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Nombre del Alumna: Wendy Josselyn Mejía

Número de cuenta: 31211388

Catedrática: Lorena Enid Salgado Montalván


Tema: Write and illustrate a description of a place you know well,

talk about location, food, customs, people, activities you can do
there, etc.

Tegucigalpa, DC 24-05 -2018

Location Country of Costa Rica

It limits to the North with Nicaragua, to the South with Panama, to the East and to the
West with the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, respectively. Its Atlantic coast measures 255
kms, while the Pacific coast extends 1,103 kms.

It is a small country in Central America. It limits to the North with Nicaragua and to the
Southeast with Panama. It has 51,100 km2 in length, which represents only 0.1% of the
world's land mass but which is home to 5% of the world's biodiversity.
Typical food

Rooster pinto Potato hash

It is considered the typical dish in both

countries and is eaten as part of  Cook the potatoes with water and
breakfast, lunch or dinner. Although there little salt, they should not be too
are variations, the dish basically consists soft.
of rice and beans previously cooked,
mixed with spices, cilantro, onion and
sweet pepper.  Let them cool a bit and remove the
skin. Cut them into squares.

 Meanwhile, cook the meat for 45

minutes in enough water with salt,
sweet pepper, garlic, thyme and
 . Once the meat is cooked, chop

 In a separate pot, add the chopped

potatoes, the consommé, the
cumin, salt to taste and the beef
broth. Cook for 10 minutes and
add the annatto; Mix well.

 Serve in tortillas.
Customs of the people of Costa Rica

Independence Easter
Before it became independent, Costa Rica
was Spanish territory, and Guatemala was as catholic customs, in Costa Rica the Holy
a center of regional government. It was in Week is celebrated annually in commemoration
the month of September 1821 that the of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus
General Captaincy of Guatemala made
the decision to become independent from
Spain, simultaneously declaring the
independence of Costa Rica.

However, it was until October 13, 1821

that the copies of the Act of
Independence of Guatemala and the Act
of León de Nicaragua (Acta de los
Nublados) arrived in Cartago.

Once the Act of Independence was

received, a general meeting of City
Councils of the Province was held, in
which it was agreed to free Costa Rica
from the General Confederation of
Guatemala so that it could become a
State. That Act was signed on October 29,
1821 in the city of Cartago (capital at that
time) and it was Mr. Juan Manuel de
Cañas, who occupied the office of
Governor who appointed Juan Mora
Fernández as Head of State.
Activities you can do there in Costa Rica

In addition to the aforementioned zip lines and rafting, in Costa Rica you can do other
adventure activities such as paragliding or bungee jumping. But if you only have a
budget for one, then I'll send you back to the canopy.