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Beef Up Your Bench Press 10x3 Workout


Bring up your bench press with this intense 10 set x 3 rep

bench press specialization workout plan from top
powerlifter Steve Shaw

Workout Summary

Main Goal Increase Strength

Workout Type Split

Training Level Intermediate

Program Duration 17 weeks

Days Per Week 3

Time Per Workout 60-75 minutes

Equipment Required Barbell, Bodyweight, Dumbbells, Machines

Target Gender Male

Author Steve Shaw

Workout PDF Download Workout

Workout Description
This is a bench press specialization program for intermediate lifters who want to
bring up a lagging bench press as quickly as possible. I do not recommend running
this if your current max is below 185 pounds.

Bench Press Sets

For the bench press, start with a weight that is 65% of your one rep max. If you are
unsure of your current max, use the bench press calculator to help you guestimate.

Start with a weight that is 65% of your one rep max.

During week one, you will perform 10 sets of 3 reps with your starting weight. Rest
between sets will be 90 to 120 seconds; no longer or shorter. When you start
dropping sets (missing triples), keep all rest periods at 120 seconds, or longer if
need be.

Each subsequent week you add another 5 pounds to the bar, trying to complete the
full 10 sets x 3 reps. When you are unable to hit 3 reps with a given set(s), you drop
those sets the following week. (Still adding another 5 pounds to the bar)

You continue this pattern of adding a weekly 5 pounds, and dropping sets until you
can perform only one set of 3 reps. At this point, you re-calculate your one rep max
using the bench press calculator, and start all over again using 65% of your one rep

It is not necessary to train sets to failure. With that said, training to failure might
happen occasionally. Stop each set when you feel like your form is slipping, or you
feel like you might fail on the next rep.
10 Sets x 3 Reps Example
For this example, we will use a lifter with a 200 pound bench press max. 65% of this
max yields a starting weight of 130 pounds, which we shall round up to 135 pounds
for this example.

Week One - 135 pounds x 3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3

Our lifter is able to hit 10 sets for 3 reps during week one, so he does not drop any

Week Two - 140 pounds x 3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3

Week Three - 145 pounds x 3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/2/1
Week Four - 150 pounds x 3/3/3/3/3/3/3/2

​eek two was another successful effort, as out lifter was able to complete all 10
sets. On the other hand, week three was a struggle. Our lifter failed to complete 3
reps on the last 2 sets, so those sets were dropped during week four. During week
four our lifter was unable to complete 3 reps on his 8th set, so that will be dropped
on week five.

Week Five - 155 pounds x 3/3/3/3/3/3/3

Week Six - 160 pounds x 3/3/3/3/3/3/3
Week Seven - 165 pounds x 3/3/3/3/3/3/3
Week Eight - 170 pounds x 3/3/3/3/3/3/1
Week Nine - 175 pounds x 3/3/3/3/3/3
Week Ten - 180 pounds x 3/3/3/3/3/3/2
Week Eleven - 185 pounds x 3/3/3/3/1
Week Twelve - 190 pounds x 3/3/3/3
Week Thirteen - 195 pounds x 3/3/3/2
Week Fourteen - 200 pounds x 3/3/3
Week Fifteen - 205 pounds x 3/3/1
Week Sixteen - 210 pounds x 3/2
Week Seventeen - 215 pounds x 3

Our lifter ended with a 215 x 3 triple, which is an approximate bench press max of
235 pounds. This is a 35 pound increase in 4 months.

10x3 Sets Summary

So, in conclusion. For the 10 x 3 sets you:
1. Add 5 pounds every week.
2. Drop a set when you fail to reach 3 reps.
3. Stop the cycle when you down to one triple, or fewer reps.

Training Split

Monday - Bench Press day with 10x3 sets.

Wednesday - Misc. strength training work.
Friday - Bench Press moderate day.

10x3 Bench Press Day
Exercise Sets Reps
Bench Press - 10 sets x 3 reps work Varies Varies
Bench Press Shrug 3 5
Barbell Row 3 5-10
Seated Arnold Press 3 8-12
EZ Bar Skullcrusher 3 8-12
Dumbbell Curl 3 10

Strength Day

Exercise Sets Reps

Deadlift - Ramped 3 5
Squat 3 6-12
Pull Up or Rack Chins 3 AMAP
Seated Calf Raise 3 12-20
Leg Curl 3 10-15
Power Shrug 3 5-10

Bench Press Moderate Day

Exercise Sets Reps

Military Press Variation - Standing or Seated 3 6-12
Close Grip Bench Press 5 3
Dumbbell Row 3 8-12
Dumbbell Bench Press 3 8-12
Face Pull 3 10
Hammer Curl 3 10

Training Notes
Bench Press Shrug - Do not perform this exercise without spotters. Load the bar
with 110% of your one rep bench press max. Unrack the bar and hold at arm's
length. Now, instead of lowering the bar, and then pressing the weight, you're going
to be doing shrugs. Shrug your shoulders upwards, and then back down, keeping
your arms locked. Make sure you are utilizing your lats to drive your shoulders and
the bar upwards.

It may take several weeks to get used to performing this exercise properly. Start
with a moderate weight and work your way up as you feel comfortable.

Close Grip Bench Press - Start with 70% of your one rep bench press max. On the
fifth set, instead of doing only 3 reps, try to get as many as possible, stopping shy of
failure. If you are able to perform 5 or more reps, add weight to this lift the following

Deadlifts - You will perform 3 total sets, with your last set being the heaviest. When
starting your last set should be something you can easily hit 5 reps with. On that last
set, perform as many reps as possible, stopping a set when your form deteriorates
or you feel like you may fail on the next rep. If you are able to perform more than 5
reps on the final set, add weight the next time you deadlift.

Set 1 - 60% of your final set weight x 5 reps.

Set 2 - 80% of your final set weight x 5 reps.
Set 3 - Final set - perform for max safe reps.

Pull Ups - AMAP stands for as many reps as possible. If you are unable to perform

pull ups, use rack chins or lat pull downs.

Power Shrugs - These are explosive shrugs. Do not baby or mind muscle the weight

Assistance Exercises - Perform 3 sets using the same weight. When you are able
to reach the high end of the rep range (or more) with your first set, add weight the
next time you perform this exercise.
Diet and Supplementation Suggestions
This bench press program should NOT be performed while cutting/trying to lose fat.
To maximize gains, you should also maximize your time at the dinner table. This is
an aggressive problem that should be accompanied by plenty of food and rest. My
minimum suggestions are:

Calories - 3500 per day, or more if you are underweight.

Protein - 200 grams per day. 
Fats - At least 25-30% of your daily calorie intake.

If you have a hard time eating this many calories, a little bit of the following foods
will go a long way:

Whole milk
Olive oil
Cream cheese
Sour cream
Almonds and nuts
Peanut butter

To maximize recovery and performance, the following supplement choices may be

Fish oil
Intra-workout BCAA product like Hydramino
Whey protein, such as IsoFuel

10x3 Bench Press Program FAQ

I can't eat 3500 calories per day. Will I still get the same results?

Maybe, maybe not. My best strength gains have always come during times of
aggressive eating. This program is designed to help you increase your bench press.
For optimal results, eat more food.

Can I run this program two, three or more times in a row?

Sure, I don't see why not. If you are getting the results you want, and your body feels
good, then keep using this program. It might not hurt to take a complete week off
from bench pressing after every cycle.

Can I mess around with strength day, changing exercises?

Yes. Monday and Wednesday are your bread and butter days. I do recommend
training legs, as leg drive is an important part of benching.

Any other tips?

Improve your form. Most intermediate lifters can squeeze out another 5-10% just by
working on their bench press form.

Can I do cardio when running this program?

Certainly. Just make sure you feel 100% when you hit the gym to lift.

Can I add in more arm work?

No, don't add in any more arm work. Trust the program.

Can I add in abs work?

Yes, on any day AFTER your lifting sessions are done.

What results can I expect?

The bench press can be a very stubborn mover for many lifters. The more you bench
press, the less you can expect out of a program like this in the short term. A 20-30
pound increase in 4 months would be a solid bump. I would hope that you add at
least 15 pounds to your bench press each time you run this program.

For those of you that have a very hard time adding weight on bench, a 10 pound gain
might be good progress. On the other hand, some of you may be able to use this
program and run your bench press from 185 to over 300 in a year's time.

Please take time to let me know your results, and if I can help in any way.

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About The Author

Steve Shaw
Steve Shaw is an experienced raw masters powerlifter with over 31 years
of iron game experience. His best competition lifts are a 602.5 pound
squat, a 672.5 pound deadlift, and a 382.5 pound bench press. Steve is
also known as a powerbuilder. His goal is to help others build as much
muscle and strength as humanly possible.
View all by Steve Shaw »

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Posted Mon, 05/27/2019 - 00:43 LIKE 0

Lex Anderson
I've ran a variation of this program and it will definetly beef up numbers. Example
The next week start with 230.


Posted Mon, 10/29/2018 - 20:14 LIKE 2

On my 11th week of this routine, absolutely love it btw, just a question, 2 weeks ago I started
dropping sets, first time was down to 8 sets, last week was down to 6, today I dropped down to
3 sets @ 237 lbs, while I definitely see an increase in my bench, my question is I don't think I'll
make the 17weeks, maybe I started to heavy, anyways I plan on just restarting the routine,
hopefully I'm doing it right, but I should add I'm only benching on Mondays, thanks again...


Posted Tue, 01/23/2018 - 21:11 LIKE 5

Hey can you do this in the beggining of your workout and then do all your other excersizes after
would it still be as effective or do you have have to do that just itself and thats the workout?
Thanks hope you get to me soon!

Posted Sat, 12/23/2017 - 17:58 LIKE 4

I am 10 weeks into this program and I have not dropped any sets yet. Did I start too light or is
this common among the field?


Posted Sun, 10/07/2018 - 20:12 LIKE 2

Jason cameron
Hey I'm on week 7 . Some weeks I add 10 lbs and not drop any sets yet so what week did you
get when you drop sets ?


Posted Wed, 12/06/2017 - 08:16 LIKE 3

Can I throw this 10x3 plan into the program I am already running. Right now I have 5x5 bench in
there but I have stalled for the past two months.
Thank you for the great advice.


Posted Tue, 10/10/2017 - 05:46 LIKE 3

What is a good beginner program? My bench press is about 180lb.


Posted Thu, 01/25/2018 - 13:09 LIKE 4



Posted Wed, 08/30/2017 - 19:58 LIKE 3

Does this still build muscle?


Posted Thu, 08/31/2017 - 08:51 LIKE 4

Hi Jack,
The workouts itself (and all workouts) break down your muscles.
They're rebuilt through proper nutrition, quality sleep, and proper recovery.
This program can certainly help kick start your muscle building process though.
Hope this helps!


Posted Sat, 05/27/2017 - 01:26 LIKE 3

I'm really interested by this program and I was wondering if I could do this with squats and dead
lifts as well? Get back to me soon!
Thank you


Posted Tue, 05/30/2017 - 09:33 LIKE 5

Hi Alessandro,
Sure, I don't see why not.
Hope this helps!


Posted Mon, 04/03/2017 - 14:27 LIKE 4

Can I do 10x3 twice a week, with plenty of rest time in between, instead of just once a week?


Posted Thu, 03/30/2017 - 11:22 LIKE 7

Mike boyd
I think its different for everyone I get very little challenge doing even 70% of my 1rm is say start
no lower than 75% in my opinion if your goal is strength me personally I have now problem
training 80-85% all the time


Posted Tue, 12/06/2016 - 06:04 LIKE 5

Hi! I have a question for you. In the article you said that, we need to keep the rest between sets
2 minutes or more. Can i increase the rest about 5-6 minutes if needed? Of course it would be
necessary when i will use a weight over 75% of 1 rm.

Posted Fri, 04/14/2017 - 15:50 LIKE 5

Mike boyd
No its 2 mins no more! max! This is important I work with 85% give or take this way. You should
be able to do at least 80% w 2 min rest now once u get down to a single triple obviously that's it


Posted Sat, 01/30/2016 - 20:32 LIKE 15

After trying this workout a few times I think 70% of your 1rm is going to generate significantly
better results for the intermediate + lifters. My 1rm is 340 to the pound. I could do 20 x 3 of 220
(65% of 340) and not feel like I got in a workout. Now 10 x 3 of 240 sounds like a decent
workout especially if I finished it with an 11th set of amrap of 225 ... Which would probably be
12 at that point . But doing 10 x 3 of 220 and only adding 5 lbs a week sounds like by the time I
drop a set it will be because I got weaker from not getting in a real workout. This either needs to
be 10 x 4 of 65% or 10 x 3 of 70%


Posted Sat, 10/14/2017 - 11:42 LIKE 3

Hey Bill
I’m in agreement with you. 185 at 65% to start off with seemed really easy at 10x3 plus the 90-
120 second rest is a really long time. Then again I’m used to a bodybuilding split with minimal
resting periods. Not giving up yet though, goal is 405lbs!


Posted Tue, 04/14/2015 - 06:45 LIKE 18

Did the program
My starting stats:
BW 94 kg BF: 12%
1RM: 105 kg
After 6 weeks I did a max attempt and was able to do 1 * 110 kg
I ended the program with 3 * 112,5 kg
My BW at the end was 99 kg, BF unknown but I geuss arround 14%


Posted Wed, 02/25/2015 - 08:41 LIKE 16

Jason Clark
Hi. Just wanted to let you know I love this program. As an intermediate lifter trying to find to
programs to get stronger, could this same program work for my squats as well ? Thanks again.

Posted Tue, 01/27/2015 - 22:17 LIKE 13

Raminderpal Cha...
I m a boxer I want to increase my bench
Can i benefit from this routine while doing a lot of sparring And cardio


Posted Tue, 01/27/2015 - 21:46 LIKE 14

my only question is on the bench 10x3 is that just for flat bench or do you have to do incline and
decline to?


Posted Mon, 11/24/2014 - 01:39 LIKE 13

Great dynamic program. Ran in 2 months before fatigue plateau. If you de-load this could be run
longer. I tweaked the accessory lifts a little to suit my preference but the core worked great.
Now I've got the confidence to work a traditional powerlifting periodization program like 5/3/1,
Candito's 6 week, etc.


Posted Sat, 10/18/2014 - 14:34 LIKE 14

Jack Travels
Hey, Steve im doing this program over again and i was wondering if changing the shoulder
press to the misc strength day and putting heavy squats on friday would be good. Im trying to
get a better squat max since i havent squatted in a while. Thanks.


Posted Tue, 09/23/2014 - 20:22 LIKE 12

Jack Travels
Just finished the program today. Before I started my last successful bench press was 275 with
various attempts at 280 and 285 but failing at them. I started the program off with a 270 bench
to stay on the safe side. At the end of about 4 months, on my last set of the program I did 275 x
4 instead of going for the 3 reps. I used the bench press calculator on this side and that rounds
up to about 310. So a 40 pound increase in bench over 4 months. I didn't gain that much weight
either maybe 2lbs at the most. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Steve.


Posted Tue, 08/19/2014 - 08:55 LIKE 17

Why drop the number of sets the following week and not just do as many sets of three as you
can? Last week, I completed 8 sets of 300 but yesterday completed 10 sets of 305. I plan to do
10 set of 310 next week.

Posted Mon, 08/04/2014 - 12:51 LIKE 14

Matt Steinruck
I am currently in my 7th week of this program, and I have been doing 3 second pauses at my
sticky point for all my reps. I still have yet to drop any sets, and I wondering if this is a waste if
time. I've always had great lockout strength. So I subbed out close grip with slingshot presses.
Should I quit doing the three second pauses?


Posted Wed, 07/30/2014 - 00:18 LIKE 18

Hmm I've done 4 weeks no problem and started out about 5 lbs higher than my 65% and I havnt
dropped off yet like the example has. Would it be to much to maybe start doing Monday 10x3
bench ,Wednesday 3x3 Close Grip, Friday 10x3 bench , Monday 3x3 close , Wednesday 10x3
and so on. Or maybe 10x3 every Monday, Friday and close on Wednesday. I just finished
smolov jr for benchpress where you benched 4x a week for 3 weeks and the body adapts fairly
well to frequency. Not for an extended amount of time though however. Looks like a good
workout Steve. Thanks for all you do for the fitness community.


Posted Tue, 07/29/2014 - 05:08 LIKE 14

Can I do the 10x3, but also add flys, and incline on the same day?


Posted Thu, 06/12/2014 - 12:49 LIKE 15

Just finished 5 months on this program and went from 235 starting to 275 that I just one-rep'd
today. Lifetime best right there (and I was pretty sure I could have done 280). Thanks for the
great workout. I will change it up for about 6 weeks, then hit it again so I can clear 300 by end of


Posted Mon, 05/26/2014 - 10:58 LIKE 16

I've been powerlifting for a a few years, and I'm stuck at a 250-255 bench for a while now.
I have a bench only meet coming up in about 7 weeks , so about 6 weeks of training, What do
you suggest to ramp up in a shorter period . Do I start heavier or take bigger increases , or both?


Posted Sun, 05/25/2014 - 06:30 LIKE 16

Great looking program, although I found the starting point too light (my 65% is 117.5kg which I
knew would be too easy for triples so just bashed out 10 sets of 3 at 140kg).
Bring on the gainz!! :)


Posted Wed, 05/21/2014 - 04:59 LIKE 13

old dave
I've followed your articles for some time(not always following them as I do what I do) but this
routine is really well put together and thought out, well done I'm going to use this


Posted Tue, 05/06/2014 - 12:17 LIKE 17

I am 56, weigh in around 188#'s and it have done 315#'s raw for a one rep max. I am attempting
to drop weight to compete at 181. I have done the typical blast your bench and ladder routines
that have worked well for me but with every few pounds I drop, I seem to be losing a rep. Will
this stabilize my strength? I have a competition in July where I hope to blow away the Illinois
masters record and come close to matching or beating the American record.


Posted Fri, 04/11/2014 - 17:59 LIKE 15

John m
Hey Steve,
I've been doing the 10x3 sets for flat bench but also for incline and decline all on the same day
for my whole workout... Is this too much or is it ok for me to do this?


Posted Tue, 03/11/2014 - 03:03 LIKE 15

I loved this workout! My bench press max went from 240 to 285 in about four and a half
months, thanks Steve!


Posted Mon, 01/13/2014 - 08:35 LIKE 16

Can u suggest any workout routine to increase my punching power in boxing ring


Posted Mon, 01/13/2014 - 08:32 LIKE 16

Hi Steve
I am a boxer and I have to do bench 3 times in a week
My body weight is 217pounds
But my one rep max is only 200
Can u help me that how I can increase it up to 300 or more


Posted Tue, 12/17/2013 - 13:23 LIKE 17

jeff winland
Steve, I'm trying everything I can do to get answers. I'm 68, 6'1", 235#. I'm an old power lifter
that won't give up. I currently do Zerchers up to 2x300. I still dead lift, with Zercher gm and
seated d/l as assistance. However, for the past several years, I've seen a drastic decline in my
bench. I compensate with reverse grip up to 185#. I did have a complete avulsion of my left
tricep tendon, and followed protocol afterwards. This occurred 4 yrs. ago. I do a lot of arm
work( no problems) as well as lat work. I can't seem to get it going with the bench. My max is
5x155, but no pain. ANY suggestion would be welcomed. Thanks.


Posted Mon, 12/09/2013 - 19:47 LIKE 14

I don't what you mean by bench press shrug.
What is it?


Posted Tue, 11/26/2013 - 20:39 LIKE 14

Worked out regularly 4-5 days a week up until a couple years ago when I started my family. Just
a couple weeks into lifting again and looking for a routine. Would you suggest starting right
away with something like this or do you have any other suggestions on a routine before
starting. Thanks


Posted Fri, 11/08/2013 - 07:49 LIKE 14

what about incline bench press?


Posted Sun, 09/08/2013 - 10:16 LIKE 14

will do it


Posted Mon, 08/19/2013 - 14:06


My name is George and Im training athlets the last 35 years. I have people that in resent past
have won olympicworld and europian medals in different
sports,rowing,sailing,volleyball,swimming. I was myself a volleyball player and inspite heavy
injuries,torn ACL on both knees and achilles on one,I can squat 230,Dead lift 240-250 and bench
160,all in kilos and my weight is around 90-95 kilos now.
I have developed a 4 month program that helps u increase strenght,power in a 4 month period,
rapidly,working 5 times per week with out increasing your own weight.
My question, some friends. that I train and me, r looking forward to 200 kilo bench.
3 time per week is not enough to as can u give as an altternative with more working days.
I want a different view on training and we work slow on our moves,different than u suggest. We
can climb from 70-80 kilos on 15 repsX3 setsX45'' rest on week one, to 150-155 max bench in 4
weeks,working once a week on bench press.That means 5 training days on a working period,
The tension is very high,like in a game but we r stuck on our efforts and I would like to see if Ill
do your program,will I get any changes?


Posted Thu, 08/01/2013 - 23:17 LIKE 13

Matt Griswold
How long should the rest periods be between sets on the 10x3 part roughly? Thanks.


Posted Mon, 07/15/2013 - 09:16 LIKE 16

Are there any replacement exercisizes you would recomend in place of the EZ Skullcrushers?


Posted Thu, 07/11/2013 - 12:43 LIKE 15

nick(aka The Set)

Hi steve
Basically i dont think ur workout is very good.
1. Your training to Many muscle groups each day which is strange.
2. You said 20-30 pound increase in 4 months that is a joke. I get 5-10 pound in crease each
week So your method is not rong but not great.
3. What you should be doing is 8 reps down to 3 up the weight each time. Then your go for half
reps on more then What u can push thats when the strengst happens tbh i cud be writing on
here all day but im not happy with all these people doing your program the 10 sets of three are
good but you need to be pushing urself reguarly at a big weight to get big results ive just added
10 sets of 3 to my workout first week 15 pound increase which proves ur way is average my
way is the extreme i will be putting my training plan up soon So then people can start gettin
4. I am a personal trainer good day


Posted Tue, 05/20/2014 - 10:37 LIKE24

The fact that you think a 60 to 90 pound gain on the bench press per year is a joke speaks


Posted Fri, 04/19/2019 - 21:03 LIKE 0

You Sir, are a fool.
Tell me how your "genius" workout plan has been working for you and the clients you've


Posted Sat, 05/25/2019 - 17:17 LIKE 0

You are full of sit , due.



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