graphical Designer and Dynamic Displays������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 12
Dynamic Symbols��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 13
SQL to the Core������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 14
.NET to the Core������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 15
Alarms and Events��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 16
Trend and Historian������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 17
Communications Interfaces����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 18
Reports and Data Access����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 19
Security and Redundancy��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 20
Project Life-Cycle and Version Management �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 21
Resources���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 22
FactoryStudio Platform
Pure .NET, no legacy code.
FactoryStudio is a powerful platform to Applications
Cloud ready.
develop and deliver applications managing Typical applications are Advanced HMI
real-time information, providing a complete visualization, SCADA systems, plant Native 64 bits.
set of modules in a unified and intuitive Information Management System (PIMS), Support for 32 bit and
engineering user interface. Historian and Manufacturing Intelligence embedded Operating Systems.
FactoryStudio includes as standard features: (MI), Operational Dashboards, Situational Complete, all modules
real-time tags and assets database, user awareness, KPI and OEE indicators, MES and included.
templates, alarms and events, historian, SQL performance monitoring.
tables and queries, recipes, XML, CSV, XPS and Embedded SQL engine and
web server included.
PDF reports, built-in embedded SQL database Industries
engine and web server, scripting, scheduling, FactoryStudio is vertical agnostic, with a Event-driven, in memory, real-
OPC server and client, native communication time database.
flexible infra-structure for real-time data
protocols, graphical designer, delivering user management, it has been applied on Power & Combined IT and Factory floor
interface displays accessible from desktops, Utilities, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Food tools.
remote smart clients, web browsers and & Beverage, Data-centers, Manufacturing, Efficient and intuitive.
native iOS app on iPads and iPhones. Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences, Mining
FactoryStudio was architected from a “green & Metals, Oil & gas, Chemicals, Water & Intrinsically-safe software
field” and was created entirely without the architecture development.
Wastewater, Building Automation, Logistics,
employment of any legacy code; that made Transportation, Machinery, Packaging Nice details everywhere,
it possible to create a system simple to use (OMAC) and Equipment Manufacturers. from decades of practical
and powerful. Projects can scale from local experience.
embedded devices and mobile applications Market Positioning
up to very large, distributed, high performance FactoryStudio is the most modern and
fault-tolerant systems. complete software framework for Industrial
FactoryStudio is a 100% .NET managed code Automation and Real-Time Information High ROI and longevity,
application, allowing users to leverage and Systems, with a global worldwide distribution by the use of consolidated
take advantage of the full potential of current network, supported by a highly experienced current technologies
technologies. engineering team.

FactoryStudio built-in modules Third-party systems

All about real-time data management 3

Multi-Platform Solution

Connecting any device, with any person corporate standards. GPS information is
and any business, across any network, accessible from any iOS or Android device
anywhere, anytime! which helps verify location coordinates of the
Many companies today are looking to users and mobile corporate assets.
provide information from anywhere within
the enterprise to anyone who needs it both Windows Embedded Compact
IIoT (Industrial Internet of locally and remotely. Many legacy products With FactoryStudio Compact Framework, you
things) demands connectivity on the market today are still providing now have a modern fourth-generation toolset
FactoryStudio takes it to a different project engineering environments in to build applications that leverage lower-
higher level order to create applications to run in different cost runtime environments to their fullest
operating systems. potential. System Integrators, Panel Builders,
A Multi-platform solution
That is not the case with FactoryStudio. The as well as OEMs now have a state-of-the-art,
- Raspberry Pi (rPi) yet low-cost, solution to quickly deploy their
FactoryStudio platform provides a single
- Linux engineering environment which helps applications in any kind of device powered by
customers get the most out of their systems by Windows Embedded Compact (Windows CE).
- Windows Embedded
providing the richest experience in leveraging
- Android/iOS data from a variety of runtime environments Linux and Raspberry Pi (rPi)
- Windows Server and mobile devices. Machine and device builders have made
Raspberry Pi (rPi) a fast growing popular
- Windows 7/8/10
iOS and Android support device and environment for systems requiring
For the Server components, FactoryStudio users have access to all mobile lower resources than typical industrial grade
FactoryStudio delivers
resources like cameras, to use as barcode systems. The same FactoryStudio that
native 64-bit, hot-standby creates enterprise-class projects can be used
scanners for electronic input of data, helping
ready, advanced security to develop lightweight projects to run on rPi
and the most ever intuitive to reduce operator errors and maintaining
configuration tools.

Taking connectivity to a higher level

Application Areas
Applications delivered with
Process Control & Data Aggregation HMI, Embedded and OEMs FactoryStudio range from
Process control stations require reliable FactoryStudio has a wide range of built-in a couple hundred to more
than one hundred thousand
server components and dedicated rich PLC protocols and a special version for HMI
communication points.
displays, so the security can be enforced and embedded systems. The version control
and you have access to the full power of the system, small footprint and remote access Tatsoft’s engineering team,
computer. FactoryStudio has the complete make FactoryStudio the best choice for in the 90’s, was the first to
set of functionality to implement distributed machine builders and other OEMs. create a Windows CE HMI
software, which was brand-
mission critical process control applications.
labeled to many companies,
Performance Monitoring and BI with hundreds of thousands of
Mobile Native Applications The ability to create a presentation layer installations worldwide.
A native application provides functionality that is source independent and cloud-ready,
Graphical interfaces of the
and a quality of user interface that a web page the support for automation protocols and engineering environment are
just can’t match. FactoryStudio allows the IT network management protocols, the state of the art, intuitive and
same displays created for desktops to also be .NET integration, all make Factory Studio innovative.
available to run natively on iOS devices. an excellent tool to create operational
The use of open standards,
makes FactoryStudio easily
SCADA, HMI and PIMS extensible:
FactoryStudio has the full spectrum of SQL and PI Systems Front-end
expected SCADA functionality and goes FactoryStudio has many features to manage graphics.
beyond, extending the real-time database SQL Databases, tables and queries in real time.
concept towards IT systems, including objects It also has SDK-level data synchronization • WCF and web services for
such as data structures, dynamic arrays and with OSIsoft PI System(tm) and PI AF(tm). connectivity.
images, time events, data tables, all with That makes it the number one platform when • SQL for storage.
a tight connection with .NET languages for you need to create custom dynamic graphics
• C#, VB.NET and Java
calculation engines and custom logics. and front-end custom user interfaces to those scripting.

BI, MES and

Dashboards OEMs

Process Control and

Data Acquisition Mobile, Cloud and
Presentation Layer

HMI and Database Graphical

Embedded User Interface

Open platform to implement custom solutions 5

Architecture Topology
Client Server System

Stand Alone System Client Client

Supervision Network
Server (Ethernet)

Supervision and acquisition Network

(Ethernet) Server

Acquisition Network

Distributed Client Server System

Server Client Alarm Historian Cloud

Supervision Network

Device Device
Acquisition Network

Hot-standby redundancy.
Distributed clients.
Automation Islands.
Multiple Layer Applications From IT to Factory-Floor
Data Server/Gateway.
FactoryStudio was architected to enable its Tatsoft provides a flexible and simple licensing
Local HMIs. use in different scenarios and topologies, model, allowing solutions that size your
Mobile Clients. from a local interface on an embedded panel project to provide the best possible return of
to fault-tolerant servers, serving multiple investment on each application scenario.
Embedded operating systems. projects and clients. The product families and models enable
Online changes and hot- The development tools and project you to deploy high quality and cost-effective
runtime-swapping. components are scalable, reusable and systems, ranging from local HMI, touch-
The hot-standby redundancy consistent. panels, embedded systems, supervisory
is field-proven with hundreds stations, SCADA and distributed systems,
of devices in the network and Operational Stability control room and operations centers.
multiple clients.
The 100% managed code implementation
Highly flexible, scalable and provides unmatched operational stability, Redundancy and High Availability
simple to use. thanks to an intrinsically safe software For high availability systems, the real-time
Securely route data from any architecture, including execution threads database, Alarm and Historian servers, data-
machine, behind firewalls, to isolation, exception control, failure recovery, acquisition, all FactoryStudio components
the cloud. modular implementation, hardware can be deployed as a redundant hot-standby
abstractions and operating system system, with no project changes required.
Access data remote machine
data, from anywhere, anytime. independence.

Scalable, reliable and flexible

Unified Engineering Tools
Combine Role security with
Deployment Scenarios device with very limited amount of I/O, to area security.
FactoryStudio is based on a unified-package run on a production line or a commercial
No need to tweak with
architecture, so the server is always the building, or looking to provide information multiple interfaces and
standard FactoryStudio software. However, across the globe to those that need it, on any applications.
all FactoryStudio modules such as Scripts, device, anywhere.
All modules are always built-in
Device, Historian, Database, etc. may be in ONE development tool.
placed on different computers, in a distributed Data Aggregation from multiple
system context. locations Application portals and
FactoryStudio is the perfect platform to gateways to move data across
The server computers can run in different firewalls and network security
Operating Systems, connecting to many collect data from multiple locations to a
options of client visualization stations, centralized location. Hundreds to thousands
of distributed FactoryStudio nodes, provide The same configuration tool
allowing flexible deployment scenarios.
the process data acquisition, and publish can create applications for
data to a cloud server, or to the corporate desktops, mobile, HTML5, and
From Standalone to World-Wide embedded devices.
The FactoryStudio family of products is
uniquely designed to provide the most
Multiple User Security
reliable, flexible, and powerful application
development platform. Whether you are User security can use Application Security,
building an application to run on a small Windows Authentication (Active-Directory),
or WS-Federation concurrently, mapping to
the same application server.

DA UA PLCs MTQQ / SNMP WITS / LAS Any protocol

High degree of scalability and performance 7

Project Management and Engineering

Multiple users can work on the same

project simultaneously.
The project is one single file in the
local computer, touch-panel, remote
server or in the cloud.

Development is intuitive with

multiple user interface themes.

Easy Project File Management Concurrent Product Versions

FactoryStudio projects are stored in an Never again will you need to manage virtual
embedded-encrypted SQL database file, a machines or different computers with
SQL engine is included with FactoryStudio different versions of development software.
at no additional cost. That provides much FactoryStudio automatically enables the
more security and easier maintenance and engineering environment that matches
deployment, when compared with legacy the version last used to edit a project. That
systems where configuration files are spread prevents you from building something into
Each project is a single across multiple folders and files. the project that is not supported by the
file, providing for easier runtime environment, which can still be from
maintenance and deployment. Access Projects from Anywhere a previous product version.
Multiple product versions can Providing flexibility to meet your design and
be installed side-by-side. execution requirements, FactoryStudio can Intellisense
Includes an embedded Web
be configured to store and run projects from Tags and all application objects are presented
server and an embedded SQL a USB stick, local hard-drive, Network Server to the user as you type, with full context
database. or from a Cloud server. validation. That makes the configuration
process much faster and more reliable.
Multi-user and multi-project.
Synchronization and Import Tools
Exclusive runtime objects You can copy/paste any configuration table Manage Project Releases
concept reduces engineering with Excel directly. Configuration from Multiple project versions are easily managed
time and increases reliability.
Rockwell™ PLC’s, OSIsoft™ PI Systems, CSV thanks to the metadata information and the
Innovative configuration files, XML files, DLL .NET assemblies can built-in management tools. FactoryStudio
user interface inspired by the be easily mapped into projects with easy automatically tracks configuration changes,
simplicity of tablets and the synchronization tools. builds and project releases.
web look and feel.

Simple and intuitive, efficient and secure 8

Client Operator Stations, Web and Mobile
Local, embedded, distributed
Client Technologies Microsoft XAML Technology or cloud deployment scenarios
FactoryStudio was designed to support a Microsoft XAML technology allows running are supported.
comprehensive set of client applications. The full-featured graphics on Internet Explorer No project installation on the
client computer or remote devices require browser. Including dynamic 3D models. Web client side.
zero configuration, which means that all the clients use the security sand-box (partial trust
Simple and centralized
project displays, scripts, everything is kept application), which is a newer standard and
deployment and updates.
on the server computer, either using local much safer than the legacy Active-X. Thin
networks, VPN or cloud servers. Project Client, RDP and terminal client technologies On Smart and Web Clients,
updates are automatically downloaded. are supported for the mobile workforce. no previous product install is
Redundancy is supported by all clients. necessary.
iPad and iPhone Native Clients Runtime displays are time-
Rich and Smart Clients SCADA HMI Client app is the first graphical zone aware and can be
localized to any language.
WPF-based visualizer desktop application native app that has the displays created on the
that blocks Windows task switching. The desktop using the Microsoft .NET Framework Open remote sessions on your
enhanced security and full use of the client and WPF drawing tools. Graphical displays Mirosoft Surface, Android or
computer resources make this client type acessible from the iPAD with no specific Apple device. For iOS, there is
ideal for process control workstations. On project installation, just using the standard also a 100% native client.
one-click-install from a URL with automatic app downloaded from the Apple Store. On iPads, the use of the native
updates. The Smart Client combines the easy iOS code, instead of browser
activation and no-install of a web client and Custom Apple Store Apps HTML, allows you to access
the security and performance that a local rich the full power of the iPad,
Tatsoft also provides services to allow
client provides. with a better user experience,
branding of the developed application, so redundancy, easier and secure
you can include your own logo at the Apple setup, among other benefits.
HTML5 Clients Store and make the application point directly
FactoryStudio allows the creation of to your servers.
indepedent browser and operating systems
displays using pure HTML5.


Context sensitive multi-monitor portals

Hot-standby servers providing centralized project configuration to
Create a state-of-the-art operations center with multi-display portals.
multiple clients, local, remote or on the cloud. Different user expe-
Asset tree view, PDF documents, synoptic screens, trends, alarms, 3D
rience and display formats, including the native iPad and iPhone
dynamic models and data grids managed in a coordinated interface
pages managed from a centralized location.
driven by the asset and user context.

Create Once, Use Everywhere 9

Tags, Assets and Templates

Tags and Modules are Advanced DataGrids, with

combined in the same virtualization, themes,
workspace, providing high grouping and filtering,
development efficiency. maximize productivity.

Tags and Templates can

Assets can be defined locally, easily map to physical
imported from PI AF, to reflect assets or SQL databases.
ISA 95 models or any custom
project hierarchy.

TAT and Real-time Elements Templates

Tags, Assets and Templates are not only the Templates are user-defined structures,
start of Tatsoft company name, they are also similar to .NET classes, allowing composition
the core components to the real-time data and hierarchy. Besides the built-in basic
models and the power of FactoryStudio. types, real-time tags can be created based
The FactoryStudio system has a built-in real- on templates that reflect physical assets,
time, event driven, in-memory database, that which speed up and simplify the application
manages the tags, assets and events in the development.
Dynamic Arrays and References
Tag based Security Real-time Tag Types FactoryStudio was the first, and up to now the
A typical HMI-SCADA system has only basic only, real-time system with built-in support
TAT can stand for Tag, Assets
tag types, such as numeric and messages. for tri-dimensional dynamic arrays, lists
and Templates, but it is also
a word from the Sanskrit As FactoryStudio also targets IT and MES and type-safe reference tags with dynamic
language, related with systems, it goes far beyond, supporting real- assignments, creating reusable components
the physical reality of the time entities that match all the SQL types on displays, symbols, reports, calculation and
Universe. Visit Tatsoft forums and many .NET Framework entities, including at any part of your project.
to learn other TAT meanings. Images and a complete DataTable in a single
Refactoring allows renaming real-time tag. Import and Synchronize
any object, anytime. No more Tags and templates can be imported and
need for global search and Assets and Categories automatically synchronized from various
replace commands! data sources including: XML and CSV files,
Organize your project with categories
Intellisense shows auto-fill and assets. An asset is composed of tags OSIsoft™ PI System™ and PI AF™, Rockwell™
context sensitive information and other application objects connected ControlLogix program files and OPC servers.
in all fields. No more typing to your process hierarchy. FactoryStudio
names! allows implementation of ISA 95 modeling SQL Databases and .NET
Cross-reference is available to specifications, which can be essential in large The built-in tag types allow direct mapping to
all project elements, not only systems. any SQL database or .NET variables.

Systems engineer dreams delivered 10

Automated Project Definition
Complete set of real-time tag
Standard Project Configuration From Excel/CSV to tags and displays types:
Each FactoryStudio project is stored in its All Tag definition, alarms, communication • Digital
own encrypted SQL database file. This mapping, historian, even symbols for
• Integer
architecture makes it very easy to update to displays, can be created from a one file CSV
newer versions of FactoryStudio as we may import. Create your project specification in • Long
add additional tables or columns to existing Excel, and with click you have your project • Real
tables, which is easier to do than working created.
• Decimal
with proprietary file structures.
OSIsoft PI Integration • Text
External Tag Integration FactoryStudio supports native connectivity, • TimeSpan
As of this printing, FactoryStudio can to OSIsoft PI Systems, directly accessing PI • DateTime
automatically use tags from Rockwell tags. It also supports native connection for • Image and Byte Array
ControlLogix and CompactLogix, OPC the Asset Framework (AF) and Event Frames
Servers, Unity Pro PLCs, Wonderware Intouch (EF). The entire AF data structure can be • GUID and DataTable
projects, Beckhoff TwinCAT, OSIsoft PI either imported to FactoryStudio, or accessed • Reference
Systems, or PI Asset Framework (AF) Servers. directly from the AF server, with no data • User defined templates
FactoryStudio includes the ability to import replication or importing.
• Asset models
resources such as graphical objects, script
code, communication configurations, project Bring legacy HMI/SCADA projects
components, and to do so directly into any Use the reporting and export tools from your
configuration table being used. To take old HMI and SCADA software, to bring in
that concept even further, entire project automatically most of your previous project
configurations can be managed outside of definition to state-of-the-art FactoryStudio
FactoryStudio, and then imported all at once. projects.

.NET API for project definition Object Model configuration

A powerful, yet simple to use, .NET interface, FactoryStudio use of templates, with
provides the ability to use C# or VB.NET, connected Symbols and properties, cuts
or any .NET language, to create project the time needed to create your application,
configurations from your own code. while providing easier maintenance and

East and simple synchronizations and imports 11

Graphical Designer and Dynamic Displays

The Vector Drawing tool, professional designers

quality level, and the extensible set of dynamic
symbols provide quick development of custom rich
user interfaces. Develop once and use the same
display on desktops, web and mobile clients.

Advanced Graphical Technology The symbols can keep a live link with the
FactoryStudio is the first complete product library, so you can modify the symbol only
where all of the configuration and execution once and automatically apply to all displays.
tools are pure Windows Presentation
Foundation, the latest graphical technology Unique set of Dynamic Animations
from Microsoft. WPF uses the full potential Unique new dynamics, such as opacity, shine
of the current graphics cards and computers, and skew, combined with move, scale, color
providing superior quality and performance. change, rotate, and others, applied to any
object, provide the most comprehensive set
Dynamic 3D Models of animations. No more difficult laborious
Connect real-time tags to control properties workarounds dealing with drawing tools
in 3D models created with 3DMax or other created on top of legacy graphics systems.
The graphical tool creates
systems that supports the .3DS extension.
displays for both .NET (WPF) Images, Colors and Transparency
and HTML5.
Code Behind and Expressions Images are added to the project database
Display estimated value for centralized management, low and
Develop code behind, using C# or VB.NET, or
or historical values, for hi resolution versions of the image are
simulation and playback. HTML5/Javascript, expressions on dynamic
animations and client-side event-driven automatically created, optimizing the project.
Audit trail of user actions. scripts, providing flexible customization. Transparency, alpha color, image brushes, all
designer tools are there.
Change display language in
runtime. Touch Panel Applications
Advanced Controls
Resolution independent, Customizable on-screen keyboard, multi-
no conversion tools, nor touch support, momentary buttons and other All Windows controls are included, as well
distortion when changing features deliver rich touch panel systems. web browser, child-displays, doc viewer and
monitor or resizing. many others. Add WPF controls to extended
Smart Symbols functionality, such as scheduler controls,
Multi-touch and multi-display
Gantt or live video cameras. Legacy Active-X
support Smart Symbols are asset and template based
controls can also be used for compatibility.
Same project supports reusable graphical components, with runtime
multiple different resolutions, dynamics or static binding and centralized
no conversion required. management.

Excellence in Design 12
Dynamic Symbols
Edit multiple symbols, rows
Map Symbols to Assets For example, Users can define a default and properties combined.
Create assets and templates based on Pump symbol and all of its’ attributes to
use in displays. Then by specifying a Tag Copy and Paste dynamic
reusable components with runtime animations settings.
binding, standard graphical visualization, to have the same Category as the Pump,
and centralized management when the Tag is pasted into the display it PowerPoint style display
comes in as the default Pump symbol for transitions.
Import Objects and XAML that category. There is simply no need to Group, align, vector
go through the manual steps of placing composition, zoom, layers,
Images and symbols can be imported from
individual symbols on the display and layouts, gradients, all the WPF
the most popular formats used today. XAML
assigning the attributes. power available in a simple
standard simplifies automated import user interface.
of displays from legacy HMI and SCADA
Extended Symbol Library Select objects at the display or
FactoryStudio has its’ native library of at the tree.
Linking Tags to Symbols symbols created with properties assigned Hide and show objects while
to them. To help you create the most editing from the tree.
FactoryStudio has many rapid application
advanced graphical displays however,
development tools. One example Map tags and templates with
FactoryStudio was the first software
is the ability to define Categories in symbols.
package of its’ type to also include the
which Tags and Symbols can be tightly Create one Popup or Dialog
SymbolFactory.NET library of over 5,000
integrated. Using Categories expedites that can map in runtime to
vector-based graphics... at no charge! This
screen development by specifying different tag groups.
library installs with every FactoryStudio
graphical symbols to automatically be
development package and is unlimited in Symbols can be dynamically
used in displays simply by copying Tags
terms of how many symbols you use and added while the display is
and pasting them into your displays. running.
how many times you use them.

Advanced Graphical Displays 13

SQL to the Core

Included Database admin supports

all standard SQL data types and
queries to create local storage for
your application.

Full-featured DataGrid with

drag-drop grouping and
multiple themes.

Various built-in display elements can bind

directly to real-time tables and queries.

Built-in Embedded SQL Advanced DataGrid

Every FactoryStudio system includes a FactoryStudio provides a fully-featured
full-featured embedded SQL engine. This DataGrid object to present tables and queries
provides several advantages including: from databases, as well show contents of any
DataGrid features: • A safe and secure location for your entire tag, asset or real-time object.
• Real-time data project configuration. Just drop the table, query or tag to the Grid
• Transpose option • It can be used as the historian database Data Source to create front-end visualization
• Cell editors to log tags, alarms and events on small to or edit any real-time object or database.
• Data validation medium systems (up to 10GB of data).
• Display value converter • On Large systems, it can be used as a local Client-Server Architecture
• Open output formatting Store and Forward location, when the remote
Real-time queries can be processed either
• Image cell contents database is not available.
at the server or from the client computer,
• User interface themes • It provides an ideal system to store local
asynchronously or synchronously. To achieve
• Auto-column creation runtime settings, retentive information, local
better performance, multiple requests
• Grouping and filtering recipes, schedules and tables and queries
from distributed clients are cached and
• And more… when preparing reports.
synchronized at the server.
Providers supported:
Multiple Database Connections
• ODBC Data Gateway
FactoryStudio provides seamless integration
• OLE DB Connecting client queries through Firewall
with any third-party database, including
• ADO.NET protected security zones, such as moving data
Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL,
• SQL Server Native between the Automation Network and the IT
Informix, SQL Lite, PostgreSQL and others.
• Oracle Native network, is no longer an issue. FactoryStudio
• SQL Lite provides a built-in firewall friendly data
Real-time Queries and Tables
gateway. Data queries from clients are routed
• PostgreSQL Any data source with ODBC, OLE-DB or ADO.
in a secure way through any FactoryStudio
NET support can be connected with the
Data Exchange files: system.
application; an easy syntax allows you to
• XML create or customize any query or table search Scheduling, Process Recipes and real-time
• CSV with real-time tags.
• Text data consolidation made easy.

The Convergence of SQL database, HMI software and .NET 14

.NET to the Core
Tasks and scripts run on
Built-in Code Editor Object Orientation, Project Elements protected isolated threads.
FactoryStudio includes an integrated script All project elements, including Multi-threading system with
editor for developers to create custom Tags, Datasets, Alarms, devices, exception control.
functionality for the application. The editor status of communications are
provides a powerful set of tools to help you immediately accessible via Create Function Libraries
or full .NET classes and
test and evaluate your scripts. Debugging IntelliSense, as they are native
tools include assigning breakpoints, stepping .NET objects, no temporary tags
into code, stepping over code, executing line or function calls are required. With a single Add references to .NET
by line and watch values of objects changing command, move data from Tags to .NET external DLLs with one click.
with each step. objects and external Data-tables. Complete debugging tools,
Scripts are executed natively as managed including breakpoint, steps,
code within the .NET framework, meaning C#, VB.NET and Code Translation watch and stack view.
you cannot create a script that would FactoryStudio includes industry standard Online project changes and
inadvertently cause the system to shut down. languages of C# and VB.NET so engineers configuration while running
This provides a greater level of security and no longer have to suffer through using old and debugging.
up-time for your application. proprietary, single-threaded or interpreted Expressions can be used
scripting editors. Translate your code directly on graphical objects
Server and Client Domains between C# and VB.NET anytime to better and the code behind of the
Using the FactoryStudio script editor you can leverage your expertise. displays.
create scripts that execute on the server for Client-side events, tasks and
global reach, or they can execute on the client Events and Scheduling expressions; even for web and
side for local reach. Tasks and expressions can be triggered to tablet clients.
execute by date, time, condition, calendar, tag
Tasks, Classes and Expressions change or interval. Execution is distributed
You can create Tasks, .NET classes and among processes, each running in its own
function libraries. In some cases it may be application domain, isolated from the real-
more efficient or desirable to create one- time database, for maximum system security
line expressions, rather than full methods. and performance.
For that purpose, FactoryStudio provides an
expression editor allowing access to all .NET
operands and classes.

Built-in Script engine and seamless access to Visual Studio libraries 15

Alarms, Alerts and Events

Built-in Viewer
object for
desktop, web
and mobile.

Send SMS,
email and
custom event
Alarm logging handling.
can be local or
remote server
with automatic
Subscribe notifications to your C#
replication when
or VB.NET in-project scripts, .Net
using redundancy.
classes, such as text-to-speech, for
voice messages and all the flexibility
ADO. of the .NET Framework is acessible.
Fault-tolerant servers WCF

Real-time Alarm Processing Audit Trail and Alarm Areas

The Alarm module was created on pure .NET One-click configuration to enable audit trail
managed code, with multi-threading and on Operator Actions, Database and Reports
exception control, for maximum performance Events, User logon and logoff, System events
Complete set of alarm and reliability. Combining the Alarm, and custom tags events. Data is archived in
conditions. The standard Dataset and Script Modules, you can log and SQL tables with project defined encryption.
alarms HiHi, Hi, Lo, LoLo,
bookmark process execution events, like
Rate-of-change and Deviation;
plus any comparing condition downtime, startup, shutdown, batch control Alarm Visualization Component
with >,=, <; plus trigger events and continuous process analysis. No matter if you are on a PC, web browser, or
based on value changes. iPad, a built-in graphical visualizer for alarms
Storage and Replication is provided.
Unlimited number of alarm
conditions are allowed for Alarm Historian data can be saved in any Filtering, SQL queries, grouping, printing,
each tag. local or remote SQL database. When using saving, acknowledging and exporting are
redundancy, automatic synchronization of some of the built-in features included.
Messages can contain any
the database is provided. The replication
number of real-time values.
guarantees the accuracy of the exact same Notification Subscription
Internally uses 0.1 ms data on both servers, even when they are
timestamp, so the alarm Project scripts, with access to the entire
using different providers.
precision is only limited by the Microsoft .NET Framework, can subscribe to
data-acquisition. alarm events to implement custom actions,
OSIsoft™ PI EF™ Event Frames
such as notification and calculation methods.
Acknowledge rearming or The system also has a seamless, SDK level,
timeout, comments, voice
connectivity with PI Batch™ and PI EF™ for Store and Forward
messages, SMS, emails and
any custom actions.
data presentation, charts and custom data
When using remote databases, a store and
The Tag timestamp acquired forward option is provided, so a local cache is
from the field process, when created, while the connection is not available
Universal Time and Daylight Saving
available, instead of the and forwards the data when the database
computer time is used to FactoryStudio leverages (UTC) Coordinated connection is reestablished.
record the events. Universal Time on all logging and online
date time objects; so that Alarms, Events and Localization
Alarm properties and runtime
Historical data are accurately time stamped
status are .NET objects, Online messages and query results from the
allowing easy development of for when they happened, no matter where you
Alarm Historian database can be translated
any custom application. are located or any daylight saving settings.
on the fly to local languages based on
Text to speech alarm voicing. automated dictionaries.

Alarm and Event features matured from applications in all regulated environments 16
Trend and Historian
Plot future data, recipes, and
Storage and Replication Customize and Save at Runtime calculated data on the same
Store and Forward Empower operators to customize tag chart as logged data.
Universal Time and Daylight Saving groups, scales and the whole appearance Combine Historian curves with
of the trend charts at runtime; save and any SQL database queries.
These features, as described for the Alarm
share the configuration.
and Events, are also available for the Tag Historian information can be
Historian database management. used to display VCR or data
Snapshots, Tables and Reports aggregation with the built-in
Process Analysis and Batch Systems Trend charts can be added to web and PDF script module.
reports, image snapshots and value data Trend charts are out-of-box
Compare two curves on the same chart
table exports are available upon operator fully functional, yet completely
from two different start times, ideal for
commands or any process event. customizable.
batch and process analysis.
Real-time SPC calculation.
OSIsoft™ PI System Database
Vertical and XY plots Multiple vertical cursors, with
For high-performance, large applications,
Vertical waterfall and XY charts are time different calculation
instead of a SQL database, the tag historian
available, with all properties accessible between cursors.
can be kept on the PI System database. The
through real-time tags or in the code Tooltips, zoom, sample
pure .NET SDK level connection with PI (no
behind scripts. markers and auto-scaling are
COM, OPC or OLEDB required) provides high
performance and click-once tag definition configurable to each pen.
Annotations and Alarms Overlay
synchronization. Stepped value charts and
Customizable open project templates are digital bars are supported.
provided, so you can overlay annotations Data Quality and Timestamp
stored in SQL databases, or alarm No limits on the number of
Tag Quality is stored and presented on the trend charts or pens.
conditions and acknowledgement, on top
trend charts. FactoryStudio is capable of
of the trend charts. Trend charts with historical
handling up to 0.1 ms interval timestamps, data and calculated data.
therefore, the precision will be whatever the
Real-time Online Charts
evolution of networks and data acquisition
Online charts run at the client display level, devices will bring in the future. Your data
even if there is no historian to the selected management based on FactoryStudio is
tags. Built-in trend chart control is available prepared for long-term usage and process
for desktop, web and mobile clients. enhancements.

Built-in and extensible WPF chart contrtol OLE-DB

Any SQL database, Tatsoft DB or

OSIsoft(tm) PI System can be used
as Historian server

Tools for easy creation of custom applications Native

WCF Fault-tolerant servers AFSDK

Batch and continuous process analysis 17

Communications Interfaces

Direct PLC
connection using
native protocols.

using OPC.

Client FactoryStudio stations or

third-party application querying Fault-Tolerant
FactoryStudio OPC server or FactoryStudio
Web Services. Servers
FactoryStudio native drivers support mult-threading, automatic
PLC redundancy and run remotely as a Data Server.

Native Communication Drivers Automatic Synchronization

Connectivity is a key FactoryStudio feature, A Tag Import Wizard and automatic definition
therefore many native communication drivers synchronization is provided for OPC Servers,
Partial list of supported to a variety of industry standard protocols Rockwell ControlLogix L5K files, CSV files,
manufacturers and protocols
and PLCs are included. Beckhoff TwinCAT, OSIsoft™ PI System and
though the native built-in
drivers, in alphabetical order: Tatsoft’s engineering team has extensive PI AF™; new wizards are continuously being
experience in developing communication added.
ABB, drivers, with more than two hundred
Altus, interfaces created over that past twenty years. Process Isolation and Multi-threading
BACnet, Data communication runs in its own .NET
DNP 3.0,
For the FactoryStudio platform all drivers are
being written from scratch in pure managed domain, with a WCF layer to isolate the
code and a more advanced infrastructure. drivers from the main real-time database.
GE New drivers are continuously added to the Multiple threads are created to each protocol
IEC-61850, standard distribution of FactoryStudio and device node for maximum performance.
IEC-870-5-101 and 104,
Matsushita, OPC Client and Server Support Diagnostics Tools
Mitsubishi, Complete set of testing, deployment and
Modbuss FactoryStudio is in full compliance with the
OPC Server and Client specifications. For diagnostics tools provides fast and reliable
National Instruments any protocol not included with the product, application development and installation.
Omron, the OPC client provides all the necessary
Reliance, integration. Built-in Performance Monitoring
Rockwell, Statistics on system messages, success and
Siemens, Remote Data Servers error messages, dynamic blocks created,
Simatic/TI 505 cycle time and execution time on each block
Smar, Data acquisition and drivers, native or OPC,
can run on remote computers, for instance to are generated to allow the fine tuning of high
TwinCAT/Beckhoff, get data from RS-232 devices or to eliminate performance applications.
Unity Pro the requirement for DCOM OPC configuration.
WITS Dynamic Addressing
and more… OPC Data Server FactoryStudio Station Everything in the driver configuration,
FactoryStudio can be deployed as a stand- from the station node IP to the address and
Block Optimization:
alone OPC Data Server, using the native tag mapping can be changed online using
FactoryStudio performs real-
time optimization, blocking protocols and providing data to other systems the project script itself. Create standard
addresses to maximize the though its OPC Server interface. applications capable of having the runtime
use of the communication setup to the specific conditions where it is
channel. being deployed.

Infrastructure designed from the Core, leveraging .NET and nearly three decades of experience 18
Reports and Data Access
Reports can be saved in
Built-in Report Designer Dynamic Graphical Symbols multiple formats:
FactoryStudio includes a user-friendly Any symbol from the real-time displays can • Text (ASCII or Unicode)
simple Report layout editor integrated be included in the Report. The dynamic • HTML
with the engineering workspace. The rich behavior of the symbol, such as color, text • XPS
text format uses underlying XAML flow output, and rotation, are all updated using • PDF
document technology from WPF, Windows the current tag values when generating the
Filenames are dynamically
Presentation Foundation; that enables report. User controls, like Trend and Bar assigned based on real-time
the inclusion of graphics and flexible charts can be added as well. tag values.
Tables and Queries Reports can be created in
memory only and saved to
Runtime Display Snapshots The contents of database tables and disk or printed by operator
The runtime displays can be opened in queries can be added to the reports. The actions.
background or saved to image files, allowing queries and report generation execute in
.NET Integration allows an
you to create rich graphic snapshot reports. isolated processes, not interfering with the easy way to send reports by
Current displays and layouts also can be real-time processing. email or publish to websites.
printed or saved as an image to disk.
Data Access Toolkit PDF support allows reports to
be visible on iPads and web
Report Append and Text Data Logging A complete .NET Data Access library is browsers.
The report generator ability to append files, available to create custom reporting
based on the project configuration and real- solutions or to integrate with Microsoft Visualization Object, with
pagination and zoom, is built-
time tags, can be used to create CSV and Office, SQL server reporting services or
in for XPS files and in-memory
text logging files for scenarios that require other vendors tools. A COM model API is reports.
the information to be created as time goes also available to be used from Excel VBA
by, such as batch reports and shift reports. and JavaScript applications.

Tables are automatically

expanded when creating the
report based on the result of
the query, table or object.

Report Viewer object for use

in the real-time displays,
shows in-memory reports
with zoom and pagination.

Built-in tools and open interfaces for custom solutions 19

Security and Redundancy

Identifying the IP address of the servers and electing

the switch options is the only configuration required
to implement redundancy. Run any project on hot-
standby fault-tolerant servers.

Complete redundancy scenarios:

- Hot-standby or hot-hot servers
- Redundant networks
- Redundant remote data servers
- Redundant PLC stations management
Permission groups
and user policies allow
simple implementation
of any Role or area-based Security Redundancy
security. Group and User Permissions Hot-standby Fault-tolerant Servers
Total flexibility to define privileges based on Reliable, easily configurable redundancy,
groups or specific users. Permissions can be for seamless failover; FactoryStudio
global or tied to a specific display, object or automatically initializes and continues to
input action. synchronize the primary and secondary
server. The Device communication channels
Runtime Users are also easily setup for redundant physical
Dynamically create users and store networks and redundant PLC nodes.
credentials in SQL databases. Get users from
Protect your configuration: Active-Directory or third party system for Database Redundancy
specific displays or scripts integrated security or unified login. The Alarm and Historian database can be
can have assigned security for assigned to a third-party external cluster or
editing and visualization. User Policies replicated automatically when running on
Windows ctrl-alt-keys can be Identification policies, session duration, the FactoryStudio servers.
disabled at the rich and smart control, automated logoff, e-sign, audit-trail
clients, based on the logged and a complete set of user management Project Configuration Synchronization
in user. features are available. Engineering tools provide features to simplify
Commands, input fields configuration and updates in redundant
and any display can have FDA and NERC Regulated Applications scenarios.
security, disable condition, FactoryStudio allows delivering applications
confirmation message or
in conformance with Title 21 CFR Part 11 Hot-swapping
and it was designed following the applicable Redundant or stand-alone servers allows
Option to audit-trail the user recommendations from NERC, such as the CIP- dynamic switching of project versions,
actions. 007-1-Cyber Security-System Management. without interrupting service for connected
iOS native app provides better clients and keeping the real-time database
security than web solutions Security at the Core Level loaded.
and automatic server switch Security must be implemented at the core, not
on redundant systems. applied externally. FactoryStudio modules Redundancy at the Core Level
Redundancy switch time and have built-in security related components Real-Time tags, Devices, Alarms, Historian,
high volume data was tested designed from the core. Scripts, Clients, all modules were designed
to meet rigorous offshore from the ground up to meet redundancy and
requirements. hot-swapping requirements.

Designed to deliver world-class mission-critical applications 20

Project Life-Cycle and Version Management
Track project changes:
Technology Foundation Test and Field Deployment
• Each configuration row has
A solid foundation is a requirement to Potential errors and famous SCADA viruses, the date created and modified.
achieve operational stability. FactoryStudio such as Stuxnet, were due to deployment
was designed carefully selecting secure, security breaches. FactoryStudio’s design • A summary view of all tables’
efficient, flexible and modern established includes specific features to simplify and changes and sizes is available.
technologies, carrying no legacy secure the field deployment. • Build commands can create
undesirable baggage. project labels and save partial
Maintenance and Operations versions.
Project Configuration Operational stability, the number one • Publish command creates
In projects created with tools from requirement of most automation systems, runtime-only projects with
previous generations, many field errors is based in a chain that embraces the release version control.
result from undetected configuration complete project life cycle: the Selection • FactoryStudio automatically
errors. FactoryStudio added many of Technologies, Project Configuration, logs who changed what, in all
features targeting consistency checks and Test and Field Deployment, Operations and project configuration objects.
complete configuration verification in the Maintenance.
engineering environment, instead of the
run-try-and-fail from the past.

• No legacy code, 100% managed system • Single file project definition

• Scripts compiled, instead of interpreted • Client-server SQL-centric configuration
• Security sand-box, no unsafe Active-X • Edit and validation Intellisense
• Process and memory intrinsic isolation • Built-in tracking of configuration changes
• Threads and exceptions control • Project status and self-diagnostic

Engineering tools
Complete Project
embody decades of
Life-Cycle Support
field experience

• Advanced security features • Runtime built-in testing tools

• Scripts compiled, instead of interpreted • No project installation at Client nodes
• FDA and NERC security guidelines • Performance and health profiling
• Server, network and device redundancy • Publish protected project versions
• Online updates and version control • Remote distributed engineering

Operational Stability and Security from the ground-up 21


Online Resources Engineering on the Cloud

Visit www.tatsoft.com for additional product FactoryStudio was the first full-scale system
information. industrial automation framework to allow
Create your account at support.tatsoft.com to distributed engineering and SaaS, Software
access: as a Service, licensing model, where Tatsoft,
or a service provider company, hosts the
• White Papers
Project server.
• Application Cases
• Product datasheets Legacy Systems Migration
• Product Evaluation Download Tatsoft understands that the desire to bring
• Forums and self-service help-desk the process controls installations to modern
technologies must be balanced with the
Distribution Network need to maximize the return of previous
investments; therefore two programs were
For sales, marketing and support, besides
established to facilitate the migration of your
its own locations, Tatsoft has Regional
legacy systems: competitive upgrades and
Distributor Partners, System Integrators and
partner migration services.
Value Added Resellers.
Competitive Upgrades: When acquiring
The distribution partners and VARs receive
software licenses to replace competitive
regular training and have continuous
products special conditions apply. Please
interaction with the Tatsoft team, ensuring
contact the distribution channel partners for
the consistency and quality of the services
more information.
provided worldwide. Regular product training
is also offered in many locations. Partner Migration Services: Configuration
of legacy systems, such as Tag Definition, IO
Technical Support mapping, alarm settings, scripts and displays
can be switched to FactoryStudio. The
The FactoryStudio platform is designed
application migration is always possible, as
to enable mission-critical applications,
FactoryStudio has a super set of functionality
therefore, providing a high quality and
compared with other systems, but the
responsive technical support is the top
automation of the process and the time
company priority.
required varies. Partners with specialization
Acknowledgements All the FactoryStudio distribution channels in different vendors solutions are available to
Tatsoft startup had the have skilled support engineers ready to help your company with that process.
support of the Microsoft solve issues promptly or escalate the request
BizSpark program. to Tatsoft. End-users are also welcome to Powered by Tatsoft Branding
Tatsoft is member of the
contact Tatsoft as needed.
As FactoryStudio is based on consolidated
OSIsoft ™ partners channel up-to-date technologies and open market
program. International Languages
standards, Tatsoft receives regular requests
Tatsoft is a member of The FactoryStudio Engineering workspace is for partial or total branding and components
the CSIA, Control Systems 100% created using Multiple User Interface integration. As Tatsoft’s focus is to provide
Integrators Association. (MUI) technologies that allow the language software frameworks, rather than vertical final
switch of the product engineering user solutions, ISVs, integrators, manufacturers
Tatsoft acknowledges the
interface at a mouse click. The online help is and automation companies are welcome
AHTD, Association for High
Technology Distribution integrated with Google Translation services. to contact Tatsoft to get information on
and its associates for their Although FactoryStudio is originally released synergistic opportunities.
continuous support. only in English, as the translation extensions
Tatsoft SCADA HMI Client app are open to partners, there are international
is available at the Apple Store. language versions available. Contact Tatsoft
for more information.
Tatsoft is member of the OPC

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