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Jessica Schwaeble 7/19/19

Learning Environments: Restaurant Edition

Lesson Components: Description:

Curriculum content name, number and Special Education: 7th-12th grade level
CEC: Standard 2 2.2
Ability to use motivational and instructional
interventions to teach individuals with
exceptionalities how to adapt to different

The main focus of this lesson is for the student’s

ability to identify appropriate vs inappropriate
Learning Objective: behaviors and topics of discussion while eating at
the table and in a restaurant. The student will
learn how to engage with peers and a server. The
student will also become more familiar with the
setting within a sit down restaurant.

The students will watch the Teacher Tube Video

on students acting like the classroom is a
Learning Activities: restaurant and having someone be the server
(another class teacher). This will provide a visual
aspect to what we will be reenacting as well.

Activity 1 Video/Graphic Organizer:

Before I play the video I will ask my students how
many of them go out to eat at a restaurant.
Students will then watch the Teacher Tube video
to get the topic of Eating at a Restaurant
introduced to them. They will have a graphic
organizer that they will write out or place small
pictures onto the boxes on the organizer.

Activity 2 Reenactment:
The class will then reenact eating at a restaurant
using the information that they gathered from
the video to demonstrate appropriate behaviors
and good discussion at the table. They will
practice getting seated from a “hostess stand”
ordering from a menu, and asking for to go boxes
if they have any “left overs.” If the students are
struggling to create conversation I will give them
a few ideas to talk about to see if they can
recognize acceptable topics of discussion and not
acceptable topics of discussion. I will also make
sure that every student is engaged and

Activity 3 Conclusion Exercise:

I will hand the each student two different strips
of paper at random. On the board I’ll have two
columns of “appropriate” and “inappropriate”
the student can use their graphic organizer to
help them determine which strip falls under
which column. The student will have a turn in
going up to the board and placing the strip where
they think it goes. This will tie together the
assignment and a class discussion.

The graphic organizer is constructed and

organized to fit the theme of this lesson. It has 3
Assessment/Evaluation: boxes that categorizes appropriate behavior,
good topics of discussion, and inappropriate
behavior. One box asks a question on what the
waiter/waitress does this will have the student
reflect on how to engage with the server. The last
box has a question for what is their favorite
question. It’s a personal question to ask the
student, so they can connect the lesson to a
restaurant that they go to in real life.